Chapter 1393

“That’s the Martial Cloud Dragon!” Lin Mengling was the first to shout out the name of that majestic wing type soul pet!

Martial Cloud Dragon was a wing type dragon, it was the peak of the wing type creatures. Based on it's racial ranking, it should be very close to the Five Great Undying Legends!

This type of creature with a supreme bloodline would definitely be a soul pet that would be fought over by the major factions, the value of its offspring alone could even surpass many of the Immortal items.

Lin Mengling could be considered an individual who held an extremely high position within the human realm. Meanwhile, Xia Yin could also be considered an outstanding soul pet trainer. They had already seen many high class soul pets before, but they were still astonished when they saw the Martial Cloud Dragon flying past them within the clouds.

They have already encountered such a high class wing type creature right after entering Imprint Valley. There might be even more powerful unknown soul pets hiding within this Imprint Valley. If they could obtain an offspring, then it would further strengthen them!

“Young master, this Martial Cloud Dragon and Ancient Feather Devil are equally ranked at the top amongst the feather type creatures. Of course, that’s only from the knowledge of the human realm. It’s difficult to say if there are any other higher class creature's somewhere else,” said Old Li.

“What’s special about Martial Cloud Dragons?” asked Chu Mu.

“They are the real masters of the sky. In the same rank, three pure blood Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon's may not be able to match even one Martial Cloud Dragon,” replied Old Li seriously.

Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon’s bloodline could already be considered an extremely powerful bloodline. The Martial Cloud Dragon could take on three of them at once when both sides were at the same rank. This Martial Cloud Dragon’s strength was certainly amazing. However, he did not know the rank of that Martial Cloud Dragon that they had just encountered. If Little Hidden Dragon could have a fight against it, then it would definitely let Little Hidden Dragon gain a huge profit.

“Looks like the upcoming one year of training will be very interesting,” Xia Yin rubbed his chin and imitated a stroking action despite not having a beard.

Chu Mu turned to Lin Mengling and asked, “Do you know where we have to go?”

Lin Mengling shook her head and replied, “I thought that you two would know.”

There was a diagram within the Imprint Valley. This diagram could gather the Immortal Aura within this region. If they meditate over there, then they could advance into the Spirit Immortal rank fairly quickly.

Chu Mu, Lin Mengling and Xia Yin were all ninth remembrance Spirit Dominators. A chance for them to break through to Spirit Immortal rank like this was extremely rare. That explained why Tang Zhuo had become so absentminded after he lost. Losing the chance to advance into Spirit Immortal rank this time might have caused him to be stuck at ninth remembrance for the rest of his life.

Yu Suo had told Chu Mu only the rough position. Chu Mu showed a bitter smile on his face after seeing Lin Mengling and Xia Yin being unable to find the way. He could only lead the way himself.

“It should be over there. Magistrate Xiao said that the place with three mountains erected together is the cultivation diagram,” said Lin Mengling as she pointed towards the three mountains that were erected in the horizon.

The three mountains almost looked like three standing swords with their tips pointed towards the sky.

Yu Suo had told Chu Mu that these were the foundation pillars for the cultivation diagram. By using the root of the three mountains as nodes for gathering the Immortal Aura of this region, it would then become a triangular formation with an effect similar to a whirlpool, constantly pulling the Immortal Aura into the formation.

Hence, the cultivation process here was rather simple. They just had to sit within the triangular formation and meditate there, that would almost certainly ensure their advancement them into Spirit Immortal rank.

They only had one chance to use this Immortal Valley, it was an extremely rare chance to obtain. Lin Mengling was only able to obtain this chance because she was the cherished pearl of Divine Sect.

On the other hand, Xia Yin was providing the Energy Magic Stones necessary for the cultivation formation in the Imprint Valley. It was a matter of course for him to obtain a spot too.

Saintess Yu had been the one to fix the formation here that was broken for many years. This spot originally belonged to her, but due to the ancient restriction placed in this Imprint Valley, not only would she not get stronger inside, but her level would fall back instead.

Coincidentally, Chu Mu had reached Zhengming Main City at such a time. Yu Suo desired the pure evil energy within Chu Mu’s body, hence she naturally appealed to him......


After reaching the place where the cultivation formation should be, they saw that the three mountains created a pot valley at the center.

Complicated patterns were carved everywhere inside the pot valley, making one’s eyes dizzy just looking at them.

The cultivation formation covered a fairly large area. It had a diameter of about five to six thousand meters. The best cultivation spot here would naturally be at the center. There was an ancient triangular diagram of about ten meters at the center.

The three corners of the triangle pointed towards the three mountains. They were also the three spots where Chu Mu, Xia Yin and Lin Mengling were supposed to meditate.

The three of them had reached their current strength not by purely replying on their luck. They were all cultivation maniacs, including Lin Mengling.

After sensing the dense Immortal Aura within the cultivation formation, they wanted to just settle down as soon as possible and break through their current limit.

Spirit Immortal rank was more meaningful for Chu Mu. The power of his semi devil transformation was related to his soul remembrance level. If he could break through to Spirit Immortal rank, then his semi devil transformation would also become much more powerful. When encountering enemies at the level of Gu Xisha again, Chu Mu would have enough confidence to take them on.

“No way......”

“What’s happening here? What are those?” Lin Mengling frowned.

Chu Mu laughed bitterly and stared intently at the center of that triangular formation.

There was a huge figure lying at the center with a pair of membrane wings hung down!

It's snores were thunderous. The air it exhaled from its nostrils became mini tornadoes......

Xia Yin also showed a bitter expression and spoke, “We really have a deep fate with this Martial Cloud Dragon.”

