Chapter 1386: Monument Tear Individual, Xuan Gate Xian Zong

Zhengming Continent didn’t have many independent spaces. It was a question whether altogether there were as many independent spaces as New Moon Land. 

Imprint Valley was a particularly special existence in Zhengming Main City. Due to the exhaustion of magic energy stones and destruction of the formation, it had been closed for a long period of time. 

In a few days, it would be a full moon. The opening of Imprint Valley required the usage of Moon Essence. 

There was a bit of time until then. He knew that he was going to be separated from Ye Qingzi, so he spent the next few days with Ye Qingzi. 

“Chu Mu, I’m going to Xuan Gate. Come with me.” said Ye Qingzi. 

“What are you going there for?” asked Chu Mu, confused. 

Xuan Gate was Lu Fengnan’s territory. That fellow had constantly been finding trouble for Ye Qingzi in the dark. Chu Mu was a bit suspicious as to whether Liu Binglan’s attack was related to him. When his Imprint Valley cultivation ended, Chu Mu would definitely go and get rid of Lu Fengnan. 

“Do you remember my teacher?” said Ye Qingzi. 

Chu Mu nodded his head. 

“He comes from Xuan Gate Immortal School. The reason why I was able to learn such profound soul abilities was because methods came from Xuan Gate Immortal School.” said Ye Qingzi. 

“Oh, I didn’t realize the origins came from there.” Chu Mu was a bit surprised. 

But when he thought about it, it made sense. If Ying Rong didn’t come from Xuan Gate Immortal Sect, how would he have such strong soul methods? He even imparted Xuan methods to Ye Qingzi. 

“Yes. I’ve seen my master’s mother. Although I’ve been unwilling to enter Xuan Gate Immortal Sect, she still imparted a few immortal methods - that are not supposed to be divulged to outsiders - to me. The reason why I was able to refine an Immortal Ghost Stone was because of her help. Thus, before I return to New Moon Land, I must speak to her. Additionally, I hope that she will be able to teach me a few more things. Our New Moon Land has a lot of resources, so I will be able to slowly refine xuan items and immortal items.” said Ye Qingzi. 

“Ok, I’ll go with you.” Chu Mu nodded his head. 


Xuan Gate Immortal Sect sat on the southeastern mountains of Mu City. Like Divine Sect, this was a special immortal mountain that contained Purple Energy and Immortal Essence. 

While flying over Mu City, Chu Mu glanced down at the flourishing city. 

The streets under him were packed together and open on display. A few tall buildings were magnificently towering in place, while the people walking up and down the streets seemed so insignificantly small. 

Mu City was a large city. From the outer city to the inner city and then to the inner city, the topography resembled a huge creature crawling along the ground. From the adjacent few mountains in which the city lay between, it was possible to see the flourishing streets. 

Once past Mu City, the southeastern mountains gradually came to view. 

Among the verdance of the southeastern mountains was a purple, bright, and aesthetic color. There were also countless unknown species of flowers covering the mountain that had blossomed during springtime. Even while flying in the air, it was possible to smell the fragrance. 

“The southeastern mountains is separated by a border. We must enter through the mountain entrance as per the rules.” said Ye Qingzi. She pointed at a faintly discernible white mountain path in between the mountains.

Once they flew past the purple forest, Dead Dream lithely landed next to the mountain entrance. 

“If you like it, then just go.” Chu Mu brushed Dead Dream’s smooth feathers as he faintly smiled. 

When Dead Dream landed on the ground, Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi jumped off its back. As for Dead Dream, its body resembled an amalgamation of Fairy Butterflies that reached disagreement and suddenly separated from each other… 

“Pu pu pu pu~~~: 

The black-colored Fairy Butterflies gracefully flew into the air, flying in different directions of the purple forest. 

Their wings were soft, and their figures graceful as they danced lightly and elegantly...

The Xuan Gate disciples guarding the mountain entrance watched with astonishment at this beautiful scene. They quietly discussed amongst each other what species Dead Dream was, since they had never seen such a splendid soul pet before. 

After Dead Dream split itself, only one black-colored Fairy Butterfly landed on Chu Mu’s shoulder. When he needed to fight, all of the Fairy Butterflies would quickly gather to this butterfly. 

“It’s Young Lady Ye. Long time no see.” the disciple guarding the gate recognized Ye Qingzi and cordially walked over. 

“Mhm, I’ve come to pay a visit to the old madam.” Ye Qingzi nodded her head. 

“Ok, I’ll make a report. Lan Yin, bring Young Lady Ye up.” said the disciple guarding the gate. 

Lan Yin was a female disciple who didn’t have bad looks and had an extremely sexy figure. She wore a thin and tight dress that barely managed to cover her fiery figure that would make people’s throats dry. 

“Could the two of you follow me.” Lan Yin bowed and after she glanced at Ye Qingzi’s face, she looked at Chu Mu. 

Chu Mu felt this woman’s stare, but he didn’t have any emotion on his face. 

“Prude.” Lan Yin muttered to herself. She believed that once she led the way, there was no man who couldn’t stop his eyes from roaming her body. 

As they walked up the long stone stairs, Lan Yin very sexily swayed her thin waist. It was like she was intentionally showing herself off to someone. 

Ye Qingzi was a woman herself. At the beginning, she didn’t really notice it, but whenever Lan Yin would walk a step ahead of Chu Mu and display her figure, Ye Qingzi would crease her brows. 

“What’s wrong with this woman. She has nothing better to do than to show herself off here?” muttered Ye Qingzi to herself. 

