Chapter 1443: Imprint Valley Resentment Gathering!

Imprint Valley was in tatters, and countless lives were killed.

Within the endless chaos, there were always occasional spatial storms that could rip those organisms still managing to survive apart.

Spatial storms were massive. Even the largest of organisms seem small in comparison.

Within the turbid storms and flows, a lithe silver-haired organism was carefully walking forth. It had a man in tatters on its back, seemingly hurt.

“Can you find an exit?” Chu Tianmang asked Strange Mane Demon weakly.

It nodded without hesitation. It will find one no matter what!

Chu Tianmang knew Strange Mane Demon’s resolve and lightly caressed its mane.

The Strange Mane Demon had been with him for the longest. Though they were split for many years, they were still the closest.

In the fight with Chieftain, Strange Mane Demon didn’t disappoint Chu Tianmang. In its own territory, it used its spatial control to the maximum and allowed Chu Tianmang to lose the Chieftain in pursuit.

“He must be furious right now, right?” Chu Tianmang imagined the Navy Chieftain’s twisted eagle face and felt happier.

This was the second time Chieftain had attacked him. The first time, he managed to escape. This second time, he still escaped after fighting head-on. This was a heavy blow to a Leader Rank Expert’s pride.

“Bu~~~ Bu~~~~~”

Strange Mane Demon let out a call to tell Chu Tianmang something.

Chu Tianmang lowered his head and stared into the endless darkness!

“You’re saying there’s a strange diagram below us?” Chu Tianmang asked.

Strange Mane Demon nodded his head and let out a sound.

Chu Tianmang released his senses and found an incredibly dense collection of evil aura collected below!!

The evil aura included killing aura, death aura, resentment aura, anger auras…...

Chu Tianmang himself was a Dark Sect member and killed countless people. He could clearly distinguish between the different evils and found that resentment was at the forefront of the elements.

“Why is there so much resentment gathered here?” Chu Tianmang was surprised.

The entire Imprint Valley’s collapse would cause countless organisms to die. It was like a huge burial ground now, so resentment isn’t a strange thing to see.

However, the resentment should be spread evenly throughout instead of all gathering here and creating an outright massive resentment cloud!

“Is it because of that strange formation?” Chu Tianmang looked down and vaguely saw a diagram within the darkness and resentment.

It was this diagram that was gathering all the resentment.

But where did this diagram come from? Did it always exist in Imprint valley or did someone create it later?

“Bu~~~ Bu~~~~”

Strange Mane Demon let out a call once again to tell Chu Tianmang that under the strange diagram was a spatial hole. This hole could possibly lead them to the second layer of sky.

Chu Tianmang was overjoyed. They’ve been trapped in the chaos for some time now. His strange mane demon couldn’t stay in the chaos forever. If they didn’t find an exit, he definitely was going to perish here.

And finding the spatial hole was akin to chu Tianmang seeing the hope of living again.

However, Chu Tianmang didn’t dare to fly down right now. The massive diagram was absorbing all the resentment of the entire Imprint Valley. The souls and ghosts within the near solid resentment was enough to rip Chu Tianmang and his strange Mane Demon into pieces.

After watching quietly for a while, Chu Tianmang found that the resentment was getting stronger and stronger. If anyone could absorb all this energy, it would indubitably create a world-shattering resentment devil. It was hard to imagine who had the power to create such a terrifying diagram within Imprint Valley!


To the west of the Divine Sect back mountains was a group of even more complicated mountains and valleys.

When the Divine Sect army stood guard in the back mountain, no one noticed that at this western mountain, another group of people appeared.

This group of people were sitting in a flat valley that seemed like the entrance to a volcano. All four sides were obstructed by barrier like mountains.

Where they sat, a massive diagram was drawn. This diagram had all sorts of strange symbols that seemed unrelated but somehow were connected.

Everyone in the diagram had their eyes closed as if in meditation.

Each one of them held a crystal full of energy and were using their remembrance to guide the energy into the diagram.

These special diagrams usually needed people to guide them because the diagrams couldn’t absorb energy themselves. And, without energy, they couldn’t function properly.

Aside the diagram, a tight robed woman with her hair braided up stood there. Though she didn’t know what the diagram did, she knew that if the master told her to do it, she must have important use of it.

A blood red demon flower appeared aside the lady. The petals opened slowly to reveal an alluring woman and her mesmerizing scent.

Aside the demon flower, a sprout of black and white devil flames burned, creating a cold and handsome man.

“Master.” Lady Gao was slightly taken aback before quickly bowing down to her two masters.

“How is it going?” Evil Good QUeen looked at the diagram and asked.

“Almost done, the concentration of fo resentment is very high!” Lady Gao replied.

Evil Good Queen nodded. Seeing Chu Mu’s questioning, she said to him with renewed vigor in her eyes, “This is the mother diagram of a set of two diagrams. This one is providing energy to the other diagram, which is a Resentment Gathering Diagram, able to absorb all the resentment in a certain region.

“The other one is in Imprint Valley?” Chu Mu quickly understood the Evil Good Queen’s intentions.

“Very smart.” Evil Good Queen praised flirtatiously and continued, “The death of Imprint Valley and its countless organisms creates an unimaginable amount of resentment. If we could collect it all…..”

“I’m starting to think you destroyed the Imprint Valley.” Chu Mu said.

Chu Mu knew that Evil Good Queen didn’t do it. She was simply using Du Xian’s ambition to reach her own goals. Even Sect Master Du Xian probably didn’t expect him to be a piece used in the plans of a woman.

“My master, do you think I’m smart?” Evil Good Queen smiled.

“En.” Chu Mu nodded. Chu Mu loved this plan because both him and Evil Good Queen viewed evil auras as their best nourishment!

Evil Good Queen blinked a few times in surprise.

She thought that with Chu Mu’s disgust of her, he would reply with something along the lines of “treacherous” or “crafty”. It’s rare that this man agrees with her smarts.

Thinking about it closely, Evil Good Queen seemed to understand something and smiled slightly.

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