Chapter 1406: Thunder Diagram, Light Diagram, Seven Sin Fox?

Seven Sin Fox Light King- Chu Mu still remembered the inner shock he experienced when Old Han told him the legend of the Seven Sin Fox.

The earliest time Chu Mu ever heard of the Seven Sin Fox was from his father.

At that moment, regardless of whether what Chu Tianmang said was true, the legend of the Seven Sin Fox gave Chu Mu endless room for imagination. He desperately wanted to know whether such a strong organism truly existed in this world.

Even after this many years, Chu Mu never forgot the Seven Sin Fox legend. And after Old Han told him about the differences between lower, middle, and upper potential foxes, he saw a middle potential fox on the Yellow Spring Road: Seven Sins Fox Rock Emperor. This again shows that the legends were true.

Chu Mu however never expected that, after tis many years, he would meet the strongest of the Seven Sin Fox, the Light King!

Elegant figure, fast as light- the sacred and noble Light King constantly flickered in front of Chu Mu as it fought, connecting slowly with the imagery Chu Tianmang implanted in his head at a young age…….

“Too bad…. It’s truly unfortunate.” Old Li shook his head and sighed.

“What’s unfortunate?” Chu Mu asked questioningly.

“It still carries its species shackles. This is an Atoning Light King still.” Old Li said.

Sin Fox shackles needed a thousand generations to atone for. Just what did these foxes do to receive such a cruel punishment. Is this what people meant by ‘even the heavens get jealous’?

Without this shackle, the Upper Potential Fox Light King and Dark King were far stronger than the five undying legends. They were probably the strongest species!

Suddenly, a thought flashed through Chu Mu’s head.

“Is New Moon Land’s Heavenly Boundary Monument recording the Seven Sin Fox Legend?” Chu Mu wondered.

The fall of the strongest species. Was the Heavenly Boundary Monument pointing to the Seven Sin Fox’s former glory and its fall into crime?

However, what crime was the Seven Sin Fox atoning for? Who was punishing them? If they were the strongest species, they should be like gods. How could they even be punished?

Many questions came up in Chu Mu’s head.

“Young master, you finally know the position of the five great Undying Legends, right?” Old Li’s voice broke his train of thought.

“What do you mean?” ChU Mu didn’t quite understand.

“Let’s give an example. Little Mo Xie is the Undying Legend Hades. Its species rank should be perfect dominator rank, but its real strength is nearer to pseudo immortal or low class immortal rank.”

“Yellow Spring, Inferno, Underworld, and Limbo are all higher species rank than Hades. The reason they are listed as the five Undying Legends is because the leader of all five species are indeed at the immortal rank. Also, the fighting strength of these species are the strongest in their rank without a doubt!”

“Seven Sin Fox Light King is also powerful, but sadly with a shackle, its strength is greatly weakened. If Mo Xie and it were the same rank, Hades would be slightly stronger.” Old Li said.

“Five Undying Legends, Hades has the lowest species rank?” Chu Mu understood something from Old Li’s words.

“En, from species rank, Hades probably is the lowest. Limbo and Underworld likely have high species ranks, possibly comparable to the unshackled Light King at high class or top tier immortal rank.” Old Li paused and added, “Of course, high species rank organisms mean they have a long growth period and often need special energy to grow.”

Old Li’s words reminded Chu Mu of the Evil Good Flower Queen.

Evil Good Flower Queen’s species rank was still an unknown to Chu Mu. However, that woman probably wasn’t any weaker than him in half devil form. Yet, it wasn’t even tenth phase yet…..

Its maturity was much slower than all other organisms.

Assuming it had a similar species rank to the Limbo Flower, Evil Good Queen was around low class immortal rank right now. Since it still wasn’t tenth phase, it meant its species rank was higher than Hades.

“In immortal rank, Hades, Yellow Spring, Underworld, Inferno, and Limbo are five representatives. Their leaders have stepped into Undying Rank before, so they are the immortal rank species with the most say. However, in reality, the immortal rank has organisms with bloodlines more powerful than Hades, Yellow Spring, and even Inferno. However, there aren’t many higher than Underworld or Limbo. The old Light King counts as one, but that was in the past. Needing to atone now, it probably couldn’t even beat a Hades of the same rank.” Old Li said.

Chu Mu nodded. When he heard of the five Undying Legends before, Chu Mu subconsciously equated them all.

“Old Li, then by your wisdom, can you rank all the organisms I’ve heard of or seen in order of bloodlines?” Chu Mu asked.

“By species rank….. I feel like the Messiah Tree is the highest. It represents the territory of god.”

“Going downwards, Seven Sin Fox Light King, Evil Good Queen, Ancient Flood Dragon Person, and Limbo are probably in the same realm.”

