Book 2 Chapter 142 - Insta Kill Purple Senluo

Chapter 142: Insta Kill Purple Senluo

A gambling fight worth 7 million gold coins!

Originally, it was a competition within the family, yet no one expected the battle to develop into Chu Yue and a side-branch disciple participating in such a shocking grand gambling fight!

Obtaining the first three places in the family competition would only garner a prize of 5 million gold coins. This fight was an extremely important thing!

“I request that the grand elder and teacher act as the notary for this fight.” Chu Yue took off the sixth level soul armor from his body before bringing it to the grand elder and Chu Yang.

Ye Qingzi had an engrossed appearance, and she helped Chu Mu bring the soul armor and seventh rank soul crystal in front of Chu Yang and the grand elder.

“This trap, he still jumped into it.” Old Tu displayed a fair expression, yet in his heart he was taking joy in the calamity. Very soon, Chu Yang and his disciple's faces would be black!

Coughing, Old Tu was the most senior inside the battlefield and he had the highest position. Naturally, he would be the notary. Seeing that the two of them take off their sixth level soul armor, Old Tu said: “Since this is the case, then begin. The others can go out.”

Ye Qingzi recalled her soul pets and slowly walked out of the battlefield.

The injured Chu Zhengfan took a bit of medicine and realized that Chu Yue and that brat had sparks flying between the two of them. Immediately, he recalled his soul pets and retreated to outside of the battlefield.

“Then, both sides summon your soul pets.” grand elder looked at Chu Yang, and seeing that he nodded his head, opened his mouth and spoke.

Under single control, only Mo Xie and the White Nightmare could defeat Chu Yue. The one that fought for Chu Mu was naturally Mo Xie!

“Wu wu wu~~~~~’

Mo Xie jumped off of Chu Mu’s shoulder. Still maintaining her pitiful appearance, she silently stood on the battlefield. Her tiny appearance gave others an adorable enchanting feeling. Especially her nine furry tails that swayed with her body; it gave others a feeling of wanting to go and touch them.

The small Mo Xie appearing to fight immediately caused a wave of astonishment from everyone. Chu Mu unexpectedly boasted so brazenly. Everyone believed that Chu Mu had some other stronger soul pet, yet didn’t expect him to send this small fellow to fight against the peak expert, Chu Yue. Wasn’t this a bit too preposterous?

Seeing Chu Mu’s small fox soul pet, Chu Yue’s face was a bit more strange. He didn’t look down on Chu Mu’s soul pet; after all, if this soul pet of Chu Mu wasn’t strong, he definitely would not summon it to fight. What made Chu Yue’s expression complicated was that he didn’t know what soul pet this was, nor did he know what abilities it possessed.

Carrying a bit of uneasiness, Chu Yue began to summon his soul pets.

The Purple Senluo had fallen into the Purple Robe Dream Beast’s dreamland trap, and after breaking free of the dreamland, it’s fighting strength still remained. Therefore, Chu Yue didn’t plan on changing out the Purple Senluo and had it continue fighting.

Chanting an incantation, Chu Yue began to summon his other two soul pets. Two different colored radiances blossomed from Chu Yue’s half clutched hands and as his palms fully opened, two summoning patterns slowly appeared in the hollows of his palms. Gradually, they shot out to the sides of his body.

A dark aura slowly pervaded the air around the black colored summoning pattern. An ink colored and clearly protruded armor, energetic and powerful four limbs, and a long black colored chain-like tail!

“Hou!!!!!!!’ a warbeast Mo Ye slowly appeared on top of the summoning pattern and suddenly, its violent beast aura and dark type transformed into a wave of air that permeated everywhere.

The Chu Family was famous for its horned beasts. The warbeast Mo Ye appeared even more frequently in Great Broken Sting Valley, so a powerful warbeast Mo Ye was practically possessed by every Chu Family disciple.

Seventh phase first stage, Warbeast Mo Ye!

The aura of Chu Yue’s Warbeast Mo Ye was extremely ample. Very clearly, it had undergone strengthening. Presumably, it was a powerful soul pet that wasn’t inferior to his three main pets from before.

In the other pattern, a Chaotic Thunder Sprite covered in cold air slowly surfaced. Rays of chaotic purple lightning ceaselessly flickered, violently bombarding the surrounding earth.

Sixth phase fifth stage, Chaotic Thunder Sprite!

The three soul pets had all been summoned. Including the main pet, Purple Senluo, with such a formation, unless it was a seventh phase sixth stage or above strengthened commander, it could not be defeated.

“Chu Mu, are you sure you want that small fox to fight?” Chu Xian was still anxious and frightened. In truth, no matter what soul pet Chu Mu summoned, it would be hard for Chu Xian to feel relieved. Chu Mu being able to contend alone against Chu Yue already made her extremely surprised. Moreover, it was a single control against triple control. Amongst the entire Great Chu Family, the only person who could do such a thing was probably the strongest young generation member, Chu Ke.

“Mhm, older sister can relax.” Chu Mu nodded his head.

Ye Qingzi stood next to Chu Xian, and her eyes were fixated on Chu Mu’s Royal Flamed Nine Tailed Inferno Fox. Truthfully, Ye Qingzi really wanted to see the fighting strength of Chu Mu’s soul pet that rivaled a monarch rank.

“Competition, begin!” loudly proclaimed Old Tu!

The moment his voice passed, Chu Mu resolutely stepped back. Without the protection of a sixth phase soul armor, Chu Mu had to be especially careful. Otherwise, he could directly suffer a fatal attack from Chu Yue’s soul pets.

