Book 2 Chapter 135 - Invitation To Take Part In A Competition

Chapter 135: Invitation To Take Part In A Competition

Among the younger generation, soul pets that could use the seventh rank might effects would be considered relatively formidable. Those that could near the eighth rank might and moreover so easily use them, were definitely only peak experts.

“Limitless Change!”

[1.TL: Senluo in Chinese is limitless, but I didn’t want to call a soul pet: Purple Limitless. That’s also why the attack is Limitless Change and not Senluo Change]

Chu Yue was aware that Chu Mu’s Ice Air Fairy definitely belonged to the abnormal class, and he fundamentally did not dare to be careless in the slightest. He immediately ordered his Purple Senluo to use it’s most powerful mountain rampart technique!

The Purple Senluo’s wings abruptly began to beat quickly. Slowly, it formed a strange purple gale that curled about it. The chaotic violent wind bore the Purple Senluo’s body, and a strange transformation occurred!

Forty ice swords began to fly towards the Purple Senluo under the Ice Air Fairy’s control. Each individual sword was even under its control!

“Sou sou sou sou~~~~~~”

Eight meter long enormous ice swords ceaselessly flitted past the Purple Senluo’s body. As it faced the purple colored chaotic wind, its body continuously changed places. Thirty ice swords under control were dodged by this dodging technique!

Being able to dodge thirty ice swords, the Purple Senluo’s dodging abilities were extremely strong. Seeing the Purple Senluo changing locations against the flying swords and dodging with a lot of space, Chu Jia cracked a satisfied smile. In his heart he silently thought, ‘big brother is big brother after all. Able to unexpectedly dodge these exquisitely controlled ice swords.’

The thirty ice swords had been nullified and the other ten ice swords could be completely blocked by the Purple Senluo’s wings or body. There was no need to fear.

Chu Yue also raised a smile. He was understood his Purple Senluo very well and according to his estimates, it would not be considered poor if it was able to dodge twenty ice swords. Yet, this time, the Purple Senluo had very clearly displayed exceptional determination, preventing him from losing face right at the start.

“Beng beng beng~~~”

The last ten ice swords bombarded the Purple Senluo’s body, and they were shattered by its powerful body. They transformed into innumerable ice dregs that dropped down.

The Purple Senluo’s body defense had reached the mid seventh stage, and the ten ice swords simply could not deal any true damage.

However, just as Chu Yue was about to order the Purple Senluo to attack Chu Mu’s Ice Air Fairy, a shocking scene suddenly appeared. Chu Yue, Chu Jia, Chu Xian, and Chu Xi were all stunned!

The Ice Air Fairy’s eyes suddenly flickered with a radiance, and the thirty ice swords that had fallen to the ground from before when they were dodged suddenly streaked parallel to the ground in a shocking arc. From bottom to top, they abruptly pierced towards the Purple Senluo ferociously!

Chu Yue himself was somewhat dumbstruck as he watched it. He hastily had the Purple Senluo use its wings to cover its body!

The Purple Senluo’s wing defense were only a bit stronger than its original body, and without preparation, the thirty ice swords bombarded its body!

Each ice sword that struck the Purple Senluo’s body completely transformed into smithereens, and each ice sword knocked it higher and higher into the air!

“Demonic Wood Bind.”

While the Ice Air Fairy was dealing with the Purple Senluo, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier had already begun to prepare its technique. The moment the thirty ice sword onslaught finished, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s arms suddenly brandished forth. Instantly, two chain-like roots were thrown out by the Devil Tree Battle Soldier. They flung through the air and extremely accurately twisted around the Purple Senluo fifty meters in the air.

Chu Yue’s expression visibly changed. With the continuous bombardment of the thirty ice swords, even if the Purple Senluo’s defense was even higher, it would have been shaken into a moment of unconsciousness by the force of impact, and would simply be unable to use any technique.

The Demonic Wood Bind had successfully binded the Purple Senluo, and with its beast type lineage, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s strength wasn’t weak. It was enough to drag down the trapped prey!

“Zhan Ye, Ink Armor Spike!” Chu Mu issued a command to the Warbeast Mo Ye.

Zhan Ye had already prepared for a long time. When the Devil Tree Battle Soldier fiercely hauled the Purple Senluo down from the air, it instantly charged towards the location the Purple Senluo descended. It incomparably calmly stood under the Purple Senluo, and the ink armor astonishingly outstretched Ink Armor Spikes that could ignore defense!


The Purple Senluo resolutely smashed to the ground. When falling to the ground, its body was instantly pierced by the eminently calm Ink Armor Spikes of Zhan Ye. Fresh blood exploded everywhere on the caved-in ground!

“Zhan Ye, Close Body Tangle.”


Zhan Ye’s excitement for battle had always been the highest. After being smashed into the ground, it jumped out of the ruins. With its ink armor spikes that had the dark erosion effect, it fiercely stabbed it into the Purple Senluo’s body.

“Ice Air Fairy, Black Crystal Ice Armor.”


Using the Black Crystal Ice Armor on the low phase Mo Ye allowed its defence to increase by at least one stage. Zhan Ye was currently at the fifth phase fifth stage. If he didn’t increase its defense, its life force, no matter how tenacious it was, would not be able to instantly kill the Purple Senluo

The Purple Senluo had already clearly suffered wounds, but these attacks were unable to truly make it lose the ability to fight. Its claws began to crazily tear at the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s root chains.

The Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s roots were demonic wood, and they were much more flexible than normal wood type’s. The Purple Senluo gave it its all before finally being able to free itself from the roots. Unfortunately, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier had three releases!