Martial Cloud Dragon!

The black figure sleeping at the triangular formation was the Martial Cloud Dragon that they had encountered before!

“What should we do?” asked Lin Mengling.

The Martial Cloud Dragon’s aura was very strong. The three of them were not fully confident if they would be able to defeat it.

“Although we have not activated the cultivation formation yet, this landscape naturally gathers Immortal Aura. This Martial Cloud Dragon sure chose a good place as its nest,” said Xia Yin helplessly.

“This Martial Cloud Dragon should at least be at the low class Immortal rank,” added Chu Mu.

“I wasn't going to provoke it anyway,” Xia Yin also knew that it was at the low class Immortal rank, but that was only the minimum estimation......

“Me neither,” Chu Mu agreed with Xia Yin.

Yu Suo’s strength was restricted in Imprint Valley, similarly Chu Mu’s strength was also restricted here and he could not use semi devil transformation.

Provoking a creature at minimum low class Immortal rank without being able to use the semi devil transformation was completely irrational!

“So that's why I’m asking what do you want to do!” grumbled Lin Mengling.

“Dear princess Lin, I have heard that your communication ability is quite decent. Why don’t you try persuading that Martial Cloud Dragon to shift a little to the side? It can continue to sleep, while we also cultivate ourselves. We can just be peaceful neighbours,” said Xia Yin.

“Why don’t you try it?” replied Lin Mengling coldly.

Dragon race would usually sleep for months. If this Martial Cloud Dragon really ended up sleeping at the cultivation formation for a year or half, then their cultivation trip would truly be completely wasted!

Xia Yin laughed dryly and asked Chu Mu, “Brother Chu, do you have any good method?”

Chu Mu rubbed his temple, this matter was really a headache for him too.

He was actually thinking about letting Little Hidden Dragon spar with that Martial Cloud Dragon before. However, after clearly sensing its rank, he had totally gotten rid of that thought.

“Huhu~! `hu~!”

Within the thunderous snoring sound, a youthful cry suddenly rang out.

A tiny figure sleeping above the Martial Cloud Dragon’s head shook a little. Then, the three of them saw a pair of bright eyes examining them while it hid behind the dragon horns.

“A Martial Cloud Dragon cub!” Lin Mengling’s eyes immediately started sparkling.

Xia Yin and Chu Mu also saw it. That Martial Cloud Dragon cub was very young, it definitely did not surpass the third phase.

The Martial Cloud Dragon was blue in color. The adult Martial Cloud Dragon’s wings were solid and powerful. However, the little dragon cub was unbearably cute. It had a pair of gem-like sparkling eyes, tiny dragon horns, small sharp dragon fangs, immature wings and a chubby blue body......

The little dragon cub made Chu Mu recall Little Hidden Dragon’s childhood. It was very lovable.

“Wuwuwu~!” Tiny Mo Xie suddenly jumped down from Chu Mu’s shoulder and approached the Martial Cloud Dragon harmlessly while it dragged its nine fluffy tails behind it.

“Brother Chu, your soul pet......” Xia Yin immediately reminded Chu Mu.

This distance should be the limit for the Martial Cloud Dragon. If they stepped forward any further than this, then the Martial Cloud Dragon would definitely treat them as enemies.

Furthermore, with an offspring with it, the Martial Cloud Dragon should be at it's most wary period.

Chu Mu originally wanted to stop Mo Xie, but after he remembered Mo Xie’s racial skill, he let it go.

Tiny Mo Xie was not afraid at all of the domineering aura of the Martial Cloud Dragon. The racial skill Pitiful Appearance it possessed could allow such a powerful creature to simply neglect such a tiny creature.

Xia Yin and Lin Mengling held their breath. They were really worried whether the Martial Cloud Dragon would suddenly raise its claw and slam that little cute fox to death.

However, that did not happen. The Martial Cloud Dragon continued snoring. Tiny Mo Xie even climbed onto its huge body.

After witnessing such a scene, Lin Mengling and Xia Yin did not know what to say anymore.

“Brother Chu, your little fox is so charming,” complimented Xia Yin.

Tiny Mo Xie continued climbing while swinging its nine tails behind it. Finally, it jumped onto the Martial Cloud Dragon’s head.

“Wuwuwu~!” Tiny Mo Xie cried out to the little dragon cub.

The little dragon cub did not seem to be afraid of strangers. After seeing tiny Mo Xie approaching it, it simply flapped its tiny wings excitedly as if it had found a playmate.

“Wuwu~!” Mo Xie slowly stretched out its tail and shook out some snacks from them.

Mo Xie would usually hide things that it liked to eat within its nine fluffy tails. It would occasionally take some out to chew when it got bored. Ye Qingzi had made most of those snacks and they were all delicious. Mo Xie was quite smart and thought of using those snacks to bribe the cub.

The little dragon cub stretched out its chubby paw and took a bean to eat. As it chewed the bean slowly, it immediately let out a joyful voice and sucked all the beans into its mouth with a deep breath.

After sucking in a mouthful of snacks, the cub chewed them happily. Its appearance with stuffed cheeks was truly adorable.

At that moment, the Martial Cloud Dragon opened its eyes. However, it only raised its eyelid for a moment and continued to snore again.

Mo Xie knew that the Martial Cloud Dragon’s action meant that they were acknowledged and welcomed now. Hence, it raised its tiny paw and waved towards Chu Mu, showing a victory pose.

Xia Yin and Lin Mengling were utterly dumbfounded......

In this era, soul pets that could act cute were far rarer than those which could fight! Chu Mu’s little fox was truly a godly soul pet.

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