Chapter 138: Chu Mu vs Chu Yue (1)

Chapter 138: Chu Mu vs Chu Yue (1)

“Let’s first not mind this Ye Qingzi, and instead teach this guy a good lesson. He had the nerve to embarrass me like such!” Chu Yue smiled deviously.

“Then what does big brother plan to do? Each sect has quite a few people, so getting matched with them is pretty improbable, right?” Chu Jia asked.

“That’s not an issue. Very soon, we’ll be able to make them die horribly.” Chu Yue was vengeful. Taking his 1.5 million gold ice type soul crystal, how could he not get it back?

“Big Brother, that Ye Qingzi you must be careful with, she really is a great beauty……” Chu Jia said.

“Alright.” Chu Yue said impatiently. Chu Yue had seen many beauties, and he really didn’t care about Ye Qingzi. If he was feeling happy, he could easily get a beauty like Chu Xian without an issue.


Chu Mu was written under Old Tu’s name. The second morning, Chu Mu had gotten news from Old Tu that someone had sneakily tampered with the competition, specially moving the duo into another position so that they would battle the seeded team of Chu Yue and Chu Zhengfan.

Old Tu naturally knew the strength of that team. Meeting such an opponent this early on would definitely be trouble, so Old Tu looked to Chu Mu for his opinion.

Chu Mu could naturally tell that the two sleazy Chu Family brothers were hitting on Chu Xian. If he wanted to stomp the Chu Family experts, he naturally had to start with this pair first.

Of course, Chu Mu wouldn’t be matched with these two seed contestants in the first match. Chu Mu told Old Tu to arrange some random opponents to train the synergy between Ye Qingzi and himself, asking to compete against them only as the last match of the preliminaries.

Old Tu, as an elder of Great Chu Family, naturally had no issues with slightly changing the battle sequence, so Old Tu followed Chu Mu’s idea, and he arranged some normal opponents for Chu Mu first so Chu Mu could warm up with Ye Qingzi and find some battle synergy.

“You guys go do your lovey dovey stuff wherever, I’ll go take a stroll in the Great Broken Sting Valley.” Ye Wansheng expressed that he would be bored staying within Great Chu Family, so he planned on going to the Great Broken Sting Valley alone.

“If you go, go take a trip to the Hundred Valley portion to see if you can find a Eternal Blood Fruit.” Chu Mu added.

“Alright, but this has to be said in advance. If I find any, you must buy it from me. I’m a practical person.” Ye Wansheng said.

“No problem.” Chu Mu nodded.

Ye Wansheng very trustfully left Ye Qingzi beside Chu Mu as he went towards the Great Broken Sting Valley behind the Great Chu Family.

Chu Mu also wanted to go to the Great Broken Sting Valley, but he had to deal with the matters at the Great Chu Family first.


Old Tu gave him a total of three normal-branch opponents. Because Chu Mu was hiding strength, his Ice Air Fairy would be the main fighter. Mo Xie would almost be playing around, and the Zhan Ye would be diligent.

Ye Qingzi’s three soul pets were also all very low profile, not having any direct fighting attacks, mainly there to support Chu Mu’s Ice Air Fairy and Zhan Ye.

In the three battles, Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi had somewhat gotten familiar with each others’ soul pets. The final match against Chu Yue and Chu Zhengfan had come quickly.

Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi both fought very casually, but in the situation of the entire Great Chu Family, the fact that the two had broken through the first few matches made them dark horses, especially when the two had never been heard of by anyone else within the Family.

Chu Chen naturally didn’t need any mention; no one knew who he was. As for Ye Qingzi, she attracted many spectators. Ye Qingzi had a gorgeous appearance, wearing simple and down to earth clothes that could bring out her figure perfectly. Calm and collected, she had some of the qualities of a noble family. Such a female soul pet trainer, with another three strong soul pets to support her, indeed drew many looks.


“This Ye Qingzi is indeed truly of the best quality, why didn’t you say so earlier?” Chu Yue naturally also noticed the outer-branch beautiful girl contestant that was being discussed avidly by the Chu Clan disciples.

In the beginning, Chu Yue indeed didn’t feel much, but once he saw Ye Qingzi herself, his eyes brightened immediately. Ye Qingzi had many things that were attractive, but what Chu Yue fancied was her calm like water yet slightly cold personality. Such a woman very easily hooked Chu Yue’s desire to conquer her.

“I…...But I said it earlier already……” Chu Jia felt even more wronged. He had already told Chu Yue that this Ye Qingzi was of the best quality, yet Chu Yue had put on a high up manner that suggested he’s seen too many girls to care about another beauty. Yet, now that he had actually seen Ye Qingzi, wasn’t he acting just like Chu Jia did?

“First, get rid of Chu Chen. Then, slowly have some fun with this beauty.” Chu Yue smiled. The originally cold attitude he had had twisted into an amused and ruminating expression because of Ye Qingzi.

Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi worked together, so naturally he knew that Ye Qingzi received much attention from the Great Chu Family disciples. Once in a while, there would even be some self confident individuals coming up to make conversation to try to know Ye Qingzi.

