Chapter 1398: More And More Battle Crazed

After White Devil appeared, the Evil Scorpions were immediately suppressed. Mo Xie’s purple flame and White Devil’s dual color devil fire, the flames of three different colors enveloped the entire pot valley!

Mo Xie held its ground in one direction, and White Devil swept the other direction. Soon, two hundred Evil Scorpions were killed.

Those Evil Scorpions held a strong faith within them, they would still try to barge into the cultivation formation no matter how many of their companions were killed.

Such a situation usually meant that there was a leader among the Evil Scorpion. Under the orders from that leader, those Evil Scorpions would not back off.

There were still about six hundred Evil Scorpions left. The act of summoning White Devil and recalling Little Hidden Dragon was already a big mistake in itself. Since this was only the second day of his guard shift. He had already deployed two Immortal rank soul pets on only the second day. Only Night could hold its ground in the battles that would come in future. If the enemy number was still so terrifying later, then Chu Mu would definitely not be able to last a few days.

The current situation did require White Devil. As such, Chu Mu could only try to finish off those Evil Scorpions as soon as possible, so that Mo Xie and White Devil could preserve some of their stamina so that they could hold out for a longer time.

Since there was a leader amongst those Evil Scorpions, he would naturally have to finish that leader off. Chu Mu scanned the area with his soul remembrance and sought for the leader amongst the Evil Scorpion army.

Finally, Chu Mu saw an Evil Scorpion with extremely dark color that was different compared to the others in the Southern direction. That Evil Scorpion did not launch an attack and maintained a posture of ordering the surrounding Evil Scorpions.

Around that Evil Scorpion there were a few peak Dominator rank Evil Scorpions, circling around it similar to loyal guards.

“It actually hid so well......” cursed Chu Mu.

In an army warfare, the leader would usually attack spontaneously along with the other creatures. However, this Evil Scorpion leader had totally put on a monarch attitude and did not participate in the battle at all. It even had a group of powerful Evil Scorpions protecting it.

Although Mo Xie would not be in danger even under the assault of one to two hundred Evil Scorpions, but if there were over twenty peak Dominator rank amongst them, then charging in would be tantamount to suicide.

Chu Mu knew that there was no easy way out of this. Since they had to fight, then they should fight to the bitter end. He should think about the future after getting rid of these Evil Scorpions.

White Devil was a true Immortal rank after all. Each attack that it unleashed contained an immense pressure and destructive force. After White Devil had killed about 200 Evil Scorpions all by itself, the Evil Scorpion leader seemed to have started getting impatient. It sent out a group of peak Dominators in order to suppress White Devil.

However, a short moment later, White Devil had killed all those peak Dominators!

Once the higher ranked Evil Scorpions were all cleaned up, the lower ranked Evil Scorpions would only be facing a single-sided massacre by the Immortal rank. The rampaging black devil fire would easily wipe out dozens of Evil Scorpions with each sweep!

Finally, the Evil Scorpion leader could not sit quietly in the back anymore. It charged towards White Devil along with its guards.

“Mo Xie, you take them on. White Devil, you continue wiping out the Evil Scorpion army,” instructed Chu Mu precisely after seeing that the Evil Scorpion leader had finally decided to take action.

White Devil’s dual color devil fire had a larger area of effect and had greater offensive power. It would be over faster if it were to wipe out the Evil Scorpion army.

This battle had already lasted from dawn to night. It had lasted for a long time already, and Chu Mu was unsure if the creatures of the other races would be coming on the third dawn too.

So no matter what, he had to end this battle as soon as possible. He had to be prepared for the worst situation.

Within the night, a hazy moon hung high in the sky. It was rare to see the moon within this Imprint Valley that was shrouded by dark clouds.

With the moonlight present, Mo Xie’s fatigue after fighting for a whole day had rapidly disappeared. The toxic wounds on its body also began healing.

Moonlight could help raise all of Mo Xie’s stats and improve its strength by one to two levels. Even the Evil Scorpion leader with its full strength would not be able to win against it.

Mo Xie would rarely be riddled with wounds like this after it mutated into Hades Purple Emperor. This feeling made its blood boil instead!

The Evil Scorpion leader had thought that this Fox Noble would not even have one third of its stamina left after it had fought for a whole day. It had arrogantly ordered its guard to take on Mo Xie.

Once the Evil Scorpion guard was easily torn apart by Mo Xie, the Evil Scorpion leader charged in furiously!

Mo Xie also dashed forward and knocked head first into the Evil Scorpion leader. The poisonous stinger and the nine tails were both filled with killing intent.

Chu Mu focused all his concentration on Mo xie. The more wounds it received, the brighter its eyes glowed. He had not seen Mo Xie so full of fighting spirit in a long time.

On Prison Island, there were an endless number of enemies to kill. Mo Xie also had to face a swarm of enemies despite only being at Commander or Monarch rank. At that time, its claws were still unable to shred thousands of enemies with one swing, its technique was also unable to cover dozens of kilometers. It could only pile up the number of enemies one by one under its feet.

The higher the bloodline of Mo Xie, the more powerful it would become. On many occasions, fights with similar rank were boring to it. However, Mo Xie had truly experienced a boiling fighting spirit raging within it in this battle. The pain stimulated its nerves to react faster. The sharp and fatal attacks stimulated its evasive manoeuvres to be more accurate. The thick armor of the enemy stimulated it to concentrate on finding the enemy's weaknesses......

