Book 2 Chapter 137 - Coordinating With Ye Qingzi to Fight the Chu Family Experts

Chapter 137: Coordinating With Ye Qingzi to Fight the Chu Family Experts

The night fog lingered about and the lonely mountain peak towered over the pained, bewildered night.

A palpitating howl rang out from the lofty mountain. Those who heard it had their hairs stand on end.

A biting cold gale screamed, smacking right against Chu Mu’s face, and blowing his hair into a disheveled mess...

Chu Mu sat on the edge of the cliff, his legs hanging down. His eyes were staring at the distant east. On Chu Mu’s thigh silently lay Mo Xie, as her silver fur fluttered about. Occasionally, she would raise her head and look at the silent Chu Mu before lowering her head and letting out a “Wu Wu” whimper.

“Sealed Soul Pets, Self-Destruction!”

This sentence was like the howling gale that ceaselessly lingered in Chu Mu’s ears. Such emotion and shock rendered Chu Mu’s heart unable to be calm for a long time.

A sealed soul pet was in a summoned state. From the beginning to end, it would occupy the soul pet trainer’s soul. If it were sealed in a prison and incapable of returning to its owner’s soul pet space, then only by dying could it fully release the soul pet trainer’s soul.

Chu Mu was incapable of understanding how deep the feelings between Chu Tianmang and his main pets were. However, he knew that after the three pets self-destructed in the sealed tower, Chu Mu felt an inexhaustible sorrow like a surging current against the depths of his soul, causing him to tremble all over.

“Young master, you shouldn’t be too broken-hearted. Perhaps this is a new beginning to your father. He possesses an extraordinary soul remembrance control ability. Towards various soul pets and even other type soul pets, he has unique understandings. Presently, the chains on his soul have been released due to the sacrifice of his soul pets. It’s not before long that he will definitely trample on all of the Soul Alliance’s experts like back then. He will make those Soul Alliance fellows repay their proper debt!” Old Li stood behind Chu Mu and spoke to him.

Chu Mu nodded his head, and used his palm to softly stroke the little Mo Xie’s supple fur, but he didn’t say anything.

“Power, strength, prestige, wealth. Chu Tianmang possessed only strength. The licentious skeleton of him didn’t enjoy restrictions. In the eyes of those who had absolute power, they would now allow for such a person to move in front of them. Especially under situations when they had beneficial clashes… in truth, if you want to become a person above others, you should follow Her Majesty to Soul Palace…”

When he entered Nightmare Island, Chu Mu had profoundly understood the importance of strength. Old Li’s words were very clearly telling Chu Mu that strength wasn’t everything.

However, Chu Mu didn’t believe this. According to his estimates, when Chu Tianmang’s soul pets were sealed, he wasn’t very old. Presumably, Chu Tianmang’s soul pets hadn’t truly reached the unrivalled level yet when they were sealed by Soul Alliance’s people...

Pursuit for power wasn’t something Chu Mu wanted. Rather, paramount strength was something Chu Mu wouldn’t waver his determined pursuit for!

When Old Li saw that his persuasion was ineffective, he let out a sigh and said: “Young master, I’m not hiding it from you, my previous master was an extremely powerful soul pet trainer. Perhaps he had even reached a level where no one could defeat him. Only, many things are not solvable by strength…”

A wave of violent wind surged forth, entering Old Li’s leopard cat mouth, causing him to instantly cough...

While coughing, Old Li seemed to realize that speaking about these things had no meaning. Currently, the thing Chu Mu needed the most was strength, otherwise he would be unable to establish himself in this world. Promptly, he stopped his words...

“Young master, Old Tu only has a few unimportant disciples. If you want to participate in the Great Chu Family’s competition, we can go under Old Tu’s name.” Old Li brought the topic back to the present.

“Sure, have him also leave the other member to me.” said Chu Mu.

“Young Master wants to have the Ye Family brother and sister go with you?” asked Old Li.

Chu Mu nodded his head. Although the Ye Family brother and sister still hadn’t displayed their true strength, Chu Mu could be sure that they were extremely powerful. If they were to coordinate with him, obtaining the top three probably wouldn’t be an issue.

With the Great Chu Family being so snobbish, it manifested in disgust in Chu Mu’s heart. He didn’t mind imitating Chu Tianmang and once more trampling over their young generation experts before freely leaving!


“I refuse. I resolutely refuse. Your mood isn’t good, and you want to take it out on others. Why did you find us brother and sister? Us two wander about everywhere, and we have no one to rely on. The Great Chu Family’s influence isn’t smal,l and with one careless mistake, a spirit master or spirit emperor may come. Isn’t that asking for our lives? We came this time to stroll through Great Broken Sting Valley where those bug type soul pets are very cute. If we offend the smaller ones, at least they won’t call for the older ones to come out…” the moment Ye Wansheng heard Chu Mu wanted to fight the Great Chu Family’s experts, he immediately shook his head like he was beating garlic.

“The first three places in the competition will obtain a reward of a spiritual item worth 5 million gold coins and up. Furthermore, the person we’re representing, Old Tu, will give another 5 million gold coins to us. In other words, if we obtain a place in the top three, it will be 5 million for each person.” Chu Mu directly laid the terms out.

“You should have said so earlier. There’s an old geezer protecting us, eh? I agree, I agree. However, it’s best if we make clear of this first; if the opponent is too strong, we’ll firmly forfeit…” immediately said Ye Wansheng.

“I’ll go with you.” Ye Qingzi looked at Chu Mu and indifferently spoke.

“That’s fine.’ Chu Mu nodded his head and a slight smile appeared on his face.

