Chapter 1403: Whereabouts of the Limbo Flower

In the remote northeast was a barren Gobi. And beyond this was an endless desert.

Where the barren Gobi and desert bordered each other, towered a solitary and aloof Heaven Boundary Monument in a place that could only be described as desolate and uninhabited. 

Nobody knew which number Heaven Boundary Monument this was. In fact, many humans didn’t even know of this Heaven Boundary Monument’s existence. 

A youthful looking man with a head of white hair, dressed in a long robe but with aged eyes, stood underneath this Heaven Boundary Monument. His deep silver pupils were looking up at the monument… 

The surrounding Gobi seemed to warp as a merciless sacrificial altar appeared in front of him. 

The silver Nightmare had been summoned by the people of this world. And it was greedily walking towards a woman who was so beautiful it was difficult to describe. 

Space seemed to warp again and the silver Nightmare turned and left. He left behind a soulless woman that laid, ice-cold, on the sacrificial altar. She never awoke again. 

This scene remained in his mind. Even after transforming into a devil and being sealed in ice for 20 years, he never forgot… 

Even while sleeping he would see it, and while pondering he would think about it. However, for some reason, this time it was so realistic. It was like the thing of the past had happened right in front of him. Despite knowing it was an illusion, his heart still surged with boundless anger! 

Bai Yu’s devilish character was stronger than Chu Mu’s. The moment he descended into a state of slaughter, it was impossible to stop him. 

Right now, the silver flames were burning as hatred and resentment flames around his heart. The sky was now mysteriously covered by a torrential devil aura that seemed like it was going to crush the Heaven Boundary Monument. 

Suddenly, a wave of coldness spread from his palm. 

All of Bai Yu’s emotions were extinguished from this coldness. The memories and illusions in front of him also slowly dissipated. The scene in his eyes returned back to the Heaven Boundary Monument and the boundless Gobi desert. 

“Did you just see things from the past?” a soft and beautiful voice spoke out. 

Bai Yu nodded his head. He looked at Bai Jinrou’s face which was 70% similar to his wife’s and his heart calmed down. He showed a faintly gratified smile, and subconsciously wanted to stretch out his hand to stroke her cheek… 

However, the hand stopped halfway and a wave of bitterness surged in his heart. 

“This Heaven Boundary Monument allows me to see the past…” said Bai Yu. 

“Oh? Isn’t this the same as Chu Mu? Could father also be a Monument Tear Individual?” said Princess Jinrou, astonished. 

“I don’t know.” said Bai Yu. 

Bai Yu didn’t have tears. While sealed in ice for twenty years, his tears had also been frozen over. His sorrow, hatred, and anger could only become an even deeper coldness within this layer of ice. Only warmth could thaw this layer of ice, and only then would there be tears. 

“It’s written on top that the strongest species, because they violated Heaven’s will, were locked up by a layer of heavy species chains. These chains are carried on by their descendants and must exist for a thousand generations before they are able to completely atone for their sins.” softly said Princess Jinrou.  

Bai Yu indistinctly felt as if he had heard this legend before. He thought awhile before saying: “It’s the Seven Sins Foxes.” 

Princess Jinrou was stunned. The story of the strongest species written on the Heaven Boundary Monument was the same as the Seven Sins Foxes. Could the strongest species be referring to the Seven Sins Foxes?! 

“The legend of the Seven Sins Foxes only exists in our New Moon Land. This could be the result of other Monument Tear Individuals obtaining this information and creating a legend that they spread in order to find more clues about them. Can you see what else is written on top?” said Bai Yu. 

“Ok.” Princess Jinrou nodded her head and her graceful figure floated even higher up on the Heaven Boundary Monument. 

Not much later, Princess Jinrou floated back. She seemed to have discovered something and somewhat excitedly said: “The chains placed upon the Seven Sins Fox are distributed in the seven locations the Seven Sins Foxes used to inhabit. The Thunder Monarch Land exists in our New Moon Land’s northern forbidden region. Chu Mu told me that there really exists a Thunder Monarch there, as well as an enormous formation.” 

“So they match. What about the other chains?” asked Bai Yu. 

“One is in the Demonic Burial Mound. It’s the old habitat of the Seven Sins Fox Rock Emperor. That place should have a similar formation.” 

“There’s also one in Zhengming Main City!” Princess Jinrou spoke extremely excitedly as if she had discovered a heaven-startling secret, “That place is the habitat of the Seven Sins Fox Light King!” 

Seven Sins Fox Light King! 

This was a creature that, despite bearing heavy criminal shackles, still had strength at the pseudo immortal and low class immortal realm!! 

Without these shackles, the Seven Sins Fox Light King’s species rank would probably be at the peak immortal rank! 

The species ranks of the Five Great Undying Legends was only around the pseudo immortal or low immortal rank. However, the Seven Sins Fox Light Kings used to be peak immortal ranks. There probably was no bloodline in this world higher than the Seven Sins Fox Light Kings of the past! 

“Where is it in Zhengming Main City?” Bai Yu began to ponder. 

At the same time, Princess Jinrou opened up a long map scroll and began to find the habitat of the Seven Sins Fox Light King in Zhengming Main City. 

“It’s here, behind Divine Mountain.” Princess Jinrou accurately found the location. 

“There? There shouldn’t be a formation like this that exists in Divine Sect, right?” said Bai Yu. 

