Chapter 1390: Fake Monument Tear Individual, Gu Xisha

Bai Shaoye held his ground, and the senior disciple’s expression turned grim immediately.

He had heard the name Bai Shaoye before. After all, any person who could advance into Immortal rank would be someone renown.

In the eyes of the disciples, Immortal rank was already plenty godly. Opposing someone of such a rank was no different from suicide.

The thirty disciples behind the senior disciple unconsciously took a step back after just hearing the name of Bai Shaoye.

They might not have heard about Chu Mu, and they might not be afraid of him if they did not see his fight before. However, Bai Shaoye had been well known for quite some time, so there would naturally be fear in their hearts.

“What’s the matter? So noisy here!”

Suddenly, a thunderous roar echoed from the Refining Hall!

The voice was sonorous and was shouted using soul remembrance. This person’s soul remembrance must be at a particularly high level, otherwise it would not cause a humming effect on the eardrum.

The disciples looked over and saw a man in strange attire walking out from the Blood Refining Hall angrily.

The man did not summon out any soul pet, neither was he accompanied by anyone. However, when he walked over, all the disciples bowed down respectfully and greeted him.

Lü Fengnan greeted the man just like the other disciples and politely spoke, “Master Gu, I apologize for interrupting your cultivation.”

The surrounding disciples did not dare to make noise. Xuan Gate’s Gu Xisha was famous for being cruel and fierce. If anyone within the Gate offended him, then he would kill the person on the spot. There were countless disciples who had died by his hands. Many of his own disciples were also tortured to death by him.

Gu Xisha’s notorious name was known to everyone. The disciples were also scared of him. They never thought that Gu Xisha would be concocting medicine in the Refining Hall. If he was coincidentally concocting an Immortal item and had failed due to the noise outside, then it was possible that Gu Xisha would kill all the people present!

“Hmph, Lü Fengnan, as the top disciple, you should manage these pipsqueaks well. Don’t you know that this Refining Hall is the last place where you should be making a commotion at?” scolded Gu Xisha without any reservation.

“It was ablunder on my part. However, this matter was not caused by me. Someone had provoked our Xuan Gate, I did not wish to get involved, but the other party would not let me go,” Lü Fengnan pointed to Chu Mu at this time.

Gu Xisha then turned to the two people who were confronting Lü Fengnan and examined them.

“You’re that Chu Mu?” said Gu Xisha after recognizing Chu Mu.

He was at the venue when Chu Mu had fought Han Erxing.

Chu Mu’s gaze was also similarly focused on Gu Xisha. The Monument Tears in his spatial ring kept flashing warm glows!

Monument Tear Individual!

This Gu Xisha was a Monument Tear Individual. There were two reasons for Chu Mu to purposely come to Xuan Gate to stir up trouble. One was to actually stir trouble for Lü Fengnan, and the other was to force Gu Xisha out from the Blood Refining Hall.

Gu Xisha had really come out, and was proven to be a Monument Tear Individual!

Yu Suo had said before that if the Monument Tear Individual was Beiming City’s City Lord Xia Yin, then he would become Chu Mu’s friend.

However, if the Monument Tear Individual was Gu Xisha, then it was without a doubt that Gu Xisha was a Fake Monument Tear Individual. He did not receive the acknowledgement of the Heaven Boundary Monument, but collected the Monument Tears by killing the real Monument Tear Individuals!

The first Fake Monument Tear Individual had finally shown up. Chu Mu’s emotions were strangely fluctuating!

What’s the rank of this Gu Xisha? How powerful is his soul pet? How many Monument Tears does he possess?

“Are you here to look for trouble?” snorted Gu Xisha as he continued, “You are really impressive for being able to defeat Han Erxing and Tang Zhuo. However, you’re still a greenhorn amongst the Immortal rank. You’re nothing in my eyes!”

Gu Xisha unleashed his qi as he said that line. Chu Mu and Bai Shaoye suddenly felt as if a mountain came crashing down towards them when the qi was pressed onto them!

This Gu Xisha is really strong!

Chu Mu could tell his strength from that immense soul remembrance, and he was unsure if he could defeat him with his semi devilification.

“Brother Xisha, calm down, calm down,” At that moment, a middle-aged man approached with smiles.

Someone who was able to call Gu Xisha brother must be at the Gate Elder level in Xuan Gate. The disciples knew the owner of that voice and greeted him respectfully.

“Gate Elder!”

“Gate Elder!”

Xuan Gate’s vice Gate Elder Wan Qiu, only an individual of such a level could pacify Gu Xisha’s rage.

“Wan Qiu, you’re not even taking control when someone is stirring trouble here. What kind of Gate Elder are you,” complained Gu Xisha.

“It’s normal for the young generation to have conflicts, very normal,” Vice Gate Elder Wan Qiu's attitude remained gentle.

Gu Xisha snorted, “Are you thinking that I’m bullying the junior?”

“Not at all, not at all,” Vice Gate Elder Wan Qiu pulled Gu Xisha aside and talked to him using mental voice, “The other party is New Moon Land’s King Chu Mu, you don’t have to antagonize him.”

“I know that. Just a tiny New Moon Land, would they dare to say anything if I were to kill him?” snorted Gu Xisha in disdain.

They belonged to the famous Xuan Gate. Would they need to be mindful towards a tiny private territory?

