Chapter 1440: Devil Man, Flower Woman, Half Humans Appear! (2)

“You’re in a bad mood?” Evil Good Flower Queen asked Chu Mu.

With the existence of a soul pact, Evil Good Queen could feel Chu Mu’s emotions. The anger was boiling forth, pushing him towards insanity.

Evil Good Queen glanced below here. There was quite a bit of ash and bloody corpses. She also saw the scene of Chu Mu killing Gu Xisha.

This was Evil Good Flower Queen’s first time seeing Chu Mu become half devil in a while. The black white devil flames indeed were a strong visual shock. It was as if a devil god from another dimension had descended upon this world, one that didn’t fit in but was nevertheless madly arrogant.

Chu Mu didn’t reply to Evil Good Queen. However, Evil Good Queen simply went through their soul pact and read through Chu Mu’s memories.

Evil Good Queen checked incredibly quickly. However, before Chu Mu could resist or get angry, she already got what she wanted.

“That’s why.” Evil Good Queen retracted her alluring smile and pointed at Sect Master Du, “I didn’t tell you before, but the reason Imprint Valley collapsed was because of him.”

Chu Mu glanced at Evil Good Queen to wait for her to continue.

“This fellow’s habit is collecting the blood essence of powerful organisms with high blood lineages and then injecting this blood essence into another species to create the perfect soul pet. There are quite a few powerful and strong lineage organisms in Imprint Valley, so he started destroying the spatial structure long ago….” Evil Good Queen said.

Evil Good Queen entered Zhengming Main City, Imprint Valley had already been wasted for many years.

It wasn’t deteriorating for no reason. Sect Master Du was forcefully destroying it.

Evil Good Queen entered Imprint Valley many times and noticed this long ago. However, she at first didn’t know who was destroying Imprint Valley. Or rather, she didn’t know who stole the initiative from her to do something with the Imprint valley.

Sect Master Du heard Evil Good Queen’s words. Most half humans were no different from humans. In fact, Sect Master Du knew clearly that half humans were usually humans, too.

He knew that they lived similar lives as humans, but he didn’t expect it to know of his plans of destroying IMprint valley.

Sect Master Du stared at Evil Good Queen and carefully gazed at it.

The Flower Queen able to appear here in such a short time meant that it was definitely in Zhengming Main City. Sect Master Du tried to guess from this woman’s aura and characteristics just who it could be.

Sadly, Sect master Du scoured his memories but still couldn’t find anyone even close to similar to this evil beauty.

“You really know quite a bit.” Sect Master Du smiled. “However, you should know that my interest for you two far exceeds the Imprint Valley organisms. Bringing you two out, is it just my luck?”

Sect Master Du had a very righteous appearance with a sturdy nose and thick brows. When he laughs, it also emanates a sense of justice. If someone saw his current zeal, who would expect that Sect Master Du, a person at the tip of the human world, had such a greedy side?

Human leaders were no longer wavered by money or power. Their power was also at a peak. No one would believe that a Divine Sect Sub Sect Master would create a plot to destroy a world just to collect more high blood lineages.

Of course, he did far more than that. The sacred blood of the Messiah Tree was hidden in his basement as well.

The only time the righteous Divine Sect chose to comply was when they decided not to hunt down the criminals in Quiet Forest. This was one because it related many leader rank experts, but also because the Vice Sect Master Du Xian was also a participant. As Vice Sect Master, the only person able to judge him was himself!

Du Xian never thought those actions were against Divine Sect. In fact, he always thought he was doing the best he could. The human realm needs an Undying rank expert. They needed the highest belief to unify the scattered human race.

Divine Sect wasn’t a belief of humanity; it was only a judgment. Du Xian has been an arbiter for hundreds of years. Evil people who have died by his hands were in the tens of thousands. He had also stopped countless calamities.

However, he was tired. He was tired of this constant struggle, tired of trying to stop the endless criminals and evil-doers, tired of these humans who easily fell down a faulty path.

He wanted to become a unifying faith, just as how the Five Great Undying Legends were like gods within their species. Only at a rank like that can he use his power to create commandments for humanity. Only then can the continuation of humans be well structured. He would also become the sole leader and bring humanity through an unprecedented golden age!

His thoughts were insane, but he had a chance of success because he was already one of the leaders of humanity. He was one of the four sect masters of Divine Sect, and he had the horn of the Empyrean Dragon that represented divine rights. He had the blood of the father of the world, Messiah Tree. He had half of the Hidden Pupil Royalty’s support. He also had countless high ranking organisms within Imprint Valley as his pawns!

