Chapter 1385: Why Don’t You Guys Get Married

Chu Mu was very surprised that Lin Mengling would directly question him. 

Since she was being so direct, Chu Mu didn’t feel like beating around the bush. He nodded his head and said: “I did want to kill him.” 

“So you’re saying you had a motive to kill him?” continued Lin Mengling. 

“Yes. He sent people to covertly attack my little sister,” admitted Chu Mu.

Lin Mengling faintly creased her brows, but she quickly relaxed this small movement. 

Lin Mengling genuinely was really suspicious that Chu Mu had killed Han Erxing because she had already found out from her investigation that Han Erxing had plotted something nefarious against people close to Chu Mu that night. 

Han Erxing’s methods were indeed detestable, but he should have been punished by Divine Sect. Chu Mu killing him without saying a word was also a cruel action. 

Adding on the fact that Chu Mu’s strength was being revealed bit by bit, Lin Mengling was even more sure that Chu Mu had committed this act. However, Lin Mengling didn’t have any evidence on her. 

Therefore, she just asked him directly. She wanted to obtain some clues from his expression when he answered the question. This was what Divine Sect members did when they had a suspect but lacked evidence. 

Unfortunately, she wasn’t able to see anything from his expression. There was no flustered expression, nor too much of one emotion. All there was was a sliver of surprise. But this sliver of surprise could come from the fact she had suddenly asked him this question. 

“He should be thankful that he didn’t end up in my hands.” calmly said Chu Mu. 

If he could avoid admitting he killed someone, it was best to avoid admitting it. Especially in front of Lu Yuqin, who would do anything to uphold justice. 

Chu Mu believed that Lin Mengling, as a young magistrate, would also be the same. Thus, he maintained this attitude in front of her: I killed him, but I won’t admit it. Even if you have evidence, I still won’t admit it. 

“The highest realm of lying is probably filled with people like you. You’re expressionless and look deadpan.” Yu Suo used a mental voice to speak to Chu Mu. 

“What are you doing here?” Chu Mu used a mental voice to ask. 

Not long ago Chu Mu met with Yu Suo. He wanted her help to find out who had attacked Liu Binglan. But why did she appear here? This woman seemed like she was everywhere. 

“I’m here for Imprint Valley matters.” said Yu Suo. 

“Oh, I almost forgot.” 

Lin Mengling’s interrogation was a sidetrack from the main event. Chu Mu had come here not to be interrogated about Han Erxing’s death, but for Imprint Valley matters. 

Initially, there were only two spots in Imprint Valley. One belonged to Lin Mengling, while the other belonged to Chu Mu. But when Divine Sect considered that there were only two of them, and that there was a rather high chance of encountering danger in Imprint Valley, they invited Beiming City City Lord, Xia Yin, to go as well. 

The reason why they invited Xia Yin was because Beiming City had supplied Divine Sect with the magic energy stones required for Imprint Valley’s formation. It made the cultivation aura in Imprint Valley even denser, increasing the cultivation resources inside. This allowed for three people to train inside. Of course, the most important consideration was safety. 

Imprint Valley was indeed a cultivation holyland. However, this also meant that the creatures living inside had been nurtured for a long period of time. They would become incredibly strong. Lin Mengling was the pearl of Divine Sect, and nobody was willing to watch any mishap happen to her. 

Imprint Valley would be opened in ten days, and the next time it would be opened again would be in a year. 

This cultivation holy land would have benefits to increasing one's strength, so Chu Mu didn’t have any reason not to go. However, Chu Mu wasn’t at ease about Liu Binglan’s matters. 

Yu Suo knew what Chu Mu was considering and said to him: “Help me lure that Imprint Valley creature to the formation I’ve laid down, and I will help you protect everyone.” 

Chu Mu nodded his head and asked: “What history does the Hidden Pupil Royalty have?” 

“They have the highest bloodline rank of humans. In order to ensure they maintain the purity of their bloodline, they mainly marry their own relatives. This has caused their population to dwindle. Indeed, even if they try to marry their relatives, they need to make sure it’s at least one or two degrees of separation.” explained Yu Suo. 

“How strong are they? Do you know why they wanted to attack my mother?” Chu Mu proceeded to ask. 

“I don’t know. I really have been thinking of forming relationships with people from Hidden Pupil Royalty. Unfortunately, Hidden Pupil Royalty is partly secluded from the world. It’s no easy task to pull them in. I think that the reason for attacking your mother could be because of the Northern Territory’s events. It caused their dissatisfaction so they found those two people to attack your mother. Those two people are at most servants of the Hidden Pupil Royalty and cannot be actually considered Hidden Pupil Royalty Members.” said Yu Suo. 

Chu Mu was even more confused. Additionally, if he couldn’t find those responsible for the attack, Chu Mu would feel uneasy. 

“Don’t worry, the old man next to her is very strong. In the future, he definitely won’t give those people any more chances.” said Yu Suo. 

Yu Suo needed Chu Mu to place his attention on Imprint Valley. The benefits there were extremely generous. If it weren’t for the restriction in Imprint Valley limiting her strength, she would have personally gone for such an important matter.” 

Xia Yin and Lin Mengling probably had their own missions when they entered Imprint Valley. They wouldn’t tell the others about it. But in ten days when they entered Imprint Valley, the three of them would be in the same boat, and they would tell the others when the time came. 

After leaving Imperial Garden and returning to her residence, Ning Maner could be found playing in the rock garden with the Little Hidden Dragon. Her laughter could be heard from far away. 