From what Chu Mu saw, Ye Qingzi indeed had many places that made one captivated, having even a hint of gentle and subdued grace. However, Chu Mu knew that Ye Qingzi really wasn’t easy to get close to, and was an even worse woman to provoke. It could be imagined that after the battle with Chu Yue, many people would suck in a breathe and secretly pray that they hadn’t really offended her.


Chu Yue and Chu Zhengfan were both seeded contestants and should be able to claim seventh place. Their battle would naturally be watched by many people.

Early in the morning, there were already many people around the mountain battleground who had claimed the best spots and awaited this battle between the dark horse and seed contestant.

“If the situation becomes unfavorable, decisively surrender. It won’t be good if you hurt yourself or your soul pets……” The big sister Chu Xian had already worried over Chu Mu for days. Now that it was time to actually fight with Chu Yue, her worryings were even more ceaseless, hoping that Chu Mu didn’t get hurt.

“Be at ease, I know my limits.” Chu Mu nodded, telling Chu Xian to calmly sit aside and watch while walking onto the battlefield with Ye Qingzi.

Because it wasn’t a heavyweight battle yet, most of the spectators were the Great Chu Family disciples. Many heavyweight characters hadn’t appeared, but the teachers of both branches were both present.

“Elder, what wind has blown you over?” Chu Yue’s teacher Chu Yang saw with a single glance the Old Tu with a goatee.

The fact that Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi represented Old Tu in the branch competition hadn’t been directly announced, so other than a few other elders and the family head, no one else knew which branch Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi represented.

“I have nothing else to do, so I came to casually watch.” Old Tu laughed and said.

“You really don’t usually watch these matches. Since you’ve come, then watch my two disciples’ battles, and if there is anything to improve on feel free to point it out so my disciples can learn as well. Chu Yue, Chu Zhengfan, quickly come to see the elder.” Chu Yang laughed and said.

“Chu Yue, here to see elder.”

“Chu Zhengfan, here to see elder.”

Chu Yue and Chu Zhengfan hadn’t thought that the elder would come, and he immediately came to salute.

Since the elder was there, the two naturally couldn’t battle casually. Chu Yue and Chu Zhengfan both raised their spirits further.

Seeing these two younglings pleased with themselves, Old Tu on the outside looked approving and amiable, but in his heart he laughed secretly, “You guys can be pleased now, but you’ll see in a moment!”


“Let’s get rid of the unnecessary rites and directly start.” Chu Yang knew that the elder didn’t like complicated rituals and manners, so he informed the notary.

Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi were already standing on the battlefield, silently waiting for the two guys that were expecting praises of “truly scary younglings” from Old Tu.

After a moment, when the both of them had walked onto the battlefield as well, Chu Yue looked at Chu Mu and smiled, “What a coincidence that I can actually battle you once more. Last time, I underestimated your strength, but this time, I won’t reserve any strength. After all, this is a real competition.

Even now, Chu Yue didn’t forget to act like a good person. In reality, when he said these words, Chu Yue, in his heart, had started laughing coldly, “Chu Chen, boy, see if you don’t die this time. The shame I received last time will be repaid to you tenfold!”

Ye Qingzi was very calm, because she knew Chu Mu’s real identity. With this layer of protection, Ye Qingzi didn’t have to worry about these two self-proclaimed top tier experts.

Chu Mu was even more calm. From what Chu Mu saw, Chu Yue was simply a little bit better than Jia Feng. Months had already past since his battle with Jia Feng, and ver these months, Chu Mu’s strength had risen sharply. Such an opponent was something that Chu Mu no longer thought important.

“Chu Yue, who is this Chu Chen? You’ve fought him before, is he strong?” Chu Zhengfan had never seen Chu Mu so he showed some questioning.

“Don’t worry, he’s but a bit stronger than a normal person and easy to deal with. You just watch the beauty carefully.” Chu Yue said.

Both sides were already standing on the battlefield, and the notary had started loudly announcing both sides to summon soul pets.

Doubles battles, triple control, and no changing soul pets- this was a battle between main soul pets!

To let Chu Mu realize his own minisculity, Chu Yue didn’t hide his strength, directly summoning his three main soul pets onto the battlefield.

Chu Zhengfan saw that the soul pet composition Ye Qingzi summoned were low in neither rank nor phase, and so didn’t reserve anything either, if not to also show the elders his full strength. He summoned his main soul pets onto the battlefield too.

Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi had already set their soul pet formation. When the incantations were cast, the Ice Air Fairy and Zhan Ye appeared almost simultaneously, while the Pitiful Appearance Mo Xie laid on the Zhan Ye’s head, making it seem as if Chu Mu only summoned two soul pets.

Mo Xie was naturally proud. If there wasn’t anyone it found worthy on the battlefield, her battle intent was very weak. Chu Mu mainly considered that he might meet Chu Ke and the subordinates of the little princess, so he specially added her in the three soul pet formation.

As for the White Nightmare, Chu Mu didn’t plan on summoning it. Though triple control already showed his identity as a soul master, from what Chu Mu saw, if the terrifying monarch rank White Nightmare joined the fight, there wouldn’t be much question as to the outcome of the battle. After all, the improving of the other soul pets’ strengths was also important. If, for every fight, he sent Mo Xie and the White Nightmare, his other soul pets would never get their needed training, especially the Zhan Ye who really needed stages and phases right now.


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