Chapter 1400: Immortal, Ghost King (1)

Counting the time, Chu Mu had been guarding for a total of seven days.

Mo Xie was still in the process recovering, White Devil was also exhausted and it would take a long time to rest before it was able to join the battle again. Zhan Ye could no longer continue fighting. Although Little Hidden Dragon had ranked up after devouring a lot of souls, its stamina was mostly exhausted too.

Chu Mu only had Night, Dead Dream, Ning and Qin left who were still able to fight.

The battle that had lasted for a whole three days was definitely the most horrifying. White Devil, Zhan Ye and Little Hidden Dragon could be considered to have reached the Immortal rank. It had ended up like this despite their fighting strength. If the next wave was also at such a scale, then Chu Mu would definitely not be able to defend against it.

“I better strengthen Ghost King first,” Chu Mu still felt a little insecure.

The creatures in this Imprint Valley did not treasure their lives at all. They were already at Dominator rank or were almost reaching Immortal rank, yet they were stubbornly charging towards their own deaths.

Chu Mu could not be certain if there were any other race eyeing them. Only by raising Ghost King to the Immortal rank could he ensure the strength of the defense in the following battles.

Chu Mu’s soul remembrance was still quite abundant as he did not change his soul pet in this battle.

Ghost King had not completely recovered yet. Chu Mu had to wait for it to return to its peak state before strengthening it, or he would have be wasting an Immortal item if he were to fail.

Dead Dream scouted from the mountain summit. After seeing Dead Dream, Chu Mu remembered that Yu Suo had mentioned there was a Phoenix race ruin in this place.

Now, he could only do those other things after the cultivation ended.

Old Li strolled around the messy battlefield with its short legs. Any valuable item could not escape its eyes.

“Anything good?” asked Chu Mu when he saw Old Li returning with a smiling face.

“There are many soul crystals. Seven at tenth level, fifteen at ninth level, over a hundred ranging from the eighth to the third rank,” reported Old Li.

One soul crystal has a great probability of nurturing a soul pet into a Dominator. New Moon Land had plenty of resources. However, who would dislike the thought of getting more resources? If they could build up a Dominator army ranging a few thousand, this force could truly be of great use during a crisis.


Three days had passed by without anything happening, Chu Mu was able to take a breather.

Ghost King had also recovered to its peak state after it rested. Chu Mu decided to act while the iron was still hot and began strengthening Ghost King.

Immortal Ghost Stone, this Immortal Item was refined by Ye Qingzi for a long time. It was an extremely meaningful item for him. If he failed, then he really could not explain himself to Ye Qingzi.

Sitting within the formation node, Chu Mu maintained his senses.

The Immortal Aura within the cultivation formation was of great assistance to him. Chu Mu naturally had to make use of it.

Closing his eyes, he began inserting his soul remembrance into the Immortal Ghost Stone to get familiar with the energy within it.

Rock type energy was as solid as rock, giving off a hard to approach feeling to it. Meanwhile, ghost type carried traces of a chilling sensation. Chu Mu suspected that if his soul remembrance was not sufficient enough, he might suffer a backlash from this energy.

“Alright, let's begin!” Chu Mu concentrated on the Immortal Ghost Stone and began slowly guiding its energy out using his soul remembrance.

Immortal Aura lingered around and solidified Chu Mu’s soul remembrance. With such an assistance, Chu Mu became more confident.

The transfer of energy must not be hasty. Chu Mu maintained his stable pace and slowly injected the energy in the Immortal Ghost Stone into Ghost King’s body.

Ghost King began absorbing the energy slowly. Ghost King also similarly had to be fully focused in the absorbing process and must not waste too much of the energy.

The first half of the process of the energy absorption was completed smoothly. With the foundation done well, he just had to follow the flow now and he would naturally complete the strengthening.

Honestly speaking, each time Chu Mu conducted the strengthening process, he would tense up. After all, it would be difficult for him to find another Immortal item suitable for his soul pets if he failed. Although Ning Maner’s Immortal Aura could allow soul pets to evolve by themselves, Chu Mu still had many soul pets. Ning Maner’s current strength made it unable for her to nurture so many soul pets at the same time.


Suddenly, Dead Dream flew down from the mountain summit and chirped a warning.

More Imprint Valley creatures were coming here!

Chu Mu did not like profanities. However, those creatures just had to come assaulting when he was in the middle of strengthening Ghost King. The timing was just too precise!

Strengthening took time, especially for a circulating method like this. Chu Mu could not complete Ghost King’s strengthening in a short time.

If he gave up halfway, then it was needless to say that he would definitely fail and the Immortal Ghost Stone would be really wasted.

“Dead Dream, Qin and Ning, all of you go and hold them back for a while,” Chu Mu told his soul pets using mental voice.

Chu Mu did not summon Night to fight this time. Night had to be kept as the final trump card to handle unexpected situations. After all, if he did not keep an Immortal rank soul pet in reserve in such a dangerous place, then he would really be helpless if he were to encounter a sudden danger.

