Chapter 1379: Han Erxing’s Death

The second morning, the entire Floating Mountain battle field’s seats were filled with people.

In the final competition, Tang Zhuo and Chu Mu will fight for the win. It was hard to imagine that the previously thought unbeatable top three would get taken down by a black horse. In fact, many people in Zhengming Main City lean towards New Moon Land Chu Mu being able to take down the victory.

Tang Zhuo stood on the main floating mountain, his expression slightly twisted.

Han Erxing still hadn’t given him any news. Was the plan last night a success? Tang Zhuo had no clue.

Tang Zhuo glanced at Chu Mu sitting in the other seats. He looked incredibly calm, as if nothing happened last night at all.

“Did Han Erxing not succeed?” Tang Zhuo started doubting.

Tang Zhuo was just guessing when someone came up from behind him and said something to Tang Zhuo.

Tang Zhuo paused and glanced over at Xin Xin.

Xin Xin also stood up to follow Tang Zhuo to backstage.

Backstage, there was an extended piece of hovering rock with a large wall. No one else could see into here.

On the hovering rock was a man standing with his hands behind his back, looking very imposing.

“Gate Master Han, what do you call us young ones here for today?” Tang Zhuo smiled and said.

Gate Master Han slowly turned around and stared sullenly at Tang Zhuo and Xin Xin. 

Tang Zhuo and Xin Xin were stunned. Why was Gate Master Han like this? They could even see his bloodshot eyes in the dark!

He was full of coldness, as if a volcano ready to erupt!

Gate Master Han’s strength was something Tang Zhuo and Xin Xin knew clearly. When they felt the wave of pressure push forth, they could barely breathe.

“Where were you two last night?” Gate Master Han pushed down his extreme anger and said.

“Young one was meditating at home in preparation for today’s battle.” Tang Zhuo said.

“Young one was drinking in Pingshui Building.” Xin Xin answered honestly.

“You weren’t with Han Erxing?” Gate Master Han interrogated further.

Both of them shook their heads.

Han Erxing wanted to handle Chu Mu last night, which Tang Zhuo and Xin Xin both knew of. This wasn’t something they could meddle with, so they each did their own thing. However, they cared deeply bout the results. They sent people asking, but everyone they sent said they hadn’t seen Han Erxing at all.

“What happened?” Tang Zhuo smelled something was off and asked in a small voice.

“None of your business.” Gate Master Han waved his hand for the two of them to leave.

Both of their heads were filled with questions as they returned to their seats.

When they came back, Lu Fengxue had just happened to walk up.

Lu Fengxue didn’t attract their attention, but the bright-eyed, white-skinned girl that appeared beside her caused both their eyes to light up.

Xin Xin immediately smiled what he thought was a charming smile and said to the woman beside Lu Fengxue, “I was wondering why the day was exceptionally bright today. It turns out it is because Lady Lin Mengling is here.”

Lin Mengling had a very fair complexion. This, coupled with a light green outfit, caught many peoples’ attention. The phrase jade-skinned can be perfectly used to describe her.

Lin Mengling was low profile and didn’t appear in the main hovering mountain. When Xin Xin greeted her, she merely nodded slightly and walked with Lu Fengxue towards a spot on the back wall.

From this position, one could see the entire hovering mountain. At the same time, it would be hard for others to see her.

Normally, no matter who he met, Tang Zhuo always acted humble but had arrogant eyes. After all, he was the Outstanding Experts Competition’s crownless winner.

However, before this Divine Sect prodigy, all his pride disappeared. His glories were easily covered by her. If not for Lin Mengling’s nature of being low profile, he definitely wouldn’t be first in this Outstanding Experts Competition.

“Did Gate Master Han ask you anything?” Lu Fengxue sat down and asked the two.

“En, what’s wrong with the Gate Master, why did he look so worried?” Tang Zhuo nodded.

“Han Erxing went missing, did you not know?” Lu Fengxue asked.

“Missing? How did he go missing?” Tang Zhuo and Xin Xin both were stunned.

Tang Zhuo and Xin Xin were both men, so their first reaction was Han Erxing got dead drunk and went to have fun with random women again.

However, with upon closer thought, they realized this wasn’t possible.

If that were the case, Gate Master Han couldn’t have looked like that. There must be some confirmed news…...

“I heard Master Official Lu say that Han Erxing disappeared without a trace at the Cloud Sky Loft building. Others who went missing include both his guard Zhao Zhuo and Demon Beast Palace Guo Shi….” Lu Fengxue said.

“This ‘disappearance’ likely means disappearing completely from this world.” At this point, Lin Mengling added.

Tang Zhuo and Xin Xin were shocked. Since Lin Mengling said it, it couldn’t be a careless lie.

However, how did Han Erxing die, and who killed him? Who dared to kill the eldest son of a Gate Master?

“You three call each other brothers, yet you don’t even know when he dies.” Lu Fengxue humphed.

