Chapter 1396: Evil Scorpions, Full On Assault Chu

 Mu and Lin Mengling continued on with their cultivation. In order to isolate themselves from any exterior interference, they shut off their sense of hearing and had even retracted their sensation, because only then could they guarantee to fully focus on cultivation.

Xia Yin was strong, and with his Season Immortal Vine around, Chu Mu and Lin Mengling believed that there would not be any accidents occurring.

The moment Chu Mu closed his eyes, he felt as if he had entered a long dream and would not know anything that happened afterwards because Chu Mu was doing a  complicated process repetitively.

Taking in the Immortal Aura from around him, accumulating the Immortal Aura into his soul, then repeating it over and over.

The lingering Immortal Aura in the air could be considered as food to a certain extent. So it would not pose any significant problem to them if they were to cultivate like that for months.

However, Xia Yin could not endure a war of attrition over a few months by himself no matter how strong he was.

Creatures that would probe the place they were at were mostly between pseudo Immortal and paragon Dominator ranks. There might even be some creatures coming to snatch the resources from them in order to break through to low class Immortal rank. Furthermore, there would be more and more creatures gathering towards the cultivation formation as time passed. One was due to the higher density of Immortal Aura, the other was the bloody smell that was spreading out from the corpses attracting the creatures with a sharp sense of smell.

Places of conflict usually meant that they were places with benefits. A large number of creatures did not know what might be there, but they would definitely take a look after smelling the blood.

After about twenty days, Xia Yin’s soul pets had completely exhausted their fighting strength.

“Go take a rest, I will continue from here,” said Chu Mu after taking a glance at Xia Yin.

“Yeah, I leave it to you,” Xia Yin nodded and sat down in the cultivation formation.

Combat was the most direct method of cultivation. Chu Mu would never want to miss out on any battles. If not for the precious Immortal Aura within the cultivation formation, Chu Mu would actually welcome a chance for a continuous battle like this!

In a glance, the barren pot valley was already full of corpses. It could be seen that the battlefield was already tidied up, but the lingering bloody smell could not be gotten rid of.

During the first day, it was still rather calm. Xia Yin’s fighting strength had probably deterred the surrounding creatures to some extent.

On the dawn of the second day though, a large colony of black and red creatures had suddenly appeared from the horizon!

Those creatures had thick and smooth armor, sharp pliers and a curved tail with a poisonous sting at the tip!

Like black and red mud flowing down from higher ground, an innumerable number of Evil Scorpions charged forward madly and produced threatening hissing sounds!

Chu Mu stared at those Evil Scorpions in shock. Those Evil Scorpions were at least Dominator rank. Based on a rough estimate, there were about one thousand of them!

Chu Mu had witnessed an Emperor army before, but he had never seen a Dominator army, and especially a size of a thousand at that!

Over a thousand Dominators charging forward, such a scene was truly astonishing. Each step they took could cause a crack of over ten kilometers to appear on the surface of the earth. During a charge, the space shook chaotically. The rampaging air currents transformed into a disastrous storm and whipped through the entire region.

“Did Xia Yin also survive through such onslaughts?” Chu Mu was astonished.

This was only the second day of his shift, and yet such an enormous number of enemies had appeared. This single battle alone might already completely exhaust his strength, yet Xia Yin was able to guard them for twenty days!

Chu Mu did not think that he was unlucky. He had encountered so many powerful creatures in the start that it could only mean that Xia Yin was really very strong.

Xia Yin guarded had them for twenty days, providing precious cultivation time for Lin Mengling and himself. Then he also could not just back down after a few days, that would be too disgraceful.

Chu Mu could not use his semi devil transformation while in the Imprint Valley, so he could only rely on his soul pets.

Guarding for twenty days. If an army like this Evil Scorpion would come swarming in every few days, then it would be a huge challenge for Chu Mu.

However, Chu Mu liked facing challenges. Each of his soul pets also possessed the same ambitions!

“Mo Xie, you can fight to your heart’s content this time,” Chu Mu took a glance at Mo Xie on his shoulder!

After reaching this rank, soul pets would normally take a long time to recover after getting completely exhausted if there was no special nurturing involved.

Chu Mu had to arrange his fighting forces rationally, or he would definitely not be able to last over ten days.

Mo Xie jumped down from Chu Mu’s shoulder. When it saw that a thousand-man strong Evil Scorpion army was charging towards the cultivation formation from all directions, its silver eyes immediately sparkled with excitement!

This was a group of really powerful enemies, it would definitely be able to fight to its heart content this time!

Mo Xie did not charge out. This time, it focused on defending instead. It stood right in front of Chu Mu, calmly and excitedly waiting for the arrival of the Evil Scorpions!

“Devil Tree, protect everyone,” Chu Mu chanted and summoned his Devil Tree Battle Soldier.

Devil Tree Battle Soldier had received Ning Maner’s nurturing and had reached peak Dominator rank. In addition to the Xuan Wood Leaf’s effect, its actual strength should be one level higher than a normal peak Dominator rank.

In a group battle, Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s ability would show its best performance. It should not be a problem for it to take on a paragon Dominator role.

