Chapter 1387: Lu Kongtong’s Provocation

Refining Hall was the location Xuan Gate people use to refine things. There were a few things necessary to refine for Xuan teachers. The first thing was a perfect refining soul pet. 

Ye Qingzi’s Ardent Yang Pupil was a refining soul pet. Whether one could make an immortal rank item highly depended on the refining soul pet.

The second thing required for refining was a furnace. A good furnace could control the flame better, improving the chances and quality of the refining.

The Immortal Ghost Stone that Ye Qingzi gave Chu Mu wasn’t very high quality. If he used it on Ghost Monarch King directly, the chances of failure were very high. Instead, Chu Mu gave it to Ning Maner to nurture.

When the quality was perfect, he could have a surefire way of getting a rock type immortal rank. Ye Qingzi always said Ning Maner was the best furnace that one could ask for.

If Xuan Gate also knew Ning Maner had this ability, they might immediately rip up this Refining Hall that they had for many thousand years and would steal Ning Maner at all costs.

Refining Hall was a tower shape and there were plenty in number. Most of them were grey, but there were other colored ones deeper in the mountain.

“Refining Halls are split by rank. Grey is for the most ordinary disciples. Only when one reaches a certain level can one use the white, blood, and silver-colored Refining Halls.” Lan Yin explained to Chu Mu in detail.

Chu Mu looked over. From his Monument Tear’s detection, the other Monument Tear Individual was in a blood-colored Refining Hall. Sadly, Lan Yin told Chu Mu that the blood-colored Refining Halls weren’t easily accessible by them.

Chu Mu was slightly sad about it, but didn’t want to give up. He wanted to at least gather more information to confirm who it was.

“Aiai, truly bad luck, I only made a low quality product!” A rather aged man coughed as he walked out of the white Refining Hall with a grumpy attitude.

Chu Mu looked at the man. This person should be over a hundred years old. He had quite a few wrinkles on his face.

“He’s a medium rank disciple of Xuan Gate, but it’s said he hasn’t successfully made a xuan item in fifty years. He’s so old, yet he’s still addicted to refining. Except, he always fails and wastes material…..” Lan Yin said in a small voice to Chu Mu, not hiding her mocking and distaste for this old man at all.

“Little girl, it’s bad to speak behind other’s backs.” The aged man turned to Lan Yin, showing that he actually heard her.

Lan Yin was slightly embarrassed but didn’t want to admit it, “I’m not wrong.”

“Whatever, I won’t bicker with you about it.” The man waited for himself to calm down, and went back into the Refining Hall.

The aged man’s failure caught many peoples’ attention. Different Xuan Gate disciples all started talking to each other. Some were laughing, while others were wondering whether he actually created a Xuan item.

“Lan Yin, how come you are here, didn’t your master tell you to go refining?” A man in a feathered cap came over.

“I’m in charge of the main entrance this month. Elder apprentice told me to bring this mister around Xuan Gate.” Lan Yin explained.

The feathered hat man had seen Chu Mu already. Seeing Chu Mu’s tall and masculine figure as well as his cold but handsome face, and seeing Lan Yin so close to him, he already had other emotions. He said upset, “Who is he, and why do you have to lead him around?”

“He’s….. He’s…..” Lan Yin blanked, not knowing how to introduce him. When she asked Ye Qingzi before, Ye Qingzi really didn’t say who this person was, not even a name.

Lan Yin was just about to say that it was a person that came with Lady Ye, when the feathered hat man’s face fell even further.

If Lan Yin couldn’t say his identity, it meant they had an unusual relationship!

The man’s eyes fell on Chu Mu again, not hiding his hostility at all.

“I’m Xuan Gate Advanced Disciple Lu Kongtong, who are you?” he questioned unhappily.

“Lu Kongtong, who is Lu Fengnan to you?” Chu Mu asked back.

Since they’re both named Lu, they must be related somehow.

“He’s my big brother.” Lu Kongtong said pridefully.

Lu Kongnan was only Lu Fengnan’s younger cousin, but this identity was enough to look down upon the vast majority of other Xuan Gate people of his age. When others needed to spend time working for materials and resources, he could go straight to the pharmacy and take whatever he needed. When others were still using the grey Refining Halls, he could easily use the white ones.

Because of this special identity, many female disciples that wanted to break through enjoyed hanging out with him.

Recently, Lan Yin appeared before him often as well. Lan Yin’s teasing attraction and curvaceous body quickly caught Lu Kongtong’s attention. However, Lan Yin wasn’t lowly in status, and she kept her distance very expertly, causing Lu Kongtong to be teased incessantly. Consequently, his desire for her has grown ever stronger.

Today, he planned to finish his master’s mission and go find Lan Yin to make him his woman.

Yet, right as he walked out of the Refining Hall, he saw her with another man.

Men all have an air around them, and Chu Mu’s presence alerted Lu Kongtong’s jealousy!