“Old Sect Master Xiao’s life was saved by a female Xuan Teacher belonging to New Moon Land. If you kill their King, then Old Sect Master Xiao will be displeased. Furthermore, senior Gate Master is discussing the matter related to the Northern Territory with them. New Moon Land has gained the greatest share of the Northern Territory. You should know that a new land contains vast quantities of various kinds of resources. If you were to antagonize them, then the senior Gate Master will be displeased,” explained vice Gate Master Wan Qiu with mental voice.

The Northern Territory more or less had come under the direct jurisdiction of New Moon Land. Xuan Gate would have to get into contact with New Moon Land to obtain resources from there. Wan Qiu inviting Bai Shaoye to Xuan Gate was also for that very matter.

Gu Xisha reined in himself after the mention of senior Gate Elder and snorted, “Make those brats quieten down, or I will really kill them without any regard to their identities.”

“Relax, relax,” Wan Qiu sighed in relief after seeing Gu Xisha not pursuing this matter any further.

Gu Xisha took a glance at Chu Mu before leaving.

Actually, Gu Xisha had already intended to probe Chu Mu, because he suspected that Chu Mu was a Monument Tear Individual. He sensed the Monument Tears he held glowing on the day when Chu Mu fought Han Erxing.

Gu Xisha only had a little suspicion. He stood really close to Chu Mu this time, but the Monument Tears he held did not show any response. This meant that the Monument Tear Individual at the Hovering Mountain Battlefield was someone else.

“Why didn’t King Chu tell me that you were visiting our Xuan Gate? My disciples are just young and undisciplined, please forgive them for any rudeness,” said Wan Qiu politely.

Vice Gate Elder’s apology had caused all the disciples to open their eyes wide. Since even vice Gate Elder was so polite to him, it meant that the arrogant youth before them was on the same level as their vice Gate Elder!

“Gate Elder Wan is too polite. I’m just here to repay the deeds done to my wife, Ye Qingzi,” said Chu Mu.

“Oh, there must be some misunderstanding,” Wan Qiu kept up his pacifying attitude.

“Misunderstanding aside, weren’t your disciples the one's intending to fight our King Chu?” Bai Shaoye opened his mouth at this moment.

Lü Fengnan’s position was actually not inferior to Wan Qiu, and he had great potential in Xuan Gate. Wan Qiu could not directly blame Lü Fengnan, so he pushed the responsibility to the disciple with the surname Yuan and Lü Kongtong, “How can you two be so impolite? You can’t be  proper Xuan Teachers with such impetuous minds. Don’t you two have any common sense? King Chu is the champion of the Outstanding Expert Competition, you aren’t qualified to challenge him with your meager strength!”

Vice Gate Elder Wan Qiu’s scolding had caused Lü Kongtong and the senior disciple to be dumbfounded.

The other party was the one who provoked all of Xuan Gate’s disciples, they were only fighting back to defend Xuan Gate. Yet they were the ones who had made a mistake?

“Why are you still blanking out? Apologize to King Chu, then reflect by yourselves for three months!” ordered Wan Qiu sternly as he stared at Lü Kongtong and senior disciple Yuan.

Lü Kongtong and senior disciple Yuan were on the verge of tears. However, they did not dare to disobey a direct order from Gate Elder. They apologized to Chu Mu with stiff expressions.

The other disciples did not dare to say anything further. They had to apologize despite being provoked by an outsider in their territory. Who exactly was Chu Mu? Gate Elder Wan would even make such a decision for him!

Since a Gate Elder level person had interfered, Chu Mu knew that he could not beat up Lü Fengnan anymore.

The person whom Chu Mu wanted to beat was Lü Fengnan, so there was no need to destroy the relationship between New Moon Land and Xuan Gate for that. Hence he compromised and did not force Lü Fengnan to fight him.

Of course, even though Chu Mu no longer forced a fight with him, Lü Fengnan’s expression did not get any better. Getting humiliated by someone in his own territory, yet the other party still remained so arrogant as if it was nothing. This was something that Lü Fengnan could not tolerate!

Before leaving, Lü Fengnan glared at Chu Mu with a vicious stare and cursed Chu Mu in his heart.

Chu Mu did not mind Lü Fengnan’s hostility, since Lü Fengnan was his enemy in the first place.

Furthermore, Chu Mu’s objective had already been achieved. Gu Xisha was the Fake Monument Tear Individual!

“Dismiss, stop crowding around here!” announced Gate Elder Wan.

The disciples did not dare to stay behind. They went back to continue their jobs, but one could tell that their moods were extremely foul.

“Since King Chu has arrived personally, please let me show some hospitality at my hall. I also have some things to discuss with you,” said Wan Qiu.

“It’s my first time to Xuan Gate, let me take a stroll around. Most of the things are not managed by me, you can have a discussion with Enforcer Bai,” said Chu Mu.

“Oh, that’s fine, then......” Wan Qiu took a glance at Lan Yin and recognized the female disciple. Then, he spoke in a serious tone, “Lan Yin, serve King Chu well, don’t disgrace our Xuan Gate!”

Lan Yin was miles away from the level of Gate Elder. After getting instructed by Gate Elder Wan Qiu, she knew that she might have a chance of climbing up the ranks if she performed well here. Hence, she nodded with the utmost enthusiasm.

Lan Yin did not think that Chu Mu’s position was so high at first. She was already interested in Chu Mu due to his handsome looks, now that she saw that even the Gate Elder was so polite to him......

It could be said that even if Chu Mu were to tell Lan Yin to bring him to her room, she would do so without any hesitation!

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