Chapter 1404: Light Cloud, Light Phoenix Nest

Lin Mengling didn’t like the smell emitted by corpses, nor did she like the smell of blood. 

When she finished her defending rotation of thirty days, Chu Mu and Xia Yin discovered nothing around them when they opened their eyes. It was the complete opposite of the bloody battlefield Chu Mu had left behind. 

“Younger Sister Mengling, leave some behind for me, eh.” Xia Yin forced a smile. 

“If you want to collect corpses, go to Departed Souls Palace.” unhappily said Lin Mengling. 

Lin Mengling’s soul pets hadn’t fully exhausted their physical strength. She was able to defend this place for 30 days mainly because Chu Mu had slaughtered too much before. This caused many species from refusing to rashly charge in. Thus, her defense was easier than both Xia Yin’s and Chu Mu’s. 

After the three of them finished defending, the valley’s cultivation formation was much more peaceful. In the subsequent amount of time, the three of them summoned a few soul pets each to defend the valley, and no Imprint Valley creatures ran in to kill themselves. 

Cultivation from this point on became very smooth. Chu Mu’s Night, Mo Xie, Ghost King, White Nightmare, and Little Hidden Dragon all reached the immortal rank. After being able to focus on absorbing immortal aura, at around the tenth month, Chu Mu began to rapidly surge towards the spirit immortal rank barrier. 

The entire process was extremely unhindered. Then again, any ninth remembrance spirit dominator person with soul pets at not low ranks would be able to easily enter the spirit immortal rank after spending ten months being nurtured by immortal aura. 


When he opened his eyes, Chu Mu felt a stronger force circulating in his body. If it weren’t for the Imprint Valley’s restriction, Chu Mu would have instantly transformed into a half devil to see how much his strength had risen. 

“You succeeded?” Xia Yin saw Chu Mu open his eyes in high spirits, and a smile rose on his face. 

Chu Mu nodded his head and said: “Yes, the spirit immortal rank!” 

“How slow. The two of us have waited a long time for you.” said Lin Mengling, somewhat unhappily. 

Both Xia Yin and Lin Mengling had broken through before Chu Mu did. But the two of them couldn’t just leave Chu Mu, here so they waited for him. 

“There’s still one or two months before Imprint Valley’s exit opens. Let’s use the fact that our strength has greatly risen and explore Imprint Valley. Perhaps we’ll end up with a pretty good harvest.” said Xia Yin. 

Chu Mu also thought the same. Dead Dream was currently transforming into a pupa. It needed a long time to return to its original state. But if he could find the remnants of the Phoenix species, not only would it speed up the Dead Dream’s recovery, but there was a chance that its strength could increase as well. 

Additionally, Chu Mu remembered that Yu Suo said that there was an extremely powerful creature in Imprint Valley. 

Yu Suo had already set up a Flower Soul Formation where the creature often frequented without it knowing. As long as Chu Mu was able to lure it into the Flower Soul Formation, Yu Suo would be able to control it. 

Chu Mu’s current soul pacts were extremely limited. The spirit dominator and spirit immortal ranks didn’t increase the number of soul pacts or soul pets. In other words, every soul pet trainer could only have 15 soul pacts. Chu Mu couldn’t just randomly sign a soul pact with a soul pet. Moreover, Yu Suo’s Flower Soul Control was similar to a soul pact signing so even if Chu Mu couldn’t randomly sign a soul pact, he couldn’t just let a powerful soul pet go either… 

“I want to find remnants of the Phoenix species,” said Chu Mu. 

“Do you know where it’s located?” asked Lin Mengling. 

Chu Mu nodded his head. Yu Suo had already explored Imprint Valley. Although Chu Mu didn’t know what she wanted to use Imprint Valley for, Chu mu didn’t need to care about this. 

“Then let’s go together. I have nothing to do anyway.” said Xia Yin.

Xia Yin had come to Imprint Valley to search for rare magic stone materials. However, he didn’t know where magic stone materials were in Imprint Valley. Thus, he could only aimlessly search. 

Lin Mengling seemed to have her own thing to do. However, she was very willing to go to the Phoenix species’ remnants because the place she wanted to go to was very close to it. 


There were numerous powerful creatures in Imprint Valley. Thus, the three of them refused to arrogantly fly in the air like the Martial Cloud Dragon.   

As they traversed the dark grey land, they traveled for three days before a strange mountain range appeared in front of them. 

The mountains in the range steeply rose off the ground like lofty towers. 

As they passed through the mountains, the thick grey clouds suddenly dispersed and extremely bright beams of light could be seen intersecting between the lofty mountains, spilling on the grey land. 

The dark and gloomy world had suddenly been illuminated by light. Thick beams of light filled the air, making Chu Mu a bit uncomfortable since he innately possessed the dark attribute. 

“Could it be the light here that is restricting my power?” Chu Mu muttered to himself. 

Both the half devil and Evil Good Queen possessed very strong evil characters. Thus, Chu Mu could feel a serious suppression on his strength when he stepped into this land where beams of light radiated in all directions. 

The Dead Dream was a dark type creature and it would also feel uncomfortable here. 

“Old Li, what’s going on here? The world was just dark and gloomy. Why is it suddenly filled with a dense light elemental attribute?” asked Chu Mu. 