Wood type soul pets had the absolute advantage over beast type and wing type soul pets. Further adding on the fact that Chu Mu’s Devil Tree Battle soldier had the three technique simultaneous release ability, the moment the Purple Senluo crashed to the ground, without using any powerful technique, it fundamentally would not be able to break free of the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s practically unbreakable binding technique.

After using the Ice Sword Array, the Ice Air Fairy obviously wouldn’t be a mere spectator. With Microcontrol, the Ice Air Fairy’s ice type techniques entered the Purple Senluo’s body abnormally accurately. The Purple Senluo’s defense had already fallen due to Zhan Ye’s Ink Armor Spike’s armor reduction strength. The ice type techniques were thus able to more wantonly pierce through its skin.

“A sixth phase eighth stage warrior rank Ice Air Fairy, a sixth phase fourth stage warrior rank Devil Tree Battle Soldier and further adding on a fifth phase fifth stage Mo Ye. Yet, he was able to inhibit a seventh phase strengthened wing type commander so that it couldn’t even use a technique…” Chu Xian incomparably astonishingly watched this scene.

In truth, these three soul pets of Chu Mu didn’t have any coordination during this fight. The fighting strength of these three soul pets were far from being as simple as their rank and phase. If they were to actually coordinate, even Mo Xie may not have been able to gain an advantage.

The combination of restriction and defense of a wood type was the most headache-inducing soul pet. The powerful defense and terrifying offensive force of the ice type became the main output during battle. The brave close combat of the Mo Ye was able to completely render the opponent incapable of using any technique. If these soul pets were to be combined, they would definitely be able to compensate for their phase and stage deficit.

Under the attack of the three soul pets, the wounds on the Purple Senluo’s body grew increasingly many. Standing to the side, Chu Yue’s face grew incomparably ashen.

“Big brother… big brother… recall you soul pets. Otherwise…” Chu Jia’s face was extremely strange. The present situation was very clear. The Purple Senluo was simply incapable of using any techniques under the three soul pets’ attacks, and could only ceaselessly suffer attacks. In a short period of time if it wasn’t recalled, it would definitely be killed.

Chu Yue fiercely glared at Chu Jia. Could it be that he didn’t want to recall his soul pet? The problem was that if he were to recall his soul pet now, where would he be able to show his face?!

After Chu Xian recovered from her shock, her two clear eyes were flickering a bit. The three soul pets of Chu Mu displayed truly exceptional fighting strength; at least they were able to defeat Chu Yue’s Purple Senluo that Chu Xian thought was incapable of being defeated.

It hadn’t been many years since Chu Mu had become a soul pet trainer. Yet, he was able to train his soul pets to become so powerful. From a very early time, Chu Xian had known that Chu Mu possessed outstanding soul pet trainer talent. His knowledge towards various soul pets was even more profound that soul pet trainers with tens of years of experience. There would be a day in the future when he would definitely become an expert!

Yet, presently, Chu Mu had clearly thrown off the shadow of losing a soul. He had displayed such powerful strength, and this was the day Chu Xian had always hoped for. Presently, the excitement in her heart was hard to suppress...“Return…” finally, Chu Yue ended up chanting an incantation. If he waited any longer, his soul pet would be killed!

Since Chu Yue recalled his soul pet, Chu Mu naturally called back Zhan Ye.“Chu Yue unexpectedly lost…” Chu Xi still hadn’t recovered from her shock, and had a face of disbelief as she stared at Chu Mu.

Chu Mu was a true excellent figure in the Great Chu Family. Even if it was one against three, there weren’t many that could obtain an advantage from his powerful soul pets. How would Chu Xi think that the brat who came from a small city would be able to defeat Chu Yue’s main pet...

“You lost the bet. You, don’t bother her anymore. I will collect your seventh level ice crystal.” Chu Mu extended his hand and retrieved the seventh level ice type soul crystal from the ground and into his spatial ring.

Looking at the white garmented Chu Mu, how could Chu Yue still maintain his haughty smile. His expression was extremely ugly, and others could even clearly feel his chest heaving.

A while late, Chu Yue suddenly cracked a smile and said to Chu Mu: “Hahaha, I truly didn’t expect there to be such a talent in Chu Xian’s small family. In the entire Great Chu Family, those who are able to defeat my Purple Senluo with three soul pets aren’t many. You able to do it means your are someone…”

Chu Yue’s hearty laugh made Chu Xian and Chu Xi let out a big sigh of relief. Previously, they had clearly sensed Chu Yue’s gloomy appearance. It seemed to be on the edge of exploding...

“Obviously in an appearance of gnashing his teeth, yet he was able to forcibly laugh. He laughed a great deal, but his eyes are extremely sinister. He’s clearly very shrewd…” Old Li growled in disdain.

Chu Mu naturally could see that Chu Yue wasn’t some open-minded person and apathetically nodded his head.

“In these next few days, it is the competition between the internal disciples of our Great Chu Family. Chu Xian, bring your brother to watch. If it is convenient, talk to him about entering our Great Chu Family’s matters…” Chu Yue continued to speak.

After Chu Yue finished speaking, he had a very unfettered appearance, and he walked out of the mountain peak battlefield.

“Yes.” Chu Xian didn’t expect Chu Yue to say this and immediately nodded her head.

“Chu Chen, friend, remember that you must attend. I can recommend recommend you as a side-branch expert to participate. The reward is extremely generous and I’m sure you’ll be able to obtain a pretty good rank. This way, the Great Chu Family people will look upon you with a whole new level of respect…” when Chu Yue passed by Chu Mu, he gave a smile and intentionally stressed it once more.

“We’ll talk about it later.” Chu Mu didn’t accept nor reject.


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