Chapter 1441: Hunting Imprint Valley, Holy Light Unicorn!

Divine Sect’s back mountain. 

Ripples of spatial movement continuously transmitted from another dimension, causing the Divine Sect members defending the back mountain feel waves of indescribable panic. 

Many creatures lived in Imprint Valley, especially powerful creatures. Before the world completely collapsed, they would certainly try their hardest to find an exit. 

Therefore, there was no need to herd them at all. When the lives of creatures at the low class immortal rank and above were threatened, they would obviously escape along the only spatial passageway to Divine Sect’s back mountain and walk right into the trap! 

In order to obtain even more high ranking creatures, Sect Master Du gathered a large amount of energy crystals and experts to wait for them in the back mountain. 

Escaping through shattered space consumed a huge amount of energy, so even if the creature was of the low class immortal rank or above, they would be drained by the time they escaped Imprint Valley through the spatial passageway. Once they appeared in the back mountain, they would be easily captured by Divine Sect’s guards. 

As for even stronger middle class immortals, the Divine Sect members would have to use a mass imprisonment. This was mobilized and chanted by ten spirit immortal rank members to form a powerful sealing formation. 

Divine Sect’s sealing formation was one of the important methods by which they became the arbitrator of the world. Even middle class immortal rank creatures would have difficulty escaping. 

“What number?” Qin Guang stood to the side and coldly asked a question. 

“The seventh.” the captain of the guard earnestly replied. 

There were a total of seven Imprint Valley creatures that had escaped from the spatial passage. These seven creatures were around the low class immortal rank. 

Normally, encountering an immortal rank creature in bewildering worlds or forbidden regions was extremely difficult. Who would have expected that seven low class immortal rank creatures would escape from a tiny Imprint Valley in such a short period of time. If Sect Lord Du hadn’t set up the trap beforehand, these seven immortal rank creatures would have brought much trouble to Divine Sect. 

If one of them were to escape to the city, it would be difficult to suppress the disaster. 

However, Sect Lord Du didn’t really want low class immortal rank creatures. Only middle class or high class immortal ranks would make him satisfied. 

Qin Guang was Du Xian’s subordinate. His failure to bring him a Monument Tear was already a dereliction of his duty. Thus, if he failed again this time to capture the creatures that would satisfy Sect Lord Du, Qin Guang would not have a smooth path in the future. 

“Ao wu…” suddenly, a terrifying roar rang out from the opened spatial pathway, that caused the surrounding space to crack! 

In a normal dimensional plane, spatial cracks would be mended within a short period of time. However, these cracks caused enormous destruction. The abnormal mountains in Divine Sect’s back mountain nearly blew apart from the roar! 

“It’s a big fish!” Qin Guang showed a pleased expression. 

The wild aura from the roar illustrated that this was a middle class immortal rank creature! 

In the human realm, there were only a few people with middle class immortal rank soul pets. Disregarding the influence held by gate masters, gate masters themselves were only around the middle class immortal rank strength! 

And right now there was a middle class immortal rank creature running out. Why wouldn’t one be moved? 

Space didn’t stop trembling. As Imprint Valley was destroyed, the spatial passageway became unsteady and shattered. That middle class immortal rank creature had evidently encountered numerous obstacles and was wantonly charging at the space in an attempt to break free from the destroyed world. 

Unfortunately, it didn’t know that at the end of the path awaited the culprits behind Imprint Valley’s destruction. 

“Ao wu… finally, the middle class immortal appeared. It’s ostentatious horn was the first thing to charge out of the spatial door, followed by its sun colored mighty head! 

When they saw its enormous and mighty head practically occupy the entire spatial door, the scalps of Divine Sect’s guards went numb! 

These guards were all elite members of Divine Sect, but they had never seen a middle class immortal rank creature like this. Its two golden and fiery eyes carried anger as it stared at them, making them feel as if their bodies weren’t listening to them. 

“Don’t panic, prepare the formation!” loudly said Qin Guang. 

“Senior Qin, this… this is a middle class immortal rank Holy Light Unicorn!!” the adjacent Snake Dragon Faction Eminence, Zeng Long, said with a pleased expression. 

A middle class immortal rank Holy Light Unicorn. There were probably only a few high ranking holy beasts like this in the entire world. It was unexpected that Imprint Valley hid such a powerful soul pet within. It seemed that Sect Lord Du was going to strike it big! 