“After that is Underworld, Black Nightmare, Heaven Dragon King, Demon Ancestor, Light Phoenix…..”

“Below that is the realm of Inferno, which includes the Dark Death King, Gladiator Corpse Lord, and this Divine Sect girl’s Purple Sun Immortal Fairy.”

The Gladiator Corpse Lord was something Chu Mu had seen. It was the corpse that Xia Yin summoned.

Xia Yin was extremely low profile. He hid his Gladiator Corpse Lord’s aura very well. The first time Chu Mu saw it, he thought it was a normal corpse type organism. Only after Old Li reminded him did Chu Mu realize that this corpse type soul pet had a species rank higher than even Hades. Xia Yin’s Gladiator Corpse Lord wasn’t even tenth phase yet either.

Gladiator Corpse Lord’s growth was incredibly slow and needed to devour countless corpses in its growth. One can’t just see that Xia Yin seemed gentle. In reality, he definitely was a mass killer or else he couldn’t possibly sustain the growth of a Gladiator Corpse Lord!

As for Lin Mengling’s Purple Sun Immortal Fairy, Chu Mu had never seen before. However, Old Li probably noticed when Chu Mu was meditating and she was nearby.

Since its species rank was equivalent to Inferno, the Purple Sun Immortal Fairy was likely powerful too.

Old Li told Chu Mu that Lin Mengling’s Purple Sun Immortal Fairy was in a similar spot as Chu Mu. The soul pet’s rank was restricted by the owner’s soul remembrance.

No wonder Lin Mengling wanted to step into immortal rank so quickly. If an organism like Purple Sun Immortal Fairy were constantly pressured, it may desert its owner.

Lin Mengling always said Chu Mu was hiding his strength. Yet, both Lin Mengling and Xia Yin were also scarily powerful.

“Afterwards, Yellow Spring and Hades are at a similar level. Other similar ones are little Princess’s Devil Soul, the Martial Cloud Dragon, Shadow Beast, etc. There were a few more that could be tallied up, but young master will naturally get a better sense as time goes on and you meet more organisms.” Old Li said.

Chu Mu laughed bitterly, “I always thought that Hades had the highest rank of all the Undying Legends.”

“That isn’t completely wrong. Because, of all the organisms with higher species rank like Light Phoenix, Black Nightmare, etc, none of them have ancestors that stepped into Undying Rank. Since the leader of Hades stepped into Undying Rank, it meant to a certain extent that the Hades race was stronger than many of those other organisms.

Chu Mu nodded. Bloodlines only determined natural born advantages. True strength relied on training. Chu Mu believed that with the right training method, even his ice air fairy and Devil Tree Battle Soldier could fight against the organisms that Old Li had just listed!


“They finally aren’t fighting!” Lin Mengling said.

“So sad, I wanted to see which one was stronger.” Xia Yin sighed.

However, being able to see such an interesting battle between light types, the experience was worth reliving for a long time after.

After the two organisms fought, the Light Phoenix flew back towards the Cloud Phoenix Nest while the Seven Sin Fox Light King didn’t move, as if this light covered cove was its resting grounds.

The Seven Sin Fox Light King felt gazes upon it. It turned around and glanced over arrogantly but didn’t care about the three of them. Becoming a gleam of white light, it disappeared into the complicated mountains.

“Let’s follow it.” Lin Mengling immediately said.

“Why follow, are we ambushing it?” Xia Yin was confused.

“Don’t ask, just follow!” Lin Mengling gave Xia Yin a stare.

Xia Yin couldn’t’ reply to that.. Seeing Lin Mengling chase after the Light King, he could only chase after with his own soul pet as well.

Chu Mu also wanted to see the Seven Sin Fox Light King resting grounds and followed the rolling mountains.

Going further, the land slowly became higher, as if extending towards a certain mountain peak.

The Seven Sin Fox Light King was extremely fast. The three of them lost their target very quickly and could only climb slowly based on the growing elevation.

Before they realized, they were in an extremely high place. Looking back at the rolling mountains, suddenly Chu Mu flashed back to an extremely similar image!

It was a valley full of thunder. From above, one could see a massive diagram. This diagram was completely made with rising mountains, split valleys, and meandering mountains. The magnificence alone was awe-worthy!

“Demon Realm Thunder Valley, I remember now!” Chu Mu suddenly realized!

Chu Mu still remembered the shocking diagram Chu Mu had seen high up in the Demon realm Lightning Valley!

This diagram was covered in thunder that splayed across the land. One could only see its full picture from very high!

What Chu Mu didn’t expect was this Imprint Valley had a similar diagram covered in bright beams of light!

A Thunder Diagram, a Light Diagram.

Also, two Seven Sin Foxes, the Thunder Monarch and the Light King. What did this all mean??

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