Chapter 1329: Soul Devour, Black Bloodline

“Boss He Cang, we can’t stop you if you leave now.” Navy Commander Xue Yingfeng immediately smiled.

He Cang may be the most powerful of them all, but if he wanted to use his own strength to stop everyone, it was still too naive!

He Cang didn't speak. He turned around to look at Ning Maner.

Ning Maner still stood there unmoving. Her bleeding lips parted, as she muttered something to herself incomprehensibly.

“Lady Ning, as long as I, He Cang, am alive, I will not let them harm you one bit!” He Cang said firmly.

Ning Maner lowered her head, not replying. She continued to mutter to herself strange things.

He Cang didn’t notice that Ning Maner’s pale face was already covered in malevolent blood runes!

“Boss He Cang truly is a hero. You know it is certain death, yet you’ll still fight for this beauty.” Navy General Xue Yingfeng mocked.

“Since he isn’t tactful, let’s kill him!” Elemental sect Guo Enlong said.

First deal with He Cang, and then decide what to do with the Messiah Tree seed. They were all smart. They wouldn’t start fighting each other before they even got the item.

Divine Sect Xu Lu and He Cang had been holding a grudge for a long while now. Since He Cang was protecting this young girl this time, the seven of them could easily take his life!

He Cang stepped forth, the dark blade suddenly lifting up behind him as if He Cang were carrying it!

Facing seven immortal rank experts, he didn't show any retreat.

If Ning Maner was just someone Ning Dynasty wanted to protect, He Cang wouldn't be this adamant, as the tides had turned.

However, in He Cang’s heart, this pure young girl was no longer just someone he needed to protect. More, she was a mental safe place for him to return to!

“Brother He….. Brother He, you should leave.” Ning Maner’s soft voice came from behind him.

“Lady Ning, you probably don’t know that I have a younger sister, she’s very very like you…..” He Cang didn’t turn around. His eyes were on his enemies, but he spoke to Ning Maner.

Ning Maner slowly lifted her head, her hollow eyes finally showing a flicker of movement.

“I promised her that when I step into the immortal rank, I would return to Wan City to see her….”

“Sadly, right after I reached the immortal rank, I never saw her again, and wasn't even able to find her corpse!”

“So what if I’m immortal rank now? I can’t even protect those dearest to me!” He Cang’s face was slightly shaking. “This time, I won’t let that happen again!”

After speaking, He Cang’s dark aura blew up. The dark sword behind him continued to expand, creating a turbulent tide of darkness!!

If he was going to fight, he wasn’t going to retreat. Instead of backing off, He Cang moved forward with his dark type soul pet towards all seven of them!

Facing seven experts, his fighting intent was still wild. It was no wonder that dark green He Cang was famous in all of Wupan Continent. No one else present had the same courage!

However, in front of the Messiah Tree seed, no one would pity this courage!!

Kang Ruodong’s poison tooth beast was filled with poisonous fog as it pounced forth. Huo Lei’s Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon spewed a dragon light. Xu Kuan’s Light’s Fury released thousands of light slashes. Shen Nine Ghosts’ immortal rank Blood Ghost extended its claw forth. Xue Yingfeng’s Python Tail Blue Lion swung its massive tail. Xu Lu’s back glow sent a light spear towards them. Elemental Sect’s Guo En Dragon stirred up a storm!

Seven immortal rank soul pets, He Cang could hardly stand the seven peoples’ attacks, no matter how strong he was!

After the first clash, He Cang and his dark emperor were destroyed!


All the energy created in the storm whistled through He Cang’s ears. His body was shaky, and the long dark sword behind him was clearly dimmer than usual!

“Not dead? Anyone else would have been demolished!” Xu Lu smiled cruelly and said with satire.

He Cang still didn’t speak, but his firm gaze telling everyone he was resolute and for them to give it their all!


The barren land occasionally lifted with powerful energy waves and hit the ghost blood diagram heavily.

The Ghost Blood Diagram was still extracting the Black Nightmare’s life. Without its two hands, the Black Nightmare was getting weaker and weaker.

His eyes stared at the Messiah Tree’s position, staring dead-on at the enemies that were hurting Ning Maner.

It wanted to fight!

It yearned for killing, to kill all that hurt her!!

Yet, its body could no longer sustain its continued fighting.

The incomplete mutation causes a severe after effect, and its life was nearing its end!!


A claw with purple flames slashed past!

The silver blade instantly caused the Ghost Blood Diagram to rip the sealed energy apart!!


Feeling the seal energy disappear, Black Nightmare immediately turned around to see a figure stand before it. The angry purple flames of a fox supreme were still beside him!

Chu Mu lifted his head, and glanced at the Messiah Tree before turning back to look at the weak Black Nightmare.

From Black Nightmare’s eyes, Chu Mu could see shame and anger.

