Chapter 136: Sealed Pet, Self-Destruction

“Still not leaving?” Chu Yue looked back at the stunned Chu Jia, standing in place and creased his eyebrows.

When Chu Jia saw that Chu Yue had creased his eyebrows, his face slightly changed. He increased his pace and followed after Chu Yue. His heart was palpitating as he looked at Chu Yue’s facial expression.

Chu jia was extremely understanding of his brother. When he encountered such a humiliation, Chu Yue would definitely not display such magnanimity.  

A expected, when Chu Yue left the mountain top battlefield, Chu Yue’s expression immediately soured. His eyes became sinister, and the corners of his mouth were even twitching.

“Big brother…” Chu Jia followed behind and carefully asked a question.

“Hmph, do you believe I really want him to enter our Great Chu Family?” sneered Chu Yue.

“Then why does big brother want him to enter the competition as a side-branch expert!” confusedly asked Chu Jia. It was reasonable to say that with Chu Yue’s temperament, after losing in that competition, he would definitely use other methods to redouble the thanks.

“To slaughter all his soul pets!” said Chu Yue with a cold face.

Chu Yue had underestimated Chu Mu’s strength, leading to the scene just know where he lost face. This caused him to forcibly display that unsightly moral integrity, and exhibit the appearance of him looking well upon that fellow.

Chu Yue wasn’t such an open minded person. Since his soul pet was unable to fight one versus three, then he would use a true competition to logically defeat Chu Mu’s soul pets!

“Also, don’t have any ideas towards that Chu Xian.” Chu Yue warned Chu Jia.

“Big brother, with great difficulty, I…” when Chu Jia saw Chu Yue’s expression change, he understood what plan Chu Yue had and put on a crying and pleading expression.

“You imbecile. You’ve already gotten engaged to the Jia Family’s young lady. If you cause any no good incidents and mess this up, father will definitely peel off your skin. Before all the matters have been fully sorted out, know your place!” said Chu Yue.

Since Chu Yue was speaking like this, how could Chu Jia violate this at all? However, in his heart, he had already begun scolding this identically lecherous fellow.


“I truly did not expect that you would have such abilities…” Chu Xi carefully examined Chu Mu, and suddenly felt that Chu Mu had become a lot more handsome. She even further felt a mysterious feeling passing through.

Chu Xian was extremely excited. Her two clear pupils while staring at Chu Mu had already clearly changed. It was very hard to believe that Chu Mu, who had very nearly been incapable of becoming a soul pet trainer, would be so powerful.

Chu Mu presently wasn’t even 20. He hadn’t been training soul pets for very long, and if he were to have a few more years, he would definitely become even stronger...

“Let’s go back.” Chu Mu glanced at Chu Xian, yet indifferently spoke.

In truth, Chu Mu didn’t feel that Chu Yue’s strength was very strong. From the situation just now, where his seventh phase Purple Senluo wasn’t even able to use a technique, he could see that this fellow’s control over soul pets wasn’t very good. As for calling him a peak expert who sat on equal footing as himself, Chu Xi had clearly been bragging.

En route back to the courtyard, Chu Xian and Chu Xi didn’t stop with their questions. Especially Chu Xi, whose contemptuous attitude from before had completely disappeared. Instead, she was always asking how to he trained his ice Air Fairy to such a degree.

The sixth phase seventh stage Ice Air Fairy had performed a technique nearing the eighth rank in might. Such a situation was extremely rare. Chu Xi herself had an Ice Air Fairy, and although it had reached the seventh phase, its fighting strength wasn’t even half of Chu Mu’s Ice Air Fairy.

“How did you make the Ice Air Fairy comprehend black crystals?” asked Chu Xian, who was also extremely curious towards Chu Mu’s Ice Air Fairy.

If an Ice Air Fairy’s ice talent was extremely high, and it comprehended black crystals, it was equivalent to a high class commander rank Black Crystal Ice Crystal Spirit. Therefore, if there was a method to have an Ice Air Fairy comprehend black crystals, its fighting strength would certainly increase by a huge margin.

“Black Crystal Soul Pearl…” Chu Mu simply answered.

“Eh? A Black Crystal Soul Pearl fetches a price of nearly 5 million gold coins. Where did you obtain so much money?” astonishedly asked Chu Xian.

It would become complicated if he were to answer this question, so Chu Mu didn’t explain the details clearly. He only changed the topic, and asked about the Chu Family competition.

“This Chu family competition is a competition held every year in the family. Normally, as long as one is within the family, he or she will be able to participate. The majority of it is to allow teachers to fight other factions. Each teacher will send two members to fight against another faction’s two young generation members for ranks. The winner can obtain generous rewards, while the the corresponding faction’s teacher can obtain even more resources.” Chu Xi was currently very excited, and when Chu Mu asked her, she immediately explained for him.

