Chapter 139: Chu Mu VS Chu Yue (2)

Chapter 139: Chu Mu VS Chu Yue (2)

“Seventh phase second stage - commander rank - Purple Senluo, eighth phase eighth stage - servant rank - Fire Fairy, seventh phase third stage - commander rank - Light Rhinoceros.” Chu Mu glanced over and quickly determined the phase, stage, and rank of each of Chu Yue’s soul pets.

“Seventh phase first stage - commander rank - Heavenly Vine Demon, eighth phase third stage - warrior rank - Flame Winged Bird, seventh phase third stage - commander rank - Thunder Sword Winged Lion.” Chu Zhengfan’s three soul pets rank, phase, and stage were all decently high. Each soul pet was a seventh phase commander rank that had more or less underwent strengthening. If Mo Xie didn’t mutate into a Royal Flame Nine Tail Inferno Fox, Chu Mu might not even be match for those two.

Chu Mu’s three soul pets, no matter the stage, phase, or rank, were all very low. Even the highest phase and staged Night Thunder Dream Beast couldn’t compete due to the presence of the Purple Robed Dream Beast. When the soul pets were summoned, Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi’s side clearly felt weaker.

“Let the fight begin!” The notary said with a command!

Chu Yue immediately lifted up the corner of his mouth. Of Chu Mu’s three soul pets, other than being slightly wary of the Ice Air Fairy, the others were of no concern. Facing such opponent, Chu Yue didn’t need any strategy, directly commanding his Purple Senluo, who was still upset at the Ice Air Fairy, to fly up and attack the Ice Air Fairy.

The opponent had three wing-typed soul pets. If they weren’t controlled well, their composition would very easily get disrupted. Ye Qingzi immediately told her Purple Robed Dream Beast to take to the air to prevent the soul pets from suffering aerial assaults.

“Moon, Water Screen Armor!” The support soul pets immediately gave Chu Mu’s soul pets a defensive effect.

Deep blue water gently condensed on the Zhan Ye’s ink colored armor, quickly draping an unobstructing Water Screen Armor over the Zhan Ye’s body, raisings its defense to sixth rank late stage.

To Zhan Ye, having a sixth rank late stage defense meant not being able to be instantly killed, and a Zhan Ye that couldn’t be instantly killed was a Zhan Ye whose tenacious fighting strength would crumble an opponent mentally.

“Jia, Wood Spirit Dew.” Ye Qingzi again commanded his soul pet.

Wood Spirit Dew, when dripped on a soul pet, can cause its life force to raise under the nurturing of this nature’s spirit.

Wood Spirit Dew was useless to elemental type soul pets, so this technique was Dual Released onto Zhan Ye and the Purple Robed Dream Beast.

Zhan Ye’s life force was already six times the normal soul pets. With the effects of Wood Spirit Dew, he could directly raise the Zhan Ye’s life force to seven times the norm. This meant that, as long as the Zhan Ye had this effect from the Wood Tray Spirit, its wound recovery speed would be seven times the norm, as well as having the potential to use Broken Limb Rebirth seven times.


Having two status effects, even if it were only fifth phase fifth stage, Zhan Ye had nothing to fear. Its black eyes full of fighting intent immediately locked onto the seventh phase third stage Light Rhinoceros.

As the supportive techniques were cast, Chu Yue’s fastest Purple Senluo had already appeared in the skies above Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi.

The Purple Senluo proudly waved its purple wings, screaming as it summoned black thunder clouds to attack Chu Mu’s Ice Air Fairy with a thunder type attack!

“Mo Xie, protect the Zhan Ye well.” Chu Mu said to the little Mo Xie lying on the Zhan Ye’s head.

“Wuwuwu~~~~” Mo Xie adorably nodded, extending her little claws from her meaty paws. Once Zhan Ye fell into danger, Mo Xie would definitely give the opponent a flashy Royal Flame Claw.

“Ning, Ice Sword Formation.”

The Ice Air Fairy’s incantation had already been prepared. With a command from Chu Mu, Black Ice crystals quickly floated upwards and formed ice sword after ice sword that hung pointing above the Ice Air Fairy.

“His Ice Air Fairy is very powerful, be careful.” Chu Yue had witnessed Chu Mu’s Ice Air Fairy, so he immediately reminded Chu Zhengfan.

“It’s only a sixth phase seventh stage Ice Air Fairy, how powerful can it be.” Chu Zhengfan said without any concern.

Black thunder clouds had started to appear near the Purple Senluo in the sky already. Purple lightning arcs constantly darted around within the black clouds. With a shrill scream from the Purple Senluo, three shocking lightnings suddenly fell down!!


The Purple Robed Dream Beast had long been staring at the Purple Senluo. When the thunder came, the Purple Robed Dream Beast’s dream horn flashed with a purple lightning arc, and almost at the same instant when the three thunders touched Chu Mu’s Ice Air Fairy, the three thunders suddenly disappeared into thin air!

Thunder Absorption! A defensive technique that could absorb same type techniques and, to some degree, convert it to its own energy!


The Purple Robed Dream Beast let out a loud neigh, causing its dream horn to flash. Instantly, six similar powered thunders appeared on the body of the approaching Flame Winged Bird!

