Chapter 1384: Hidden Pupil Royalty

“Female Supreme, are you okay?” Yu Bo rode an imposing flying tiger as he landed from the skies in front of Liu Binglan.

Liu Binglan’s gaze was still fixated on where the man had appeared.

“I’m fine.” Liu Binglan shook her head.

“It’s the old man’s fault, I stayed for too long.” Yu Bo said remorsefully.

If he knew someone was trying to target Liu Binglan, Yu Bo would naturally protect her the entire day. He wouldn’t be able to forgive himself if anything bad had happened.

Yu Bo walked by the two demon corpses and noticed both demons seemed to have been killed with a single sword, dying swiftly. This clearly was the doings of an expert.

Yu Bo was secretly confused. Did the Hidden Pupil Royalty send anyone else to protect Liu Binglan? Why didn’t he know about it?

“Aunt Liu, are you okay? You scared me there. I didn’t dare stop for a single second when going to find Yu Bo.” Pang Yue ran over afterward covered in sweat.

Liu Binglan smiled and expressed that she was fine.

However, for some reason, the person that appeared for a moment was now stuck in her head.

Who saved her?

Was he just passing by, or was he always by her side?

After they came back to their residence, Chu Mu was furious after he heard about the assault. He immediately brought Yu Suo to investigate the matters.

Han Erxing had already been dealt with, so there was no reason someone wanted to harm his close ones.

As for Gate Master Han Yan and Lu Fengnan, who had troubles with Ye Qingzi, they were being watched by old Sect Master Xiao. They didn’t dare to assault in the city this recklessly.

After Ye Qingzi found out, she directly went to Divine Sect to ask for Magistrate Xiao’s help.

Magistrate Xiao Xueang had mentioned in the past that saving his father’s life meant he was indebted. Ye Qingzi almost never asked Magistrate Xiao for anything in the past, but he remembered this favor. The moment Ye Qingzi mentioned it, Xiao Xueang immediately sent people out to investigate.

An assassination that happened in the city was naturally within Divine Sect’s jurisdiction.

Liu BInglan didn't think that Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi would get this careful just because she was attacked. She wanted to convince them not to get so worried, but both of them insisted the mastermind had to be found, or else they couldn’t be at ease.


Yu Suo’s massive underground network was indeed amazing, getting an answer even before Divine Sect.

“Young Master Chu, follow me.” Gao He led Chu Mu towards the south city.

There was an extremely tall wall in South city. The south side of South City belonged to the Mu Family Dynasty.

Mu Family Dynasty’s city rank system was less strict. Most people could enter it, so its magnitude was relatively large. Its flourishing nature also goes without saying.

Zhengming Main City and Mu City was merely a mountain away. Normally, Chu Mu couldn’t see the magnitude and brilliance of Mu City, but he had a chance this time finally.

“Young Master Chu, they are here.” Gao He came to a slope and pointed in the ditch.

The ditch connected both cities, providing a water source for the two cities’ lake scenery and parks.

The ditch was normally crystal clear, but it currently held two slowly decaying and putrid corpses.

A man and woman, they died in a miserable way. The man had his head crushed and cut off, while the woman had a deep cut from her abdominals up to her chest. One could tell that the killer was furious with them.

“How long have they been dead for?” Chu Mu asked.

“It looks like they died last night. It looks like they were killed when returning to Mu City.” Gao He said.

“Any news in Divine Sect?” Chu Mu asked.

Divine Sect’s Gao He was also responsible for contacting Xu Daofeng, so naturally, he knew a little more.

“Divine Sect used the two Addicting Dream Demon corpses to ascertain their identity. They’re most likely two slaves of the Hidden Pupil Royalty. However, they may also be part of Dark Sect.” Gao He said.

“Hidden Pupil Royalty? And who are they?” Chu Mu furrowed his brows to ask.

“Hidden Pupil Royalty is the oldest family dynasty of Zhengming Main Continent. They’re thousands of years earlier than even the Mu Family Dynasty. There aren’t that many Hidden Pupil Royalty members, directly opposite of the Mu Family Dynasty. Members of it live a half hermit lifestyle. They have no conflicts with any other faction but also have very healthy relationships with all the large factions. The main members of the Hidden Pupil Royalty are all very powerful. Even the royalty of Mu Family Dynasty has to respect them.” Gao He only knew this much.

In reality, Hidden Pupil Royalty had been mentioned by his elders, but Gao He had never seen a real Hidden Pupil Royalty person. It was said that Hidden Pupil Royalty’s young soul pet trainers were sometimes even stronger than the old immortal rank experts of Zhengming Main City.

Chu Mu fell into deep thought, not sure why his mother had tangled with such a special power.

