Chapter 140: Clear the Place and Resolve the Battle!

Chapter 140: Clear the Place and Resolve the Battle!

“Don’t let it take advantage of a weakness. Once you get rid of it, immediately support it with  Lightning in its battle.” Chu Zhengfan didn’t mind this at all, thinking that Mo Xie got slapped into a gouge mark in the ground, and instead redirected his own attention onto Ye Qingzi’s Ice Fire Demon Fairy.

Shattering Claw!!

The Thunder Sword Winged Lion retracted its wings, and suddenly dived down with its large body, leading with a claw that threatened to shatter!!


Massive cracks quickly appeared on the ground. Almost at the same time as when the Thunder Sword Winged Lion landed, the sturdy ground exploded, creating a dull roar as dust was lifted into the air!

Seventh rank Shattering Claw was definitely not easily withstood. The Ice Fire Demon Fairy’s body immediately sank into the shattered ground, and small cracks appeared on the body of merged fire and ice!

“Its defense is pretty high, have a taste of this next attack!” Chu Zhengfan’s mouth split into a smile, and he commanded his Thunder Sword Winged Lion to cast its follow up technique!

Wings that contained sword feathers suddenly opened, causing all the Sword Feathers to become rays of light that pierced towards the Ice Air Fairy like a storm!

Facing the Thunder Sword Winged Lion’s vicious assault, Ye Qingzi held her calm and collected self. Chu Zhengfan originally thought he could force Ye Qingzi to use a soul technique to stop this attack, but he didn’t think that this beauty was this patient and composed.


Densely packed purple feathers attacked the Ice Air Demon Fairy’s body, creating many small holes on the Ice Air Fairy’s body.

Seeing this elemental type soul pet hurt, many people broke into a cold sweat for Ye Qingzi, wanting to know just how this calm beauty was going to struggle free of Chu Zhengfan’s attacks.

“Ice Fire Obliterating Diagram!”

Suddenly, Ye Qingzi’s cold voice sent a command.


Instantly, a strange scene appeared! The previously barraged Ice Air Demon Fairy’s aura of Black Crystal and Demon Fire abruptly increased, and two types of different energies rose up from under the Ice Air Demon Fairy and collided violently!

Ice Fire Obliterating Diagram! Seventh rank ice type and fire type technique. No one expected the Ice Fire Demon Fairy who was getting hit passively to suddenly finish a seventh rank fire type technique’s incantation!!

With a long call from the Ice Air Fairy, Black Crystal and Demon Fire aura darted off of the Ice Air Fairy!

With the Black Crystal above and the Demon Fire below, the raging Demon Fire quickly ate up the Thunder Sword Winged Lion. A myriad of flame tongues licked the seventh phase commander rank, their heat burning the Thunder Sword Winged Lion’s body!

The bone chilling Black Crystal shrouded above the Thunder Sword Winged Lion’s head, creating icy swords that stabbed deep into the bones. The abnormal Black Crystal froze the Lightning Sword Winged Lion to its bones, causing the crazed beast to constantly let out pained howls!

Chu Zhengfan, who was riding the Thunder Sword Winged Lion, paled at this change of events. The sixth level soul armor on him had already been activated, and he panickingly chanted an incantation for the Ice Crystal Armor to protect himself and his Thunder Sword Winged Lion.

With this sudden change, Chu Yue was dumbstruck, watching the astonishing Ice Fire Obliterating Diagram that had reached an eighth rank power. Only when Chu Zhengfan shouted out for help did Chu Yue come back to himself, and he immediately commanded his Purple Senluo to forcefully pass through the scary Ice Fire Obliterating Diagram and pull Chu Zhengfan out of there!

The Ice Fire Obliterating Diagram had lock-on properties. The Purple Senluo could save Chu Zhengfan, but it definitely couldn’t bring the Thunder Sword Winged Lion away. Without the protection of Chu Zhengfan’s sixth level soul armor and Ice Crystal Armor, the Thunder Sword Winged Lion couldn’t possibly withstand the blow of the eighth rank Ice Fire Obliterating Diagram. Its body of purple fur was instantly burnt black and its bones were completely frozen!

The Ice Fire Obliterating Diagram didn’t last long, but in this short time, the Thunder Sword Winged Lion had completely lost all of its fighting power, miserably lying on the ground. This made everyone watching speechless, as they watched with disbelief at the unhurried cold yet beautiful beauty!

“Such…..such…...such a powerful Ice Fire Demon Fairy!” Chu Xi’s mouth opened even wider. A few days ago, when Chu Xi was jealous of Ye Qingzi’s beauty, she even softly cursed that she was just a flower vase[1], yet she completely didn’t expect her soul pets to have such scary fighting power!

“Stupid beyond redemption. He couldn’t even tell that the Ice Fire Demon Fairy was using Elemental Willpower and still dumbly attacked. Did he think that the damn lion could instantly kill a seventh rank elemental commander rank?!” Seeing Chu Zhengfan’s soul pet suffer defeat first, Chu Yang was so angry his whiskers started curling!

“Old fellow Chu Yang, don’t be too worked up. Underestimating his foe was his most lethal mistake. Also, don’t forget his Heavenly Vine Demon.” Old Tu said laughing.

With the elder’s reminder, Chu Yang’s expression darkened again!

If not for Old Tu sitting there, he would’ve already been unable to contain himself and used his remembrance to remind that idiot Chu Zhengfan to take note of his Heavenly Vine Demon.

