Chapter 1397: Black And White Devil

Chu Mu had still underestimated the total power of the assault from a thousand Dominators.

The defensive stronghold that Chu Mu had deployed contained three layers. He had originally thought that the outermost layer could stop the first charge of those Evil Scorpions. However, he had never expected those menacing monsters to instantly shatter the first layer with their thick armor!

Stones and broken roots shot up into the sky. A dense insect type aura suddenly swept across the land and swallowed everything!


Those Evil Scorpions spat out corrosive toxins from their mouths. The outer layer of defense was mostly made up of obstacles. Although their hardness far surpassed that of a normal rock, those Evil Scorpions were not normal creatures either. They were all Dominators, they could easily shatter the earth within dozens of kilometers to them with a random technique in a normal world!

The speed of those Evil Scorpions as they crept was also very fast. A deep hole would be left behind by their sharp legs on the rocks as they crept forward!

Thousands of sharp legs left thousands of holes on the rock surface of the outer layer of defense. The Evil Scorpions stamped over the walls that were covered in roots and charged directly into the middle layer of defense.

Traps were laid everywhere in the outer layer, but the death of just a few dozens of Evil Scorpions was insignificant in front of the thousand strong army.


Seeing the flood of Evil Scorpions incoming, Mo Xie cried out a warning while it stood at the highest point of the stronghold!

Purple flames rapidly shot up into the sky and turned into a cloud of fire that enveloped the entire pot valley above the summit of the three mountains!

Within the cloud, purple flames started spewing out like raindrops from it, densely raining down from the sky onto the Evil Scorpions!

Fire lotuses filled with destructive aura started blooming everywhere on the ground, leaving large craters on the surface of the ground as well as taking away the lives of a lot of those Evil Scorpions.

The defense of those Evil Scorpions was really high. Mo Xie’s fire technique had incredible offensive might, yet the fire rain could only kill at most about fifty Evil Scorpions.

Mo Xie naturally would not be able to unleash this large scale flame technique twenty times in a row. Noticing that the effect of it's attack was weak, Mo Xie decided to jump down from the plant stronghold and directly tear apart those arrogant Evil Scorpions with its claws!

The middle layer of defense worked to a certain extent to stop them. Mo Xie posed a sufficient threat by itself using its Immortal rank strength and it truly held the ground. Mo Xie was even able to take on the assault by two to three hundred Evil Scorpions on its own.

Little Hidden Dragon was not very useful in such a large scale battle. If it were to get hit by fifty Evil Scorpions simultaneously, then it would be difficult for it to survive.

Fortunately, Little Hidden Dragon’s ghost property was its greatest reliance. Rock and plant type strongholds had made the geography complicated. Little Hidden Dragon could keep passing through the terrain while finding suitable chances to wipe out an Evil Scorpion in one hit.

Little Hidden Dragon could easily wipe out the Evil Scorpions that were below the peak Dominator rank easily with its current strength. Its target was also these high class Dominators.

The middle layer of defense was not invincible though. After the defense was broken through, Mo Xie and Little Hidden Dragon retreated to the most solid inner layer of defense at the perfect time.

The inner layer of defense was the hardest defensive layer. At the same time, Ghost King and Devil Tree Battle Soldier could also participate within such a distance. With the cooperation of the four soul pets, in addition to the more compact space which strengthened the overall defense, it would definitely become an unbreakable stronghold!

In the battle in the middle layer of defence, Mo Xie had killed about 150 Evil Scorpions. Little Hidden Dragon had done its best to devour the souls and had only managed to kill about 30 Evil Scorpions. In addition to those that were killed by the traps, there were about 800 Evil Scorpions left.

After returning to the inner layer of defense, Ghost King and Devil Tree Battle Soldier had immediately unleashed a wave of force. Huge rocks fell from the sky, the ground was dented in all of a sudden, roots started squirming like snakes from within the abyss beneath the ground!

The roots forcefully started pulling those Evil Scorpions into the abyss. Even if those Evil Scorpions desperately struggled against it, the falling rocks would smash them down!

This trap activation had instantly killed 50 unprepared Evil Scorpions.

Mo Xie, as an Immortal rank, could only kill about 50 Evil Scorpions using a flame area of effect technique. Ghost King and Devil Tree Battle Soldier were both only at the Dominator rank, hence such a feat was astonishing. As expected, in a defensive battle, the cooperation between Ghost King and Devil Tree Battle Soldier was truly remarkable!

Evil Scorpions were not elemental creatures. Their long-range techniques were not really powerful. They mostly relied on close-range combat to unleash their full strength.

As the Evil Scorpions swarmed closer to them, many Evil Scorpions stabbed into the air using their sharp legs!

Evil Scorpions had six eyes. When the ground could not aid them, the sky would become their foothold. Pairs of crimson eyes flashed ominously in the sky. In addition to the dense dark clouds pressing down on them, it felt as if one had fallen into a scorpion nest and they were fully surrounded!

The poisonous stingers of those Evil Scorpions quickly weaved together into a sharp net. The sharp stingers flashed and several hundred poison stingers stabbed in from all directions. It would be difficult to block them all even with the cooperation between Ghost King and Devil Tree Battle Soldier.

In such a situation, Little Hidden Dragon could not perform at all. Every Evil Scorpion had gathered into a group. If Little Hidden Dragon initiated an attack, then it would definitely suffer from a ferocious counterattack.

“I had still underestimated the strength of a Dominator army......” Sweat accumulated on Chu Mu’s palm.

After an incantation, Chu Mu had recalled Little Hidden Dragon back into its soul pet space.

The enemy’s strength had surpassed Chu Mu’s expectations. If those Evil Scorpions unleashed another full power barrage of poisonous stingers like that, the defense provided by Ghost King and Devil Tree Battle Soldier would definitely collapse. The meditating Lin Mengling and Xia Yin would be in danger.

In the past twenty days, Xia Yin did not let Chu Mu feel even a trace of danger. Chu Mu naturally would not allow that to happen either, or it would be too shameful for him.

Chu Mu chanted an incantation again and a black devil fire rose up in front of him. The fire rapidly imitated and turned into a devil shadow, standing solemnly in front of Chu Mu, as if Chu Mu’s shadow had transformed into a fire.

The black devil fire burned quietly. It gradually turned paler as it continued burning and silver was slowly becoming its main color.

With that, it kept interchanging between black and silver.

After devouring Ban San’s soul, White Devil had become Black Devil. However, the silver devil fire was retained, and the amalgamation of the two types of devil fire had become even more powerful.

Chu Mu could not unleash his semi devil power in this place, but he could summon White Devil alone to fight.

After devouring Bai San’s soul, White Devil had reached Immortal rank, it should be stronger than even Night.

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