Chapter 1381: Reality and Illusion, Night’s Dream

Under the black cloud, two enormous and majestic wings, with feathers resembling drops of blood, were unfurled!  

From high above, Tang Zhuo stood at a place where his enemy had to touch the clouds in order to attack him. He looked down at Chu Mu on the Hovering Battlefield. 

When Tang Zhuo learned that the opponent also had an immortal rank soul pet, he realized he had encountered a genuine strong enemy! 

He couldn’t lose. If he lost, he would pay a price heavier than Han Erxing did. 

Therefore, he didn’t dare underestimate Chu Mu at all. By occupying the sky, he could exhibit his Ashe Blood Wing’s superiority! 

In an aerial fight, the Ash Blood Wing wouldn’t lose! 

On the hovering rocks, Chu Mu looked up at the Ash Blood Wing in the sky. He understood Tang Zhuo’s intentions, but did that mean he was unwilling to meet him head-on? 

Today, dark clouds were covering the sky, as if the sky was being governed by shadows. But where there were shadows, regardless if it were the earth or the sky, it would become Night’s domain! 

Chu Mu jumped onto Night’s back. Night leaned forwards and suddenly leaped diagonally into the sky. 

Its four feet began to step in the shadows. Night stepped through the sky like it was the earth. It was extremely fast and all people were able to see was an elegant white feathered tail, like a flashing electric bolt. 

When it flew into the sky, a bloody smell permeated the area. 

The closer he got to the Ash Blood Wing, the more Chu Mu could see Tang Zhuo’s arrogant yet careful expression. 

Tang Zhuo narrowed his eyes. He was telling his Ash Blood Wing to attack! 

The Ash Blood Wing folded its wings, and its fresh blood-like body suddenly swooped down. The flow of air around it transformed into helixes that swirled around it. 

But Night didn’t retreat. Its body transformed into a dark light that surged into the sky!

The upper half of the sky was ripped apart by a pillar of blood light. The lower half was cleaved by a black stream of light. The two bursts of energy converged at the center of the vast sky, forming a line that split the sky in two! 

Finally, the blood and dark energy clashed together, and the chaotic airflow blew the cloud layer into a chaotic state. It was like a huge hole had been opened up in the sky. 

The intense streams of air struck Chu Mu’s face. A silver gloss circulated in his eyes, while a flash appeared in his black pupils. 

In the sky, the Ash Blood Wing wasn’t any slower than Night. After the clash of techniques, numerous extremely fast-moving blood figures flew around Chu Mu.  Each blood figure had the possibility of being the Ash Blood Wing’s real body. Chu Mu had to use his Other Pupil to distinguish them. 

Night kept moving its body. No soul pet would just blankly stand in the same place while the opponent continuously changed locations. That was, unless it had absolute confidence in its defenses. 

Night’s defensive abilities weren’t strong. Its dodging abilities were its best defense. 

Night’s black pupils swept across, and suddenly saw a pair of true eagle eyes in the surging blood-colored airflow. 


Like a bloody sharp sword whistling by, the Ash Blood Wing locked onto Night’s position and launched a sneak attack. 

Night’s body flew to the side, leaving an arc in its wake. At the same time, its white lightning tail slashed out, transforming into a fierce bolt of lightning that struck towards the Ash Blood Wing! 

The Ash Blood Wing numbly rolled to the side, brushing past Night’s lightning tail. 

In the sky, the Ash Blood Wing’s dodging abilities were also very strong! 

Night’s fighting methods were increasingly courageous. Normally, people who only dodged and were used to counterattacking after the initial attack were not used to it. This was why nothing graceful could be found on its body; all that was left was overbearing might! 

After its attack was dodged, Night dodged directions in midair. A Dark Destruction Ray emerged from the depths of its throat! 

The might of Night’s Dark Destruction Ray was stronger than Zhan Ye’s. More importantly, Night had its Demon Dream technique. This allowed the spat out Destruction Ray to mysteriously split into two, then four, in the air! 

The four Destruction rays pierced through the thick dark clouds and towards the Ash Blood Wing hiding within! 

The Ash Blood Wing didn’t dare meet it head-on. Relying on its nimble aerial abilities, it dodged the four Destruction Rays. 

But the Ash Blood Wing obviously didn’t realize that only one of the four Destruction Rays was real. The other three were all illusions created by Night’s Dream technique. 


Dark energy exploded in front of the Ash Blood Wing. A dense dark energy cloud began to form in the biting cold and windy high altitude, forming a magnificent and majestic destruction jade. 

The Ash Blood Wing was knocked flying by the Dark Destruction Ray, losing its balance in the sky like a small boat in a raging sea. 

“Da da!!” 

The sound of feet moving could be heard as Night began to run. A shadow bridge appeared under its feet, allowing Night to multiply its speed over a short period of time as it passed through the air! 

Its black body flashed by. The black smirch from a shattered dream danced by the Ash Blood Wing.

The Ash Blood Wing frantically turned its body, and used its wings to act as a shield. 


A black hole appeared in its wing where fresh blood rapidly poured out. 

Tang Zhuo showed a shocked expression of disbelief. 

The series of attacks was smooth and fierce, unexpectedly wounding the Ash Blood Wing.