Thunder type attacks didn’t affect the Purple Dream Beast, but it would completely damage the Flame Winged Bird. Before the Flame Winged Bird casted any technique, six thunders came through, causing it to have to cast Extreme Speed for dodging. After it backed off repeatedly, it barely dodged five!


The last thunder still hit the body of eighth phase third stage Flame Winged Bird. It let out a screech as its body dropped a little. Its fire red eyes watched the Purple Robed Dream Beast angrily.

“I can deal with the air.” Ye Qingzi saw that Chu Mu’s attention had moved onto the battle in the sky and immediately notified him.

Chu Mu nodded, and he directly commanded his Ice Air Fairy to send his twenty Ice Sword Formation towards the eighth phase eighth stage Fire Fairy!


Just as the twenty massive Ice Swords flew by, above the Ice Air Fairy appeared another twenty Black Crystal Ice Swords. When these forty ice swords appeared, the entire crowd burst into commotion!

“I said his Ice Air Fairy was powerful.” Chu Yue glanced at the slightly shocked Chu Zhengfan and said.

“Nothing alarming.” Chu Zhengfan was just a bit surprised. After all, not many people trained their Ice Air Fairies to such level.


A few dazzling fire pythons suddenly appeared on the battlefield. The eighth phase eighth stage Fire Fairy was also very quick at casting. Just as the first twenty ice swords were about to hit, the terrifying fire pythons opened their gaping maws and each ate a few swords, quickly dissipating all twenty ice swords.

“Don’t think you’re the only one with a soul pet who knows how to Overlay!” Chu Yue laughed mockingly and commanded his Fire Fairy to cast Overlay on its Fire Python technique.

“Huhuhuhu~~~~~” Fire pythons again appeared. The Fire Fairy’s Microcontrol on fire type was also very good. Each fire python accurately ate a few of the Ice Air Fairy’s Black Crystal Ice Swords, and the remaining few swords were shattered with claws from the opponent’s beast type soul pet.

“Let me go try this woman.” Chu Zhengfan clearly also developed an interest in Ye Qingzi. Jumping onto his Thunder Sword Winged Lion, he took off and flew directly towards Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi’s side.

Ye Qingzi didn’t ride any soul pet, but instead backed off slightly and calmly commanded her Ice Fire Demon Fairy to cast a technique.

Ye Qingzi’s Ice Fire Demon Fairy’s strength was also extremely scary. Black Crystal Ice Crystals churned forward and became countless thin ice swords that frenzily attacked the three soul pets in the air. At the same time, the Ice Fire Demon Fairy could also cast fire type techniques, conjuring countless suddenly burning demon fires that countered the Heavenly Vine Demon’s vines everywhere!

“Your soul pet stages are all too low, we must get rid of one first or else it will be very tiring for us.” Ye Qingzi said.

“Let’s get rid of the Heavenly Vine Demon first.” Chu Mu looked at Ye Qingzi and lightly said.

“En.” Ye Qingzi and Chu Mu’s thoughts turned out to be the same. The seventh phase Heavenly Vine Demon’s restricting powers were very strong. Chu Mu’s Zhan Ye dashed forward first in battle, yet the continuous vines that appeared made it so it couldn’t really near the enemy’s side. If not for Mo Xie, Zhan Ye might have long since been bundled up.

“Mo Xie, control the Heavenly Vine Demon. Zhan Ye, occupy the Light Rhinoceros.”


The battle didn’t have any opponent Mo Xie thought was worthy, but it very enjoyed such mind controlling!

Immediately little Mo Xie jumped down from Zhan Ye’s head and her nimble body leapt landed lightly on the floor.

Though Chu Zhengfan was still in the air, he didn’t ignore this little soul pet. Seeing that this soul pet wanted to launch a sneak attack, he immediately smiled with belittlement. He laughed in his mind, “How could such tricks be played in front of my Heavenly Vine Demon?”


The Heavenly Vine Demon’s heavenly vines were like pythons, terrifyingly twisting around. Where it passed by, the battlefield ground immediately cracked open!

“You must be careful……” Chu Xian saw that the cute little fox had been targeted by the Heavenly Vine Demon and her heart tightened. A small and fragile soul pet like that would definitely get crushed with just one hit from a vine!


The silver body suddenly sped up. In front of the dancing python like vines, Mo Xie had no fear. As she ran at full speed, her tiny silver body seemed to suddenly disappear from the battlefield!

“Va…...vanish……” The people who saw this scene immediately opened their eyes wide, constantly scanning the battlefield to look for this tiny soul pet of Chu Mu’s.


The Heavenly Vine Demon already cast Heavenly Vine Dance. Instantaneously, the massive heavenly vines started twisting at a high frequency, creating deep gouges in the sturdy ground, shocking those who see it!

The Chu Clan disciples couldn’t see Mo Xie’s movements clearly, but as the older generation, Old Tu and Chu Yang stared blankly.

They could clearly see that, as the Heavenly Vine Demon was casting its almost undodgeable and crazy Heavenly Vine Dance, the tiny little fox soul pet actually ran an exquisite route smooth as water through the seventh phase vine type soul pet’s technique!!!

On the battlefield, including those outside, no one knew where the little fox soul pet went, but Old Tu and Chu Yang suddenly realized that this unseeming soul pet of Chu Mu’s was really the scariest of them all, because at this time, it had already appeared at the main body of the Heavenly Vine Demon without anyone noticing!


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