“It’s definitely an independent space. The lightning valley at the northern extremes of our New Moon Land is also an independent space. Chu Mu’s Dead Dream was also able to complete a Nirvana Rebirth.” said Princess Jinrou.

“You couldn’t go five sentences without mentioning him…” Bai Yu sighed. Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi were already husband and wife. Yet, his daughter was still trying to throw herself in the mix. 

Being exposed by her father like that, Princess Jinrou was blushing with embarrassment and didn’t know what to do or say. 

“This place used to be a green forest. Within fifty years, it’s become a barren desert…” Bai Yu changed the topic. 

His focus wasn’t on the strongest species, but rather the Limbo Flower. 

The Limbo Flower had appeared here in this generation before. But when it appeared, this place was still a verdant paradise for plants. However, when the Limbo Flower disappeared, this place degenerated to this state. 

“Let’s ask the locals. If we go east, there is a sand city. There must be someone who knows the reason why.” said Princess Jinrou. 


The sand city was an earthy yellow color. It wasn’t flourishing, nor was it destitute. 

The walls of this city were very high. There were probably many rock type soul pet trainers in this city. 

The height of the city walls meant that this place often encountered calamities. There were relatively few normal civilians in this city. Most were soul pet trainers. 

Many people would wonder why soul pet trainers would still come to this remote city in such a barren land. 

However, the more barren a place was, the higher the species ranks rock type creatures would be. If one’s luck was good, there was a chance of obtaining rock crystals and high rank rock type child pets. Many soul pet trainers would come here to dig for gold; there was no place in this world that had a complete lack of gold. 

After entering the sand city, the man and spectral woman combination attracted the gazes of numerous people. These people all discussed amongst each other when they saw the spectral state of Jinrou. 

In the past, Princess Jinrou wasn’t willing to appear in front of people, but she had slowly gotten used to it. Although the strange gazes people gave her would make her very uncomfortable, Princess Jinrou had to prepare herself for the worst case where she forever remained in a spectral state. If that happened, she couldn’t keep dodging people… 

Many people were amazed, but nobody came up to them. 

Bai Yu stood there, emanating a cold aura. Even stupid people could see that he was an expert and was someone they couldn’t provoke! 

For things that happened a while ago in history, they naturally had to find an older person who had more experiences. 

Before coming here, Bai Yu had made some preparations and found an old man who others had referred. 

The old man lived in a house made completely out of golden sand. The house was situated towards the western side of the city. During sunset, when there was a twilight glow, the entire house would shimmer in a golden yellow color. 

“Old man, my name is Bai Yu. I’ve come here to inquire about a few things.” Bai Yu saw an old man sitting there when he walked into the courtyard. Thus, he walked up and spoke. 

The old man’s face was pale white and there were many wrinkles. 

He turned around and glanced at Bai Yu. He then placed his attention on Princess Jinrou. 

“What happened to this girl?” the old man pointed at Princess Jinrou and asked. 

Bai Yu didn’t hide anything. He knew this old man was a reclusive expert. He gave a rough summary for the old man. 

“If that’s the case, I would advise you to give up on this idea. You aren’t the first person to come here asking me for the whereabouts of the Limbo Flower. Many of these people were like you and wanted to revive their loved ones. I remember there was also another person who came here from New Moon Land in the past… ai, do you guys really believe that the Limbo Flower can truly revive those that have died?” asked the old man. 

The old man’s words were like needles that stabbed into Princess Jinrou’s heart. 

If the Limbo Flower could not allow her to recover to her original state, would she forever remain a specter? 

“The revival method exists. Even if the Limbo Flower cannot achieve this, there must be a creature that can do this.” Bai Yu remained unmoved. 

“How stubborn.” the old man shook his head. He could see that Bai Yu wasn’t a person to give up before achieving his goal. He continued: “There really was a Limbo Flower here, but fifty years ago it was stolen away.” 

“Who stole it?” hastily asked Bai Yu.

What Bai Yu wanted now were clues! 

“A soul pet trainer. He was an immortal teacher with extremely high medical abilities. However, he has another nickname: One Who Sees Death but Does Not Save.” said the old man. 

“Could you please tell me about this person.” Bai Yu seriously and sincerely said. 

“This person is very famous in Zhengming Continent. You just need to ask around and you’ll find out about him. An immortal teacher with extremely high medical abilities; he has the nickname One Who Sees Death but Does Not Save. You must know that in order to increase his own strength, he was even willing to just watch his own son die…” said the old man. 

Bai Yu’s heart sank. He didn’t expect there to be a person in this world who could be so cold-blooded and merciless. 

“Go find him. His temper is strange and perhaps he will be willing to save your daughter. If I’m correct, he’s currently in Xuan Gate’s Immortal School.” said the old man. 

“Thank you.” said Bai Yu.

“Old grandfather, you just said that there was a person who came to ask about the Limbo Flower from you? Who was that person?” curiously asked Princess Jinrou. 

“A person who wanted to revive his son and his soul pets. Unfortunately, he didn’t even have the souls of his son or soul pets. Such a death cannot be revived…” 

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TL: So this is really tricky. The author is for some reason distinguishing between “Gobi Desert” and “desert”, identifying them as two different things. I did some research and this only makes sense if the author is using Mongolian dialect to distinguish the two. But even if he is, “Gobi” in the Mongolian dialect doesn’t have a direct translation to English and basically means desert as well. So unsure what the author is trying to distinguish here since they practically mean the same things as far as I can tell. 

TL: The way he calls him “old man” is polite