Chapter 1330: Half Silver, Half Black!

“Hu!!! Hu!!!!!!”

Chaotic streams of air passed by He Cang’s body. He Cang’s face was pale, and he was covered in blood. 

It was genuinely difficult to resist for so long!

“Darkness Domain!” He Cang gritted his teeth and gave his Dark Emperor an order. 

Dark Emperor’s weakened body dissipated before suddenly creating an enormous darkness aura that surrounded the Messiah Tree! 

Different from the Evernight Ruler, this Darkness Domain would gather all darkness elements in the area here, preventing enemies from seeing their five fingers. 

And when the darkness element in this area of space reached a critical point, the darkness energy would create a terrifying darkness explosion! 

This darkness explosion didn’t differentiate between enemies and allies. Thus, it was ostensibly a suicide attack by Dark Emperor! 

He Cang had reached his limit. He knew that there was a Dream Beast hiding next to Ning Maner, protecting her. 

What He Cang wanted to do was use this technique and envelop everyone in darkness. Then, using the most powerful darkness explosion, it would buy time for Ning Maner to escape. He believed that dark Dream Beast would be able to step through the darkness and leave. 

The heavens and earth were covered in darkness. Seven immortal rank creatures could no longer see where He Cang was. 

Moreover, none of them dared to blindly use techniques because they weren’t certain if He Cang had reversed space. If they randomly used techniques, this could cause them to harm their own allies. 


Night understood He Cang’s intentions. When the darkness domain descended, it emerged from the shadows and quickly appeared in front of Ning Maner. 

Night called out to Ning Maner, indicating for her to jump onto its body. 

Ning Maner was stunned. She had never seen Night before, but from Chu Mu’s descriptions, she knew that Chu Mu had a soul pet like this that was wandering around elsewhere. 

And from the soul resonance, Ning Maner knew this was Chu Mu’s soul pet. 

“I’m not leaving.” Ning Maner shook her head at Night. 

Her face had been covered again by bloody marks, and her originally pure eyes had been taken over by a terrifying evil! 


Suddenly, a sharp light spear flew over, stabbing somewhere in the darkness! 

A spray of red blood splurt out and landed at Ning Maner’s feet! 

Ning Maner turned around. Seeing the light from the light spear, she discovered that the spear had pierced through He Cang’s body! 

He Cang’s body had been knocked flying by the light spear, and he flew over her head before being nailed into the Messiah Tree’s trunk! 

“Ta! Ta! Ta!” 

Blood was strikingly dripping down.

He Cang’s face was extremely pale. The moment a soul pet trainer’s body was pierced, he wasn’t far from death! 

When Dark Emperor discovered its master had been pierced, it let out a sharp and miserable cry before flying over to He Cang. 

“Maner, don’t… don’t be stubborn… hurry and leave,” weakly said He Cang as he was nailed to the tree. 

Soon, blood began to well up in his throat. His mouth was then filled with blood, and he couldn’t say anything. 

Ning Maner was frozen, as she stared in horror at He Cang.    

He Cang was the only person deserving of her trust in Wupan City’s Imperial Palace. The scene of the light spear piercing him into the Messiah Tree was piercing her heart! 

Ning Maner wanted to yell out in pain, but she discovered she couldn’t make any noise! 

“Hahaha, Xu Lu, your spear is very accurate. How did you know he was there?” 

“I placed a Light Eye mark on him.” 

“His Dark Emperor still hasn’t died. Everyone be careful. His domain technique won’t be able to last much longer!” 

The mocking laughter of these people rang out in the darkness. These noises were terrible and ear-piercing to Ning Maner. 

In the past, she had believed that every person was kind. But after being forced into such desperate straights, she was ingrained with the firm belief that some people were evil to the bone! 

As she looked at He Cang, nailed to the tree, hatred, and anger in Ning Maner’s heart reached unprecedented levels. 

Shouldn’t these people suffer punishment?! Shouldn’t these people suffer punishment?!

The blood markings covering her body were extremely bright. The evil aura and strength that had previously been suppressed by the Messiah Tree’s remnant soul finally exploded out!!! 

She didn’t understand why the Messiah Tree wanted to stop her. If she had transformed the departed souls and fresh blood into her own power earlier, this many Wind Eagles wouldn’t have died for her, and He Cang, who would do anything for her, wouldn’t have been crucified to death!!

“Hu hu hu hu hu!!!!!!”

The moment the seed of evil sprouted, the world would descend into death where not even a blade of grass grew! 

Ning Maner’s slightly curled hair began to dance in the air as her pale white skin was filled with the malevolent and terrifying evil blood markings! 

The color of her hair became a conspicuous blood red as the evil markings climbed up her snow white skin. Her graceful body began to hover in the air. Ning Maner raised her head and began to rapidly absorb evil aura, transforming into a pure-evil devil woman. Her vacuous eyes were filled with limitless anger and hatred!! 

“No…. no…” He Cang, as he was nailed to the tree, watched this scene as his eyes began to expand. 

He struggled to extend his hand in hopes that Ning Maner would stop. However, as his life force rapidly slipped away, he could feel his vision going blurry. 

"All of you must pay the price for the sins you carry on your backs!!” Ning Maner’s ice-cold voice rang out as she hovered underneath the tree. 

“When the Darkness Domain disappears and if you don’t hand over the Messiah Tree seed, we’ll kill all of the creatures in Quiet Forest. That way, you’ll understand what exactly “paying the price” is!” said the somewhat bloodthirsty Ocean Lord Xue Yingfeng. 