The opponent only had one soul pet, so Chu Yue fundamentally didn’t have to be apprehensive. In the first moment, he ordered the midair Purple Senluo to directly dive towards Chu Mu at the rear!

“Wu wu wu~~~~’

Mo Xie raised her head, and her gaze quickly fixated on the flying Purple Senluo. The Purple Senluo’s body still had four wounds from the Heavenly Vine Demon. While flying, one could evidently feel this soul pet’s body swaying.


The Chaotic Thunder Sprite let out a long cry. Chaotic thunder rings quickly manifested and added extremely hot chaotic thunder to the Purple Senluo’s body!

The Purple Senluo controlled thunder and lightning strength. After adding on the chaotic thunder rings to its body, a dazzling chaotic thunder light immediately flickered on its wings and body!!

“Chaotic Thunder Chain!” Chu Yue gave an order to his soul pet.

The Purple Senluo’s wings beat at a high frequency, and its two lightning-like eyes instantly locked onto Chu Mu. It directly launched the Chaotic Thunder Chain attack!

A gorgeous, purple-colored chain of lightning shockingly appeared in the air and abruptly swept towards Chu Mu’s location. Everywhere it passed through, it unexpectedly created a black-colored scorching smoke!

“Nine Tailed Fan!”

Mo Xie wasn’t far from Chu Mu. Seeing the Chaotic Thunder Chain horizontally crisscrossing arrive, Mo Xie’s flaming paws immediately burned with a rather flourishing royal flame. She lithely stepped into the air, and her furry tail suddenly opened, transforming into a tiny nine tailed fan that extremely accurately smacked the interweaving Chaotic Thunder Chain!


Like a chain being broken, the tiny nine tailed fan swept through, and the Chaotic Thunder Chain which might reached the seventh rank, was unexpectedly broken. Losing its original attacking direction, it fell to the ground!


“Wu wu wu~~~~~”

Mo Xie’s two silver colored pupils astonishingly transformed into a fiery red color. On the location her gaze fell on, a eminently flourishing flame shockingly began burning!

Mo Xie possessed dual royal flames. Even if it was the most common ability amongst fire type techniques, burn, its might had still reached a terrifying seventh rank. As Mo Xie let out a long howl, that flame abruptly expanded in the air and in an extremely gorgeous fire light, instantly illuminated the entire battlefield!

Burn’s effect enveloped the top of the Purple Senluo’s head, and it evidently was meant to prevent the Purple Senluo from flying even higher.

“Illusion Royal Flame Claw!”

Mo Xie’s treading air ability only lasted a dozen seconds. Her four paws hurriedly pursued, and each time she stepped in the air, one could clearly see a royal flame halo undulate open like a water ripple!

Although Flame Dance caused a certain obstruction to Mo Xie’s speed, even with this obstruction, Mo Xie’s chasing speed wasn’t something the Purple Senluo could compare with. Within a few short seconds, the treading Mo Xie caught up to the Purple Senluo!


As she chased, four silver colored figures randomly appeared!

Royal Flame Claw!!!

The sixth level full form soul equipment’s effect rapidly surfaced, transforming into numerous starlights that attached to Mo Xie’s claws. Mo Xie’s claws were short, but they contained the terrifying shredding strength and burning effect!

Despite being in the pitiful appearance state, Mo Xie’s attacks still reached the eighth rank. How could the seventh phase Purple Senluo defend against four eighth rank in might claws?!

Monarch rank speed, strength and adding on the sixth level full form close combat soul armor. Without defense that had reached the eighth stage, it was simply impossible to resist the four attacks!


The four Royal Flame Claws ostensibly simultaneously streaked across the Purple Senluo’s body. Two frightening flaming splits instantly appeared on its purple colored wings flickering in lightning. Subsequently, the wings were split from the Purple Senluo’s body and rapidly burned into ashes by Mo Xie’s double royal flames!

The other two Royal Flame Claws didn’t attack the Purple Senluo’s vital areas, but they directly streaked across its hind legs. Its pair of robust hind legs identically split from its body. and in a short one second, were burned into nothingness!


With its wings and hind legs ostensibly simultaneously destroyed, the Purple Senluo immediately let out an extremely pained howl. Like a bolt of purple lightning, it crashed down to the ground, resolutely smashing into the battlefield and creating an enormous gulch!


A noise from the vibrating crash ceaselessly rang out in the battlefield.

Outside the battlefield was a field of silence. The sounds of uproar hadn’t even been let out!

“Dragon Wind Bind!” Chu Mu’s incantation broke the battlefield’s silence and suddenly, a chaotic gale spun around Chu Mu’s body. It rapidly transformed into an incomparably shocking wind dragon that coiled around the surroundings of Chu Mu’s body!

The seventh phase Mo Ye’s charging force was extremely strong, but even if it was any stronger, it could not break Chu Mu’s monarch rank Wind Dragon Bind!



A plaintive cry rang out as the seventh phase Warbeast Mo Ye was thrown up by Chu Mu’s Wind Dragon Bind, and it unexpectedly flew up to a terrifying height of fifty meters!

“Mo Xie, Heavenly Flame Rite!”

Chu Mu coldly issued an order to Mo Xie!

Seventh rank fire type technique!

Under the dual royal flame effects, the seventh rank fire type technique’s might further obtained a large increase. The enormous fire aura immediately pervaded the entire battlefield!

The flames in both eyes were burning, and when Mo Xie removed the Flame Dance effect and descended down from the air, the flames on her body were violently burning. Wave after wave of torrential flames violently surged outwards from the center Mo Xie to her surroundings!!


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