“This time, due to the Nightmare Palace’s young princess being a spectator, it was originally going to be postponed. However, the Nightmare Palace’s young princess clearly has come to our Chu Family to fight against our experts. Therefore, the family head ultimately decided to have the young princess be a faction and enter our family’s competition.”

“Eh, what people did the young princess send to participate?” immediately asked Chu Mu.

“This still hasn't been decided. That whoever Chu Mu person will definitely participate. As for the other person, it hasn’t been decided yet. Perhaps the news hasn’t reached our place. In a few days, we’ll know.” said Chu Xian.

“What’s the prize?” asked Chu Mu. He clearly cared more about the prize; after all, he was currently lacking money.

“The first three places will obtain a soul armor, a soul pet, or a spiritual item worth five million and above. The subsequent seven places will obtain a reward worth three million and up. The first twelve places will receive an item worth two million and up. The first twenty places will receive a treasure worth a million and up. These rewards are only bestowed upon the winning team. If you win, the winning team members can still obtain a reward worth a lot from his or her teacher’s.

The Great Chu Family was the Great Chu Family after all. The rewards given to their disciples were so insane. Chu Mu’s Ice Air Fairy was talented and hardworking. Further adding on the the nearly 10 million worth of resources, it was able to reach such powerful fighting strength. As long as one obtained a first three place, that enormous sum of resources could create a powerful soul pet that wasn’t much inferior to his Ice Air Fairy.

5 million in value reward had a considerable attraction to Chu Mu. He naturally had to carefully consider whether or not to participate in this competition.

Upon returning to the courtyard, Chu Mu had been asked so many question by Chu Xian that he made an excuse that he was tired and returned to his room.

According to his habitual customs, Chu Mu first fed half of his soul power to the White nightmare. Then, he began to silently cultivate.

When it had roughly reached a very late time of night, the swaying and short body of Old Li who went out to recruit a supporter returned.

“Young master, I’ve brought an old man back for you.” Old Li waved his short arms as he spoke.

“I presume this is the young master. You truly have a grand appearance, and have the demeanor of an expert. This old fellow previously didn’t know young master had come. Please forgive.” Chu Mu still hadn’t reacted when he immediately heard a strange voice arrive.

Chu Mu released his soul remembrance, and he discovered that in the corner of his room in the shadows, an old man with a goat beard had appeared at some unknown time.

“Who are you?” Chu Mu was slightly astonished as he looked at the old man. This old man had secretly entered his room; his cultivation was definitely very exceptional. Perhaps it was also because he also possessed the Chong Mei technique that he had already combined his aura with a nocturnal soul pet, and his movement were as strange as some demons.

“This old fellow is one of Soul Palace’s Seven Tu’s. Linyin Tu and I come from the Great Chu Family. In the Great Chu Family, I occupy one of the four grand elder positions. Young master can call me Old Tu.”” said the old man with a good-natured expression who called himself Old Tu.

Chu Mu didn’t understand the Soul Palace’s positions very well and wasn’t clear on what the Seven Tu’s meant. However, occupying one of the grand elder positions in the Great Chu Family made Chu Mu a bit surprised.

Great Families like the Great Chu Family had a family head and a second family head as the patriarchs of the family. Under them were the grand elders, and under the grand elders were the family teachers who lead the cultivation of the disciples.

In other words, as a grand elder for the Great Chu Family, he harbored a position that was one higher than Chu Xian’s teacher.

“Could it be that young master came here to look for his father?” asked Old Tu,

Chu Mu didn’t plan on asking this, yet Old Tu had mentioned it first. Promptly, his gaze turned to Old Li, and using soul remembrance he asked: “Is this old fellow reliable?”

“Reliable. In truth, this old fellow is an old friend of your father. In the Great Chu Family, he is the only one who will defend your father. However, you also know that the word of this one old fellow in the Great Chu Family doesn’t dictate everything. Especially in these recent years, this old fellow has begun to gradually become isolated, and has lost a bit of strength…” said Old Li.

Chu Mu promptly nodded his head, “Since you’re my father’s old friend. Then this younger generation should address you as uncle.”

“I dare not, I dare not.” the old fellow immediately revealed an embarrassed expression.

“Young master, don’t be polite with this old fellow. Although Soul Palace’s Seven Tu’s are not from the same faction as Her Majesty, Her Majesty’s position is much higher than his. Him addressing you as young master is as should be. As for your father’s relationship with him, it has in the past few years…” Old Li had an expression like he didn’t care at all, and the Soul Palace Command in his hand was still swaying.

Chu Mu was presently pressing to find out about his father’s matters. He didn’t argue anymore and immediately began asking.

