Book 2 Chapter 144 - White Clothed Guard, Powerful Main Pet

Chapter 144: White Clothed Guard, Powerful Main Pet

“Grand elder, take my face into consideration and deal with him lightly, eh. Young people will occasionally make some mistakes. Have Chu Yue make it up to Chu Xian, and let that be it.” Chu Yang timely spoke to the grand elder.

Chu Yue watched his teacher speak, and he immediately nodded his head. He ran in front of Chu Xian, and proceeded to express his apology. Moreover, he extremely severely scolded Chu Jia, completely throwing all the blame onto him.

Chu Xian looked at the completely apologetic Chu Yue. From the very beginning, Chu Yue had always had an arrogant and aloof attitude; when would she that think this fellow would unexpectedly lower her head in front of her and apologize...

When Chu Mu did things, he liked to cut the weeds and eliminate the roots to prevent future troubles. However, this places was the Great Chu Family, and many things were completed according to their customs. Chu Mu also knew that with Chu Yang’s existence, such a matter could not actually wound Chu Yue’s backbone. Thus, he chose the lightest punishment.

Although it was the lightest punishment, not being able to receive the bestowment of the family’s resources in the following year was an extremely heavy blow to Chu Yue. In all likelihood, before long, he would be knocked out of the peak expert ranking by those up and coming Chu Family disciples.


This grand gambling fight with Chu Yue was like a disturbance that rapidly spread throughout the entire Great Chu Family after the fight ended. For a while, a myriad of Great Chu Family young experts began to ask about that fellow who defeated Chu Yue. Moreover, those in the Great Chu Family who had certain authorities began to silently conjecture what mischief Elder Tu was playing with, having unexpectedly found two young generation experts with such valiant strength.

Chu Mu maintained his mysteriousness, and in the subsequent fight, he defeated another participant that had strength to be in the top three ranks.

During this fight, Chu Mu didn’t actually use Mo Xie to fight. It was still Ye Qingzi magnificently putting on a show. It caused, aside from the whole knew level that everyone saw Chu Mu at, everyone to have an even more intense curiosity and various thoughts towards this beautiful woman.


In truth, the internal disciples from the Great Chu Family had been completely thrown into chaos this time. Those experts that originally could have obtained the top seven placings had already been kicked out, and of the three teams that had the biggest chance of obtaining the top three places, two of them had unexpectedly been defeated. Moreover, the team that had defeated these two teams were Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi, as well as the princess’ underlings.

Very soon, the focal point of the Great Chu Family’s internal competition turned into the magnificent fight between the top three places.

The Great Chu Family was considered to be a big boss in the Western Kingdom, so the apex fight within the Great Chu Family meant that it was the strongest fight in the Western Kingdom between the younger generation. Especially since the top three places had been split into clear factions!

Nightmare Palace’s young princess’ faction was unwilling to pass on the responsibilities to others and en route, practically didn’t have any obstructions into the top three. Chu Ke and Chu Dian, these two veteran Great Chu Family experts, would undoubtedly have been champions. However, with the young princess’ intervention this year, it was extremely hard to say if they could obtain the title of the strongest.

As for the dark horse that strangely bursted forth, Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi, despite everyone guessing what their true identities were, their grandeur was slightly weaker than the two ultra-powerful factions of Chu Ke and the young princess. Things weren’t too optimistic for them.

Truthfully, Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi being able to make it into the top three already made everyone in the Great Chu Family tremble. After all, no one expected that some mysterious group would make its way up.


The last fight was between the princess’ team and the Great Chu Family’s strongest team. This fight could be regarded as a fight between the strongest and second strongest. When the fight was held on Chu Mountain’s tallest mountain peak battlefield, there were numerous people gathered there, incomparably excited, waiting for the fight to arrive.

Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi were identically attending as spectators. Presently, the two of them were seated in the grand elder’s faction seats. From there, they could clearly see the slightly undulating and vast Chu Mountain battlefield.

Due to the fight being held on Chu Mountain, the majority of spectators who came were Chu Family disciples. However, since the fight was so grand, a majority of the Chu Family members all attended.

The two great family head seats welcomed the Nightmare Palace’s young princess to also sit in the main seats. Underneath them were the four grand elders, as well as their faction’s disciples.

Aside from Old Tu’s faction, the other three grand elder’s disciples had all been knocked out of the top three, and they were fighting for the remaining rankings.

Underneath them were the family masters and core members in the Chu Family that had a definite amount of prestige, status and authority. Finally, below them, were the family’s younger generation disciples that had the qualifications to spectate the competition’s fight.


“That person is Nightmare Palace’s young princess, right?” Ye Qingzi sat next to Chu Mu and pointed at the noble woman on the high seat.

Chu Mu’s gaze searched around, and he happened to see Princess Jin rou’s two beautiful and moving pupils. Her pupils were like a tranquil lake that occasionally would ripple with a trace of emotion...

Princess Jin Rou was still wearing a veil, maintaining a mysteriousness of being unable to see her beautiful face. When Chu Mu had kidnapped Princess Jin Rou, he had more or less seen the side of her face, and such beauty was like a force assailing the depths of one’s spirit, causing one to be lost in a trance.

Her eyes carried a somewhat doubtful complication, and when their eyes met, Chu Mu quickly withdrew his gaze.

In reality, Princess Jin Rou had already discovered the turned into Chu Chen, Chu Mu. It could be said that after his fight with Chu Yue, Princess Jin Rou had already guessed that Chu Mu had arrived.

