Chapter 1405: Upper Potential Fox, Seven Sins Fox Light King!

Chu Mu was unable to find a solution. How could he get into this Light Phoenix Nest? Killing his way in seemed unlikely. There were so many high-level Light Sparrows, there was bound to be one or two low/middle class immortal ranks. If that were the case, they won’t be able to get out after they get in.

However, this also showed that the phoenix ruins were very special. They had to push Dead Dream in no matter what!

The higher the bloodline of an organism, the more well guarded their sacred grounds were.

Xia Yin shrugged his shoulders, showing that he was helpless here.

Lin Mengling looked at Chu Mu with interest, also not wanting to help. She just wanted to see how Chu Mu would enter the Light Phoenix Nest. If he accidentally revealed any special power, she could basically ascertain Han Erxing.

“How about you let your little fox try again?” Lin Mengling said with a laugh.

Chu Mu also had this thought. However, this wasn’t a hundred percent successful. If Mo Xie got trapped, Mo Xie would fall in danger.

"Let'swalk around.” Chu Mu couldn’t figure out a good method in a moment.    

The three of them passed from below the Light Phoenix Nest. The Light Sparrows circled above them, but seeing as they didn’t attempt to fly upwards, they took no action too.

After the Light Phoenix Nest was a valley of complicated structure.

The valley was empty without any plants. The sun shone brightly, revealing gleaming rocks that appear like special crystals

“There should be quite a few light crystals near here.” Xia Yin said.

Many magical rocks, minerals, and crystals have the ability to absorb energy. With so much energy nearby and a few thousand years to absorb, the energy within these rocks could be comparable to spirit crystals.

One could call this place covered in gold.

The moment Chu Mu stepped into this Light Mountain Valley, he let Old Li out conveniently.

At such a resource rich place, there was no reason for Chu Mu to return empty-handed. One had to know that New Moon Land was a bottomless hole when it came to resources.

“Strange, why does this valley seem familiar?” Chu Mu muttered to himself.

Chu Mu temporarily gave up the Light Phoenix Nest. The valley they reached was the place Yu Suo wanted him to go to. Here, she had set up a flower soul diagram to wait for the powerful organism to enter the trap.

“There seems to be energy ahead.” Xia Yin pointed at the valley.

Chu Mu and Lin Mengling didn’t feel anything. However, if they continued forward, there were weak spatial vibrations as well as stirring energy.

“Your vision is good, but how is your nose so good too?” Lin Mengling glanced at Xia Yin.

“What do you mean? Do you sense with your nose?” Xia Yin complained.

Chu Mu found it strange. Xia Yin seemed exceptional in both vision and senses. With the same soul remembrance, he could always seem to sense things before them.

“What do you mean what do I mean?” Lin Mengling retorted.

Xia Yin couldn’t do much about the prideful Lin Mengling and stopped speaking, instead putting his attention on the energy waves.

The sun was incredible in that direction, sending gleaming rays outwards that caused Chu Mu to be unable to open his eyes.

Lin Mengling casted an incantation to create a light barrier for all three of them. Only then did their vision get better. They could finally see two figures fighting at lightning speeds within the valley!

The two figures were all incredibly quick. Even when Chu Mu cast Other Pupil, he couldn’t see their actions completely. Scarier still, the power coming from the fight was insane. With the three of their powers at immortal rank, they still didn’t dare get near lest they get hit by the energy waves.

“Xia Yin, can you see what they are? They’re so powerful!” Lin Mengling said.

“I know one’s a phoenix and one’s a demon fox. As for what species rank, I can’t tell, but anything able to reach this rank and is light type…..” Xia Yin’s vision was indeed superior.

“Light type phoenix, it has to be the Light Phoenix, right?” Lin Mengling said.

The Light Phoenix’s species rank should only be one rank lower than the legendary undead rank. It’s the same rank as the Martial Cloud Dragon, standing at the tip of the species rank pyramid!

In the normal world, one probably couldn’t find a Light Phoenix anywhere!

“This Light Phoenix isn’t any weaker than the Martial Cloud Dragon. However, what is that demon fox? It also seems to be light type.” Xia Yin gazed at the extremely nimble fox and fell into deep thought.

In Xia Yin’s memory, the demon fox species didn’t have any organism that could go even against an incredible creature like the Light phoenix. However, their aura and battle both seem to be incredibly even so far.

“Can it be….” Lin Mengling seemed to know something more and stared closely at the rapidly moving demon fox.


The battle continued. Bright light type techniques filled the entire valley with flames. Even so far away, they could feel the sun burning down upon them.

This sun caused Chu Mu to be very uncomfortable, as if his skin was burning.

The light constantly blinked. Chu Mu could only see that, within the blinding sky and valley, two figures constantly met and separated, creating overwhelming power. If there were any other organisms in this battlefield, they would definitely get burnt up in the battle.

“Young master!!” Suddenly, Old Li leaped out from behind Chu Mu.

Chu Mu was shocked by this old man.

Old Li truly came back with a full load this time. When he ran over, he found the shocking light type organism battle and his cheeks started trembling with excitement.

“You came at the perfect time, what are they and why are they so powerful?” Chu Mu asked.

Either the Light Phoenix or the Demon Fox were opponents that chu Mu didn’t think he could beat even with all his soul pets combined. If Yu Suo wanted him to lure one of them into his diagram, then Chu Mu would probably think Yu Suo was too naive. Her flower soul diagram couldn’t possibly control such an organism.

“Young master, don’t you understand?” Old Li said.

“Understand what?” Chu Mu was confsued.

“It’s a Light King, a Light King!!” Old Li yelled.

Chu Mu suddenly realized!

Seven Sin Fox Light King!!

Upper Potential Fox, the strongest bloodline of demon foxes!!

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