Chapter 1380: Pseudo Immortal vs Pseudo Immortal

The battle was about to start. After stepping onto the battlefield, Chu Mu specially glanced at his Monument Tear.

The Monument Tear was incredibly calm. Clearly, the other Monument Tear holder didn’t reappear, or else maybe he noticed someone tracking him in the dark.

The strong winds blew away the last of Chu Mu’s worries.

Chu Mu thought back to the last time he fought with such an audience. It was probably in White Nightmare City, where he was accepting the challenge to become the little princess’s personal servant.

Without even realizing, the battlefield was now the skies tens of thousands of meters in the air amongst shocking hovering rock battlefields, and his opponents were also stronger than he could have ever imagined back then.

When Tang Zhuo flew into the hovering battlefield, cheering sounded from many of the spectator seats.

Tang Zhuo was much more popular than Han Erxing. He always acted like the polite and humble expert. This fakeness indeed allowed him to win the protection of many people.

Chu Mu didn’t know how to be fake like that, but for some reason, when he entered the battlefield, cheers also rang through the battlefield.

The two of them faced off. Tang Zhuo thought about poking around about what happened last night but realized there was no need.

“He couldn’t possibly have killed Han Erxing.” Tang Zhuo thought to himself.

The main judge was no longer Mu Xie. Instead, Tang Ang himself stood forth.

“Yue Lei counts as an old nemesis of mine. Though he retired many hundreds of years ago, he is still a man I respect greatly. When we were young, we had a bet that he lost. He strictly followed through with his side of the deal. After a few hundred years, his disciple Chu Mu comes forth. Tang Zhuo is my satisfactory disciple. Since Yue Lei and I are both old, we can’t fight our grudges out anymore, so let us use our disciples instead.”

“Also, this battle is not only the fight for the winner of the competition, but it also decides who can enter Imprint valley. The final winner can enter Imprint Valley to train.” Tang Ang stood forth and said to everyone.

Most people there didn’t know Imprint Valley. With Tang Ang mentioning it, discussion started going through the seats.

Tang Ang did this purely to publicize their personal gamble. Chu Mu didn’t mind at all, but he had no idea why Tang Ang was this confident in Tang Zhuo.

“Contestants, prepare yourselves!” After Tang Ang appeared, the battle seemed even more serious.

Who was Yue Lei? Many people likely didn’t know him, but since it was a character the same generation as Tang Ang, he must also be a respectful expert.

Since this was a deal between old leader rank experts, this battle will be very exciting. The crowds were waiting in great expectation.    

Tang Zhuo nodded towards Tang Ang, signifying he was ready.

With an incantation, Tang Zhuo created a soul pet diagram in front of him.

A pair of feathered wings suddenly opened from within the symbol, casting down a massive shadow upon the floating mountain.

Its wings flapped, slowly revealing its body from the diagram!

Feathers like blood, a body like an eagle, this was the wing type organism, Ash Blood Wing

With powerful wings and shining claws, Ash Blood Wing flew into the air and landed on the top of a Hovering Mountain. It looked down on everyone like a king on top of its perch!

Many people said that a soul pets’ temperament often mimicked their soul pet trainer. When one saw this Ash Blood Wind, people knew why the always humble Tang Zhuo could still have such an intimidating aura. From this Ashe Blood Wing, one could tell that no matter how amicable and humble Tang Zhuo tried to act, his pride is in his bones. His eyes could only be used to look down on others!

The powerful aura pounced forth, creating wind daggers through the skies.

Facing this wing type soul pet, Chu Mu finally knew why Tang Zhuo was above both Han Erxing and Xin Xin. This Ash Blood Wind was truly a pseudo immortal rank!

Near immortal rank and pseudo immortal rank seemed off by just a tiny bit. However, a pseudo immortal rank organism’s power was far stronger than a near immortal rank organism. 

Pseudo immortal rank was Tang Zhuo’s absolute strength, the reason why the Outstanding Experts Competition seemed undoubtedly his.

“Summon the Fox Supreme or that Mo Ye.” Tang Zhuo smiled slightly.

Even Xin Xin and Han Erxing together may not be a match for Tang Zhuo, so Tang Zhuo didn’t panic even after Chu Mu defeated Han Erxing. He knew that since Chu Mu was Yue Lei’s disciple, he must be good.

Sadly, he was already truly in immortal rank. When people like Han Erxing and Xin Xin finally struggled through into immortal rank, who knows, he could be in low class immortal rank already.

Tang Zhuo never saw Han Erxing as truly his match, so why would he care when Chu Mu defeated Han Erxing? He knew his opponent’s strength from the previous battle already.

Chu Mu eyed the Ash Blood Wing and felt that it was a battle-scarred organism.

This was a powerful foe.

However, if the opponent wasn’t powerful, wouldn’t the battle be too uninteresting?

Chu Mu casted an incantation to summon a black spatial crack in front of him.

As if walking in from a separate dimension, the pitch-black Night walked out with its white-feathered tail trailing along.

A special dark dream horn, cold and black eyes, and a well-sculpted body: Night kept its calm and composure in the darkness.

Maybe due to its corpsification, Night lost a bit of its elegance and grace and gained some intimidation and power!

It had no aura. As a dark type demon, Night was extremely good at hiding its aura, as well as its presence. Even if it stood before everyone, they wouldn’t be able to detect its presence. They could only tell that a darkness that strangely caused fear amongst people was there, without origin.

Tang Zhuo saw that Chu Mu didn’t summon his previous two soul pets and was also shocked.

He had a more powerful soul pet!

Since he couldn’t detect its aura, this Night Thunder Dream Beast must be at the immortal rank too!

Tang Zhuo’s Ash Blood Wing’s summon was within most peoples’ expectations because everyone knew he had a pseudo immortal rank soul pet.

However, after Chu Mu and the others’ outstanding performance, summoning an even more powerful soul pet was something that no one expected!

Pseudo immortal fight!

The victor of this battle was now truly unclear!

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