Chapter 1391: Heavy Responsibility, Power

When Bai Yeshao was leaving, he asked Chu Mu if they should prioritize supplying resources from the Northern Territory to Xuan Gate .

Chu Mu agreed. Chu Mu had come to finish off Xuan Gate’s Lü Fengnan, but there was no need to destroy the peaceful relationship between New Moon Land and Xuan Gate in the process. Xuan Gate was still a major faction, New Moon Land did not possess enough strength to be openly presenting demands to them. Taking an arrogant attitude against them would only bring trouble to New Moon Land.

“King Chu, Xuan Gate’s Zuo Hefeng is an acquaintance of mine. His strength and reputation is not inferior to Lü Fengnan. Since King Chu wants to get rid of Lü Fengnan, then it’s not a bad choice to contact Zuo Hefeng. He is quite strong, it's just that Lü Fengnan’s master holds a very high position. If we can help Zuo Hefeng obtain the role of the top disciple, then it will also be beneficial to our New Moon Land,” suggested Bai Shaoye.

“Which side does that Wan Qiu belong to?” asked Chu Mu.

“He is Zuo Hefeng’s supporter. Xuan Gate’s Gate Master Zuo is Zuo Hefeng’s father and Immortal School’s vice School Master Zuo is Zuo Hefeng’s grandfather. Meanwhile, Lü Fengnan is Xuan Gate Immortal School’s Great School Master Qin’s disciple......” answered Bai Shaoye.

“Then let's keep in touch with Wan Qiu, Zuo Hefeng and Gate Master Zuo. Try to provide them with whatever they may need, can you take charge of this matter?” asked Chu Mu.

“No problem,” Bai Shaoye nodded.

“Good. Then I will send some men to you a few days later. Although they are from Xuan Gate, they are loyal to us. You need to accumulate some forces first. I will get rid of Lü Fengnan in future, and the aftermath will be your job,” said Chu Mu.

Chu Mu  killed Han Erxing without any hesitation because Gate Master Han himself had betrayed Old Sect Master Xiao. With Old Sect Master Xiao and Magistrate Xiao around, Gate Master Han Yan could not do anything to New Moon Land without any solid evidence.

However, if he were to kill Lü Fengnan, then it would definitely cause an uproar in Xuan Gate Immortal School. Even if Chu Mu himself was not afraid of their revenge, he had to think for New Moon Land too.

Hence, before killing Lü Fengnan, he must make all the preparations in advance. Otherise, the resulting uproar would severely affect the development of New Moon Land. After all, it was utterly foolish to antagonize a formidable foe like Xuan Gate Immortal School.

“King Chu, please rest assured. I have met Zuo Hefeng before. He has much greater foresight than Lü Fengnan. If we can help him to obtain the seat of the top disciple, then he can definitely pacify the uproar and also bring greater benefit to our New Moon Land,” guaranteed Bai Shaoye.

Chu Mu believed in Bai Shaoye’s judgement.

“King Chu, I hope that you can also speak a few words on Madam Ying’s side. Madam Ying also holds a high position in Xuan Gate Immortal School, if she were to give support......” reminded Bai Shaoye.

“Sure,” Chu Mu nodded.

Bai Shaoye bowed and then left with Wan Qiu.

“Where does King Chu want to go?” asked Lan Yin with sparkling eyes. Her tone became even more alluring than before.

“To Madam’s villa,” replied Chu Mu.

“Ah?” Lan Yin was slightly surprised. She was already prepared to offer her body to him, yet this man was not going to her room? Was she unable to attract his attention using the body that she was so confident of?


After arriving at Madam’s villa, Chu Mu entered the hall along with the maidservant.

He immediately heard the madam’s laughter after he arrived at the door, the madam must be in a good mood.

Chu Mu walked into the hall and saw an elegant madam with spirited eyes sitting close to Ye Qingzi. Her wrinkles were deepened due to her heartfelt laughter.

Chu Mu could not tell Madam Ying’s age at all. He had heard from Ye Qingzi that Ying Rong was Madam Ying’s adopted son, and that she treasured him very much.

However, Ying Rong had an adventurous personality. He had already started traveling around at a really young age and Madam Ying could do nothing about him. Later on, Ying Rong had chosen to settle down in New Moon Land after he had come to like it. However, he was betrayed and framed soon after and had died before he was able to seek help from Xuan Gate. It could be said that Ying Rong’s fate was truly terrible.

Madam Ying’s love for her son had even extended to the people whom he associated with, hence she really adored Ye Qingzi a lot. In addition, she also saw that Ye Qingzi had a bright future as Ye Qingzi was also ingenious in the xuan art. After interacting with her for all these years, she was already treating Ye Qingzi like her own granddaughter and had even given Ye Qingzi some secret xuan art manual that Xuan Gate never taught to their disciples......

“You must be Chu Mu. Qingzi has mentioned you many times,” Madam Ying smiled softly and had a good first impression of the handsome Chu Mu.

Chu Mu knew that Ye Qingzi had received plenty of care from this madam in Zhengming Main City, so he felt particularly grateful towards the madam.

“I have also heard about some of your deeds. Hmm, very courageous indeed!” praised Madam Ying.

“Madam Ying, I have something to discuss with you,” Chu Mu directly cut to the main topic.