After going back to the courtyard, Chu Mu explained his situation.

Liu Binglan was also confused. She had never been in contact with this Hidden Pupil Royalty, so why were they trying to get rid of her?

“Can they be Dark Sect?” Xu Daofeng asked.

Dark Sect was always ruthless in their methods and often don’t even have a good reason. Xu Daofeng felt that such a brave act would be done only by Dark Sect.

Chu Mu shook his head and refuted the idea.

Yu Suo was deep into Dark Sect’s inner workings. If Dark Sect wanted to deal with Liu Binglan, There was no reason for Yu Suo to not know.

Of course, if there were other Dark Sect factions, it would be harder to understand, but what would they stand to gain?

“Chu Mu, my teacher wants to see you. She’s waiting in the garden.” Xu Daofeng walked over and said to Chu Mu.

Chu Mu nodded and followed Xu Daofeng to the Imperial Garden.

Imperial Garden was a garden near the city. The garden forest wasn’t large and had a few elegant wooden rooms. Within the rooms were a tea house-made to provide a meeting area for special people.

Once in the wooden room, Chu Mu immediately smelled an alluring scent that seemed familiar.

Walking in, Chu Mu saw three beautiful women lightly speaking to each other.

Besides the three women was an extremely young man. He kept an easy smile and didn’t participate in their conversation. Instead, he had his hands behind his head as he gazed at the scenery outside.

“Teacher, Chu Mu is here.” Xu Dafoeng walked by Lu Yuqin and said respectfully.

“You can sit.” Lu Yuqin said.

Xu Daofeng was her disciple, so naturally, he was only fit to stand here. Lu Yuqin was gesturing to Chu Mu.

Chu Mu glanced at the other four people, and was confused.

“You’re Chu Mu?” The fair-skinned woman across from Chu Mu asked.

Chu Mu nodded but his gaze moved questioningly to Lu Yuqin.

“This is Divine Sect Magistrate Lin Mengling.” Lu Yuqin introduced with a smile.

“This one is…. Oh, you know each other.” Lu Yuqin was about to introduce the veiled Saintess Yu and realized it was unnecessary. She finally turned to the easy-going man and said, “This is Xia Yin, Beiming City Master.”

Chu Mu’s attention fell on Xia Yin. Yu Suo had mentioned him in the past with admiration. This must be a very outstanding person.

Sadly, Chu Mu’s Monument Tear had no reaction, meaning he wasn’t a Monument Tear Individual.

Xia Yin wasn’t stunningly attractive, but he had a special quality around him. From his eyes, one could not find the arrogance and frivolousness that are in others like Tang Zhuo and Xin Xin. He instead had an easy-going air.

It was rare for a person like Xia Yin, famous amongst immortal rank experts, to not have any arrogance at all.

It was not that experts didn’t have arrogance. It’s just that their arrogance doesn’t need to be established upon looking down at others.

“I saw your competition, I like your style. Let’s fight and learn from each other sometime.” As Chu Mu was watching Xia Yin, Xia Yin extended a friendly hand.

Chu Mu extended a hand as well. Xia Yin gave him a good first impression. Though he wasn’t a Monument Tear Individual, he was worthy of respect.

“No problem.” If someone wanted to fight, Chu Mu never rejected it.

“I always feel as if you’re still holding back.” Xia Yin said.

Xia Yin watched Chu Mu’s fight with Han Erxing and Tang Zhuo. In both fights, Chu Mu acted too carefree, with no panic from beginning to end. This, to a certain extent, meant he wasn’t on the same level as those other two.

Chu Mu smiled mysteriously. This was better left for them to guess at instead of him explaining.

“We all manage independent territories, come to my Xia Yin City sometime.” Xia Yin naturally understood what that meant and smiled.

Tang Zhuo truly wasn’t enough for Xia Yin at all. If Chu Mu really held back, fighting him would be much more interesting.

As the two spoke, the prodigy of Divine Sect, Lin Mengling was slightly upset.

Beside them, Lu Yuqin couldn’t find a chance to interrupt either. She found it strange that the two men were like this. Lin Mengling and Saintess Yu were both extremely talented and beautiful women, yet they were completely uninterested. If it were any other young generation member, they would be begging to speak a few more words with the two women.

“Oh, sorry sorry, we really hit it off immediately and accidentally spoke for a little longer.” Xia Yin finally realized the stares he was getting from the women and smiled sheepishly.

Chu Mu didn’t care as much. Why did it matter that he said nothing to them?

“Chu Mu, since you’re still hiding your strength, I have to ask you a question.” Lin Mengling said.

Chu Mu looked at her, not sure what she was about to ask.

“Did you kill Han Erxing?” Lin Mengling’s gaze suddenly sharpened.

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