“Princes JIn Rou, are your subordinates prepared?” the Great Chu Family’s family head, Chu Lieming, said.

Princess Jin Rou finally withdrew her gaze and faintly nodded her head.

Beside the princess, the snowy white robed man slightly gave a salute to the princess before slowly walking to the mountain peak battlefield.

“Princess Jin Rou, your underling is so confident. Could it be that he plans on going out by himself?” family head Chu Lieming only saw one person walking to the battlefield and let out an engrossed smile.

“Mhm.” Princess Jin Rou nodded her head.

One person!

It was still one versus two! Facing the peak experts in Western Kingdom Chu Ke and Chu Dian, that bodyguard beside Princess Jin Rou was still unexpectedly alone!

“What’s the matter with this?” seeing Princess Jin Rou only send the one bodyguard to fight, Chu Mu let out a shocked expression.

“Young master, you’ve been focused on training these past few days, and haven’t been focused on other people’s fights. As a matter of fact, throughout the princess’ faction’s fights, it has always been this young man fighting one against two, defeating numerous Great Chu Family peak experts. Originally, I believed that during this last fight, the princess would send another expert to fight, yet I didn’t expect for this fellow to still fight alone against Chu Ke and Chu Dian. It’s truly arrogant to the max!” promptly said Old Tu.

Chu Mu creased his eyebrows. The Great Chu Family had many peak experts within it. Being able to enter the top three using one versus two meant that this guard of the princess had outstanding strength. Yet, presently, this fellow was unexpectedly fighting one versus two against the Great Chu Family’s strongest team, Chu Ke’s, whose strength was seriously exceptional.

“Simply bullying people intolerably. Must this fellow insist on us letting him know we’re too powerful to be trifled with?!” seeing one person from the opponent walk out, Chu Dian let out a faintly angry intent.

The manner of the opponent was clearly looking down on the entirety of their Great Chu Family young generation experts. If it was someone else, it would be very hard to swallow!

“You relax, I’ll go.” Chu Ke was the apex of the entirety of Western Kingdom’s experts. How could he bear such humiliation. He had Chu Dian retreat out of the fight, and he wanted to fight alone against this unknown princess’ guard!

The white clothed guard silently stood their, indifferent that the opponent was actually one instead of two. He merely stood there alone, facing the violent wind whistling against the tall mountain, waiting for the notary’s order.  

“Summon you soul pets!”

Loudly proclaimed the notary.

Chu Ke and the white clothed guard practically simultaneously chanted an incantation.

During a showdown between two soul pet trainers, the speed at which a soul pet was summoned was an extremely vital point. If one had enough certainty of his soul pets’ attributes complimenting each other, then taking the lead in summoning soul pets would allow one to seize the decisive opportunity in the fight.

Chu Ke’s summoning speed was clearly slower than the white clothed guard. The white clothed guards blue colored devil flames outlandishly burned and suddenly, the azure devil flames began to ceaselessly sway against the blowing gale!

The nightmare flame pattern on the ground burned, growing increasingly violent. In the unceasingly flickering devil flame, one could clearly see an evilly charming figure slowly appear. Wearing a dense dark aura and abnormal demonic strength, it caused the temperature inside the battlefield to drop; even some souls couldn’t help but begin to shiver.

“Seventh phase sixth stage strengthened type Blue Nightmare…” Chu Mu immediately creased his eyebrows.

The white robed guard’s Blue Nightmare had evidently undergone strengthening. Its terrifying, serene devil flames were enough to cause people’s souls to feel ice cold. If such a soul pet were to face Chu Yue, it still would be able to one versus three!

“No wonder he was able to fight alone against the strongest experts of the Great Chu Family. This Blue Nightmare is capable of giving these Chu Family experts an endless headache.” Ye Qingzi was extremely surprised.

The Blue Nightmare was a commander rank hegemon. Under circumstances of similar phase and stage, there practically very rarely were opponents. If it further underwent strengthening, it could ostensibly look down upon identical rank opponents. Currently, the main pet that the white clothed guard had summoned was enough to crush all of the present young generation’s soul pets

The first soul pet that Chu Ke summoned was a seventh phase fifth stage Light Rhinoceros. This Light Rhinoceros had also undergone strengthening, and the horn armor on its body was much more resistant than normal seventh phase Light Rhinoceros. Its defense had further possibly neared the eighth stage.

However, from an imposing aura perspective, the Light Rhinoceros from beginning to end was inferior to the seventh phase sixth stage commander Blue Nightmare!

An incantation was chanted once more, and the white clothed guard began double summoning. From his outstretched arm, seemingly simultaneously appeared two beautiful patterns that respectively transformed into a dark colored pattern and a raging flame pattern.

The bloody stench of a wild beest was like a violent wind that swept away everything. Rocks and sand flew in the air as a black furred Terror Wolf astonishingly appeared from the imposing grandeur of the beast type pattern. Its savage bloody claws were buried deeply into the ground and its frightening teeth were completely exposed in the air!

Seventh phase fourth stage Bloodsucking Terror Wolf!

The Bloodsucking Terror Wolf was the emperor species of the Terror Wolves. Its greatest characteristic was that no matter if it was killing or not, its claws were always covered in the red color of fresh blood. The appearance of this Bloodsucking Terror Wolf once more shocked everyone inside and outside the field. No one expected that the soul pets that the white clothed guard had summoned before surprisingly were not his main pets!


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