Book 2 Chapter 143 - Three Forms of Punishment, You Can Pick Any

Chapter 143: Three Forms of Punishment, You Can Pick Any


The Chaotic Thunder Sprites weak purple lightning scuttled over from far away, yet they were easily swallowed by the incomparably powerful fire aura!

“Wu wu wu~~~~~”

A long cry. Her fur accompanied the dual royal flames- wantonly dancing!

The azure colored sky was a field of quiet. Suddenly, an eminently dazzling beam of fire acutely ripped it open, and it strikingly appeared in the center of the vast sky.

As the radiance was twinkling, it vertically descended!


A raging flame burned, purgatory boiled over, and from the center of the mountain peak battlefield abruptly surged a heavenly flame that instantaneously burned down a large part of the battlefield!

Incomparably hot waves of fire gathered in this burning area. In the next instant, a long flaming terrifying, dragon-snaked body curled up this perfectly vertical pillar of fire, magnificently ascending into the air!!

Since it was of the eighth rank power, from top to bottom, the frightening Heavenly Flame Rite that had changed into a long flaming dragon shockingly flew high into the air. It’s majesty was boundless, and it bombarded the seventh phase Mo Ye’s body!

The dark attribute of the Mo Ye originally was a bit fearful of flames. The eighth rank in might Heavenly Flame Burn was enough to burn the seventh phase Mo Ye’s ink armor into ashes!!

“Hu hu~~~~~”

The seventh phase Mo Ye’s tiger body was knocked flying once more, and its ink armor was burning with fire!

“Hou~~~~” the seventh phase Mo Ye instantly let out an extremely pained howl. Its body carried raging flames as it heavily fell from the air onto the ground!

The Heavenly Flame Rite’s flames still burned for a short period of time, but this was enough to burn the Mo Ye’s skin and flesh-charred baack. Dying, it lay in the pithole, having completely lost its fighting strength!

Chu Yue frightenedly watched this scene. Unexpectedly, he forgot to heal his seriously wounded soul pet, and only stared with eyes wide open at the Warbeast Mo Ye, which he was so intensely proud of, painfully shouting. It didn’t even have the strength to stand up!  

The Purple Senluo was Chu Yue’s main pet. It was already hard for Chu Yue to believe that it had been heavily wounded with one strike, but even before he could accept this reality, the Warbeast Mo Ye with powerful life force and defensive strength had been mortally wounded with one technique!

These two soul pets had practically been defeated by one technique from the opponent. The discrepancy in strength was too clear, but the shock such a discrepancy gave others was enormous!

The Purple Senluo and the Warbeast Mo Ye had already been knocked down. Then how long could the non-strengthened Chaotic Thunder Sprite last under Mo Xie’s claws?

Her nimble, silver body disappeared in a flash from the battlefield. In the next moment, Mo Xie strangely appeared in front of the Chaotic Thunder Sprite, and her magnificent nine tails gracefully and haughtily gave a sweep!

The Royal Flamed Nine Tailed Inferno Fox’s nine tail strength was even stronger than its claws. Further adding on the effect of the full form offensive soul equipment, the light sweeping force was actually comparable to a nine tailed python violently giving it a smack!


The Chaotic Thunder Beast wasn’t even able to let out a miserable cry before its body was promptly knocked flying. It flew towards the edge of the mountain peak battlefield, and it practically reached the edge of the mountain before finally and barely stopping!

The Chaotic Thunder Sprite hadn’t been heavily wounded, but in one strike it had flown nearly a hundred meters. Moreover, it had been closed in on so easily; such a battle didn’t have to continue in order to guess the outcome!

Once the Chaotic Thunder Sprite had been knocked flying, there was only Chu Yue left standing alone on the battlefield. Throughout the entire process, he hadn’t even used one soul technique.

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to use any soul techniques, but rather that he didn’t even have the chance to use a soul technique during the course of the battle. His three soul pets had practically all been instantaneously defeated!