Du Xian knew that many people were suspicious when he had destroyed Imprint Valley. Even some inner members of Divine Sect had this suspicion.

Yet, how could they guess that the destruction of Imprint Valley was just one part of his plan? Even if someone found out, who could stop him?

“If you two are willing to be loyal to me, everything you want, I can give you.” Du Xian pointed to Chu Mu and Evil Good Queen and said.

Humans could never step into Undying rank, but how about special lineage half-humans?

Du Xian felt that Half Humans could likely be a breakthrough!

Evil Good Queen looked at Du Xian with interest. She knew what Du Xian was thinking about because Evil Good Queen saw the same ambition and zeal in his eyes as her own heart. This man didn’t want to just be the highest arbiter of Divine Sect. He wanted to rule the human race.

“Sorry, but I am loyal to someone else already.” Evil Good Queen’s voice suddenly became soft and seductive, her beautiful eyes flashing with a mysterious glint. One couldn’t tell if she was telling the truth or lying.

“Who? Who are you loyal to?” Du Xian was slightly sensitive. Knowing that these two half humans already were loyal to someone, he immediately roared.

Evil Good Queen extended a thin finger at Chu Mu and said, “Can’t you tell that I’m just a small flower slave that he can control however he wants?”

Du Xuan’s face twitched. This Flower Queen was trying to mock him!

However, Du Xian’s eyes fell on Chu Mu.

Black and white, the devil man with two colored flames indeed had the power to match its unwordly pride. Even in all species, he was a king that no one could match.

Du Xian retracted his anger. He didn’t care at all about telling his wild ambitions to these two half-humans…...

Chu Mu also gazed at Du Xian, his anger welling up even stronger!

He was the criminal of Quiet Forest. This anger already caused Chu Mu to be infuriated with this man.

Only having seen the cruelty of Quiet Forest, having seen Ning Maner’s heart-wrenching cries, witnessed countless protectors giving up their lives in protection, only then could one truly understand just how heartless and unforgivable the criminals of Quiet Forest were!

And Imprint Valley too. Chu Mu always thought that Imprint Valley fell because the world couldn’t handle its own energy. When he saw the Seven Sin Fox Light King hugging and waiting for death, Chu Mu could only choose to leave silently.

Skies fell, all organisms died. Chu Mu has killed countless lives in his time, but even he couldn’t help quell the tidal waves going through his heart when he saw entire species disappear into a black hole!!

The poor little demon foxes that were under the Light King’s care.

The Martial Cloud Dragon and its baby that were willing to fight for him just for a chance to escape.

The never leaving Seven Sin Fox Light King. Every time he thought of its calm gaze as it embraced death, Chu Mu’s heart seized up.

The male devil wolf that threw its wolfling to a stranger human right before it died, as well as his father who did the exact same thing without even saying a word to him…...

Just for a person’s own desires and craze, millions of Imprint Valley species had to die with this other world. Thinking back, how shocking was that!

And the mastermind of all this was standing before him without any consequence, bragging about his achievements and ambitions.

In fact, he was trying to invite him to join his despicable ranks!

Even if this man were killed ten thousand times, it wouldn’t be a shame!

All his killing intent locked onto Du Xian at once. Chu Mu had never wanted to kill someone as much as this moment. Or rather, this person wasn’t fit to be called “someone” even!!

“What, you want to kill me?” Du Xian felt the palpable killing intent from Chu mu.

He wasn’t afraid. Who was he?

He was the Divine Sect Vice Sect Master, one who stood above trillions of humans. He had power and a position that surmounted everyone. He wouldn’t be afraid of this dual evil devil man that wasn’t even mature!

“You’re powerful and have potential, but you aren’t my match right now.” Du Xian said calmly.

Evil Good Queen glanced at Chu Mu and his killing intent. Du Xian was speaking the truth. Chu Mu coudln’t beat a leader rank expert right now.

However, Evil Good Queen also believed that Du Xian would have a hard time trying to kill the two of them.

Since she dared to appear here, she naturally had a plan.

“Do you want to see him explosively angry?” Evil Good Flower Queen whispered to Chu Mu.

“Just tell me what to do.” Chu Mu hadn’t lost his reason yet.

“Doesn’t he want the strongest soul pet in Imprint Valley? We can help him and release the strongest organism in Imprint Valley.” Evil Good Queen smiled mischievously.

“What organism?” Chu Mu asked.

“A Berserker King sealed between the third and second layer of the sky, its called Ten Thousand Year Immortal, or Ten Thousand Immortal!”

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