Chu Yang was angry, yet Chu Zhengfan, who almost got wounded by the Ice Fire Obliterating Diagram, was even more steely, immediately commanding his Heavenly Vine Demon to continue to attack the already hurt Ice Fire Demon Fairy.


The heavenly vines were indestructible and swift when they darted out of the ground!!

Seeing the idiot actually commanding his Heavenly Vine Demon to attack, Chu Yang almost fainted with anger.

Before the spectators recovered from their puzzlement about the Ice Fire Obliterating Diagram, another scene dumbfounded everyone!

A total of four heavenly vines appeared, yet when they poked out of the ground, they didn’t go to attack the Ice Fire Demon Fairy but instead, like for venomous snakes, lunged straight into the skies and violently slapped the Purple Senluo!!


Four heavenly vines with none missing, all hitting the flying Purple Senluo’s body, causing the Purple Senluo and Chu Zhengfan to directly shoot from the skies into the ground, leaving a large crater where they landed!

Chu Zhengfan’s sixth rank soul armor and Ice Crystal Armor were still in existence, so the heavenly vines only scratched some bloody wounds on the guy.

However, the Purple Senluo’s defense was just barely seventh rank. Withstanding four hits defenselessly, and with the blood hook effect from the heavenly vines, even if the Purple Senluo could get up after this hit, its life force would be unbelievable weak!

“You…...What are you doing?!!” Seeing his own soul pet hurt this bad, Chu Yue’s face immediately went red with anger and he roared towards Chu Zhengfan!

“My Heavenly Vine Demon isn’t controlled by me anymore!” Chu Zhengfan got up and suddenly realized that his Heavenly Vine Demon’s mind was very jumbled right now!

This strange event happened on the battlefield, yet no one understood what was going on. As a top tier young expert, how could Chu Zhengfan make such a amateur mistake!

“Let’s clean it up!” Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi both looked at each other.

Clearly, Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi both understood how to take advantage of an opportunity. Almost just as the strange event unfolded, a string of commands were sent towards their soul pets.

The Ice Air Fairy’s incantation sounded, and forty Ice Swords flew towards the Flame Winged Bird that was occupied by the Purple Robed Dream Beast!

“Water Whisker!”

The Water Moon’s Water Whiskers quickly jumped out of the gorund. The countless water whiskers were like chains and ropes, quickly bundling the Purple Senluo that had been hit to the ground!

Water Whiskers were very tough yet bendable, so even strong soul pets had trouble escaping, a hard counter towards strength-oriented soul pets.

“Yi~~~~~~~~~” The Flame Winged Bird was scared of ice type techniques. Under the assault of forty ice swords, the Flame Winged Bird immediately got blasted from the skies to the ground, falling right beside the Purple Senluo that was bundled by countless whiskers…...

Seeing the Flame Winged Bird fall beside the Purple Senluo, Ye Qingzi immediately realized that the flames from the Flame Winged Bird would burn off all of the Water Moon’s Water Whiskers…...

“Rapid Freeze!”

Yet, just as Ye Qingzi was about to tell her Ice Fire Demon Fairy to cast a freezing effect for the whiskers, Chu Mu’s Ice Air Fairy again completed a spell that barely required an incantation, Rapid Freeze. It quickly covered the Water Moon’s water whiskers with a layer of Black Ice Ice Crystals that solved the issue of the Flame Winged Bird rescuing the Purple Senluo.

Ye Qingzi within her calm beauty slightly revealed a beautiful smile. Clearly this synergy from Chu Mu had garnered her approval…...

“Zhan Ye, Rebirth!”

Zhan Ye’s most common state was being wounded all over. This time, fighting with the seventh phase third stage Light Rhinoceros left him without a single piece of its ink armor intact.


The low staged Zhan Ye that looked on the verge of death suddenly let out an angry roar. Instantly, the muscle tearing wounds on its body were covered in a green secretion. Almost in the short time that the Light Rhinoceros was charging up a technique, its heavily damaged body miraculously healed!

Light Horn Crack, a dazzling golden radiance formed a massive light horn that raked towards where the Zhan Ye stood and blew up!!

Just after finishing rebirth, the Zhan Ye recovered to its top state. In a blur of increased speed, it unexpectedly dashed out of the Light Horn Crack’s attack range!

The Zhan Ye’s claws couldn’t rip through the Light Rhinoceros’s heavy armor, so this made Chu Yue completely ignore the existence of Zhan Ye, yet Zhan Ye had a lethal weapon that could ignore defenses!

Ink Armor Spike!!

Having the technique of Rebirth, Zhan Ye didn’t have to fear the Light Rhinoceros’s attacks. As the ink colored body continued to run, its tiger-like body curled up like a bug, and the ink armor spikes on its back jabbed violently into the Light Rhinoceros’s body!

Dark Erosion!

The dark type Dark Erosion immediately spread from the Light Rhinoceros’s wound, quickly infecting a big part of the Light Rhinoceros’s body!


Zhan Ye’s attacks were useless against the Light Rhinoceros, but Mo Xie’s scary claws were lethal to it!

Her silver body flashed past. Not even needing to cast Royal Flame Claw, with the effects of a sixth level full form offensive soul claw, Mo Xie’s claws alone were almost at the eighth rank. This was more than enough to rip apart the Light Rhinoceros’s eroded defense!


A ghastly ripping wound was made on the Light Rhinoceros’s body, even extending to uneroded parts, causing crimson blood to spray into the air!!


  1.  Meaning beautiful but useless and fragile

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