Chapter 1407: Light King and the Small Demon Fox

He had numerous questions in his mind but was unable to find an answer. Chu Mu could only follow the Seven Sins Fox Light King in the direction it left. 

The mountain peak was pretty much where Yu Suo had set up the Flower Soul Formation. Chu Mu could pretty much confirm the soul pet  Yu Suo wanted him to capture was the Seven Sins Fox Light King. 

“Could she have a method of undoing the Seven Sins Fox Light King’s shackles?” Chu Mu asked himself. 

The higher they went, the denser the light element became. Chu Mu had no choice but to recall the dark attributed Night back to its soul pet space and follow Mo Xie instead. 

Eventually, the top of the mountain arrived in front of them. 

The height of this mountain was the same as the phoenix remnants mountain in Lightning Valley’s. Back then, it took Chu Mu and Mu Qingyi a long time to climb the mountain. However, now at the immortal rank, his current speed was incomparable to the past.  

The top of the mountain looked like a highland on top of which hung a scorching sun which was even more intense than the sun in the outside world. 

“Young master, this place is probably the third layer of the sky - not the third layer of the earth,” said Old Li. 

“Yes, I feel the same way.” Chu Mu nodded his head. 

The third layer of the sky was very close to the milky way in the sky. When Chu Mu saw the bright sun, he felt that it was within arms reach. Thus, the starry sky was probably not far above them, otherwise, why would the light element be so intense. 

“It’s over there!” Lin Mengling pointed at the small cave on the mountain top. 

The Seven Sins Fox Light King had exhausted a huge amount of physical energy during its fight with the Light Phoenix and it was now lying in the small cave, resting. 

The Seven Sins Fox Light King’s build was somewhat similar to Mo Xie’s. It was slender and full of power. But when it quietly lay there, its body would have the gentle beauty of a woman’s curves. Its milky white fur only accentuated its grandeur and holiness. 

The Light King seemed to sense the three of them and it half-opened its eyes, looking at them. 

The Light King’s eyes had no hostility in them. Instead, there was more confusion and indifference. Thus, its indifferent gaze made people feel as if it was already used to being looked at by other creatures like this. 

“Wu wu wu wu~~~~~~”

Suddenly, a soft cry rang out from nearby. It sounded like a young girl searching for an adult. 

A shy figure jumped out from behind a small rock not far away from Chu Mu. Its fur was furry, small and adorable. It waved its small tail and curiously looked at Chu Mu and the two others before suddenly breaking into a stride and fleeing to the Seven Sins Fox Light King’s side. 

“It’s a small Seven Sins Fox Light King?” Lin Mengling cried out with a bit of excitement. 

The Seven Sins Fox Light King was an extremely ideal soul pet for Lin Mengling. Especially after seeing the Light King and Light Phoenix’s fight, the vigorous figure passing under the light beams left a deep impression on Lin Mengling.  

Chu Mu was also a bit surprised that there would be a small Light King here. 

However, Chu Mu quickly discovered that this shy demon fox didn’t have a milky white color; instead, its body was a starry blue color. 

“That’s not right. This is a Star Fox. A commander rank creature.” Xia Yin creased his brows as he spoke. 

Lin Mengling was stunned and finally discovered that the color of the small fox was different. After looking closely, this wasn’t a Seven Sins Fox Light King, but instead a commander rank Star Fox that could be found wherever in a few bewildering worlds. 

Lin Mengling’s face was instantly full of disappointment. 

This small Star Fox jumped next to the Seven Sins Fox Light King and nestled its body into the circle of the Seven Sins Fox Light King’s tail. It looked like it was searching for the safest and warmest bed. It comfortably lay there and fell into a deep sleep. 

“What’s going on? Why is a Seven Sins Fox Light King living with a Star Fox?” asked Xia Yin, confused. 

As part of the same species, demon foxes could reproduce with each other. However, it was extremely nonsensical that a Seven Sins Fox Light King with the bloodline of an immortal rank, would live with a commander rank Star Fox.  

Chu Mu was also very confused. He had seen mixed breed creatures form a soul pet family before. However, a tiny Star Fox with only commander rank strength, living in Imprint Valley which was littered with dominator rank creatures, was as weak as a piece of dust. 

“Wu wu wu wu~~~”

“Wu wu wu~~~~~~~”

Suddenly, another two weak and soft cries rang out. 

From somewhere else, two small foxes jumped out from behind rocks. 

These two foxes had large eyes that glimmered when they blinked. Their pitiful appearances couldn’t help but make one want to run up and kiss them. 

Their bodies were a moon-white color and they had three small tails. 

They were a bit more brave than the Star Fox and they curiously ran a few circles around the three humans. 

When the two three tails foxes arrived next to Chu Mu, Xia Yin, and Lin Mengling, the Seven Sins Fox Light King immediately opened its eyes. It stared unmovingly at the three of them and it seemed like it could pounce at them at any moment! 

The Seven Sins Fox Light King gave a low cry and only then did the two brave three-tailed foxes jump over next to the Seven Sins Fox Light King. 

Like the Star Fox, these two small foxes found a comfortable spot and used the Light King’s milky white fur as a quilt as they rested against its body. 

“Those are Moonlight Three Tailed Foxes.” Xia Yin’s expression was a bit strange. 

Moonlight Three Tailed Foxes had even lower ranks. They were warrior rank demon foxes…. 

