Chapter 134: Chu Yue? I’ll Stomp You All The Same!

Chapter 134: Chu Yue? I’ll Stomp You All The Same!

“Since you can use one Ice Air Fairy to defeat three of my little brother’s soul pets, then I, Chu Yue, will also use single control. You can summon whatever. As long as you can beat me, this pure ice type soul crystal worth 1.5 million will be yours.”

Chu Mu blanked, not expecting that this guy would raise such an insolent request!

Who was Chu Mu? If one didn’t consider the big factions like the Great Chu Family, it was hard to find any real expert to compete against him in all the regions. Presumably, even the top five Chu Ke didn’t dare to talk big and use one soul pet against Chu Mu’s three, yet the lower tier Chu Yue dared to say this!

“It’s Chu Yue……” Riding her wing type soul pet in, Chu Xi unknowingly had also entered the mountain battleground, her eyes watching the handsome Chu Yue.

“Oh, it’s little sister Chu Xi?” Chu Yue smiled when he glanced at Chu Xi, who flew in with her wing type soul pet.

Seeing that this man who made countless young girls obsessed actually remembered her, she immediately showed a joyous expression. If not for Chu Xian, this starry-eyed fool would probably have forgotten who she was and ran up to flirt with Chu Yue already.

“Chu Chen, you, didn’t I tell you not to be brash? I just told you how powerful Chu Yue was. He isn’t someone a person from a little clan can provoke. Quickly apologize to Chu Yue, or else not only you will suffer for it, but your sister will also get affected because of your insensible actions.” When Chu Xi flew over, she had heard Chu Yue say he that would 1 v 3. Thus, she naturally guessed that Chu Xian’s little brother, who came from a little city, had offended Chu Mu, so she very strictly scolded him.

Hearing Chu Xi say this, Chu Xian furrowed her brow. How could she make Chu Mu apologize to others? Let alone, it wasn’t even Chu Mu’s fault. At this moment, she bit her lips, glanced at Chu Yue and Chu Jia, and decided to apologize on behalf of Chu Mu before things were exacerbated further.

“My little brother is impulsive, and he doesn’t know manners, offending senior student Chu Yue, please forg-……” Chu Xian had already slightly bowed, gesturing to show apologies.

Chu Yue wasn’t any upright gentleman. When he entered the mountain battlefield, his eyes had been scouring Chu Xian’s charming and grown body. Now that she put on such a humble posture when apologizing, his eyes even more so showed rumination, as if already having a plan…...

“No need to apologize, I was just missing a seventh level ice type soul crystal.” Chu Mu pulled Chu Xian back and said.

“This is someone else’s domain. No matter if we have reason or don’t, we’ll be at a disadvantage. Chu Mu, listen to sister……” Chu Xian naturally tried to persuade Chu Mu.

“Young master, this whatever Chu Yue is way too disgusting. If you don’t firmly beat up his stinking face, I, Senior Huan, won’t even be able to sleep well in the next few days. Young Master feel free to stomp as you please. There’s a few important people within Great Chu Family that are people of the Soul Palace. Once you’re done beating him up, I, Old Li will immediately bring out the noble lady’s Soul Palace Decree [1] to scare them a bit, helping you suppress those old things who love to protect their younger generation. In the younger generation, stomp as you please. I promise that those old fellows won’t dare to do anything to you!” Old Li said to Chu Mu angrily using his remembrance.

Liu Binglan didn’t make Old Li follow Chu Mu purely to give Chu Mu an encyclopedia. This Old Li knew many people, so Liu Binglan also entrusted her Soul Palace Decree with Old Li. Once some unaware old thing wanted to trouble Chu Mu, Old Li could decisively use her Soul Palace Decree to keep the situation under control and protect Chu Mu.

“What Soul Palace Decree?” Chu Mu was confused, as Liu Binglan didn’t seem to have told him about this.

“The Soul Palace Decree is a identity medal that only those with utmost power within Soul Palace had. The Soul Palace’s factions within the Western Kingdom aren't plentiful, but many of the Great Chu Family’s experts who travel outside often need to rely on the influence of the Soul Palace. They were all sensible people. As long as they see this Soul Palace Decree, they wouldn’t dare to be disrespectful towards you at all. The noble lady knew that your current identity was slightly touchy, and she was worried about you training outside alone, so she specially commanded that I, Senior Huan, should support you in more high level situations. Besides, the noble lady should still be searching for news about the Worldly Immortal Ice within the Western Kingdom. If the Great Chu Family wronged young master in any way, the noble lady would definitely come at once and flip the entire Great Chu Family upside down.” Old Li explained.

Grudges between young generations were something that the older generations couldn’t meddle with. This had become an unspoken rule with many factions already. Of course, this rule’s prerequisite is that you must have someone behind you to rely on. Before, Chu Mu could rely on Nightmare Palace, so he could carelessly stomp any young generation expert, and none of their older generations would dare retaliate. After all, if they retaliated, the Nightmare Palace experts would have a reason to kill them.

Yet, now that Chu Mu couldn’t rely on Nightmare Palace, he naturally had to be more reserved in front of great factions. What Chu Mu didn’t expect was that Liu Binglan had actually given him this protective umbrella before she left. This could perfectly solve the problem Chu Mu faced with fearing the older generation experts of Great Chu Family.

Without worry for consequences, who cared if it were Chu Jia, Chu Yue, or Chu Ke, he’d stomp them all the same!

Chu Mu waved his hand to stop Chu Xian from blocking him and stepped forward. Even without Liu Binglan, Chu Mu wouldn’t randomly apologize to some narcissistic moron, let alone now, with the fact that he had a protective umbrella. Chu Mu no longer needed to restrict his wild heart!