A mistake in its movement would add a wound to its body. A precise attack on the weakness could instantly finish off the enemy blocking its way. This full concentration battle was providing extreme enjoyment to Mo Xie!



A glimpse of dawn passed through the dense dark clouds and it shone onto the pot valley.

The thick puddles of blood and the shattered armor pieces sparkled in reflection......

Corpses were strewn all over the place. Silver, black, and purple flames were still burning on some charred corpses and it slowly swayed.

Broken limbs were scattered across the entire valley. Some were piled up like a hill, some had filled up the dents on the ground, and some were joined up in circles.

At the center of the bloody battlefield, Lin Mengling and Xia Yin remained focusing solely on cultivation, unaware of the things that had happened in their surroundings at all.

Chu Mu sat at one side, with four soul pets that were riddled with wounds next to him.

Ghost King, Devil Tree Battle Soldier, Mo Xie and White Devil. Mo Xie had suffered the greatest injury. It had fought against the Evil Scorpion leader and it's guards after sustaining the fight against the army during the day.

Ghost King and Devil Tree Battle Soldier were mainly in charge of defense and they had to protect the cultivation formation. However, their cooperation had also managed to kill over 200 Evil Scorpions.

Ghost King and Devil Tree Battle Soldier did not gain enough battle experiences in the past. After this battle, they would definitely be able to grow rapidly. Chu Mu had even felt that he could strengthen Ghost King with the Immortal Ghost Stone right now!

“Mo Xie, return and rest first,” said Chu Mu.

Mo Xie simply nodded and went back to its soul pet space.

It had completely exhausted its stamina and it would probably need to rest for a long time to recover.

“Ghost King, you return and rest as well,” Chu Mu chanted the incantation to recall Ghost King back to its soul pet space.

Ghost King had received special care from Ning Maner before and had also experienced such a battle now. Once its injuries and stamina recovered, Chu Mu could finally strengthen Ghost King.

Ghost King’s recovery speed should be very fast, it should healed be in about ten days.

If the strengthening process ten days later was successful, then Ghost King would be the main force of defense. Otherwise, Chu Mu really could not guarantee if he could last for twenty days.

Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s endurance, stamina and life force were far greater. So, Chu Mu did not recall it immediately.

After letting Devil Tree Battle Soldier take a break, Chu Mu told it to deploy a plant stronghold in this pot valley.

The stronghold must be constructed very thoroughly this time. It would provide Chu Mu with sufficient buffer time if another army were to launch an assault.

He had recalled Little Hidden Dragon earlier to let White Devil fight, but that was a mistake that Chu Mu had made due to lack of preparation and a wrong estimation. The soul remembrance cost for changing a soul pet was not little. Furthermore, Chu Mu also had to keep a large portion of his soul remembrance to strengthen Ghost King.

White Devil flew to the summit of a mountain to scout out the area, in order to prevent another assault from taking place right after the previous one.

Devil Tree Battle Soldier had diligently constructed the plant stronghold. This was also a form of training for it, but unfortunately Chu Mu had not yet obtained a wood type Immortal item.

Xia Yin’s Season Immortal Vine was said to have defended against the assault from a thousand Dominators like this in the past. Chu Mu believed that if it was Xia Yin guarding, then it would have been much easier than himself. After all, Season Immortal Vine’s defense was really strong.

If Devil Tree Battle Soldier could reach Immortal rank, then this Evil Scorpion army battle would have definitely become much more easier. At least it would not have ended up with him having to change soul pets halfway like this.

Since Chu Mu had summoned White Devil, he did not intend to recall it anytime soon. With it around, the safety of these few days should be guaranteed.


Fortunately, there were no other Imprint Valley creatures appearing for the next two days. This had allowed Chu Mu to gain some time to recollect himself. Devil Tree Battle Soldier had also finished constructing a complete plant stronghold.

A complete plant stronghold was necessary. In the Evil Scorpion army battle, the outer and the middle layer of defense had only finished off 200 Evil Scorpions, allowing the remaining 800 Evil Scorpions to invade into the last layer of defense. They had even almost broken through the last layer of defense. It was due to this that Chu Mu did not dare to let Little Hidden Dragon slowly devour souls.

With a complete plant stronghold in place, he could at least keep about 400 corpses in the middle layer of defense. On one hand, he could let soul pets that required prolonged battle time such as Little Hidden Dragon and Zhan Ye gain time to raise their strength. On the other hand, the safety of Xia Yin and Lin Mengling could also be guaranteed.

“Good work, go back and rest,” Chu Mu recalled Devil Tree Battle Soldier into its soul pet space.

Devil Tree Battle Soldier had done its job. It definitely could not continue fighting after exhausting all of its stamina. The next part would be up to the other soul pets.

“Nie~! Nie~!”

The moment Chu Mu recalled Devil Tree Battle Soldier, White Devil that was scouting flew back excitedly.

“What are you getting excited for, have you rested up?” Chu Mu was a little speechless. It seemed that his soul pets were getting more and more battle crazed one after another.

White Devil reined in its excitement, but its eyes were still sparkling.

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