The seven of them were obviously looking down on Ning Maner who had no offensive power. Right now, they just needed to wait for the darkness domain to disappear and the Messiah Tree Seed would be theirs! 

However, what they didn’t know was that in the depths of the darkness, Ning Maner was transforming into a devil woman. As for how terrifying she would be once she transformed, nobody knew. In this short period of time, the anger, hatred, sorrow, and self-blame she accumulated was too much. 

An evil aura abruptly swept through the area, transforming into a darkness tsunami! 

The evil aura and resentment aura had taken substantive forms, transforming into evil swords filled with evil and resentment. 

With a single wave of her hand, these evil swords would fly towards her enemies. However, the innately good Ning Maner, had a sliver of hesitation at this moment. 

Her icy-snow eyes glanced at the Messiah Tree, and then at He Cang who was bleeding out. 

Ning Maner didn’t know how many Quiet Forest creatures had been slaughtered this time. However, when she heard the incredibly infuriating mocking laughter, she couldn’t stand it any longer! 

All of them ought to die. These people ought to disappear from this world. 

Anyone whose heart was impure ought to die. They didn’t deserve to exist in this world!

With the heart devil seed within her, Ning Maner finally lifted her hands and allowed the evil swords to frenziedly slaughter all of these greedy people! 

Ning Maner’s lifted hands were trembling. 


Suddenly, a powerful hand grabbed Ning Maner’s thin wrist! 

Such an immensely powerful evil aura was in Ning Maner control. But this large hand that had suddenly appeared didn’t only grasp Ning Maner’s wrist, but also suppressed the storm of slaughter that was about to break out and slaughter both enemies and allies. 

Ning Maner’s eyes, after transforming into a devil woman, flashed with a sliver of anger. Who had stopped her?!  

She turned around to knock the person, who had stopped her, flying with a slap.

However, when she saw the person’s face and saw the silver flames on his body, she began to violently tremble. 

The soul pact between their souls made them even closer than others. It was like they were a part of each other’s souls. In this situation, nobody could stop her anger and punishment except for him. Ning Maner wouldn’t knock him away. 

A tall and heroic figure. A handsome and unwavering face with a body covered with silver and evil devil flames. There was only one person in the world whose embrace could make Ning Maner feel incomparably peaceful and warm. This person was the Brother Devil who she had a soul pact with! 

“Do you know why so many people are willing to die for you and throw away everything just to protect you?” Chu Mu’s large hand firmly gripped Ning Maner’s evil wrist, not moving an inch. 

A sliver of thought flashed through Ning Maner’s eyes. 

"Every single one of us and every single life form desires strength. This seed to become stronger was buried at a very, very early age. In order to live a better life in this cruel world, in order to protect those near and dear to them, in order to obtain supreme honor…” 

“Every life form has an initial desire to pursue the path of power… however, this path is incomparably difficult. Countless creatures will engage in senseless slaughter and feel regret as they lose those closest to them in their monomaniacal pursuit for power. 

“In fact, many life forms no longer know why they wanted to become strong in the first place, nor why they wanted to obtain this power!” 

“They forgot the things from the very beginning and have lost themselves in this cruel world where the strong eat the weak. They lost their initial pure heart and descended into a slave of survival…” 

“But you were never perverted by the dirty aura of the world. You kept your pure heart. When they saw you, they saw their initially uncorroded soul that was without hatred, pain, sorrow, or anger. Everyone is willing to use their lives to protect you because you became the hope that they treasured the most at the depths of their soul. You could make them forget the various negative emotions that come with the pursuit for power, and help them wash their souls that they themselves came to detest!” 

Chu Mu didn’t like to talk. This was probably the most he had ever said at once, but it was also the most sincere thing he had said! 

Transforming from a human into a devil, and then from a devil into a human. Having lost himself before, Chu Mu had a profound understanding of how important and treasured one’s heart and soul was! 

“Don’t do something stupid. Don’t let anger control you. This many people used their lives to protect you, which means that you that should treasure your own life and soul that much more!” after finishing this, Chu Mu slowly relaxed his hand. 

If Ning Maner was still unable to understand the true meaning of all these life forms sacrificing their lives for her after his words, then there would be no more point in him trying to stop her. She would still ultimately transform into a devil. 

Chu Mu’s words were like thunder to Ning Maner. 

Just a little bit more, and she would have destroyed the hope of all these soul pets and people, who had sacrificed their lives for her, that had been placed in her. 

Ning Maner’s decrepitly placed her hand down. Chu Mu’s words had a profound effect on her heart. She had never thought of this before. 

“Big brother, I… I really don’t know what to do. Am I just supposed to let these people go?” Ning Maner still clung onto a bit of that thinking. 

Chu Mu shook his head. He extended his hand and placed his palm on her forehead. 

“You must protect your heart. Your heart is too precious.” 

“As for killing, leave it to me - someone whose hands are already filled with blood!” 

His palm was instantly filled with a special power as he forcibly extracted the evil energy inside Ning Maner’s body, and then transformed it into his own! 

“I promised you that I will kill every single person who has made you heartbroken. Not a single one of them will be let off!” 

After speaking, the evil energy on Chu Mu’s body suddenly erupted!

Like an evil god descending upon this world, terrifying devil flames dropped from the sky, covering the secular world with anger and grievance! 

Half of it was a silver color that devoured half of the meandering earth!

Half of it was a black color that swept through the other half of the boundless space! 

Simultaneously, Chu Mu’s eyes, body, and devil flames were split into half silver and half black!! 


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