Dead Dream, Qin and Ning entered into their combat stance's. There were not many enemies attacking this time, unlike the previous two waves.

However, amongst the three soul pets this time, only Dead Dream was fairly strong. Qin and Ning were only at the peak Dominator rank.

“Yi~!” Dead Dream landed next to Chu Mu and told him that there was only one enemy. It seemed to be one which had coincidentally strolled to this place and had followed after the scent of Immortal Aura.

“What’s its rank?” asked Chu Mu.


“Near Immortal?”

Dead Dream was around two levels weaker than a near Immortal rank creature. Qin and Ning would also have a hard time complementing the difference.

However, Chu Mu really did not want to be interrupted by a random near Immortal rank creature which had accidentally entered this place. After all, Ghost King was going to advance into the near Immortal rank!


Dead Dream told Chu Mu that it was willing to fight the opponent.

“Alright, be careful. Try to stall for time as much as possible, and don’t clash head on,” Chu Mu knew that it was time to test Dead Dream, Qin and Ning. Since they insisted on it, Chu Mu felt that they stood a chance.

While Chu Mu was distracted in the conversation with Dead Dream, Qin and Ning, plenty of energy in the Immortal Ghost Stone was lost.

Since he chose to let Dead Dream, Qin and Ning fight, Chu Mu decided to fully trust them and retracted his sensation to focus solely on strengthening Ghost King......


The stench of blood would always attract those with a sharp sense of smell.

Bloodsucking Devil Bug was a creature that was especially sensitive to the smell blood. A high rank Bloodsucking Devil Bug could easily smell the stench of blood from thousands of miles away.

This ability was crucial to them as it depended on sucking blood to strengthen itself. Hence, they would always arrive one step behind to any battlefield and suck in all the red fluid present.

A Bloodsucking Devil Bug living in the north was roaming around as usual. The dense stench of blood in the pot valley attracted it's attention.

This Bloodsucking Devil Bug became extremely excited after it got near, because it could smell a huge blood pool in this place. The blood that had accumulated in there came from thousands of Dominator rank creatures. If it could absorb all the blood, then it could definitely advance into pseudo Immortal rank after digesting it all.

Near Immortal rank was only one step away from the pseudo Immortal rank. However, if it could not cross that one step, then it would still be bullied by the Immortal rank creatures.

The thick stench of blood had made this Bloodsucking Devil Bug neglect the probability of any enemies lurking around. What it wanted to do the most right now was to jump into this abyss filled with blood and suck it to its heart content.

It wriggled with its fat and red body which looked like a clump of smooth and fat meat, blood sucking tentacles were stretched out from every part of its body. As it slowly crawled, its enormous body projected a huge shadow on the ground.

Once the Bloodsucking Devil Bug appeared, Dead Dream, Qin and Ning were already waiting for it at the entrance of the pot valley.

The Bloodsucking Devil Bug had no eyes, so they relied on their sense of smell. It could clearly smell the aura of the three soul pets, and it could also smell the dense Immortal Aura within that cultivation formation.

The Bloodsucking Devil Bug was extremely excited. There was a thick stench of blood and plenty of Immortal Aura in front of it. It was an absolute heaven for it.

It did not treat the three soul pets as threat to itself and simply pressed down its enormous body on top of them.

Qin’s Hurricane swept past, but the Bloodsucking Devil Bug did not slow down it's pace. Once the Hurricane hit its body, the hurricane was easily dispersed.

Ning’s ice type technique followed right after it. However, the hill-like Bloodsucking Devil Bug did not seem to show any reaction to it and simply continued crawling forward. Even if those techniques had left wounds on its body, they did not really have any real effect.

Bloodsucking Devil Bug was the most famous for its defense amongst the insect type creatures. Their thick layer of fat could block almost any attack inflicted upon it from creatures of the same rank.

The attack from a peak Dominator rank could not really injure the Bloodsucking Deivl Bug. It did not even bat an eye to the attacks of Qin and Ning. It just slowly crawled towards the bloody abyss while ignoring their techniques.

“Gulp gulp gulp~!”

The Bloodsucking Devil Bug began madly drinking the blood. The blood that had accumulated into a mini lake in the abyss was rapidly shrinking down in size.

The Bloodsucking Devil Bug’s body kept bulging. With its sucking speed, it would be able to finish drinking all the blood within a matter of a few minutes!

Dead Dream knew that it could not let the Bloodsucking Devil Bug continue drinking the blood like that. Once it advances into pseudo Immortal rank, the three of them would definitely be no match for it!


Dead Dream cried and the dark clouds in the sky flashed!

The purplish black lightning in the sky slammed down like a lightning dragon, fiercely blasting onto the Bloodsucking Devil Bug’s body!

Blood splashed around and the Bloodsucking Devil Bug was knocked away by the sudden lightning strike. The blood that it had sucked into its tentacles was also spilled out.

As the Bloodsucking Devil Bug was rolling, it pointed its tentacles towards Dead Dream and appeared to be furious.

Dead Dream was not scared of it and it maintained a low height glide, with purplish black lightning crackling all over its body......

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