Chapter 1399: Navy Chief!

“Another large group,” Chu Mu started laughing bitterly as he looked over at the tumbling dust cloud approaching in the distance.

What’s up with these Imprint Valley creatures? Have they never seen Immortal Aura in their lives before? Why are they just charging towards this place so fearlessly one after another? Immortal Aura does allow them to break free from the shackles of Dominator rank and become Immortal rank, but they still need their lives in the end if they want to enjoy it. Couldn’t they see the corpse-strewn pot valley? Why can’t they just use their brain a little to think that the Immortal Aura in this place is already occupied by strong people?

“Young master, not every creature can obtain such a good chance like you did to advance into Immortal rank. You must know, these creatures may have waited for decades or even a century to encounter such a chance. If they keep waiting any longer, then they may reach the end of their lifespans, or may even lose their lives to their enemies. They may even be replaced by their own companions. If they don’t grasp this life changing chance, then their endings will be truly disastrous,” explained Old Li.

“Just like young master, even though you have a special existence like Ning Maner with you now, how many people do you think have bled and sacrificed their lives for this Messiah Tree Seed? You may have obtained her now and become her sole guardian. But eventually, there will come a day when you have to face such a cruel competition too.”

Old Li began his long storytelling. As Chu Mu grew stronger, the macro concept of life that Old Li said in the past was gradually getting proven to him. Chu Mu had also gradually realized that Old Li was a legendary wiseman.

“Speaking of which, there should have been plenty of resources in this Imprint Valley. There’s no need for them to keep targeting this place, is there?” said Chu Mu.

“Yes, there are many such chances. However, do you think they would be more willing to challenge creatures on the level of Martial Cloud Dragon, or humans like you?” asked Old Li.

Chu Mu did not like Old Li’s question one bit. It sounded like he was an easy to bully prey in this Imprint Valley.

Fine. Since these creatures think that us humans are easy to bully, then I will make them pay for it with their lives. Their lives will become the fodder for my soul pets, Zhan Ye and Little Hidden Dragon!

Chu Mu summoned Zhan Ye first.

“You were not able to reach your peak form during the last battle. You can completely unleash your powers this time,” Chu Mu told Zhan Ye.

Zhan Ye turned its gaze towards the dust cloud approaching in the distance. Those enemies were much stronger than the Dominators it had faced at the Hovering Mountain Battlefield!

“Little Hidden Dragon!” Chu Mu chanted another incantation and resummoned Little Hidden Dragon.

With a complete plant stronghold this time, they would gain buffering time no matter how fierce the opponent’s assault was. Little Hidden Dragon should gain enough time in order to devour souls.


The earth shook violently once again. The densely compressed ground was even dented in.

Dust was kicked up and it covered the sky. The dark sky was occupied by a pair of strange wings, flesh-colored monsters overflowed the ground......

Chu Mu did not know what kind of creatures they were this time, nor the races of the invaders. However, based on their aura alone, those things should not be any weaker than the Evil Scorpions.

The total number could not be estimated yet. Chu Mu intently watched the greedy and crazy enemies and then glanced at the corpses of those Evil Scorpions that he had not cleaned up yet......

Such was the path of cultivation. Those who remained standing amongst thousands of corpses would soar up to the peak.

Chu Mu firmly believed that it would be him and his soul pets that stood at the top at the end, and not those creatures with unknown races, no matter how many there were!



Xuan Gate Immortal School.

Purple bamboo swayed within the night wind.

A man in strange attire stood beneath a tree chewing on something, making horrible sounds.

“How long has it been since your last visit to Zhengming Continent?” asked the man in strange attire.

“Who knows? I only remember obtaining the first Monument Tear at Dragon Abyss,” replied another voice. That man slowly walked over.

“Haha, that’s just the memory of a dragon. Some insignificant things. But at least we know that there’s something called Monument Tear in this world due to that,” Gu Xisha laughed.

The Monument Tear recorded the memory when the tear was shed, then he found out about the existence of Monument Tear Individuals from specific strong individuals.

Gu Xisha had long forgotten what sincerity was. Let alone getting chosen by the Heaven Boundary Monument, he might not be able to accumulate one or half a droplet of Monument Tear even if he was chosen.

Hence, he obtained Monument Tears by robbing them from others.

Each Monument Tear contained a memory within it. Gu Xisha had gradually entertained himself by robbing these Monument Tears of others to watch the laughable memories stored in them.

The thing known as feelings would eventually be betrayed by the cruel reality. Nobody could last the test of survival of the fittest, not a single person......

“Why have you come to Zhengming City this time, my great Wupan leader?” asked Gu Xisha.

“For a woman,” replied the man with green hair.

“Oh? Our Navy Chief came all the way here for a woman? Aren’t you worried about those ferocious female Ocean Lords wrecking havoc?” Gu Xisha laughed.

“Some women aren’t there just for entertainment. You should know about the matter regarding Silent Forest, right?” questioned the green-haired man.