Devil Tree Battle Soldier could not achieve the same feat as the Season Immortal Vine that did not allow a single intruder to pass through it after deploying its vine stronghold, but protecting an area of one to two kilometers would not be a problem for it.

“Little Hidden Dragon!” With another incantation, Chu Mu summoned his third soul pet!

Little Hidden Dragon’s Spectral Dragon had reached peak Dominator rank. Its Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon bloodline was still at high class Dominator rank though. There was still only about ninety percent of the souls that were needed.

Devouring a paragon Dominator rank’s soul would allow Little Hidden Dragon to grow by another ten percent.

There were over a thousand Evil Scorpions before them. Even though they were not at the paragon Dominator rank, devouring souls in large quantities was sufficient for Little Hidden Dragon to improve its strength!

If Little Hidden Dragon’s triple properties could all reach peak Dominator rank, then its strength would be at near Immortal rank!

A chance to devour high rank souls like this was really rare to come by. In the past, Chu Mu had a very hard time finding any high class Dominator rank creatures. Now that there were over a thousand of them in front of him, Chu Mu really wanted Little Hidden Dragon to devour all of their souls. Then, Little Hidden Dragon’s strength would definitely increase to a terrifying level!

“Ghost King!” After summoning Little Hidden Dragon, Chu Mu summoned Ghost King next!

Ghost King had reached peak Dominator rank earlier than Devil Tree Battle Soldier. After Ye Qingzi gave Chu Mu the Immortal Ghost Stone, Chu Mu had asked Ning Maner to especially nurture Ghost King, in order to build the foundation for Ghost King to advance into Immortal rank.

Nurturing was one thing, whether Ghost King could advance into Immortal rank by itself was still hard to tell. After all, Ghost King still lacked the most direct battle experience.

In this guarding shift, Ghost King would be able to receive the most direct battle experience that it lacked and Chu Mu could choose a suitable timing to strengthen Ghost King with the Immortal Ghost Stone. That way, Chu Mu would obtain another Immortal rank soul pet. Of course, that was as long as the strengthening does not fail......

One of Chu Mu’s soul pet slots was still occupied by Yu Suo, so he could only control a total of four at maximum.

The current formation was Mo Xie, Little Hidden Dragon, Ghost King and Devil Tree.

Only Mo Xie had reached the Immortal rank amongst the four. The other soul pets were only at paragon Dominator or peak Dominator ranks.

On the other hand, the Evil Scorpion army’s average strength was at middle class Dominator rank. Other than Mo Xie who could take on an assault by several hundred Evil Scorpions by itself, Little Hidden Dragon, Ghost King and Devil Tree would definitely die if they are under the siege of a hundred Evil Scorpions.

Chu Mu from the beginning did not expect these four soul pets by themselves to take on a thousand Evil Scorpions at middle class Dominator rank. However, since it was a defensive battle, what Chu Mu had to do was not to kill those Evil Scorpions in the shortest time, but to instead conserve his fighting strength to the greatest extent.

Ghost King and Devil Tree Battle Soldier excelled in defense. In a formation battle, those Evil Scorpions would not be able to easily break through their defenses. Hence, Ghost King and Devil Tree Battle Soldier would be maintaining the defense, becoming a rock type stronghold and wood type stronghold respectively that surrounded the cultivation formation.

Meanwhile, Mo Xie and Little Hidden Dragon would only fight within the stronghold, they would be in charge of killing any Evil Scorpion that attempted to break through this defense.

The longer Ghost King and Devil Tree Battle Soldier could defend, the more enemies Mo Xie and Little Hidden Dragon could kill......

Xia Yin had already deployed a defensive stronghold around the cultivation formation before ending his shift. This stronghold was shaped by his Season Immortal Vine.

In a defensive battle, if there was a stronghold, even if it was only a tattered one, it would still be better than facing enemies from all directions on a plain.

Hence, after Chu Mu had summoned Ghost King and Devil Tree Battle Soldier, Ghost King was rapidly chanted its incantation and had built up tough stronghold walls one after another around this pot valley.

Evil Tree Battle Soldier’s roots were rapidly entangling the cold stone stronghold walls and had deployed various poisonous plant traps all around.

The solid rock stronghold combined with the complicated plant stronghold. This type of defense was the most ideal one. Chu Mu believed that even if there was an enemy that was five times stronger than Devil Tree Battle Soldier and Ghost King, it might not be able to collapse this thick layer of defense.

“If I had known that there would be so many enemies, then I would have deployed such a defensive measure last night,” Chu Mu felt frustrated at the hurriedly built defensive structures.

If not for the frame of the vine stronghold that Season Immortal Vine had built still remaining, Chu Mu would not have been able to complete a defensive stronghold in such a short time.

Speaking of which, Xia Yin did not even remind him of such a situation occuring. Chu Mu had been fully focused on cultivation. There was no way he would know that these Imprint Valley creatures had already become this crazy. The assault of over a thousand Dominators was rarely seen in the Zhengming Continent.



Finally, the rampaging Evil Scorpions had arrived. It was a full on assault!

The densely packed creatures were not Commanders or Monarchs, nor were they Emperors, they were all Dominators!

In the past, any one of those Evil Scorpions could easily wipe out New Moon Land.

However, Chu Mu was currently facing over a thousand of such creatures alone!

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