“What’s going on with these small demon foxes? Could it be that they didn’t realize they found the wrong mother?” said Lin Mengling. 

Whether it was the Moonlight Three Tailed Foxes or the Star Fox, their bloodline had no relation at all with the Seven Sins Fox Light King. In fact, the Seven Sins Fox Light King was a creature with the highest bloodline among demon foxes and perhaps even in the soul pet world; on the other hand, the Moonlight Three Tailed Foxes and Star Fox belonged to the lowest level of creatures. Warrior rank creatures would never be able to even enter the dominator rank! 

“Wu wu wu~~~~”

“Wu wu wu wu~~~~~”

Suddenly, another set of soft and weak cries rang out from different locations. 

Three furry creatures jumped out from behind rocks. These three small foxes had even lower phases and stages. They were even smaller than Mo Xie in her Pitiful Appearance. They looked like infants that just learned how to walk. 

They unsteadily walked to where the Seven Sins Fox Light King was, and occasionally would playfully bite their companions’ tails and roll around on the ground. 

“These are Six Tailed Foxes, commander rank creatures…” Xia Yin was stunned as he spoke. 

The three Six Tailed Foxes were extremely small and fragile. A single gust of wind could have blown them over. 

Immortal rank fights would often occur in Imprint Valley. If their techniques that could span hundreds of kilometers were to engulf this area, these small creatures would definitely fail to survive. 

“Wu wu wu~~~” 


Delicate cries continued to appear. 

Those delicate and soft creatures appeared again from behind rocks. Some were brave and others were afraid. However, they ultimately all gathered next to the Seven Sins Fox Light King. 

When Chu Mu and the two others had arrived at the mountain top, they intentionally used soul remembrance to sense this place; however, they were unable to sense the existence of these small demon foxes. 

This wasn’t because their perception was too weak; rather, these small demon foxes were too weak and small. Their auras were completely negligible. 

In total, there were 20 small demon foxes gathered around the Seven Sins Fox Light King. 

Star Foxes, Moonlight Foxes, Moonlight Three Tailed Foxes, Six Tailed Foxes, Nine-Tailed Foxes, Cloud Foxes, Cursed Ice Foxes, Blazing Sun Fox...

All of them were different subspecies of demon foxes. The lowest of their species rank was at the servant rank while the highest was merely a monarch rank. 

At Chu Mu’s current realm, creatures of the monarch rank and under were considered very weak. 

Furthermore, this place was Imprint Valley and the third layer of the sky. The average bloodline of creatures that lived here was at the emperor rank, while the average strength was at the dominator rank. 

Although bloodline wasn’t everything, given an equal environment and resources, low rank bloodline creatures had to spend much more effort than high rank bloodline creatures to reach the same level. 

When he saw this group of small demon foxes of the monarch rank and under, Chu Mu couldn’t help but think of a question: How would they survive in this merciless and powerful Imprint Valley? 

What were their chances of survival? One in a thousand or one in ten thousand? 

“Wu wu wu wu~~~~~”

As Chu Mu worried for these low ranked bloodline small demon foxes, the small demon foxes were completely unaware of the danger to their lives. They surrounded the Seven Sins Fox Light King and silently lay beside it, sleeping. Some were naughty and were climbing up and down the Light King’s body; two of the braver, small Moonlight Foxes even climbed up tot he Light King’s head where they playfully fought each other. 

“My heavens, do these two small Moonlight Foxes not know whose head they’re being reckless on? That’s a Seven Sins Fox Light King! It used to be the creature with the highest bloodline! Even if its bloodline is now only at the immortal rank, it’s simply at a completely different level than these small creatures!” Lin Mengling finally couldn’t help but yell out. 

Lin Mengling knew of the Seven Sins Fox’s legend, and she had a deep understanding of the Seven Sins Fox Light King’s past glory. 

However, when she saw the scene in front of her which was completely different from her imagination, the shock she felt was even more intense than the fight between the Light King and Light Phoenix! 

The Seven Sins Fox Light King lay unmoving there. Despite the small demon foxes making a disturbance next to it, it still only half squinted its eyes and vigilantly rested there. It could be seen that it was a bit exhausted after the fight with the Light Phoenix. 

Lin Mengling didn’t understand. Why would a Seven Sins Fox Light King with such a proud bloodline tolerate these small demon foxes, ignorant of their own abilities, causing a disturbance beside it. 

“Wu wu wu~~~”

The small Star Fox that appeared first seemed to have discovered something on the Light King’s body and used its small claw to slowly part away the Seven sins Fox Light King’s milky white fur. 

However, underneath the milky white fur wasn’t the Light King’s skin, but instead a deep wound. Clearly, it was from the prior fight. 

The Seven Sins Fox Light King didn’t seem to feel pain. These mischievous small demon foxes had often bumped into its wounds, but it maintained its resting state. 

The small Star Fox stretched out its tongue and lightly licked the wound. 

When it got a scratch or had an accident, it only needed to use its tongue to lick the wound for a while and the wound would quickly heal. Therefore, the small Star Fox felt that this would probably speed up the Light King’s recovery. 

However, this method had no effect on the Light King. 

Even a dominator rank creature’s healing technique wouldn’t necessarily be able to heal a wound of a creature at the Light King’s rank, let alone a small Star Fox’s very first healing method. 

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