Chapter 1401: Immortal, Ghost King (2)

The blood that was sprayed out from the Bloodsucking Devil Bug contained an extremely corrosive property to it. If Qin or Ning were to touch even a droplet, then they would be immediately eroded into a puddle of pus.

Hence, Qin and Ning kept their distance from it. The Bloodsucking Devil Bug’s techniques were focused on Dead Dream, so the both of them were relatively safe.

Dead Dream’s evasive ability was superb. However, it was utterly meaningless before the blood rain. It could only helplessly unleash the Dead Lightning Shield to prevent the penetration from those corrosive blood droplets.

The corrosive blood was splashed onto the ground, but it did not disappear. The blood gathered by itself and it started creepily tracing the outline of long wriggling worms.

Blood wriggling worms slowly started appearing on the uneven ground, their numbers kept increasing.

The flooding blood wriggling worms were crawling towards Dead Dream. Those blood wriggling worms possessed a biting ability that ignored defense. Once a creature was swarmed by a group of such worms, there would be nothing of them left behind.

The blood wriggling worms were created from the blood rain. After Dead Dream was surrounded by those blood wriggling worms on all sides, it cried out and dispersed its black body as if a crowd of black Death Butterflies that had gathered before had suddenly scattered themselves!

Each Death Butterfly emitted a layer of lightning. Those blood wriggling worms would directly melt into a puddle of blood after coming into contact with said lightning.

There were around tens of thousands of blood wriggling worms, but there were also a lot of black Death Butterflies too!

In an instant, the entire pot valley was filled up with those menacing blood wriggling worms and the Death Butterflies. It looked like a war between races!

Qin and Ning could not inflict damage upon the Bloodsucking Devil Bug with their techniques, but it was easy for them to kill those worms. Each technique they unleashed could easily wipe out hundreds of those worms.

Gradually, the black Death Butterflies were gaining an advantage and the blood wriggling worms were slowly reducing.

The Bloodsucking Devil Bug raised an angry screech. It dragged its fat, disgusting body and slammed hard towards those Death Butterflies after rolling up into a meatball.

Tentacles swept around in all directions and the surrounding Death Butterflies were instantly shattered under the attack.

The remaining Death Butterflies flew towards one direction and rapidly started gathering back and merged into Dead Dream’s body behind the Bloodsucking Devil Bug.

Each Death Butterfly was surrounded by lightning sparks. Dead Dream was wrapped in intense lightning after returning back to its original form!


Dead Dream chirped loudly and the Dead Lightning around it shot out towards the Bloodsucking Devil Bug!

The Bloodsucking Devil Bug’s body was blasted open by this big attack, its blood and flesh were scattered all around.

The Bloodsucking Devil Bug turned around furiously. Several hundred tentacles on it  extended out and rapidly entangled Dead Dream!

It's mouth that occupied around two third of its body was opened up. Its gullet was just like a huge cave, a foul gas surged out from within it.

The tentacles started pulling Dead Dream towards its mouth. Once it swallowed it down, the stomach juice's of this monster would definitely digest any creature in a short time.

Amongst insect type creatures, the fluid that was secreted by most of them could ignore defense. Let alone Dominators like Dead Dream, even pseudo Immortal rank creatures would not be able to survive after getting swallowed by them.

Hundreds of tentacles were entwined, the pulling force from the Bloodsucking Devil Bug was immense. Dead Dream was getting dragged closer and closer to that cave-like mouth......


Countless Dead Butterflies were suddenly scattered and flew in all directions. The Bloodsucking Devil Bug’s tentacles could bind Dead Dream, but they could not bind those agile Dead Butterflies.

The Bloodsucking Devil Bug simply swallowed empty air. However, it seemed as if it was waiting for Dead Dream to scatter its body into the Dead Butterflies. Suddenly, those tentacles separated from its body and they rapidly entwined themselves in midair, weaving into a large poisonous tentacle net!

The tentacle net started pressing down and a large group of black Dead Butterflies were trapped within, unable to escape.


Taking a deep breath, the Bloodsucking Devil Bug was forcefully stuffing the tentacle net into its stomach. Those trapped Dead Butterflies had naturally become food for it.

The escaped Dead Butterflies regathered in the distance and had transformed back into Dead Dream’s original body. However, it was clear that Dead Dream had weakened as its Dead Lightning had turned dimmer.

Seeing the injured Dead Dream, the Bloodsucking Devil Bug made a sound that sounded similar to mockery. Its fat body descended from the sky and it continued attacking Dead Dream.

At that moment, Qin and Ning’s Blizzard Storm swept over and the Bloodsucking Devil Bug was tumbled over.

When it got up, it turned its huge mouth towards Qin and Ning furiously, as if it was going to eat them up sooner or later.

Dead Dream was able to take a breather for a short moment. It raised its head and chirped towards the dark clouds in the sky.

The dark clouds pressed down and blinding purplish black lightning started swimming around within the clouds.

Thunder bolts struck the Bloodsucking Devil Bug. Bright lightning flashed and scattered everywhere!

The Bloodsucking Devil Bug stopped on the spot and it simply let the Dead Lightning strike its body continuously.

Its skin continued changing shape, sometimes it was absorbing the energy from the lightning, and sometimes it was deflecting the lightning to its surroundings.

