Chapter 1383: Liu Binglan Assaulted

“Unbelievable, he actually won.” Lu Fengxue was surprised.

Lu Fengxue heard of Chu Mu from Lu Yuqin and Xu Daofeng. At first, she thought Chu Mu was the same level as Xu Daofeng and Mu Qingyi.

Who knew that he would be this successful, even defeating the most powerful Tang Zhuo. This power was hardly matched in all of Zhengming Continent.

“This means that the person who will be stepping into Imprint Valley is him. That will be interesting.” Lin Mengling smiled.

Counting the soul pets he summoned before, this person was actually more powerful than Tang Zhuo.

It was rare that a prodigy like this never appeared; this ability to stay low profile isn’t something most people have.


Coming down from the Hovering Battlefield, Chu Mu felt the avid gazes around him. However, he remained calm and collected, as if this honor was not worth being excited over.

Chu Mu was the typical type to ignore all spectators’ feelings, regardless of if they disliked you or adored you.

He didn’t walk back to the main Hovering Mountain but instead walked over to a separate third one.

Ye Qingzi, Ning Maner, Ye Wansheng, Mu Qingyi, Prince Chao, Shen Mo, and Pang Yue all sat there, smiling and waiting for Chu Mu.

They were all people extremely familiar with Chu Mu. Ever since they found out about the world outside of New Moon Land, the massive world and powerful enemies have given them immense pressure. However, there was always one person that continued to improve without fail: Chu Mu.

Going from the King of Tianxia City, to the leader of New Moon Land, and now becoming the top of Zhengming Main Continent’s younger generation, they all believed that even if there was a world even larger outside of Zhengming Main Continent, he would remain at a position watched upon by all.

Chu Mu sat back down beside Ye Qingzi like before. Now, everyone near them became extremely excited.

Normally, they could only watch people like Tang Zhuo from afar. Most of them didn’t even have the qualifications to say a single word to him. However, now the person who defeated Tang Zhuo was sitting right by them. It was a lie to say they didn’t want to come over and make friends.

Of course, even if they really wanted to, they didn’t dare to walk over. This was a natural respect for the powerful as they’re scared their brash gestures may bring dissatisfaction.

“Chu Mu, look, we’re all famous because of you.” Pang Yue smiled.

Shen Mo was smart here. He knew this was a good chance for New Moon Land to establish its name. He actively started using his identity as New Moon Land Zhengming Main Continent Subpalace Master to connect with all the people who were interested.

Shen Mo doing this was a good idea. Chu Mu didn’t like talking with outsiders. Chu Mu never liked networking, but when considering New Moon Land’s benefits, completely rejecting all contact would be unwise. Having Shen Mo be in charge of it would simplify matters greatly.

Like Han Erxing, having had all his honor taken away, Tang Zhuo finally knew why Han Erxing would do something stupid in that anger. Failure was hard to accept.

Because of Tang Ang’s timely intervention, his Ash Blood Wing’s life was saved, but it would take a while to get back to proper health.

The competition neared its end, yet Tang Zhuo didn’t even appear on the stage for the second place honor. At this moment,the only thing he wanted to do was find a place and meditate to avoid all the strange and mocking eyes!

Tang Zhuo was proud. He had looked down upon many people in the past using the fact that he was the most powerful person in the younger generation.

However, without this title anymore, he was afraid that all these people would come back and mock him with vile words. Tang Zhuo didn’t want to see all their delighted faces, nor see the person that defeated him.

Chu Mu previously said that such a competition was meaningless to him. The honor probably didn’t bring him much pride at all.

However, in Xin Xin and Tang Zhuo’s eyes, this was a heavy insult.

Chu Mu only wanted the benefits of the Northern Territory. Everything else was just symbolic to bring fame to New Moon Land.

The northern territory was an incredibly rich and unexcavated land. Now that New Moon Land has the largest chunk, the large factions that wanted to create cities there would all be especially polite to New Moon Land.

Immediately, New Moon Land went from being suspected as too weak to come to the conference, to becoming one of the hottest new territories. It was good that Liu Binglan brought many people over, or else they wouldn’t be able to handle the barrage of factions and powers coming to send their goodwill.

Liu Binglan never wanted to expand her territory. She only wanted to make New Moon Land stronger, to make it a unique territory.

The northern territory’s land rights will be used in the form of a rental to those more suited for expansion. This was a topic Liu Binglan naturally discussed with Yu Suo and her invisible empire.

Yu Suo had always stuck with the idea of using other peoples’ goods. She wouldn’t bother trying to excavate the resources. Instead, she wanted to use other peoples’ ambition and greed to slowly eat away at them until she had control over them, making them a piece of her invisible empire.