“Big brother.” when Ning Maner saw that Chu Mu had returned, she immediately ran up to him. 

After Han Erxing’s attack, Chu Mu didn’t let Ning Maner go out. Thus, he figured that she would feel stifled inside. 

Being dragged into the faction disputes would bring numerous inconveniences. Chu Mu felt that the longer he stayed in Zhengming City, the more likely he would be dragged into these disputes. 

Unfortunately, these disputes could not be avoided. 

“I will be gone for a period of time. During this time, follow your Big Sister Ye and don’t cause trouble everywhere.” Chu Mu warned Ning Maner. 

“What do you mean cause trouble everywhere? I really dislike it when you describe me like that,” pouted Ning Maner. 

Ning Maner innately liked to play and after she grew familiar with everyone, she returned to her original vivacious and restless ways. She was always bothering people to bring her out to play. 

Zhengming Main City was so large, and even if she finished playing in Zhengming Main City, there was still the even larger Mu City. There had been many instances where Ning Maner wanted Mu Qingyi to bring her to Mu City. But Mu Qingyi was busy with breaking through and didn’t have the time to play with her. 

“How long will you be gone for?” asked Ning Maner. 

“About a year.” said Chu Mu. 

Imprint Valley wouldn’t be opened for another year. Although it was in Zhengming Main City, this special sealed space was like a location separated by a long distance.  

“Oh? So long? Big brother just managed to coax back big sister again, yet you’re running off on your own again. Aren’t you afraid of big sister getting upset?” said Ning Maner. 

Chu Mu did really feel embarrassed when Ning Maner said this. He didn’t know how to bring this up to Ye Qingzi. 

It would be best if he could bring Ye Qingzi with her, but the number of spots was strictly limited. 

When he returned to reception hall, Ye Qingzi and Liu Binglan were seated there, wearing faint smiles as they looked at Chu Mu. 

Ning Maner immediately left Chu Mu and ran up to Liu Binglan and Ye Qingzi. 

“Chu Mu, in a few days I plan on returning to New Moon Land.” said Liu Binglan. 

“Hmm, ok. I still have a few things to deal with. I’ll stay here for now.” Chu Mu nodded his head.

Going back to New Moon Land was also good. That was his territory after all, and he didn’t need to worry about safety. 

Ye Qingzi looked at Chu Mu, confused. 

Ning Maner butted in and told Ye Qingzi what Chu Mu had just told her. Ye Qingzi immediately looked like a bitter young lady and glared at Chu Mu. 

“I need to go to Imprint Valley. That place has vestiges of the Phoenix Species and it will help Dead Dream grow stronger…” Chu Mu was helpless. 

Chu Mu was going to train and Ye Qingzi couldn’t really say anything. She said: “Then I’ll go back with mother-in-law.” 

“Ok. When my training ends, I’ll immediately come back.” Chu Mu knew that Ye Qingzi would understand him. 

“Chu Mu, there’s also something else to discuss with you.” Liu Binglan saw that Chu Mu was about to leave and immediately called out to him to stop. 

“What is it?” Chu Mu planned on going to Lu Yuqin to understand more about the Hidden Pupil Royalty. 

“After your training ends this time, why don’t you officially marry Ye Qingzi. Dragging it on isn’t something good, right?” seriously said Liu Binglan. 

Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi were stunned. 

Chu Mu had always seen Ye Qingzi as his wife. Getting officially married was secondary. 

However, Liu Binglan’s reminder really did suddenly remind Chu Mu that he owed Ye Qingzi a wedding. 

During their wedding in Xiangrong City, there had been over a thousand grooms and over a thousand brides. Chu Mu had been wearing a fiery red tuxedo, while Ye Qingzi had been wearing a holy blue dress. Their pledge that evening to get married, even without their parents approval, was something Chu Mu wouldn’t forget. However, as luck would have it, the person who blessed their marriage was Chu Mu’s enemy who had deeply hurt him. This had instantly destroyed their beautiful evening. 

Afterwards, the people around them had just treated them as husband and wife. However, they never had a proper and grand wedding to formalize their relationship… 

Thus, Liu Binglan’s sudden suggestion made Chu Mu a bit ashamed. He should have talked to Ye Qingzi about this before. Yet, he had dragged it on for so long. 

“Mother-in-law, this… let’s talk about this later?” Ye Qingzi was a bit flustered by the sudden mention of marriage. 

“You’ve always been calling me mother-in-law. It’s time to change the way you call me.” Liu Binglan faintly smiled as she looked at Ye Qingzi.

Ye Qingzi’s face went red. She lowered her head and didn’t say anything. But she threw a secret glance at Chu Mu. 

Suddenly, Ye Qingzi thought of a problem. Since this wedding would be held in New Moon Land and would definitely be grand and official, would it affect the princess? 

“Ok, let’s set the date to be next year on the day when spring turns to summer.” Chu Mu nodded his head. 

When he heard Chu Mu’s words, Ye Qingzi’s heart was touched. The day on which spring turned to summer had been the same day the two of them had their unfortunate marriage in Xiangrong City. Ye Qingzi didn’t expect for Chu Mu’s memory to be so precise. 

“Isn’t that too rushed? It’s nearly the day when spring turns to summer right now. When that date comes next year, you will have just left Imprint Valley. How about we push it back a few days?” said Liu Binglan. 

“There’s no need. It will be on that day.” earnestly said Chu Mu, as he threw a knowing smile at Ye Qingzi. 

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