“Tell me,” Madam Ying had noticed that Chu Mu was not behaving overly polite like most young generations. He was really straightforward when interacting with others just as Ye Qingzi had mentioned.

“What’s your opinion on Zuo Hefeng?” asked Chu Mu.

“Zuo Hefeng?” Madam Ying nodded, “A decent young man. Stable, calm, a person who can shoulder great responsibility.”

“Compared to Lü Fengnan?” continued Chu Mu.

“Much better than Lü Fengnan. At least, I had chosen Zuo Hefeng during the vote for the top disciple seat in the past,” Madam Ying immediately guessed what Chu Mu was intending to say and smiled, “Are you intending on getting acquainted with Zuo Hefeng?”

“I will help Zuo Hefeng take the seat of the top disciple. So, I am here to request Madam Ying’s approval and support,” admitted Chu Mu.

Chu Mu naturally fully trusted the person whom Ye Qingzi trusted.

Madam Ying looked at Chu Mu in surprise. She had never imagined that Chu Mu would immediately say that he wanted to kick Lü Fengnan down from the top disciple seat!

“I personally favor Zuo Hefeng, so it’s not really a problem for me to support him. However, this matter isn’t that simple, is it?” asked Madam Ying.

“It’s fine as long as Madam is willing to support him. My men will be secretly assisting Zuo Hefeng, the rest is up to Zuo Hefeng himself,” said Chu Mu.

External help could only last for a while, the key was to see whether Zuo Hefeng had sufficient capability within him to replace Lü Fengnan.

“Sure,” Madam Ying also did not beat around the bush.

Madam Ying had long disliked Lü Fengnan. He had even dared to harm the Divine Sect’s Old Sect Master, having such a person as the top disciple was harmful to Xuan Gate.

The top disciple of Xuan Gate held a really high position. Surpassing even most of the Border Lords, the future Xuan Gate’s Gate Master was usually succeeded by the top disciple. Xuan Gate’s Gate Master was the most authoritative person in the management of the entire Xuan Gate. Although Madam Ying had already retired and no longer managed matters within Xuan Gate, she definitely did not wish to see such a type of person controlling Xuan Gate.

Madam Ying was also actually rather curious whether Chu Mu could really help Zuo Hefeng take the seat. The top disciple seat in Xuan Gate was not so easy to obtain after all.


“Are you really thinking about kicking Lü Fengnan down from his position? Xuan Gate’s top disciple is basically the same as the future Gate Master. It’s very difficult to change it,” asked Ye Qingzi urgently right after they had left Madam Ying’s villa.

“Yeah, this matter should be Yu Suo's forte. Coincidentally, she also wasn't able to find a breakthrough in Xuan Gate. I will introduce Zuo Hefeng to her, and she can plant many seeds in Xuan Gate in the process,” said Chu Mu.

“True,” Ye Qingzi nodded.

On the Zhengming Continent, with Liu Binglan having taken charge of New Moon Land’s development, New Moon Land was rapidly growing.

In the dark, Yu Suo had also continued expanding her Invisible Kingdom. The vast network of the powerful individuals could do many things.

With the combination between both the light and dark, they would definitely become a unique and unshakable existence on the entire Zhengming Continent.

Naturally, regardless of which, individual strength was crucial in the end. The actual management depended on Liu Binglan and Yu Suo, and Chu Mu would not have any time to meddle in the details.

New Moon Land and Invisible Kingdom were both rapidly developing. The stronger they became, the more they would need a King who could reign at the very top. This King could only be Chu Mu!

Despite gaining a special existence such as Ning Maner, Chu Mu did not think that he could be worry free. In contrast, Chu Mu clearly understood that the more he gained, the stronger he had to become, and the more the effort he had to put in.

The Ancient Flood Dragon Person who would be awakening at the next solar eclipse in the Wind Palace.

His strength was sufficient to make many races with supreme bloodline in this world submit to him. His awakening would cause a catastrophe. Chu Mu felt really insignificant compared to that Ancient Flood Dragon Person!

The mysterious path of a Monument Tear Individual. This cruel challenge that he had to face, would he really be able to shoulder the burden of it?

All Monument Tear Individuals were undoubtedly strong. Just a Fake Monument Tear Individual like Gu Xisha was already shocking enough to Chu Mu, what about the other Monument Tear Individuals who had not even shown up yet?

The human leaders hiding in the dark that desired the Messiah Tree Seed would definitely not give up. When they try to make a move again, would he be able to protect Ning Maner?

Ning Maner’s heartbroken tear was in his hands. There was also the request he had received from White Three who had knelt before him which had astonished him.

Protecting Ning Maner, and stepping up to the peak of Nightmare. Chu Mu did not know how heavy that promise was.

There was also the matter of his father who had never shown up. Did he also shoulder a huge burden......

When all of these things weighed down on him, would he only be able to watch without being able to do anything?

Chu Mu knew that he had to become stronger. Not only to shoulder the burdens, but also for the ambitious hearts of himself and his soul pets!

The next cultivation ground they would go to was Imprint Valley. That place was sufficient to let Chu Mu become much stronger. Chu Mu naturally had to make the best use of this cultivation opportunity!

Ye Qingzi knew that Chu Mu shouldered heavy responsibilities. She did not show much emotion when Chu Mu had mentioned that he would be going to cultivate in Imprint Valley. After all, no other cultivation method would be faster than entering Imprint Valley.

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