“Where is he, I want to see him.” Chu Mu wouldn’t bother with fighting Lu Kongtong over Lan Yin.

Lan Yin didn’t look as good as Ye Qingzi. Though she had a good figure, it was mainly due to her revealing outfits. If Ye Qingzi didn't dress so conservatively, showing her long legs alone would be enough to shame Lan Yin.

“Who do you think you are? The Chief Apprentice of Xuan Gate is not someone you can see whenever you want!” Lu Kongtong said with anger.

Lu Kongtong himself couldn’t even see Lu Fengnan easily, so why was this person being so rash? Did he think the Chief Apprentice of Xuan Gate could be called on like a servant?

“Lu Kongtong, calm down. This is Lady Ye’s friend.” Lan Yin was terrified that Lu Kongtong would do something irreversible and quickly explained.

“What Lady Ye, do we have anyone in Xuan Gate called Ye? This fellow dares to insult our Chief Apprentice, I need to teach him a lesson!” Lu Kongtong roared.

“You….. you are making trouble for no reason, when did he ever insult Chief Apprentice? I also have nothing to do with you Lu Kongtong, does doing this make you happy?” Lan Yin also got angry.

Who was this Lu Kongtong fellow, and why did it matter to him that she was following someone else? She’d never seen such a childish way of looking for trouble.

Lu Kongtong turned bright red from Lan Yin’s voice, and stared at Chu Mu with even greater venom.

Chu Mu didn’t care about Lu Kongtong at all.

Chu Mu viewed Ye Qingzi with great importance, and didn’t want anyone to bully her or trouble her.

Chu Mu heard about Lu Fengnan’s actions from Yu Suo. This person’s own ability was lacking, yet he tried to harm Ye Qingzi as well. Not only was she placed under house arrest for three months, if she couldn't fix the old Gate Master, it was likely that she would be imprisoned permanently!

This was something Chu Mu definitely would handle with Lu Fengnan. Since he was at Xuan Sect today, Chu Mu didn’t plan on being passive. Anyone that deserved a kick would get one, or else random people would continue to pester Qingzi.

“Hei, there’s drama here.” Some passing apprentice heard the commotion and immediately gathered around.

“Isn’t that Lu Kongtong and Lan Yin, what are they arguing about?”

“Stupid, don’t you see that there’s a man between them? It’s definitely because Lan Yin and that man were being close and Lu Kongtong saw it. Haha, Lu Kongtong has a bad temper, we'll have something good to see soon.”

These apprentices often came in bunches. Their days always consisted of boring refining and training. Seeing a battle due to jealousy break out was a nice addition to their usually boring lives.

“Kid, Lieshan Valley, do you dare come?” Lu Kongtong pointed at Chu Mu’s nose and issued a challenge.

“Where is that?” Chu Mu asked questioningly.

“You don’t even know about it? It’s the place where we apprentices often settle personal arguments. No matter how hard we battle, it won’t alert the patrolling older apprentice.” A thin cheeked man came over and explained, as if he couldn’t wait for them to start battling.

“You don’t dare? If you don’t, then go away. Wherever I am in the future, you better walk around me!” Lu Kongtong said.

“You aren’t my match, call Lu Fengnan over.” Chu Mu glanced at him.

“You really think you’re someone important huh, wanting to fight Chief Apprentice. He can kill you with a finger.” Lu Kongtong said.

”Oh?” Chu Mu lifted an eyebrow.

Two fingers to crush him? He had just gotten the crown for the Outstanding Experts Competition, did Lu Fengnan really have that much power?

Chu Mu didn’t want to waste time on this fellow. But, he knew that if he fixed Lu Kongtong up, Lu Fengnan would naturally come out. He continued, “Just summon your strongest soul pets.”

“Fight here?” Lu Kongtong was briefly stunned.

“You scared?”

“No way, if you want to do it here, we’ll do it!” With so many people watching, Lu Kongtong couldn't possibly back off.

Chu Mu didn’t even cast an incantation, and simply watched as Lu Kongtong summoned.

“Mister, let’s not be rash. There’s a ban on fights here. Also, Lu Kongtong is very powerful. His Hundred Poison Devil Insect is a high class dominator rank. None of us are his opponent.” Lan Yin said hurriedly.

Lan Yin knew Ye Qingzi was powerful, and probably could easily deal with Lu Kongtong. But, she didn't know Chu Mu’s strength.

Of the young apprentices, most inner people coming from large factions were around pseudo dominator rank.

Those with low class dominator rank were already on the higher end. Middle class dominator ranks were outstanding, and high class dominator ranks were adored by the older generation and heavily watched.

Ye Qingzi’s previous description of “insignificant person” caused Lan Yin to truly believe Chu Mu was just a disposable follower of Ye Qingzi.

Power was not proportional to handsome appearances, so Lan Yin was very worried for Chu Mu.

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