It was shameful at its lack of strength, but also angry at why it couldn’t completely become a full Black Nightmare!

“White Three…..” Chu Mu looked at it, not feeling very great about it either.

White Three already tried its hardest. In its short mutation period, it earned Ning Maner enough time to get He Cang’s help.

However, this battle and the last Ghost Blood Diagram’s life absorption caused it to be closer to death!

Black devil flames were still burning on the White Nightmare, burning away its last bits of life.

Getting used to life and death, this was the first time Chu Mu felt this kind of helplessness and bitterness. He was watching as someone familiar slowly walked towards death before him.


Suddenly, the White Nightmare without arms kneeled down in front of Chu Mu!

Chu Mu was the White Nightmares’ king!

No matter how weak or strong, he was the king that all Nightmares in little Southern Forbidden Realm respected!

“Nie~~~~~ Nie~~~~~~ Nie Nie~~~~~”

White Nightmare Emperor kneeled before him and let out a string of calls!

These calls flew into Chu Mu’s heart and caused Chu Mu’s soul to shiver!

Of course, Chu Mu could understand the Nightmare’s language.

White Three was begging- it was begging him!

“White Three, don't give up on your life!” Chu Mu’s expression changed. He never expected the White Nightmare to bring up such a request!

White Nightmare shook its head. The black flames on its body suddenly sprouted with black devil flames, the evil aura rolling forth!

Its final life was just dissipated. Black Nightmare lowered its head, and said nothing else. It had made up its mind!

Chu Mu stood there dumbly, but his heart was thrown into turmoil as the Black Nightmare’s last request resonated through his head!

“Devour me, oh noble king, please devour me!”

The White Nightmare Emperor was asking Chu Mu to devour his soul!


Instead of falling as a failure in the wheels of history, it might as well turn into power for its most respected king!!

Soul Devour, it was a power that had been sealed for a while.

Ever since he devoured the Nightmare Palace Ancestor, Chu Mu and White didn’t devour any other Nightmare’s soul, because there was nothing stronger left to devour!

However, after so many years, the highest bloodline Black Nightmare stood before him, and was giving up his soul for devouring!

Even though it was a Black Nightmare now, its appearance was still Chu Mu. This subordinate has gone with this person through the darkest and most painful period. It wasn’t its soul pet, but it was just as loyal!

It should be emotionless and bloody, but its silver pupils filled with only killing and anger!

However, under the killing and anger was a heart as true as flames!!

Any organism craved power, but just how much pain and cost would one have to give for the power, just like now, needing to devour his own subordinates’ soul for it…...

Black Nightmare suddenly stood up and it stepped towards Chu Mu.

Chu Mu still stood there, staring shocked as White Three’s black body slowly merged into its body!

Chu Mu’s White Nightmare was a devour type White Nightmare. This White Three was undoubtedly sending its own half mutated soul into White’s stomach!

“White Three, don’t!”

Chu Mu turned around, but White Three had already merged its body into Chu Mu’s body.

The highest bloodline Black Nightmare- it was giving up its soul. Moreover, devouring more high bloodline souls was White’s instinct. Even with Chu Mu guiding it, he couldn’t stop its instinctive devour.

He could only stand there as his most loyal subordinate was devoured by the devil in his heart.

At this moment, Chu Mu’s heart was feeling daggers.

He never would have thought that devouring other souls to gain stronger power would cause his heart to shatter!

Breathing in deeply into the air that seemed to choke him up, Chu Mu shut his eyes tightly.

Finally, the final soul pet aura disappeared beside Chu Mu, signifying the utter disappearance of the White Nightmare Emperor!

This was a soul that deserved Chu Mu’s respect. It didn’t become a failure of species mutation…...


The devouring process was short but felt endless. Chu Mu could already feel the dominating evil power going through his body!

The silver devil flames darted out of Chu Mu’s skin and silently burned near Chu Mu.

Opening his eyes, silver pupils leaped in spirit flames, the flames showed utmost black!!

He lowered his head, and he stared, lost, at his hands.

The palm burning was the most familiar silver devil flames. The evil black slowly seeped through and slowly overtook the flames!

The blackness got darker and darker; after devouring the Black Nightmare, Chu Mu felt his White Nightmare and his soul all elevating like crazy!

Endless power was rolling in Chu Mu’s body, and was rearing to leap from Chu Mu’s body.

Chu Mu gripped his hands tightly, and pushed the frenzy of energy down.

Chu Mu knew White Three wanted to continue battling in order to use his black flames to burn all that wanted to hurt Ning Maner!

Chu Mu lifted his head and gazed at the Messiah Tree, gazing at the young girl whose soul was wounded and said with unprecedented solemness, “White three, I will use your black bloodline to step into the peak of nightmare ranks!!”

“Those you protect with your life and soul, I will protect them for you now!”

“I will use your black flames to obliterate all who dare to harm her!!”



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