Chapter 1442: Doing Something Crazy

On the northern side of the city. 

Sect Master Du Xian watched the back mountain from afar. 

He knew that a single middle class immortal rank soul pet had been suppressed, and he couldn’t help but faintly smile. 

It was time to get rid of these two other human type creatures together. Even if they weren’t willing to serve him, he could still refine the blood from their bodies and obtain a huge profit. 

“Ao…” the Dragon Chief Devil Eagle stared at Chu Mu and the Evil Good Queen as it let out a dragon cry.

It was going to attack. Chu Mu knew that its strength wasn’t inferior to the Chieftain’s Deep Sea Demon. In a straight-up clash, they had no chance of winning. 

The Evil Good Queen began to chant an incantation. Countless faintly discernible flower wads appeared beside her. These flower wads floated through the air and even if they came into contact with Chu Mu’s devil flames, they weren’t burned to crisps. 

The flower wads formed a translucent flower formation around the Evil Good Queen, Chu Mu, Princess Jinrou, and the Martial Cloud Dragon.  

“Come find me.” the Evil Good Queen let out a burst of coquettish laughter. 

After speaking, a captivating red light flashed in the flower wads. All of the flower wads suddenly became substantive flower petals gracefully fluttered through the air and captivated people’s eyes. 

As they drifted aimlessly through the air, Chu Mu and the Evil Good Queen mysteriously disappeared from their location. Princess Jinrou and the Martial Cloud Dragon on the ground also disappeared.  

The flower petals continuously fell. At the end, the only thing left was an empty sky. The Dragon Chief Devil Eagle’s imposing pounce landed on thin air as it proceeded to aimlessly search for its enemies. 

Sect Master Du and Gate Master Han showed shocked expressions. They never expected that Flower Queen to have such a strange technique. 

“Did they escape using a dimensional space?” Gate Master Han planned on chasing. 

But Sect Master Du shook his head. He hadn’t felt any spatial fluctuations. This was the flower type’s “substituting one thing for another”. However, from what Du Xian understood, the “substituting one thing for another” had a very short range. The fact that they instantly disappeared from his range of perception meant that this flower queen had previously set up a huge range “substituting one for another” formation here! 

“They thought of an escape path earlier.” Du Xian creased his brows. The Evil Good Queen’s coquettish tone and laughter was still ringing in his ears. 

That was definitely a demon immortal rank woman. One look and he wouldn’t forget her. Du Xian believed that with his abilities, he would eventually be able to find them! 

“Return to Divine Sect.” Du Xian didn't hesitate and rode on his Dragon Chief Devil Eagle back to Divine Sect’s back mountain. 

Du Xian knew that it would be difficult to keep behind those two other humans right now. He first had to retrieve those stronger creatures from Imprint Valley. When he amassed his strength, who would be able to escape his grasps? 

Flower petals were covering his eyes. When the petals slid away, Chu Mu discovered that they were already standing in Guang Moon Palace. 

Guang Moon Palace was obviously Yu Suo’s territory. This was a secret room inside. On the secret room were drawn dense and complex diagram lines and symbols. Nonetheless, they seemed to have an intricate and special connection between them. They possessed an unclear charm and magic. 

“Du Xian’s strength is among the top in Zhengming Main City. It’s very unwise to fight him head-on right now.” the Evil Good Queen looked Chu Mu. 

Chu Mu nodded his head. The black and white devil flames slowly faded as he returned to his original appearance. 

“You just said you wanted to release a Ten Thousand Immortal?” asked Chu Mu. 

 "Yes.” the Evil Good Queen nodded her head. 

“What are you planning?” Chu Mu knew that the Evil Good Queen was definitely hiding many things from him. 

“Although humans follow whatever a leader ranks say, the truth is that there’s no genuine leader of humanity.” the Evil Good Queen looked at Chu Mu. 

“Why,” asked Chu Mu. 

“Regardless if it’s Divine Sect, Elemental Sect, Demon Beast Palace, Wupan Navy, the Mu Family Dynasty, the Ning Family Dynasty, Xuan Gate Immortal Sect, Departed Spirit Palace or even Hidden Pupil Royalty, these faction’s strongest people are called leaders. However, humanity itself doesn’t have an actual leader because there has never been an undying expert who has appeared amongst humans. There has been no god rank expert either.” 

“No undying rank?” Chu Mu was stunned. 

But carefully thinking about it, if there were an undying rank, why hadn’t he heard of this person’s name before. Indeed, if there was an undying rank, his or her life span would last ten thousand years or even longer. 

“You probably already know of the five great undying legends, right? The truth is that the five great undying legends also represents the five most prosperous species.” said the Evil Good Queen. 

“These five most prosperous species are the demon species which is led by the Hades Fox Noble Purple Emperor.” 

“The ocean species which is led by the Yellow Springs Water Emperor.” 

“The ghost species which is led by the Inferno Underworld Emperor.” 

“The beast species which is led by the Underworld Abyss Emperor. “

“And the flower species which is led by the Limbo Flower Emperor.”