Unable to withstand one blow. This phrase had always used by Chu Yue to look down upon his opponents. No matter what he thought, he never expected this mocking phrase to fall onto him!

The battlefield, both inside and out, was a field of silence. People simply didn’t know how to describe this shocking scene with words.

“This… Chu Chen wins.” Old Tu’s expression was blank for a while, before he finally and abruptly realized the battle had ended. Using an aged voice, he declared the end of the fight.

Following Old Tu’s voice breaking the silence, the seats of several hundred Chu Family disciples erupted!

Chu Yue’s strength was something every Chu Family disciple had heard of. He was a peak young generation disciple that only the strongest experts from a few regions could defeat.

Moreover, being able to defeat the triple control of this peak expert with only single control, it meant that Chu Mu’s strength had already surpassed the range of peak experts. Presumably, it wouldn’t be long before the entire Great Chu Family would be in a commotion due to this outstanding peak young expert!

“You… who on earth are you? That’s impossible, you definitely are not some no-named person. You also cannot be Chu Xian’s younger brother!” Chu Yue’s face was already ashen. Hundreds of Chu family disciples had witnessed the process of his humiliating crushing defeat. Chu Yue no longer knew how to establish himself in the Great Chu Family!

“Chu Yue, defeat and victory are but common. There’s no need to be so extreme. Adjust your emotions.” slowly said Old Tu.

“Grand elder, this fellow is definitely some errant person. He intentionally hid his strength. Having entered our Great Chu Family, he definitely has some kind of plot. You definitely cannot forgive him easily!” Chu Yue pointed at Chu Mu and had an ugly face as he spoke.

Seeing Chu Yue display such a shameful appearance, Chu Yang’s eyebrows immediately creased. 7 million gold coins to a young generation was truly an exorbitant thing. Even Chu Yang himself could not causally produce it. However, as a person with status, even if he lost, he had to maintain his calm and cool attitude. Chu Yue being so extreme would contrarily ruin his image if he continued.

“Chu Chen is the son of a long time friend. He was recommended by me for this internal family competition, and he is representing me to fight. Chu Yue, could it be that your words are saying that I, Old Tu, am a scheming errant?!” Old Tu would make his move when he had to make his, move as expected. When Chu Yue wanted to slander Chu Mu, he abruptly stood up and closely stared at Chu Yue with his sharp eyes!

How strong was Old Tu’s soul remembrance? Suddenly, an imposing grandeur engulfed Chu Yue like a torrential wave. It caused Chu Yue to retreat a few steps, and he unexpectedly stumbled and fell to the ground with his face deathly white!!

Old Tu’s angry words once more caused a huge uproar to surge amongst the hundreds of Chu Family disciples. No one expected these two completely foreign male and female duo to be the grand elder’s disciples.

Moreover, right now, even more people realized that it was no wonder this young expert would be so outstanding! However, then again, the strength of the two people Old Tu sent out really was too powerful. Even against the Chu Family’s strongest, Chu Ke, it was more than enough to contend!

“Elder Tu, calm your anger. Elder Tu, calm your anger.” Chu Yang immediately persuaded the grand elder. His two eyes then fiercely glared at Chu Yue and he said, “Chu Yue, you still haven’t come here to ask Elder Tu for forgiveness? Moreover, any way that you were impolite to senior apprentice Chu Chen, immediately apologize and beg for forgiveness!”

Chu Yang’s words rendered Chu Yue completely stunned. Asking for forgiveness from Elder Tu was fine, but he unexpectedly still had to apologize to senior apprentice Chu Chen?

While he hesitated, Chu Yang’s soul remembrance immediately forced him over. It scared Chu Yue, so he hastily crawled up and ran in front of the grand elder, begging for forgiveness.

“You’re excused from me, but your grievances with Chu Chen and Chu Xian have all been seen by me. I will definitely throw you into the Crime Hall to receive punishment. As for how you will be punished, we’ll see what this old fellow’s mood is like.” Old Tu harrumphed and stood up. He ignored Chu Yue’s kowtow and directly walked towards Chu Mu’s location.

