Book 2 Chapter 141 - Extravagant Gamble, Single Control vs Triple Control

Chapter 141: Extravagant Gamble, Single Control vs Triple Control


When blood flowed everywhere, the Ice Fire Demon Fairy’s incantation had completed. Instantly, a terrible coldness spread nearby, causing the temperature to drop, and the ground to congeal with frost!

The seventh rank power Freeze technique went directly towards the Fire Fairy. Just as the Fire Fairy’s Ignite had saved the Purple Senluo, the terrifying Freeze had quickly invaded its entire body, causing its flames to quickly dim!!

The Black Crystal Ice Crystals filled the air. The Ice Fire Demon Fairy’s ice type controlling ability was clearly even higher than Chu Mu’s Ice Air Fairy. Its scary Freeze not only dimmed the flames on the Fire Fairy, but also spread to the side and endangered the completely startled Chu Yue!

The Ice Fire Demon Fairy’s powerful fighting strength shocked the entire stadium. Even Chu Mu took on a whole new level of respect for Ye Qingzi. As for Chu Yue and Chu Zhengfan, their faces had become steely already. They watched as their soul pets were heavily injured one after another, yet they had no power to fight back.

The change in the battle could only be described as fast and strange. From the beginning of the Ice Fire Demon Fairy’s Ice Fire Obliterating Diagram, Chu Yue and Chu Zhengfan’s soul pets had been heavily injured in a very short amount of time. The entire process probably took less than half a minute!

When the Purple Senluo got restricted by the Purple Robed Dream Beast’s Dreamland, only Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi’s soul pets were left on the battlefield. Yet, even until now, all the Chu Clan disciples, including Chu Yue and Chu Zhengfan, had no clue how the battle had ended this strangely!

“They…...they already beat Chu Yue and Chu Zhengfan……” Chu Xi was completely dumbstruck. The fact that Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi could continuously win three matches was already astonishing for Chu Xi, yet she would never had thought that two unknown people had defeated the top tier experts Chu Yue and Chu Zhengfan.

Top tier young expert meant rarely having opponents within a region. A region contained countless cities and soul pet trainers only measurable in tens of thousands. Being able to come out at the top was definitely not a simple matter. Chu Xian walked out of an eighth level city, so Chu Xi naturally thought Chu Mu was but a young expert within a city. Yet, from the battle situation, one could clearly tell that Chu Mu was also a top tier young expert!

Chu Xian, who stood beside Chu Xi, still hadn’t shaken the shock of Chu Mu winning yet. She wouldn’t even have dreamed that the laughingstock of Gangluo City would beat a Great Chu Family top tier expert one day.

In fact, Chu Xian had started to question whether the handsome and cool man was actually Chu Mu…...

Inside the battlefield, it was silent. Such a quick finish should, in theory, have happened by the hands of Chu Yue and Chu Zhengfan, who could then proudly display their results to everyone. However, reality was just the opposite: the two seeded contestants, Chu Yue and Chu Zhengfan, were quickly cleared out by two nameless little pawns!

This scene was like seeing two rabbits killing two lions. Other than shock, there was some nonsensical humor involved, yet it was such a strange scene that over hundreds of people had witnessed.

“Hehe, your two little apprentices underestimated their opponent too much.” Old Tu’s laughter broke the silence and spread throughout the battlefield.

Even then, Chu Yang’s expression was still stiff. In reality, from the moment Chu Mu’s Mo Xie controlled his Heavenly Vine Demon, Chu Yang had guessed that this match was unwinnable, yet he would never have thought that the two apprentices he was so proud of would be defeated this quickly. Checking the time, it wasn’t even five minutes.

In a doubles soul pet trainer battle, being able to finish the opponent in ten minutes already meant that there was a sizeable difference between the sides. Being able to finish in five minutes meant they weren’t even on the same level.

Top tier young expert? Getting cleaned up by two nameless fellows, Chu Yue and Chu Zhengfan didn’t know where to put their faces. Now, the situation was even more embarrassing than the 1v3 situation last time. His eyes couldn’t hide the resentment in his mind as they stared viciously at Chu Mu.

“You…… simply took advantage of this woman’s strength to win. If we really fought, you aren’t anything. If you’re anything, fight me in a duel!” Chu Yue finally couldn’t hold his resentment back, and Chu Yue felt that this was the only way he could get some of his face back!

Chu Yue wasn’t wrong either. Many people could see that the highlight of the battle was definitely not Chu Mu, but was actually Ye Qingzi’s powerful main soul pet Ice Fire Demon Fairy.

Her Ice Fire Demon Fairy’s ice type controlling capabilities surpassed Chu Mu’s Ice Air Fairy, and its usage of fire type techniques was higher than the eighth phase Fire Fairy. In a single Ice Fire Obliterating Diagram, it even almost instantly killed the seventh phase Thunder Sword Wing Lion!

“I want to have a gambling fight with you, even if I don’t have main soul pet!” Chu Yue pointed at Chu Mu and said angrily!

“My standards for gambling fights are quite high.” Chu Mu looked calmly at the barely contained Chu Yue and said slowly.

“Chu Yue, shut up, you’ve lost, why don’t you get off the stage!” Chu Yang’s anger was even greater. At this moment, Chu Yang had already guessed that the two contestants were definitely not simple, possibly representing Old Tu in the match.