“....” Ye Wansheng originally wanted to talk about the terms with Chu Mu. in the end, he was cut off by his sister, and promptly given the cold shoulder.

“When a girl is of age, she must be married off. So fast, and you already have the idea of running off with someone?” ruefully sighed Ye Wansheng.

Ye Qingzi ignored Ye Wansheng’s nonsense. Ye Qingzi saw Chu Mu’s mood today, and she roughly guessed that Chu Mu probably had a bit of grievances with the Great Chu Family. Fighting was experience, and she didn’t mind coordinating with Chu Mu to challenge the Great Chu Family’s experts.

Ye Qingzi was a genuine support type soul pet trainer. Chu Mu happened to need such a soul pet trainer to match his fighting.

“Let’s make this clear first. If the opponent is too strong, we’ll forfeit. It’s not too convenient to summon my main pet.” said Ye Qingzi.

“Sure, I have propriety.” said Chu Mu. A competition wasn’t a fight to the death. If he encountered an opponent stronger than him, Chu Mu naturally didn’t have to be obstinate and have his soul pets fight despite knowing he could not defeat the opponent.

“Sure sure sure, isolate me then. You guys have fun. I’ll go stroll by myself in Great Broken Sting Valley.” when Ye Wansheng saw that the man and woman were ignoring him, he spoke a few angry words...

“Then, let’s first discuss soul pet formation.” said Chu Mu. Since they were going together, there was naturally nothing to hide. If they didn’t understand themselves, when their opponents coordinated, they would show a number of mistakes.

“Sure, you tell me yours first. I’ll use your soul pets to summon the fitting soul pets.” nodded Ye Qingzi.

Subsequently, the two of them began to mutually exchange their soul pets to see if they could match up the most optimal battle plan. As for the peeved fellow on the side who said he wanted to go to Great Broken Sting Valley by himself, his face grew increasingly sinister. He wished he could throttle the two people in front of him who were completely ignoring him...


The competition was a two person coordination fight- triple control and soul pets could not be switched. Chu Mu’s three soul pet formation was: Mo Xie, Ning, and Zhan Ye.

Ye Qingzi followed Chu Mu’s three soul pets to summon the soul pet formation: Purple Robe Dream Beast, Water Moon, and the Ice Fire Demon Fairy.

Chu Mu had seen Ye Qingzi’s Purple Robe Dream beast. During the day, its fighting strength was even a bit stronger than Chu Mu’s Night. As for the eighth phase Water Moon, its healing and support abilities were even more exceptional. It could enable a heavily wounded soul pet on the brink of dying to revive. With the Water Moon’s existence, Chu Mu’s Zhan Ye was practically unkillable, despite being low phase and staged.

Ice Fire Demon Spirit: Elemental world - ice type (fire type) - Elemental Demon Fairy race - Ice Fire Demon Fairy - commander rank

Ye Qingzi’s Ice Fire Demon Fairy was at the seventh phase and Chu Mu guessed that it probably was one of Ye Qingzi’s main pets. Not only did it possess powerful ice fire support abilities, it also had an extremely terrifying double elemental destructive power.

Regardless of rank or phase, Ye Qingzi’s three soul pets were all higher than Chu Mu’s soul pets. Chu Mu’s guess wasn’t wrong either; the Ye family brother and sister’s strength was extremely high. Amongst the younger generation, there were few opponents that could match them.


“Chu Mu, you really want to participate in the competition? The Great Chu Family has many experts. If you participate, you must be extremely careful.” when Chu Xian learned that Chu Mu wanted to participate in the Great Chu Family competition, she was a bit worried.

Chu Xian knew that Chu Mu had a bit of strength, but after all, he was a bit too young. Experts were like clouds in the Great Chu Family, and if he were to encounter an expert like Chu Yue who summoned all three soul pets, Chu Mu definitely would not be his opponent. This would deal an extremely heavy blow to Chu Mu’s confidence.

“Chu Chen, don’t believe that you can be complacent by defeating one of Chu Yue’s soul pets. When the time comes, you won’t even know how you lost. I urge you to be more low key.” Chu Xi returned back to that contemptuous attitude.

Chu Xian and Chu Xi were also able to participate in the competition, but they would definitely only obtain a low ranking, as they were only slightly stronger than the average family disciple. However, if they were to encounter a true expert, the two of them would quickly be dispatched of. Therefore, they bluntly didn’t participate; nonetheless, they didn’t expect that after receiving a few flattering words from Chu yue, he would truly participate in the internal family competition.

Chu Mu didn’t explain too much. If he explained more, whether they believed in him was one matter. Yet, even if they believed him, there would be another pile of questions. Everything was best explained through the fights.



“Haha, that brat really is going to participate. Who is he fighting under?” after obtaining the news, Chu Yue immediately cracked a big smile.

“Who he’s fighting under I don’t know; he seems to not have written it. He’s participating with someone called Ye Qingzi.” said Chu Jia.

“Ye Qingzi. What kind of person is Ye Qingzi?” asked Chu Yue confusedly.

“It’s the sister from the pair of brother and sister that Chu Chen brought. It’s said, big brother, that this Ye Qingzi is like her name. She’s extremely beautiful; even more so than Chu Xian. If you see her, you’ll definitely want her.” speaking of Ye Qingzi, Chu Jia’s drool was about to leak out.


Rare beautiful women like Ye Qingzi were absolutely treasures. Especially those two slender legs of hers that caused one’s imagination to roam. Chu Jia, even until now, still hadn’t forgotten.


  1. TL: Qingzi in Chinese means beauty that makes others collapse

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