“Then summon your soul pet, let me see just how capable you are.” Chu Yue started laughing.

“Chu Chen, don’t offend Chu Yue, or else you’ll have to face the consequences……” Chu Xi advised.

Chu Mu didn’t pay attention to the persuasion of the two girls, and he slowly started an incantation.

Since it was three on one, Chu Mu didn’t act polite. Retracting his Night Thunder Dream Beast, he directly summoned his other two soul pets.

Sixth phase fourth stage Devil Tree Battle Soldier, and the fifth phase fifth stage Mo Ye!

The soul pets Chu Mu summoned were both very low profile. These three soul pets’ fighting strength shouldn’t count for much against a real top tier expert, but Chu Mu’s control of his soul pets wasn’t as stupid and clumsy as Chu Jia’s.

Seeing that the other two soul pets Chu Mu summoned were both lackluster, Chu Yue already had a flash of contempt sweep past his face as he secretly guessed that, other than Chu Mu’s Ice Air Fairy, he had nothing else presentable.

“Only this kind of soul pet…...If you fight might as well fight well, can’t you summon some soul pet with more gusto?” Chu Xi looked at the other two soul pets Chu Mu summoned and only rolled her eyes.

Chu Xi before didn’t see Chu Mu’s Ice Air Fairy defeat Chu Jia, and her discerning abilities were clearly mediocre, so she naturally couldn’t tell that Chu Mu’s soul pets had been strengthened, and their fighting strengths weren’t as simple as they looked.

“Rank and phase aren’t high, but their types seem pretty good. Seems like you went the strengthening route. But, without rank and phase, no matter how much you strengthen its type, it will never become a real expert.” Chu Yue laughed as he criticized.

After speaking, Chu Yue also chanted an incantation and started summoning his own soul pet.

With the incantation halo surrounding him, Chu Yue pushed out with a finger. The circling halos quickly gathered on his finger and shot out, projecting onto the ground five meters in front!

The halos sent into the ground slowly dispersed into dots that formed a dazzling summoning symbol…...

“This is……” Chu Xi and Chu Jia looked at this summoning symbol and immediately looked surprised!

Everyone in Great Chu Family knew Chu Yue’s soul pets. This special dazzling glow was the signature of one of Chu Yue’s main soul pets - Purple Senluo!

Purple Senluo: Beast World - Wing type(Beast type) - Senluo species - Purple Senluo subspecies - commander rank

The Purple Senluo was a combination of wing type and beast type. It had a massive and gorgeous pair of purple wings, robust body, as well as a long, purple horn on its forehead that could break through almost anything and contained a powerful lighting energy.

The seventh phase second stage Purple Senluo appeared that immediately caused the nearby battlefield to get charred by lightning, bringing an unsettling feeling to people. With its massive purple wings and steel-like body, when it slowly appeared from the summoning symbol, it had an invisible aura.

“Senior Student Chu Yue, there’s no need to be like this, right? This soul pet of yours’ fighting strength is……” Even Chu Xi’s face was rigid, completely not expecting Chu Yue to summon his incredibly powerful Purple Senluo.

“Hehe, your friend’s soul pets aren’t too weak. If I don’t summon my main soul pet, I might not even be able to win with one soul pet against his three.” Chu Yue said. Though this sentence sounded like it was praising Chu Mu, it couldn’t disguise Chu Yue’s arrogance.

If Chu Yue was arrogant, Chu Mu was an even more domineering person. Looking at the Purple Senluo, Chu Mu could basically guess its fighting strength, and so he apathetically said, “Three minutes.”

“What three minutes, you’ll last three minutes? I suggest you not even fight. Teacher will be here soon, and an apology will be enough to end this.” Chu Xi asked, unable to understand Chu Mu.

“I’ll settle this in three minutes.” Chu Mu said lightly, and he no longer wasted time with these ignorant fools, directly commanding his soul pet to battle!

The Ice Air Fairy’s reaction speeds were the fastest, immediately starting to chant an incantation!

It was still the Ice Sword Formation that the Ice Air Fairy was adept at. Countless Black Crystals appeared in the sky above the Ice Air Fairy and instantly twenty eight meter long Ice Swords appeared.



The Ice Air Fairy’s incantation sounded once again, almost instantly finishing the overlaying of the ice type technique. At that moment, forty terrifying ice swords floated in formation above the battleground. Pointing downwards coldly, the massive shadow gave everyone an amorphous pressure!

Seeing Chu Mu’s Ice Air Fairy cast such a terrifying ice type technique, Chu Xi’s eye went wide. She carefully made sure that Chu Mu’s soul pet was indeed an Ice Air Fairy, and not a Black Crystal Ice Fairy.

The Ice Swords hung high and sent cold air everywhere Feeling the frightening ice type controlling powers of Chu Mu’s Ice Air Fairy, Chu Yue also creased his brows.

When Chu Yue came, he only saw the Ice Air Fairy cast a delayed Ice Sword Formation Overlay, so he thought this Ice Air Fairy only had a relatively strong Microcontrol. He didn’t think it could directly overlay techniques to complete the summoning of fourty ice swords!

Forty Ice Sword Formation. Such an imposing manner was completely not inferior to many seventh rank techniques. Adding on the effects of the Ice Air Fairy’s ice controlling talent and the damage amplification from the Black Crystal, this technique’s power was near eighth rank!


  1. Typically an elongated pentagonal shaped medal that signified the will of an important person

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