“Ai, Old fellow Chu Yang, let’s not interfere with young people matters. If they want to gamble, then let them gamble.” Old Tu immediately blocked Chu Yang.

Old Tu naturally knew Chu Mu’s real identity. Seeing Chu Yue dumbly challenging Chu Mu to a gambling fight, he had started laughing secretly already, thinking “This apprentice of Chu Yang’s is really exceptionally unfortunate.”

Chu Yang’s face again blackened as he silently cursed, “This elder really isn’t kind. Not only does he secretly let two outer clan members join the competition, he doesn’t even tell me when they meet with my apprentices. It’s like he’s purposely disrupting the competition.”

Old Tu was indeed intentionally disrupting the competition. Recently, the elders and clan teachers like him have been respected on the outside but have been pressured and pushed aside in the dark. Old Tu wanted to give a lesson to these disrespectful things.

“This is a fire and beast duo type pure seventh level crystal[1], worth 2 million coins. Bring out the fifth level soul armor I lost to you last time. You can summon your main soul pet. My main soul pet is hurt, so I’ll use a side soul pet to fight you!” Chu Yue, in a moment of rashness, didn’t pay attention to his teacher’s words.

“Not interested.” Chu Mu lightly responded.

As he spoke, Chu Mu spoke an incantation, and he brought out the sixth level soul armor that was connected to him by soul and je also brought out a seventh level ice type soul crystal. Throwing these two treasures casually on the ground before speaking slowly again, “I bet a sixth level soul armor as well as the seventh level soul crystal you lost to me before. Your bet will be the sixth level soul armor on you as well as an Eternal Blood Fruit. As for the battle, I’ll single control, you can summon as you please. ”

I’ll single control, you summon as you please!

It wasn’t the first time Chu Mu had said this, but the meaning behind each time was completely different!

Chu Jia was barely an expert, but in the real realm of experts, he was miniscule. Yet, Chu Yue was already a top tier expert. In the entirety of the Western Kingdom, there definitely weren’t many that dared to say such words to him!

Arrogant to the max!

Chu Mu’s matchless arrogant words immediately set the Chu Clan disciples on fire, and Chu Yang, as the teacher, even opened his eyes wide, completely not expecting the fellow to be this arrogant!

Old Tu opened his mouth. He originally thought that this son of Chu Tianmang simply wanted a little bit of extra cash to use. He didn’t expect this kid to want to completely devastate Chu Yue- wasn’t he a bit too black-hearted!

At this point, Old Tu was already sighing and shaking his head secretly, thinking “Chu Yue, oh Chu Yue. This is a big hole of a trap, an endless hole at that. You better think well. Once you jump in, there is no climbing back out.

Extravagant gamble!! Chu Mu had thrown out near seven million gold worth of treasures, completely making it an extravagant gamble!

Those Chu Clan disciples spectating again were lit afire. No matter if this gambling fight was interesting, just the pot worth seven million was enough to shock them!

Let alone the fact that it was a match where a nameless person single controls against a top tier expert Chu Yue’s triple control!

“Dare or dare not, you choose. The Eternal Blood Fruit is really something I could get easily, but I won’t let you off easily for bullying my cousin.” Chu Mu stared coldly at Chu Yue!

The Eternal Blood Fruit was worth 3 million gold. A trash like Chu Jia wouldn’t possibly have it, so he could only have gotten it from Chu Yue. This event was inseparable from Chu Yue’s involvement, so how would Chu Mu not let Chu Yue pay the price.

“Chu Mu……” A series of shocking events impacted Chu Xian’s brain. Especially when Chu Mu mentioned the Eternal Blood Fruit, Chu Xian felt her heartstrings quivering…...

Completely unexpectedly winning, as well as displaying a strength to compete against a top tier expert already made Chu Xian forget about herself, yet this sentence of Chu Mu’s suddenly woke her up. All of this was Chu Mu trying to protect her!

At this moment, Chu Yue had completely been suppressed by Chu Mu’s imposing manner. The matter with the Eternal Blood Fruit was indeed done under his directions, but in this situation, how could he admit…..

“Wh-......why wouldn’t I dare, when have I, Chu Yue, ever been afraid, I don’t need you to single control……” With this many Chu Clan disciples beside, how could Chu Yue lose all of his face? He immediately tried to propose a triple control vs triple control match against Chu Mu.

“Chu Yue, accept the battle as it is.” Chu Yang decisively sent his voice through remembrance into Chu Yue’s head.

“Teacher…...but…...with him single control, even if I win…..” Chu Yue was just about to explain.

“Less useless talk and accept the battle. You idiot, if he triple controls, you’ll lose without a doubt!” Chu Yang said sternly.

Chu Yang had already said it, so what else could Chu Yue say? Holding in a belly full of resentment, he thought darkly, “With those three soul pet of Chu Mu’s, and without Ye Qingzi’s support, my side soul pet could finish them up within three minutes. There was no need for a three vs one.”

“Okay, when have I, Chu Yue, ever been afraid? I’ll have a gambling fight with you right now!” Chu Yue was most obsessed with saving face, so he immediately put on a manner of soaring heroism!


  1. Not soul crystal, just crystal. Not sure what this is, but it doesn’t seem to be a typo by the author. Maybe some regular energy soul item.

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