“Tianmeng is like his name: like the blade of heavenly dew. It can be said that he’s a generational legendary figure in our Great Chu Family. At the beginning, due to faction disputes, Chu Tianman g was pushed to a side branch family of the Great Chu Family. If I remember correctly, he should have followed that side branch and migrated to Luo Region's Gangluo City…”

Chu Mu listened very carefully to these stories involving his father.

“What made Chu Mu surprised was that his father was the Great Chu Family’s present family head’s third son. Due to his mother’s status being somewhat low, he was expelled from the Great Chu Family and roamed about outside.

At that time, Chu Tianmang was at a young age, and as he matured, he gradually displayed a shocking soul pet trainer talent. After going through many years of self temperament, he returned once more to the Great Chu Family, and he defeated all of their young generation experts!

Chu Tianmang held grievances in his heart towards the Great Chu Family and due to some matter, got into a dispute with the family head again. In a fit of anger, he cut off connection with the family head, and he swore not to return even one step into Wogu Region’s Great Chu Family. He then left Western Kingdom by himself and began roaming everywhere.

Neither Old Li or Old Tu spoke of Chu Tianmang’s matters in Western Kingdom. Moreover, both Old Li and Old Tu respectively indicated that in reality, many people didn’t know what kind of crime the outstanding Chu Tianmang committed and how he angered the Soul Alliance’s experts, causing the Soul Alliance to seal his soul pets and issue a prohibition.

Afterwards, Chu Tianmang became Chu Tiancheng and began bustling about for a small family under the guise of an extremely common soul pet trainer. Perhaps he was a bit tired, but Chu Tianmang didn’t have any objections towards this life and the content and voluntary him felt it was, in fact, very comfortable.

This continued until Chu Mu suffered from a hidden plot and was kidnapped. Chu Tianmang’s rage flourished and he began to mull over a method of breaking free from Soul Alliance’s surveillance.

“You’re saying that my father came to the Great Chu Family to, in truth, break free from Soul Alliance’s control?” asked Chu Mu.

“That’s right. He’s a trustworthy man. Not stepping into Great Chu Family means not stepping in…” said Old Tu.

“Then how did he break free? Why didn’t I detect the existence of Soul Alliance’s people?” asked Chu Mu.

“Young master, you’re very friendly. There are many experts of which you definitely cannot detect their existences. Moreover, there are times where it isn’t people monitoring Chu Tianmang, and instead it is some powerful soul pet…” said Old Tu.

“Alas, in truth, his anger isn’t limited to this.” Old Tu suddenly sighed and spoke.

Chu Mu looked at the very wrinkled Old Tu. From his expression, he could see that his father’s matters seemed to be far from as simple as what Old Tu told him.

“Don’t alas, spit it out.” Old Li had an impatient appearance.

Old Tu didn’t argue with this creature and after a while, said: “I presume young master doesn’t know what seal means, right?”

Chu Mu nodded his head. He really didn’t know what this so called seal meant.

“The seal, is to forcibly bind the soul pets a soul pet trainer summons. It’s equivalent to a soul pet defecting. Only, these soul pets didn’t defect, and they instead were sealed in some heavily guarded place, rendering them unable to return to their master’s side. From then on, the soul pet trainer’s strength is completely restricted.” said Old Li.

Chu Mu was stunned. He didn’t expect his father to be practically in the same situation as him. This also meant that his father’s souls were all occupied, but he simply was unable to summon.

“Chu Tianmang has a total of four main pets. Amongst them, one pet died while fighting against Soul Alliance. The other three main pets were sealed, and the remaining soul pets were all removed of their soul contracts.” Old Tu’s tone was a bit heavy as he spoke!

Four main pets. One died, three sealed. The others were all removed of their soul pacts!

Such a simple sentence caused great billows to surge in Chu Mu’s heart.

Chu Mu possessed a defector soul pet and simultaneously had removed a soul pact. He understood the heart-wrenching and body-rending pain from the spiritual fracture. Then realizing that this sentence was a description of Chu Tianmang, how could he remain calm?!

“It can be said that when he returned to Gangluo City, his soul was so extremely broken that without a dozen or so years, it wouldn’t be healed.”

“Yet, this was nothing. What made him truly seething in anger was something that happened not too long ago.”

“What?” slowly, Old Tu’s expression turned grave.Chu Mu indistinctly guessed that it was because of this matter that had caused Chu Tianmang’s anger to abruptly rise and make him once more walk on the path of soul pets.

“Although the three main pets had been sealed, they could still feel their master’s emotion. In order to allow Chu Tianmang to once more stand up, the three main pets that had accompanied him as he grew up… in the sealed tower… underwent self-destruction…”

Sealed soul pets, self-destruction!

Listening to these words, Chu Mu felt a violent shudder in the depths of his soul!

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Chapter 136: Sealed Pet, Self-Destruction


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