“I know, how can I not know about such a major event? Lord Chief should have obtained quite some benefits from it, right?” grinned Gu Xisha wickedly.

“Benefits? A little,” the green-haired man shook his head and continued, “All of us wanted the Messiah Tree Seed, but nobody could find it.”

“Then how is it related to you finding a woman here?” asked Gu Xisha.

“Because only she knows the true location of the Messiah Tree. Now, the entire Wupan Continent knows that the Messiah Tree Seed is in the hands of a woman,” replied the green-haired man.

“Who is that woman?” Gu Xisha became interested.

“It’s a woman from the Ning Family Dynasty. However, those fools from the Ning Family Dynasty were not aware of such a thing and they let that woman escape. They are also looking frantically for her all over the world...... Brother Gu, Monument Tear is just a legend in the end. Have you ever seen anyone advancing into that domain using Monument Tear?” asked the green-haired man.

“I believe there is. There definitely is!” replied Gu Xisha in a serious tone.

“Fine, but you cannot just give up on another chance like this. There’s no need for me to explain the value of the Messiah Tree Seed to you, do I?” said the green-haired man.

“You want me to help you find that woman? Since she went missing in the Wupan Continent, then why do you have to run to the Zhengming Continent to look for her?” asked Gu Xisha.

“I suspect that she’s in Zhengming Continent,” replied the green-haired man.

“There are so many women in this world, how do you expect me to find her? Monument Tear can at least notify me of nearby Monument Tear Individuals......” said Gu Xisha helplessly.

After mentioning this matter, Gu Xisha recalled the sensation he felt at the Hovering Mountain Battlefield. He was already certain that Chu Mu was a Monument Tear Individual, but the following contact had proven that he was wrong.

“I have a Messiah Tree leaf soul here with me. The leaf soul is usually in a withered state, but when I was passing by your Zhengming Main City, it suddenly became like this,” saying so, the green-haired man opened up his palm.

In his palm there was a green leaf. The leaf was as big as his palm, and it shone with an emerald hue......

“I believe that the woman possessing the Messiah Tree Seed must have stayed in Zhengming Main City before,” said the green-haired man.

“That’s too little information to work with,” Gu Xisha rubbed his temple.

“I will be staying in Zhengming Continent for a while. If you can find her, then you will naturally be rewarded,” stated the green-haired man as he handed that leaf to Gu Xisha.

Gu Xisha received the Messiah Tree leaf soul and laughed shrewdly, “I got into some trouble recently.”

“What kind?” asked the green-haired man.

“The crazy killer from that Northern Bloody Murder incident has his eyes on me,” replied Gu Xisha.

“What’s that? You can’t handle such a matter?” asked the green-haired man.

“It's a little difficult, that guy is fairly strong...... However, if Chief takes him on, then he will definitely die. That guy has quite a number of tear crystals with him. You should know that these tear crystals are more valuable than Immortal items. You don’t collect them, but I want them,” confessed Gu Xisha.

“Then I will kill him along the way,” said the green-haired man plainly.

“You don’t want to know about his strength?” Gu Xisha laughed.

The green-haired man took a glance at Gu Xisha and simple stated, “I know how many people I cannot kill in this world.”

“Hehe, you’re right. There’s only one Navy Chief in this world after all.”

“I’m going to visit your Xuan Gate’s old man,” said the green-haired man.

After that, he started walking towards Xuan Gate.



Due to the geography of the pot valley, blood would gather in one direction.

If not for the many bottomless abyss cracks opening up during the battle, Lin Mengling and Xia Yin would definitely be sitting in a pool of blood while meditating by now.

Blood had almost completely filled up some trenches, cracks and abyss. Corpses were soaked inside and they released a thick bloody smell.

The battle against the Evil Scorpions had lasted a day and a night. Meanwhile, this battle had lasted for a full three days!

After the battle was over, only Zhan Ye remained standing.

It had used up all of it's six Broken Limb Rebirths, and it was also gravely injured right now. Its black armor was dyed red......

In the past, Chu Mu usually took a year or half a year to raise his soul pet’s experience to a sufficient height. However, after this continuous three days three nights battle, Zhan Ye had gained at least fifty percent experience!

It had been a long time since they had fought till their last ounce of strength. The endless battle against the powerful creatures had made Chu Mu feel his mind tensing up to an extent that he had never experienced before!

The battle on the first day was completely dominated by White Devil. On the second day, Little Hidden Dragon had devoured enough souls and had wiped the floor after its explosive growth.

Meanwhile, on the third day, it was Zhan Ye's turn to enjoy a solo slaughter. The number of enemies that it killed had already surpassed the strongest White Devil!

The duration of this battle kept dragging on, Zhan Ye’s strength had reached the greatest height it could reach. Even two pseudo Immortal rank creatures might not be its match now!

Chu Mu believed that this was the occasion where Zhan Ye’s fighting strength was finally boosted to the highest point after so many years!

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