Dead Dream’s attack was able to deal damage to the Bloodsucking Devil Bug to a certain extent at first, but after it had gotten one third of its Dead Butterflies devoured by it, its power had clearly weakened.


Suddenly, a tentacle appeared and whipped Dead Dream directly.

Dead Dream was flung back heavily along the ground and only stopped after it slid all the way to the edge of the cultivation formation.

The Bloodsucking Devil Bug was a near Immortal rank creature after all. Its attack would deal significant damage to a Dominator rank.

Qin and Ning were anxious after they saw that Dead Dream was injured. They really wished to become Immortal rank and shred that meatball into pieces.

They did not stop unleashing a barrage of ice and gale, but the Bloodsucking Devil Bug simply continued approaching Dead Dream.

It opened its mouth again to swallow Dead Dream.

Dead Dream flapped its wings in an attempt to fly up, but it's speed had significantly slowed down. Soon, its body was entangled by tentacles again.

“Guruguruguru~!” The Bloodsucking Devil Bug’s body wriggled in excitement.

It forcefully pulled Dead Dream down from the sky. Dead Dream did not dare to scatter into Dead Butterflies again, since a tentacle net would be waiting for it if it did try to scatter. That was no different from getting eaten by it.

The cultivation formation was less than one kilometer away from where Dead Dream was currently at.

Right now, Chu Mu was sitting in the cultivation formation and his soul remembrance was still inside Ghost King’s mental world.

Dead Dream did not send any mental plead to Chu Mu, it had its pride to maintain. However, that did not mean that Chu Mu could not sense that its life was in danger.

Chu Mu did not open his eyes as he was in the final stretch. If he stopped right now, his soul would suffer from an intense recoil. This recoil would make him unable to recall Dead Dream in a short while.

Hence, he had to complete it no matter what.


Once again, purplish black Dead Butterflies started scattering again. Dead Dream escaped from the entanglement of the tentacles.

Similarly, the Bloodsucking Devil Bug’s tentacles were weaved into a net again and they shrouded a large area.

There were even less Dead Butterflies which could escape from the net this time. When Dead Dream gathered again, its body had considerably weakened.

In truth, Dead Dream was a creature that had the least probability of dying amongst Chu Mu’s soul pets. It could transform into a million Dead Butterflies. As long as even one of them survived, it could become Dead Dream’s main body.

No matter how strong the enemy was, or how horrible the technique was, it could not kill all the Dead Butterflies that were scattered in all directions.

However, the battle this time was different. Dead Dream had to buy enough time for Chu Mu. It didn't have the choice to escape, and had to properly attract the attention of the Bloodsucking Devil Bug instead.

Countless Dead Butterflies became food for the Bloodsucking Devil Bug once again. Dead Dream’s current life force had probably decreased to less than one quarter of the original. If it scattered one more time, then it would reach the limit of its life.

The situation did not change at all. The Bloodsucking Devil Bug simply repeated the same process and had devoured a large number of Dead Butterflies. Dead Dream could not even transform back into its Phoenix form anymore. It remained as a purplish black Dead Butterfly and it wobbly flew towards Chu Mu.

The Bloodsucking Devil Bug did not intend on letting Dead Dream go and furiously chased after it with its wiggling body.

Dead Dream landed on Chu Mu’s shoulder, and Chu Mu also opened his eyes right at that moment.

Chu Mu took a glance at the weakened Dead Dream which could only remain as a butterfly now and was emotional.

Even though Dead Dream would not die if there was still only one Dead Butterfly left alive, recovering back to its Phoenix form could take years.

Dead Dream had done its best. It fought against a near Immortal rank creature with a Dominator’s strength and it had bought so much time......

“Leave the rest to Ghost King,” said Chu Mu as he lightly stroked Dead Dream’s butterfly body.

Dead Dream nodded. Its black eyes were focused on the dark brown diagram underneath Chu Mu’s feet!

From within the dark brown diagram, a tall figure covered in dark brown rock armor that looked as if steel it self had manifested emerged. The body inside that armor gave off an astonishing sense of power, exuding the special trait of the giant race to the maximum!

Wielding a curved sword, the monarch sword was the crystallization of Ghost King’s power. This sword gave off a chilling and sharp aura!

“Monarch Ghost Transformation, attack!” ordered Chu Mu.

Ghost King’s body expanded. If the Bloodsucking Devil Bug was a fat meatball, then Ghost King would be like an erected mountain. The monarch sword had also started stretching, extending almost longer than the three mountains around the pot valley!

One could imagine how shocking the scene would be if there was suddenly a curved sword that was almost as long as the three mountains wielded by a giant!

Grabbing hold of the sword with both hands, Ghost King raised the curved sword above its head. At that moment, the blood within the entire pot valley suddenly began boiling with rage!

The Bloodsucking Devil Bug raised its strength by digesting the energy from the blood. Meanwhile, ghost type creatures truly controlled the power of blood.

All the blood within the abyss suddenly shot up and turned into blood pillars, rapidly gathering onto Ghost King’s monarch sword.

As the Ghost sword drank the blood, a dense killing intent swept the surroundings.

How terrifying would it be when that sword was swung down?

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