Chu Yue was shocked. How did he expect this situation to suddenly turn out like this? It wasn’t until Chu Yang used soul remembrance again to loudly berate him when Chu Yue finally abruptly understood that Chu Chen fundamentally wasn’t some countryside brat. His expression instantly changed.

“You scoundrel, you’re ignorant and incompetent. All day, you use your bag of tricks; right now you still haven’t come over and begged for forgiveness from the grand elder?!” Chu Yang naturally guessed the Eternal Blood Fruit matter from before was caused by Chu Yue and Chu Jia’s tricks. In front of him, it further was Elder Tu acting as the moderator for Chu Xian, so how could he quibble?

Chu Yue cared the most about his face. Presently, he had to run in front of a fellow of mysterious origins in front of so many people and beg for forgiveness. That simply was even harder to bear than killing him.

However, the grand elder’s authority was much greater than his teacher’s. If he didn’t plea for leniency, he, Chu Yue, would probably find it hard to base himself in the Great Chu Family.

Disciples from large factions, besides relying on their hard work and talent to distinguish themselves among competition, had to obtain resources from teachers and elders to widen the gap between other disciples. If they lost this ability, even if Chu Yue had more talent, he would not be able to reach his current level.

Realizing that the Crime Hall wasn’t any good place, Chu Yue was finally afraid. In a daze, he ran behind Elder Tu, imploring for grand elder’s forgiveness.

“The Great Chu Family’s Crime Hall has a total of four different methods. The first is the most light, and it strips a year’s worth of resource bestowment and prohibits the participation in any competition. The second is slightly more severe. It strips three year’s worth of resources and securely isolates you for three months. The third method is even more heavy. It takes back the soul pets the family conferred upon you, and you no longer have the right to any of the family’s resource conferment. The fourth method is to directly take back all soul pets and expel you from the family. Aside from the fourth method, you can pick any.” Old Tu said to Chu Mu.

Old Tu was in charge of the Crime Hall, and disciples who committed a wrong were all dealt with by him. Even if the family master pleaded, it was to no avail.

Once Chu Yue heard this, his entire being was motionless. Family disputes were normally solved in private. The moment it was elevated to the Crime Hall, it was practically impossible to revert. Chu Yue did not at all think that the punishment towards him would be one of the first three penalties. The fights between young generation soul pet trainers were so intense. In one year, the weather could change, and any of these would greatly affect his future!

“Grand elder, grand elder… Chu Yue was muddleheaded for a moment. The matters of the Eternal Blood Fruit was due entirely to my younger brother. Please take it to be true. Slandering junior sister Chu Xian was absolutely not my intent. Oh, oh… senior brother Chu Chen, senior brother Chu Chen, junior brother didn’t know senior brother Chu Chen was cultivating in the outside. Yet, with foolish conceit, I provoked senior brother’s dignity. I truly deserve to die a thousand times for my sins, I truly deserve to die a thousand times for my sins. Senior Brother, senior brother, Chu Chen is magnanimous. Please forgive junior brother’s ignorance. Junior brother pays his respects to senior brother.”

Presently, how could Chu Yue still consider his own face? No matter which punishment he received in Crime Hall, he would be immediately expelled from the ranks of peak experts. He could not bear this, and with a fully boot-licking appearance, paid his respects to Chu Mu.

Seeing this scene, Chu Xian and Chu Xi were already completely stunned. How would they expect that this grand peak expert of Chu Yue would unexpectedly reveal such a lowly appearance. What handsome and free confidence was there? What confidence and unyieldingness was there? Compared to the fellow before, this version of him wasn’t even close to the same.

By contrast, there was the apathetic Chu Mu. Throughout the entire process, he gave others an incomparably stunning and intense heart shock. However, his face had always been calm. Within this calmness was a rather mysterious temperament...


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