…… “Aunt Liu, we should head back, we don’t have to do everything in one go.” Pang Yue was beside Liu Binglan and noticed her fatigue.

Liu Binglan nodded. She wasn’t extremely ambitious. Though many other members of the Territory Institute gave her a hard time about the Northern Territory, Liu Binglan didn’t bother fighting back.

“Where’s Yu Bo?” Liu Binglan asked.

“I think he met an old friend of his. They went to a tea house. Do you want me to get him?” Pang Yue asked.

“It’s fine, I’m troubling him too often to tell him to protect me at all times.” Liu Binglan shook her head.

After reaching Zhengming Main Continent, Liu Binglan could guess Yu Bo’s past position from everyone’s reactions. Always having such a famous person following her around as a bodyguard isn’t proper.

“Where’s Chu Mu and the others?” Liu Binglan asked.

After the competition, Liu Binglan had matters to tend to, and didn't even get to meet back up with Chu Mu.

To a mother, a son getting a tiny bit of honor was already worth being excited over, let along winning something at the scale of Zhengming Main City. Without Chu Mu leading New Moon Land constantly, it couldn’t possibly develop to its state today.

“If Chu Mu isn’t spending time with Qingzi, he’s training. What else does he know to do, hehe.” Pang Yue chuckled.

“You’re right.” Liu Binglan realized her question was unnecessary.

Walking through the long streets, Pang Yue was still having fun explaining everything that happened in Wupan Continent to Liu Binglan.

Liu Binglan dind’t speak much, choosing to silently listen.

Suddenly, Liu Binglan furrowed her brows as if she felt someone near.

“Pang Yue, let’s split up in a moment.” Liu Binglan said using her mental voice to Pang Yue.

Pang Yue was confused and was about to ask when she suddenly realized what that meant. A flash of vigilance flitted through her eyes.

“Someone’s following us?” pang Yue said with mental voice.

“En, very powerful too. Yu Bo isn’t far from us. Go find him, I’ll delay these people as long as possible.” Liu Binglan said.

Pang Yue didn’t dare hesitate and nodded, acting as if she forgot something important and left swiftly.

After Pang Yue left, a strange figure wavered under a tree, as if wanting to do something but hesitated.

“It’s fine, our main target is Liu Binglan, let her be.” A low voice sounded in an alley.

“En, I wonder what strength this woman has.” Another woman’s sound came. This woman sounded icy, as if a cold gust of wind blew past.

The two sets of eyes hid in the dark staring at Liu Binglan’s back image, looking for the perfect chance to attack.

Suddenly, Liu Binglan stopped walking.

Slowly turning around, her bright eyes gazed at the two sneaky followers and asked coldly, “Who are you?”

The following man and woman were both surprised, not understanding how Liu Binglan detected their presence.

Since they were noticed, they naturally had to make their move now.

Two demons darted out of the dark, nearing Liu Binglan at incredible speeds!

Liu Binglan started an incantation but didn’t realize these demons would be so powerful!

This speed was definitely near immortal rank. Was she too overbearing at the Territory Institute, causing people to want to get rid of her?

Liu Binglan wasn’t panicked by this speed. She completed her incantation. Star Sky Dust Spirit appeared with a brilliance near Liu Binglan.

Liu Binglan knew she wasn’t a match for these two people. She only needed to buy time until Yu Bo came to the rescue.

Star Sky Dust Spirit quickly cast an incantation to create a chaotic space between the enemy and Liu Binglan, stopping the demons’ assaults.


The Addicted Dream Demon extended sharp claws to instantly shatter the chaotic space!

The other demon passed through with this attack to assault Liu Binglan mentally.

Liu Binglan felt herself go dizzy. If not for her high remembrance, this was enough to make her faint.

Gathering herself together and backing away, her expression grew extremely grave.

These were two powerful enemies. With her current strength, she was no match unless she used the power she hadn’t completely controlled yet.

She could no longer care whether she would suffer any consequences from forcefully using it. She started the incantation forcefully.



Suddenly, two dark energy cold swords flew right past Liu Binglan’s body and entered the two Addicted Dream Demons’ skulls!

Spraying blood everywhere, the two demons instantly died without a sound.

Liu Binglan was shocked and confused.

The two assaulters were also dazed.

Liu Binglan turned around and felt as if she saw a cold man in a grey wind coat. The collars were stood up high to block his face. Only a pair of slightly lonely and clouded eyes were visible to Liu Binglan.

With a flash, the grey wind coat man disappeared from their sight.

The two assaulting people also immediately ran away in terror after seeing this man…..

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