“Young master, this independent space should have been dominated by the light attribute. What you just saw was the wrong side of sunlight. An area in which the illuminating light is unable to cover. There will often be many dark type and evil type creatures living in this area where there is a gap in coverage.” said Old Li. 

“Then isn’t the Phoenix species’ remnants here the remnants of a Light Phoenix? Dead Dream is a dark type Phoenix and should be unable to use a light type phoenix’s remnants to undergo Nirvana Rebirth, right?” asked Chu Mu. 

“In the past the Dead Dream would have been unable to. However, I’m not too sure anymore. Dead Lightning is a completely new attribute, so the light type attribute won’t have powerful inhibiting effects on the Dead Dream. In other words, Dead Lightning and light aren’t severely exclusive to each other.” said Old Li. 

“Ok, then let’s find the place first.” 

Chu Mu didn’t like this place. His soul pets that were like Night, Zhan Ye and the Ghost King, also didn’t like this place. If they were to fight here, their powers would be seriously weakened. 

However, Mo Xie was of the fire attribute which could be considered part of the same family as the light attribute. Thus, she comfortably lay on Chu Mu’s shoulder and enjoyed the warm illuminating light. 

“What’s that in front of us?” Lin Mengling pointed at the horizon and spoke with some amazement. 

Chu Mu lifted his head to look at the light clouds on the horizon. 

The light clouds were emanating a milky white light. They were holy and bright, like a hovering light cycle paradise. 

Underneath the light clouds towered numerous mountains that resembled pillars holding up the sky. 

“That place should be the remnants of the Phoenix species,” said Chu Mu. 

Yu Suo had directed Chu Mu in this direction. However, she didn’t say that it was the remnants of a Light Phoenix. This was probably because she was afraid Chu Mu would have no interest in a light type Phoenix’s remnants. She was always very clever about this. 

“Yes, I see many Light Sparrows. Many Phoenix species habitats have Light Sparrows guarding them,” said Xia Yin. 

“Why can’t I see them?” when Lin Mengling looked in the distance, she could only see the beautiful light clouds. 

Chu Mu’s vision in the dark was very good, but bright and beautiful sunlight felt a bit scorching to his eyes. Therefore, he definitely was unable to see the Light Sparrows. 

“My vision is quite good. Let’s go. If our luck is good, perhaps we’ll obtain a Phoenix egg.” laughed Xia Yin. 

Phoenixes had a relatively high species rank. Moreover, the bloodline of most creatures in Imprint Valley were at a powerful level that was rarely seen. Therefore, there was a chance that the royal species living in this place was an ultra high rank Phoenix species that could be seen once in a hundred years. 

The route there was a bit long. It took them about a day before the nests hovering in the clouds slowly came to view. 

Light Sparrows ranging from over a hundred meters to only a few tens of meters in length circled around the nest in the clouds, letting out a series of crisp and pleasant noises. 

These Light Sparrows all had very high ranks and because there were many of them, the three of them didn’t want to be treated as enemies by the Light Sparrows and attacked. 

“Chu Mu, your body is emitting an evil aura. If someone like you were to enter the nest of light, you’ll definitely be driven out. Look at those Light Sparrows and how they’re all vigilantly staring at you.” Lin Mengling pointed at the Light Sparrows circling above their heads as she spoke. 

“Indeed.” Chu Mu forced a smile. 

He innately had the dark attribute and adding on his excessive slaughter, an evil aura, akilling intent lingered around his body. Someone like him clearly was not suited to coming into contact with these pure and holy light type creatures, let alone coexist. 

“Once we leave Imprint Valley, I’ll definitely find out more about you. One glance and I know you aren’t a good person,” said Lin Mengling.  

Lin Mengling’s character was the exact opposite of Chu Mu’s. Her life in Divine Sect had been enveloped by holy light and an immortal aura. Added on her bias towards light type creatures, she gave off an aura that contained the light element… 

“I never said I was a good person.” very honestly said Chu Mu. 

“Then were you the one who killed Han Erxing?” Lin Mengling blinked her eyes as she moved her beautiful and white face in front of Chu Mu. 

Chu Mu was somewhat speechless. He really couldn't tell if Divine Sect’s pride was pure or crafty. 

Even if she suspected him, why would she be directly questioning him? Any criminal with a hint of intelligence wouldn’t admit to it, let alone Chu Mu who had often killed others. 

“Young Sister Mengling, our Brother Chu here isn’t someone moved by beauty. Using such a method to force a confession won’t have any effect.” smiled Xia Yin as he spoke. 

Lin Mengling was a Vice Magistrate of Divine Sect. She had a job to find Han Erxing’s killer. 

Xia Yin and Chu Mu were both people shrouded by a layer of mystery. It was hard to determine if the two of them were lying or speaking the truth. 

Lin Mengling had gotten acquainted with Xia Yin a bit earlier, and knew a bit of inside information about him. However, she knew nothing about Chu Mu. 

Lin Mengling had also personally experienced the thirty-day defense and saw how many corpses lay there. She could thus guess that Chu Mu wasn’t any weaker than them. She was very curious how someone from New Moon Land could reach this realm at such a young age. 

Moreover, she was able to smell an extremely mysterious evil aura from his body. A normal human could not have this aura… 

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