Chapter 1378:The Most Pure Evil Aura

“This seed will suck your blood and grow a bud into your brain tissue. It will be able to read a few of your thoughts. If you have too many thoughts, the seed will turn those thoughts into its nutrients and will grow a demon flower out of your brain.” Yu Suo calmly said to Guo Shi. 

Guo Shi looked at the woman in front of him. 

Wasn’t this Saintess Yu? The pure and virtuous woman consecrated as a saintess?! 

But her words just now made Guo Shi feel something move in his brain. How could this woman use such a malicious method to deal with him?! 

When Guo Shi landed from the sky to the ground, his entire body was ice cold. From just previously to right now, it had all been a real nightmare. Although everything had passed now, he was still feeling fearful. 

First, he was afraid of Chu Mu’s terrifying devil person strength. After that, he was fearful of Saintess Yu, revered and adored by the populace, who had turned into a female devil. These two people were too unbelievable. 


On the quiet street, there was an extended dreary atmosphere.  

Chu Mu’s shadow was elongated by the murky moonlight as it slowly walked towards the refined and tranquil residence. 

Yu Suo hadn’t left. She was slowly following behind him. 

But this didn’t mean she had become an obedient servant. Instead, she just didn’t want to see his repulsive face. 

“Where did your strength come from?” Yu Suo broke the silence with her question. Her voice was tactful and pleasant. If she didn’t have that coldness in her voice, it would be perfect. 

Chu Mu couldn’t be bothered to respond to her and just continued walking forwards. 

Yu Suo bit her lip and cursed Chu Mu in her heart. 

Yu Suo’s strength increasingly grew as her phase and stage rose. She originally believed that she could easily beat Chu Mu now. 

However, the strength Chu Mu displayed today greatly shocked her. The evil he exhibited was something even her evil flower found difficult to compare with. Yu Suo really didn’t understand. How did Chu Mu obtain such powerful strength? 

Yu Suo didn’t actually want to talk with Chu Mu, but he was ultimately the owner of the soul pact. When he grew strong, the dense evil aura in his body would be of great help to increasing her phase and stage. Thus, in order to obtain this evil aura, Yu Suo had to break the silence. 

Her improvement, due to being delayed the past few years, had gotten very slow. If she didn’t speed up her rate of growth… 

“Chu Mu!” Yu Suo grew extremely cold and stopped in her steps as she yelled Chu Mu’s name in an extremely serious tone. 

Chu Mu ignoring her like this made her exceptionally uncomfortable. 

In her opinion, what she owed him, she had already returned. She was already willing to lower her status and coexist equally with him. So what reason did he have to act so high and mighty? 

Chu Mu finally stopped and turned around to look at her. 

“Go back to Guang Moon Palace. I’ve never stopped you from going back.” calmly said Chu Mu. 

“You clearly know what I want.” said Yu Suo. 

Chu Mu treated her like air, and continued walking to his residence. 

Yu Suo was so angry her small face was pale. A blood-red poison flower grew from her palm. It strangely disappeared in the air as it shot towards Chu Mu’s neck. 

The poison flower spike looked harmless and insignificant in comparison to those beautiful immortal rank techniques. 

However, if the flower spike was able to break through an immortal rank creature’s skin, the immortal rank soul pet would become watery blood in a short period of time. 

Chu Mu sensed danger, but he didn’t turn around nor did he stop moving forwards. 

Just as the poison flower spike was about to pierce his neck, the space Chu Mu was in suddenly began to warp. 

Chu Mu’s body became illusory and split into two. The poison flower spike flew right in between the two afterimages, passing through air. 

Yu Suo felt as if her eyes were playing tricks and just as she was about to use another technique, a piercing pain came from her heart, removing her of the strength to even chant an incantation. She nearly dropped to the ground. 

The pain was as if the poison flower had pierced her heart! 

She knew that this was the Flower’s Stamen’s recoil. She had handed over her most important heart to this man. The moment she held any malicious intent towards him, she would inevitably suffer serious recoil. Even if Chu Mu didn’t intend it, she would still suffer the pain from the recoil. 

Yu Suo bit on her pale white lips and stabilized her body before chanting another incantation. 

Numerous flower petals appeared around her. These flower petals looked soft, but were silent blade-like killing machines. They proceeded to whirl around the space Chu Mu was in, following a gust of wind. 

“Shua!!!! Shua!!! Shua!!!!!”

Bloody scars appeared on Yu Suo’s body as her white dress was dyed in a fresh red color. 

Her porcelain and perfect skin were full of wounds from being cut by blades. No matter who was looking, they would feel extremely pitiful. 

A smell of blood pervaded the air. However, it didn’t have the stench most creatures had when they bled; instead, the blood seemed particularly fragrant. Chu Mu turned around and looked at Yu Suo who was essentially attacking herself. As he looked at her bloody appearance, a few ripples appeared in his gaze. 

“Are you mad?” calmly asked Chu Mu. 

After suffering wounds all over, Yu Suo’s eyes were even more bright and dazzling. 

The Flower’s Stamen was with Chu Mu, and Yu Suo barely had control over it. However, when the Flower’s Stamen was wounded, it would absorb the surrounding evil aura to protect itself. 

In Yu Suo’s opinion, the inside of Chu Mu’s body was the perfect evil aura. 