This was the first time Chu Mu learned about the five great undying legends representing the five most prosperous species. 

“There’s no human species.” Princess Jinrou noticed the important point and muttered to herself. 

Princess Jinrou’s words were picked up by Chu Mu. There really wasn’t a human species among the five great species! 

“Is it because there has never been an undying expert appear among humans?” Chu MU looked at the Evil Good Queen and spoke with a bit of astonishment. 

“Yup.” the Evil Good Queen nodded her head and said: “The human species is very strong and is about the same as Eternal Ocean’s ocean species. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a true legend.” 

“Then you want to become the sixth undying legend?” Chu Mu raised his brows as he asked. 

“Me?” the Evil Good Queen smiled as she shook her head, “I never thought of doing that. What I want isn’t to become undying. But of course, if I’m able to become an undying, I’ll be very close to what I want. 

“Forget it. I don’t want to know what you want. What does any of what you’ve talked about have to do with the Ten Thousand Immortal under Imprint Valley?” said Chu Mu. 

“Let me finish. I’m going to ask you a question first. When Imprint Valley was destroyed, what was your state of mind like?” asked the Evil Good Queen.

“I felt that all living things were insignificant.” Chu Mu responded shortly. 

All living things were insignificant under the destruction of a world. Practically any form of power was eligible. Even a middle class immortal, high class immortal, or a stronger existence needed to scape to a safer space in order to survive. 

“Then what if one day the world we lived in collapsed?” the Evil Good Queen’s eyes flashed. 

Chu Mu and Princess Jinrou were both stunned. They looked at each other and didn’t know how to respond. 

That was right. What if the world they lived in collapsed like Imprint Valley? 

Where would they flee? 

“Everything in this world has its own life span. This is impossible to prove because the life span of the world is longer than creatures. The only thing that can prove this is undying rank creatures… because they won’t perish with the world’s destruction. Only they can survive a world’s collapse.” said the Evil Good Queen. 

Her words stirred intense waves in Chu Mu’s heart! 

Did that mean that the world they lived in was going to face a crisis of collapse? 

If their world really collapsed, would they ultimately end up like those pitiful creatures Imprint Valley, swallowed into a black hole of death without anywhere to run? 

The undying rank. Was this the undying rank secret the leader ranks were madly chasing after? 

“Our world is really going to collapse??” Princess Jinrou cautiously asked. 

“I don’t know. It might or it might not.” said the Evil Good Queen. 

Chu Mu didn’t dare continue this train of thought. The Evil Good Queen’s words were ostensibly a terrifying reality that would invoke fear in people. 

“The truth is in the Monument Tears. No human has lived long enough to answer this question, but Monument Tears record the memories of creatures over multiple generations. What you have in your hands right now is the Seven Sins Fox Light King’s Monument Tear. It was a Monument Tear Individual that lived for a very long time. Examine its memories, and perhaps you’ll learn even more secrets.” said the Evil Good Queen. 

Chu Mu was silent. The Seven Sins Fox Light King’s Monument Tear would contain a long story. A long time of solitude and endless training. 

Chu Mu suddenly understood why the two Seven Sins Foxes had snuggled up against each other. Even the destruction of the world was unable to shake their hearts because losing all of their species members, family members and loved ones was no different from the world collapsing. 

“The Seven Sins Fox Light King wasn’t an unparalleled existence before it bore the shackles of its sins. They had their own old enemy.” continued the Evil Good Queen, “This old enemy didn’t have to bear any shackles.”  

“If it was able to become the old enemy of the Light Kings, wouldn’t it be very strong?” said Princess Jinrou. 

“Probably. But we’ll soon be able to know exactly how strong.” the Evil Good Queen’s eyes flickered with an intelligent gleam. 

Princess Jinrou immediately understood her intentions and said in shock, “You want to release it?” 

“Yes. Imprint Valley is the Light King’s territory. Ten thousand years ago, they were driven out of the territory and ultimately sealed underneath Imprint Valley. They are sandwiched in the second layer of the sky’s chaotic space. During the last time I entered Imprint Valley, I incidentally discovered that this fellow still survived. Therefore, I gave it the name: Ten Thousand Immortal.” said the Evil Good Queen. 

Chu Mu glanced at the Princess Jinrou. This woman indeed didn’t use normal logic to think. He thought that the Evil Good Queen had wanted to obtain Imprint Valley’s strongest creature, the Seven Sins Fox. He didn’t expect that she actually wanted to obtain the Light King’s old enemy from ten thousand years ago that was sealed under Imprint Valley! 

If it was able to become the Light King’s old enemy, it meant that it once was on the same level as the Light King. If such a creature were released, what kind of a disaster would the entire Zhengming Continent would be swept up in? 

“Aren’t you in a bad mood? Then let’s do something crazy.” the Evil Good Queen walked up to Chu Mu until her bright red lips were practically pasted on his face. 

The adjacent Princess Jinrou immediately stopped smiling. If this woman was going to talk, she should just talk. Why did she have to get so close to Chu Mu? How loathsome! 

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