Zeng Long knew very well that Sect Lord Du Xian had had an immortal teacher under him. This immortal teacher was an unconventional gambit. He didn’t use natural treasures to refine xuan items or immortal items. Instead, he used living bodies to refine. Such a refinement method had to be considered superior to using natural treasures. The only unfortunate thing was that it required the killing of a live creature; additionally, it wasn’t possible to find this many high ranking creatures everywhere. Nonetheless, Divine Sect’s guards had obtained seven low class immortal rank creatures and now were about to obtain a middle class. Ignoring the fact whether they would be able to create a more powerful species fighting beast using blood exchange and mixing blood, purely from refining their bodies, they would be able to create a middle class immortal rank creature!

If they sent people to Imprint Valley to collect spirit treasures and creatures, they would both waste a huge amount of time while also losing a lot of people. Thus, Sect Lord Du just instantly destroyed the few remaining years of life left in Imprint Valley. He then just had to quietly wait here for those high ranking creatures to fall into the trap and he would obtain a huge number of high ranking creatures. There was no plan more perfect and profitable than this. 

The Holy Light Unicorn was enormous. Its head managed to occupy the netier spatial door. It resembled an enormous beast stuck in the entrance of a mountain cave. It was strenuously wiggling its body and was going to shatter the mountain. 

The spatial door was split apart under the Holy Light Unicorn’s powerful strength. After a roar, its body abruptly shot forth. The scorching and dazzling light instantly illuminated Divine Sect’s back mountain into a daylight-like brightness! 

Divine Sect’s guards frantically chanted incantations. Countless golden chains appeared under their feet. These chains were long like iron dragons. As the Holy Light Unicorn charged out, they quickly intertwined and binded the Holy Light Unicorn’s four limbs!  

The Holy Light Unicorn’s body was covered by a holy light armor. It resembled a warrior born from the sun. Even with its four limbs bound, it was still able to move them. 

“Wu Ao…” an angry roar rang out. Even if the back mountain was barriered off, the penetrating, terrifying roar still transmitted to Divine Mountain and Zhengming Main City! 

“Ding ding ding dang dang dang…” the sealing chains violently collided, releasing metallic sounds. 

The Holy Light Unicorn angrily struggled. These long iron dragons that were wrapping around it were shattered by its tyrannic strength and Divine Sect’s guards maintaining the formation spat out blood. 

“Senior, there are ten guards who have fainted.” a Divine Sect Master Official hastily spoke to Qin Guang. 

Qin Guang stared at the enormous Holy Light Unicorn, and his expression turned serious. 

Middle class immortal rank creatures were indeed formidable. The previous seven creatures were taken under their control without any room to struggle. However, this Holy Light Unicorn was able to forcibly destroy the sealing chains. If it weren’t for the numerous formations set up here, the guards probably would be quickly defeated. 

“Have Discipline Palace take action.” Qin Guang ordered. 

Discipline Palace was a famous faction in Divine Sect. They were chosen from immortal rank experts and only fought for Divine Sect as well as punished criminals. They were Divine SEct’s most valiant law enforcement members. 

After Qin Guang gave the order, a group of soul pet trainers wearing dark red garb immediately replaced the panicked Divine Sect guards. 

Compared to the Divine Sect guards, the dark red discipline members were much more calm and collected. Clearly, they had been through occasions like this before. 

The soul pet trainers chanted incantations and quickly, the long iron dragons flew once more into the air, forming numerous and intertwined chains… 

The discipline members’ soul pets were all the same. They were all Curse Imprint Spirits - the strongest sealing abilities among demons. Thus, even if Divine Sect’s formation was unable to fully control the Holy Light Unicorn, then what about a group of immortal rank Curse Imprint Spirits added on top? 

The group of Curse Imprint Spirits often worked together to form a formation. When they chanted an incantation, their sealing energy quickly converged together, transforming into an enormous seal that locked the Holy Light Unicorn. 

“Wu Ao…” the Holy Light Unicorn wildly roared. Even being surrounded and exhausted by Divine Sect members, it had no intentions of submitting. 

The holy beast stubbornly resisted the suppression. Its armor and skin was cracked by the powerful sealing power.  

It trembled and swayed, but its body never collapsed! 

“Attack!” Qin Guang raised both his hands and gave an order to Divine Sect’s elemental team. 

Divine Sect’s elemental experts were standing further away. Once they obtained the order, the soul pets next to them chanted incantations. 

The elemental team was mainly comprised of dominator ranks. The leaders of the team were immortal ranks, but on every mountain there was a team of at least 1000 elemental members.  

When Qin Guang gave his order, the mountains surrounding the spatial door on the cliff were instantly illuminated by multi colored lights. The air was covered with a smell of destruction that was about to come due to the chanting from the countless dominator rank elementals. 

Various colored lights illuminated the sky, lighting up the entire back mountain. 

If one were to look down right now from the sky, he or she would be able to see the entirety of Divine Sect’s back mountain as well as the numerous and closely packed Divine Sect members gathered 

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