The most primordial greed, the most painful sorrow, the deepest hatred, and the most intense anger. However, mixed in with this incomparably dense evil aura was the most pure good, the most honest kindness, selfless protection, and regretless sacrifice… 

Utmost good and utmost evil. The combination of both kinds of energy was a delicacy which Yu Suo found hard to resist. 

She had never been willing to lower herself and accept whatever Chu Mu gave her. Even if she transformed into the Evil Good Queen, she would engage in a mutually beneficial transaction with Chu Mu. 

However, in order to obtain this perfect energy, Yu Suo was willing to lower herself and demand it from Chu Mu... 

Yet, Chu Mu had ignored her. 

Since he refused to give it to her, Yu Suo went to grab it herself and used a self-mutilating method to do so! 

Indeed, as long as she didn’t kill herself, the enormous evil aura contained in Chu Mu’s body would become her strength. 

Yu Suo chanted another incantation in an attempt to continue attacking Chu Mu. 

However, Chu Mu also chanted an incantation, using dark energy to imprison her. 

“What is it? You can’t bear to watch me get injured?” Yu Suo’s technique was locked up, but she revealed a lovely and provocative smile. 

“I just don’t like seeing a woman who has mental problems vaunt herself in front of me.” said Chu Mu. 

“Anything that can get me the benefit I want while also being able to make you feel uneasy is practically perfect for me.” laughed Yu Suo. 

So it turned out Chu Mu was susceptible to coaxing but not coercion. Yu Suo felt that she had grasped onto Chu Mu’s weakness. This was like finding treasure! 

After Wanxiang City’s battle, she had been bullied and tormented by Chu Mu and even lost her heart. The day she would be able to win it back would be a delightful day. 

After finding out about this, Yu Suo stopped using techniques. Instead, she suddenly changed topics and said: “By directly killing Han Erxing, Han Yan will suspect you.” 

Chu Mu was stunned. He never expected her to have a change in face so quickly. Just now it looked like she had gone mad, but all of a sudden she was talking about something serious. 

Chu Mu was supportive of Yu Suo’s Invisible Kingdom. 

It wasn’t that Chu Mu was genuinely willing to help this woman realize her enormous ambition. Instead, Chu Mu knew that he couldn’t always protect those beside him. Once the Invisible Kingdom was formed and if he were to encounter a stronger opponent like a Fake Monument Tear Individual, the kingdom would provide those next to him an even greater protection. 

It was because of this that Chu Mu participated in the Outstanding Experts Competition and agreed to go to Imprint Valley to train as the Evil Good Queen had said. 

When Yu Suo and Ye Qingzi had first entered Zhengming Main City, they had gotten into a conflict with Gate Master Han and Xuan Sect Chief Disciple Lu Fengnan. Both Lu Fengnan and Han Yan were huge obstacles to the Invisible Kingdom’s development. Both had to be eliminated. 

“If he’s suspicious, then let him be suspicious.” Chu Mu didn’t believe that a single Guo Shi was capable of making Han Yan actually believe that this matter was Lu Fengnan’s doing. 

Not killing Guo Shi was only to create a small fracture in the trust between Gate Master Han and Lu Fengnan. As for Gate Master Han’s revenge, Chu Mu wasn’t afraid. 

If he wanted to take revenge, Chu Mu was very happy to kill more of his capable underlings. And if he found trouble for those next to him, he would first have to see if Divine Sect’s Old Sect Master Xiao consented to this. 

Old Sect Master Xiao probably didn’t pay much attention to what Han Erxing was doing. But if Gate Master Han were to expose his secret, Old Sect Master Xiao who had nearly been killed by him, and Magistrate Xiao who was already extremely suspicious of him, definitely wouldn’t let off his abuse of power. 

Of course, if Yu Suo’s Invisible Kingdom and New Moon Land’s power were to take form, Chu Mu wouldn’t have to worry about a Gate Master rank person. 

“This kind of power doesn’t suit you.” Chu Mu brought the topic back to what they were just discussing before. 

“On the contrary, I feel that this evil energy is very pure and naked.” Yu Suo liked the smell on Chu Mu’s body. This was evil energy that was rare in this world and was too perfect for her phase and stage development. This was the first time she felt that having a soul pact with Chu Mu wasn’t a bad thing. At least this man’s ability to absorb evil was stronger than her’s. 

The evil aura on Chu Mu’s body came from Third White’s supreme Black Nightmare bloodline as well as the evil energy from Ning Maner’s heart that had nearly made her undergo a devil transformation. Although sharing it with the Evil Good Queen wouldn’t harm him in any way, he, for some reason, didn’t want others to touch it.   

This was the first time Chu Mu felt sad from obtaining this power. He didn’t want others to discover this, especially Yu Suo. 

This was a weak spot in his heart. Chu Mu had never thought he would be afraid of the power he obtained and feel lugubrious towards powerful strength… 

Yu Suo had probably misunderstood Chu Mu, and thought he was susceptible to coaxing but not coercion. 

Whether someone was susceptible to coaxing but not coercion depended on the person. 

Towards people like Yu Suo, Chu Mu was unsusceptible to either coaxing or coercion. 

And if he pitied her? He would just end up being seen as a pitiful creature by her. 

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