Chapter 1402: Guarded Twenty-five Days

Ghosts howled and spirits cried. The sky had already turned dark, when Ghost King unleashed its ghostly aura, the surroundings fell into complete darkness. Only the figure of a sharp sword stood tall like the mountains and bloody glints flashed!

Monarch sword was swung down cleanly towards the Bloodsucking Devil Bug!

The sword slash was extremely fast. One could only see a bloody sword flash as it split the sky and earth into two.

The Bloodsucking Devil Bug was poor at evasion. It could not dodge the attack no matter how it tried to wriggle its body out of the way after getting locked on by Ghost King.

The sword strike split the Bloodsucking Devil Bug’s body right at the center and completely cut it into two!

The Bloodsucking Devil Bug’s body was just like a blood bag. When it was split into two, the blood inside exploded into the sky!

Instant kill!

Ghost King’s racial technique Monarch Ghost Transformation could double its overall power. In addition to the ghost type’s energy absorption, the stacked up power on top of it could only have a terrifying effect!

The Bloodsucking Devil Bug had originally intended to drink all the blood in the pot valley, but it ended up dying inside there instead. Its own blood was flowing into the abyss and it filled up the dented ground.

Qin and Ning flew back to Chu Mu’s side and stood next to Ghost King.

Ghost King still looked rather majestic after it lowered its sword, Qin and Ning were really envious of it.

On the other hand, Ghost King was rather humble. It scratched its head as it did not imagine that its attack would be so powerful and it would be able to kill the Bloodsucking Devil Bug in a single strike.

Seeing Ghost King becoming so powerful, Chu Mu also felt particularly relieved. Usually, Ghost King’s rank was rather low amongst his soul pets and he could not summon it out in most of the fights. After it stepped into the Immortal rank, Ghost King had definitely become a part of his main force.

There were still about ten days left to guard. The soul pets left that Chu Mu could use were only Ghost King and Night. If another wave of assault like the second wave were to approach, then these two soul pets would be completely exhausted after that battle.

Chu Mu knew that he had to make preparations regarding that beforehand. After Ghost King had grown stronger, its control over the rock elements had become much more powerful. With a casual flick from it's finger it could raise up a solid rock barrier at the pointed spot.

Barriers were getting erected in the area one after another and had completely turned the entire pot valley into a thick rock stronghold, making it look like a huge fort.

Standing at the summit of the mountain, Chu Mu felt a bit emotional after witnessing the entirety of this rock stronghold that stretched over five to six kilometers. Even if they were to encounter an army of a thousand Dominators, the army would probably be wiped out before they could break through to the middle layer of defense.


The fact's testified themselves regarding the superb defensive prowess of Ghost King. In the next few days, the Imprint Valley creatures did not stop eyeing the cultivation formation at all.

However, before the absolute defense and thick stronghold walls, those creatures that were seeking the chance to break through had paid the price with their lives.

The dark brown ghost stone stronghold was completely dyed red, corpses were strewn all over the place.

On the thirteenth day, an army of a thousand Dominators had attacked. On the seventeenth day, five near Immortal rank creatures invaded the place. On the twenty third day, over two thousand Dominator rank creatures launched an assault. There were a few more skirmishes too in between the three significant waves of assaults. All of them had eventually turned into corpses.

The battle looked as if it had never stopped. After Ghost King and Night had completely exhausted themselves, Mo Xie and Devil Tree Battle Soldier returned to join the battle after they recovered their stamina to a certain extent.

Up to the twenty fifth day, until all of Chu Mu’s soul pets were completely and utterly exhausted.

The rock stronghold was also on the verge of collapsing. Old Li was energetically running around the battlefield to collect the spoils of battle.

Chu Mu and his soul pets were too tired to move around and he could only watch Old Li as he reported the result of his findings.

Actually, if his soul pets could still fight on, then he did not really mind continuing the battle. The battles provided his soul pets with immense amounts of experience!

“Young master, it’s about time to wake them up. Although battles like these are fairly difficult to encounter again, the Immortal Aura that you missed will also not come back. It’s best for you to quickly cultivate and raise your own strength for now,” advised Old Li.

Chu Mu nodded. He used mental voice to call both Lin Mengling and Xia Yin.

Lin Mengling opened her eyes first and looked at Chu Mu with her clear eyes.

“Why does your complexion look so poor?” asked Lin Mengling.

Chu Mu laughed bitterly at her question. He had completely exhausted his soul power already. In the last battle, he even had to participate personally as a meat shield for his soul pets.

Chu Mu could not use his semi devil transformation. However, the defensive strength of his semi devil was still available. It was necessary for him to put up a defence against enemy attacks for his soul pets.

“Ah? What happened?!” When Lin Mengling looked around, her clear eyes were filled with utter astonishment.

The pot valley no longer looked like the original pot valley that they had seen at the start. Deep trenches, abyss' and cracks could be seen everywhere around them.

Some relatively intact pieces of earth had solid barriers erected in place. The barriers were dyed in blood and a few dry corpses also hung over them.