Ye Qingzi was very confident in Chu Mu’s character. However, this didn’t mean she was willing to let a woman so wantonly show off her waist and butt in front of Chu Mu. 

“Could she be Lu Fengnan’s person?” Ye Qingzi thought to herself. 

Ye Qingzi rarely came to Xuan Gate Immortal School. However, almost every time she did, Lu Fengnan would make it hard on her. He was Xuan Gate’s Chief Disciple and many people in Xuan Sect were willing to do his bidding. 

As she thought to herself, Ye Qingzi glanced at Chu Mu, and discovered that he was staring at that woman. Her small mouth instantly pouted. 

“Young Lady Ye, who is the young master next to you? Do you mind introducing him?” Lan Yin wore a faint smile as she spoke. 

“He’s a non-essential person. There’s no need to introduce him.” unhappily said Ye Qingzi. 

“Oh, this young master’s bearing is unordinary. I thought he was some young master of a big family.” Lan Yin threw a glance at Chu Mu and smiled as she spoke. 

The adjacent Chu Mu forced a smile. She didn’t need to be like this even if she was jealous. That woman was walking in front of him and he couldn’t just stare at the ground the whole time. 

“You’re still looking?!” Ye Qingzi glared at Chu Mu. 

“I was just thinking that if you wore such a light-colored, thin and tight dress, you would definitely be very enchanting.” Chu Mu cracked a shameless smile. 

A faint red cloud emerged on Ye Qingzi’s face. She normally dressed conservatively. At most, her dresses would expose her knees. She would never dress like this woman, who exposed most herself and used an almost see-through thin skirt to cover the rest.   

Past the mountain gate, Chu Mu saw numerous independent mountains. Each mountain ostensibly had its own residences, villas and pavilions. 

Compared to Divine Sect’s supreme style, Xuan Gate’s buildings were much more simple and refined. This probably had something to do with the characters of most soul teachers, Xuan teachers and Immortal teachers. 

“Lan Yin will leave the two of you here.” Lan Yin bowed once more. This time, she didn’t restrain herself as she stared at Chu Mu and blinked her eyes. 

Ye Qingzi was feeling good today, and couldn’t be bothered to argue with this wanton woman. She walked straight up a mountain path towards a mountain villa. 

But after taking a few steps, Ye Qingzi suddenly discovered that Chu Mu was standing in place and staring at Lan Yin. 

“Chu Mu!” Ye Qingzi angrily stomped her feet. This man was growing worse and worse. If he were to stare more at Mu Qingyi, Ning Maner, Pang Yue, and the others, Ye Qingzi wouldn’t bring it up with him since beautiful women really had great attractive force on men. But Chu Mu was staring at this woman who made her feel disgusted! This was infuriating! 

“Qingzi, why don’t you go yourself to see the old madam. I’m going to take a walk around Xuan Gate.” Chu Mu turned around and spoke to Ye Qingzi. 

“Oh? Then do you need this young lady to lead the way for young master?” sweetly said Lan Yin. 

“Sure.” Chu Mu nodded his head. 

“I dare you to try.” Ye Qingzi frigidly said to Chu Mu. 

Chu Mu was stunned. He finally realized that Ye Qingzi was still feeling jealous. He hastily explained: “It’s a Monument Tear Individual. There’s a Monument Tear Individual in Xuan Gate.” 

“A Monument Tear Individual?” Ye Qingzi immediately stopped her outburst and stared with shock at Chu Mu. 

“Yes. Maner added a protection onto my Monument Tear, so I am, to a certain extent, immune from the detection of other Monument Tear Individuals. I don’t think that the Monument Tear Individual in Xuan Gate can detect me. I want to search for who this Monument Tear Individual is.” seriously said Chu Mu. 

“Then be careful. If something happens, have Dead Dream tell me. My master’s mother has a rather high position in Xuan Gate.” said Ye Qingzi. 

“I will.” Chu Mu nodded his head. 



“You’re not allowed to stare at her!” 


A Monument Tear Individual! 

Chu Mu never expected to encounter one at Xuan Gate. Was it the same person who he encountered in the Floating Mountain Battlefield, or was it someone else? 

Chu Mu remembered that Yu Suo had listed out three possibilities of the Monument Tear Individual. Chu Mu had seen Xia Yin, and unless he had some concealing method, he could probably be excluded from this list. 

The other mysterious person couldn’t be scouted, while the most likely person was the remaining famous Poison Master Gu Xisha from Xuan Sect. 

When he stepped into Xuan Sect, he had instantly felt the presence of a Monument Tear Individual. Thus, the chances of Gu Xisha being either a Monument Tear Individual or Fake Monument Tear Individual were extremely high. 

Chu Mu had to find out more about this. If he was too passive, he would have to wait until the Fake Monument Tear Individuals found him. But this wasn’t his style of doing things. 

“Where does young master wish to go? Our Xuan Gate is a cultivation ground, but has many beautiful sceneries.” coquettishly said Lan Yin. 

After Ye Qingzi left, this woman became even more unrestrained. She even stuck herself up to Chu Mu as she spoke, emitting a fragrant and criminally sexy fragrance from her mouth. 

“What place is that?” Chu Mu pointed to where he had felt the Monument Tear. 

“Refining Hall. It’s where our Xuan Gate’s disciples and masters refine things.” answered Lan Yin. 

“Then let’s go there first.” said Chu Mu. 

“Ok. We’ll go wherever young master wishes to go.” said Lan Yin. 

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