“Hu hu!!!!!!!!”

The Ash Blood Wing’s uninjured wing forcibly beat, creating a blood-colored hurricane out of thin air that proceeded to attack Night! 

The Ash Blood Wing wasn’t counterattacking. Instead, it was using this blood-colored hurricane to block the opponent’s follow-up attack. 

A gaping wound in its wing didn’t have too much of an effect on the Ash Blood Wing’s formidable body. When Tang Zhuo discovered that the enemy hadn’t followed up with an attack, he let out a slight sigh of relief. He planned on keeping his distance from the enemy first to recover before fighting again. 

But just as Tang Zhuo had the Ash Blood Wing fly away, he suddenly felt an overbearing dark aura from in front of him! 

Tang Zhuo was stunned. When he turned around, he abruptly discovered the Night Thunder Dream Beast, which had been driven away by the blood-colored hurricane, in front of him! 

After the Shattered Dream attack, Night appeared behind the Ash Blood Wing. 

However, Night’s Shattered Dream attack had two offensive options. The first was Night transforming its body into the Shattered Dream’s energy, delivering a serious wound unto its opponents. The second was using dreams to attack, where Night would remain in place. 

This was an optical illusion. While facing all sorts of different opponents, Night had managed to hone this dream realm deception technique to perfection. 

If Tang Zhuo was more experienced in dealing with demons, he would be able to guard against this. 

Unfortunately, Tang Zhuo clearly didn’t have the visual ability to distinguish between a demon’s reality and illusion. 

Face to face. They were less than a thousand meters apart. When Tang Zhuo discovered that “Night” which had attacked him previously, was slowly dissipating, cold sweat couldn’t help but trickle down the back of his neck. 

Tang Zhuo had considered that the opponent would launch a follow-up attack and intentionally had the Ash Blood Wing use a blood-colored tornado on the opponent. Unfortunately, he never expected his opponent to have thought about this, and use an illusion to trick him. 

“Hu hu hu hu hu!!!!!!”

A thick darkness aura flew at him, making it hard to even breathe. 

Tang Zhuo didn’t dare to be careless, and immediately had his Ash Blood Wing flee this place. 

When darkness and the Dream Realm combined, it would become a terrifying nightmare! 

The Ash Blood Wing furiously beat its wings. Its speed continued to increase as a horrifying scene appeared behind it! 

The thick dark clouds covering the sky seemed to have a life of their own. They had wings, fierce teeth, sharp claws, and hair-raising cries. 

Tang Zhuo knew that he was seeing a nightmare illusion. But the energy that surged towards him was real. The moment he was surrounded by these dark cloud nightmares, he and his Ash Blood Wing would be rendered into corpses within a short few seconds! 

Night’s Dream technique overlapped with reality. Even the spectators could see the terrifying scene of the devils dancing through the sky. 

In the face of countless malevolent devil birds, the Ash Blood Wing could only flee in fright! 

Some amount of time passed before the dark sky returned to its calm state. The Ash Blood Wing which had been forced to the very edge of the Floating Mountain Battlefield landed somewhat exhaustively on a broken stone. 

Clear claw marks had appeared on the Ash Blood Wing’s blood-colored body. They were big and small, and there were probably several hundreds of them. 

These wounds weren’t very deep, and the Ash Blood Wing wouldn’t lose its fighting strength because of it. 

“This idiot. The enemy only used a few dark blades and used a Dream technique to transform them into a group of devil birds. What is he fleeing for!” in the audience, Tang Ang coldly harrumphed and cursed in his heart. 

What kind of person was Tang Ang? He obviously was able to instantly see through the Dream technique. 

But even though Tang Ang had seen through it, the person involved, Tang Zhuo, had been scared witless. By the time he discovered the wounds the Ash Blood Wing suffered weren’t deep, a wave of anger had arisen in his heart! 

This was merely an average immortal rank technique. If he hadn’t fled and instead faced it head-on, perhaps he would only have a few more scratches. 

After being tricked again, Tang Zhuo grew more impatient. 

“You did a pretty good job at running away.” Chu Mu looked at Tang Zhuo from afar with a hint of mockery in his eyes. 

Different soul pets had different styles of fighting. Zhan Ye’s style was meeting the enemy head-on with strength. Mo Xie’s style was a combination of techniques, speed, strength, and wits. 

Night was a demon. Its explosive strength could not compare to Mo Xie and Zhan Ye at the same level. However, relying on the combination of its overbearing darkness and the illusions created by its dream realm, the opponent wouldn’t have a grasp on reality from illusion; thus, it would be able to drive its opponent mad. 

Moreover, Night didn’t completely lack explosive power. The vast majority of demons had extremely powerful assassination abilities. Night’s explosive power was the same as these demons. The moment it used this ability, it would take the enemy’s life. It just had to wait for a suitable opportunity. 

This technique had to be found in the continuous reality and illusion fight. One had to wait until the opponent grew impatient, impulsive, and careless, thereby exposed a fatal opening… 

In the countless fights at Demonic Burial Mound, Night had genuinely learned many, many things. Although the Ash Blood Wing’s rank was higher than the opponents it had faced in the past, the Ash Blood Wing was a bit lacking in its fighting skills. Otherwise, why would it be tricked and played with? 

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