Blood color was painted over the entire area. Lin Mingling already possessed a rather strong tolerance towards such things, yet she still felt disgusted after seeing such a bloody battlefield.

This was not the pot valley, it instead looked like the ruins of a stronghold that had just experienced siege and slaughter.

“Brother Chu, just how many Imprint Valley creatures did you kill?” Xia Yin opened his eyes and he was also similarly shocked by the scene he saw.

When Xia Yin stood guard, he would periodically clean up the corpses from each wave of enemies.

Xia Yin had a corpse type soul pet, so cleaning up the corpses would also help to strengthen his soul pet. Hence, the pot valley remained relatively clean when Chu Mu had taken over.

However, after twenty five days had passed, this pot valley was no longer the same pot valley. Other than the cultivation formation patch which remained unchanged, they could only recognize a few spots that still looked intact.

“There were quite a number of enemies attacking. A Dominator army numbering around a thousand would often appear. You better prepare some defensive deployments beforehand when guarding,” Chu Mu reminded Lin Mengling before she took over unlike Xia Yin.

“An army of a thousand Dominators?” Lin Mengling was startled and turned to confirm with Xia Yin.

Xia Yin nodded, “This Imprint Valley has been sealed for a very long time, and it is currently in the Moon Tide stage. The creatures here have become overpopulated. Dominator rank creatures in this Imprint Valley are like slaves with the lowest standing. They will usually gather in large groups and march here intending to launch a suicidal attack.”

The normal world had a vast land. However, Dominator rank creatures could not be seen easily. One would usually have to venture into some high level Bewildering Worlds for that.

After Chu Mu had reached Dominator rank, he had to travel long distances to gain experience as he could not find suitable enemies.

However, it was a completely different story here in this Imprint Valley. Dominator rank creatures were at the bottom layer.

This was not due to the strength pyramid that was in this Imprint Valley being higher than the normal world, but rather due to the special environment present in this place. Most of the creatures here would normally live for several centuries, it would not be difficult to reach the Dominator rank in that case.

“Is that so? No wonder you two are swapping after lasting only for around just twenty days. I had thought that you two were slacking,” replied Lin Mengling.

“I did hold back a little. Brother Chu, you faced much more enemies than I did, so many corpses......” Xia Yin took a glance around, his eyes were beaming.

“I have already absorbed plenty of Immortal Aura and will be able to advance after just a bit more. So, I will help you by guarding for a longer time,” affirmed Lin Mengling confidently with uplifted lips, revealing a trace of allure.

“Princess Lin is truly a generous lady with a large chest, I feel ashamed of myself,” said Xia Yin.

Lin Mengling glared at Xia Yin and pouted, “Where are you two looking at?”

Xia Yin was purposely teasing Lin Mengling, so his eyes also were naturally focused on her large chest. Chu Mu also followed on reflex, but was caught by Lin Mengling.

“I will go cultivate now......” Chu Mu swiftly sat down on the cultivation formation.

He had already heard rumors before that this cherished pearl of the Divine Sect was actually a wicked devil. Anyone who had offended her would have to personally apologize on their knees, even if the other party was someone on Gate Master level.

Xia Yin immediately changed the topic, “Brother Chu, do you have any use for these corpses?”

“I have already taken away the valuable things on them,” said Chu Mu.

“What I need are the corpses,” said Xia Yin.

“I don’t need them.”

“My Gladiator Corpse requires these high rank corpses for refinement. After refining these corpses, my Gladiator Corpse may be able to advance in rank. Thank you for granting me this opportunity, Brother Chu,” Xia Yin did not show any reservation anymore.

Chu Mu was curious about Xia Yin’s Gladiator Corpse, so he intently watched how Xia Yin handled those corpses.

On the other hand, Lin Mengling had a strong dislike of such bloody scenes, and she hated the corpse type’s blood, corpse refinement. So she turned around and spoke, “You better hurry up, I don’t like the smell.”

“Give me one day,” Xia Yin was a little excited. He did not expect that the blood pool in those abyss would be piled up with corpses. His Gladiator Corpse might really be able to advance in rank after refining those corpses.

“No, if you don’t clean them up within half a day, I will purify them all,” refused Lin Mengling.

“Eh...... I will do my best!” Xia Yin could not help it. Lin Mengling’s Light’s Fury only had to unleash a few wide area Purification techniques, and those corpses and blood would instantly turn to gas and dissipate. That was no different from burning gold to Xia Yin.

Lin Mengling turned around as she did not want to watch the disgusting refinement process any further.

She secretly examined Chu Mu with an elated gaze and asked, “You’re able to kill so many Dominator rank creatures. Aren’t you rather strong?”

“So-so,” answered Chu Mu politely.

Lin Mengling’s beautiful eyes were staring at Chu Mu, as if trying to see through Chu Mu’s heart......

Chu Mu could not understand the reason why she was staring at him and asked her, “Is there a problem?”

“I am more and more certain that you were the one who killed Han Erxing,” A beautiful smile bloomed on Lin Mengling’s face as she said this.

Chu Mu did not know what was hidden behind her smile, but he would never admit to committing this kind of deed. So he calmly replied, “I’m going to cultivate now.”

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