With them bot being Divine Sect members, Lu Fengxue belonged to Lu Yuqin’s branch and was full of righteousness. Han Erxing’s death didn’t bring Lu Fengxue much grief, but moreso surprise and confusion.

“This….. We really don’t know, then….. His corpse…..” Tang Zhuo came back to his senses and asked.

“No corpses, but his life gem shattered.” Lin Mengling said.

His life gem shattering meant he was dead for sure!

Soul pet trainers often injected a wisp of their remembrance into a life gem. If it darkened, it meant the soul pet trainer was in mortal danger. This gem was a Divine Sect specialty, used to tell whether members on missions were safe.

Once a life gem went completely dark, it meant the person was dead…...

“The battle was deducted to be around the Cloud Sky Loft. Zhao Zhuo was also dead, but there weren’t many signs of a battle. Basically, it was deduced to all be over in one blow.”

Lin Mingling was a Vice Magistrate of Divine Sect so, to a certain degree, this was something in her jurisdiction. She naturally knew a bit more.

“All in one blow?” A coldness went through Tang Zhuo’s body!

Zhao Zhuo’s strength was something Tang Zhuo knew clearly. The amount of people able to instantly kill him was extremely limited!

Tang Zhuo remembered that Han Erxing specially invited him to drink with him in the Cloud Sky Loft last night. He said he was busy with the competition and didn’t go, but in reality, he just wanted to stay clear of Han Erxing’s deeds.

If he had slightly wavered last night, then would he also be gone from this world?

For some reason, Tang Zhuo’s gaze subconsciously shifted to the other hovering mountain.

On there sat Chu Mu, the man Han Erxing tried to harm last night.

Han Erxing tried to attack him last night, yet on the same night, he disappeared off the face of the world. This can’t be a coincidence!

“Tang Zhuo, do you know something?” Lin Mengling asked.

Tang Zhuo quickly shook his head.

Of course, he couldn’t say that Han Erxing tried to hurt Chu Mu. This meant that Lin Mengling would have blackmail material on Han Erxing. Lin Mengling looked like a fragile girl, but she wasn’t indecisive at all when it came to getting things done!

“According to the people in Cloud Sky Loft, Guo Shi was also there but disappeared. His death isn't confirmed yet, so if you hear anything about him, let me know at once.” Lin Mengling said. He was relatively calm in tone, but it was clearly a command.

She was also probably the only young generation member able to command Tang Zhuo and Xin Xin.

Both of them immediately nodded.

Tang Zhuo and Xin Xin sat back down in their seats and glanced at each other simultaneously.

Xin Xin was the first to ask using his mental voice, “How did this happen, didn’t he try to deal with Chu Mu? How did he get killed instead?”

“I don’t know. Though Han Erxing did many shady things in the past, he never touched people he shouldn’t trouble. There’s no reason for him to get wiped out of existence by an expert.” Tang Zhuo said.

As he spoke, Tang Zhuo specially glanced at Chu Mu.

Xin Xin noticed this detail and asked, “You think it’s him?”

“I don’t know, but I just find it weird. Han Erxing died at the same time he planned to attack Chu Mu. I was wondering whether Han Erxing was caught when he tried to do something and got killed for it.” Tang Zhuo said.

“Him? He can’t possibly have that strength, right?” Xin Xin said.

“The old man named Yu is a hidden expert, he does have the ability to instantly kill Zhao Zhuo and Han Erxing…..” Tang Zhuo said.

“Not him, right? I heard the Territory Institute people say that the old man was with them. He couldn’t run that far away to kill someone. Even if he had the chance, I feel as if he wouldn’t go kill Han Erxing. If Gate Master Han found any evidence, the entirety of New Moon Land would be unrooted.” Xin Xin said.

“I’m also suspicious of that. New Moon Land doesn’t have the guts. There must be someone else.” Tang Zhuo said.

“Then do you think we should tell Gate Master Han about Han Erxing’s attempts at chu Mu?” Xin Xin said.

“This has nothing to do with us, so why get ourselves involved? If Lin Mengling found out that Han Erxing died trying to deal with Chu Mu, then he truly will die with a criminal name. Furthermore, people will eventually find all the dirty deeds he had done in the past.” Tang Zhuo said.

Tang Zhuo on one hand didn’t want the trouble, but he also was genuinely scared of Han Erxing’s killer.

He was afraid that if he said anything, the next target would be him.

Tang Zhuo had a feeling that since the person dared to kill Han Erxing so straightforwardly, the person was already prepared to be enemies with Gate Master Han.

This type of person Tang Zhuo was someone didn’t dare to fight. His teacher Tang Ang was old now, and couldn’t give him much protection. He had to play things safe.

“You’re right.” Xin Xin nodded.

This wasn’t a small matter. This would cause a commotion throughout Zhengming Main Continent. The key was to save themselves now. Han Erxing was already dead, so why did they need to bring trouble to themselves unnecessarily?

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