Chapter 1327: Five Ghosts, Great Ghost Blood Formation!

“Light Prison!” Taking advantage of the Black Nightmare’s attention being completely focused on the Poison Teeth Beast, Xu Kuan grasped the opportunity to order the Light’s Fury to use an imprisoning technique!  

Light or darkness type imprisoning techniques were considered to be the best. Moreover, when they countered the opposing party’s attribute, the light type restriction would form an extremely powerful restriction. 

Rays of light descended from the sky, landing around the Black Nightmare. 

The Black Nightmare had been marked by Light Eye. No matter if it tried to hide or teleport away, it would be followed. 

Light Prison quickly formed a light cage that trapped the Black Nightmare inside, preventing it from moving in any direction. 

Immediately after, beams of light shot out from the pillars, binding themselves around other light pillars and sealing the Black Nightmare from above and below! 

Once the light pillar prison was formed, the light began to intensely burn the Black Nightmare, leaving a huge amount of its skin burned and suppressing its devil flames!  

The ravaging devil flames around it were also faintly restrained. Without the powerful devil flame evil cloud surrounding the Blade Feather Demons, the wounded Wing Eagles were unable to stop the attack of the Blade Feather Demons. 

“Lu Nan, don’t just stand there! Take your subordinates and go kill them!!” Kang Ruodong immediately roared. 

Lu Nan swept a glance over the Black Nightmare. After ensuring it had been trapped by Light Prison, he ordered the Blade Feather Demons to gather together. 

The five or six hundred Blade Feather Demons transformed into a single executioner’s blade. With Lu Nan’s Blade Feather Demon, which was near the immortal rank, leading the way, the Blade Feather Demons that shimmered with a cold light slaughtered their way into the Wind Eagle fortress. 

There weren’t even 2000 Wind Eagles remaining, and almost every one of them was wounded. The Blade Feather Demons, which were on average stronger, were like a meat grinder as they pierced through. Fresh red blood and grey feathers splurted out into the air! 


The Three-Eyed Wind Eagle’s eyes were red. It angrily beat its wings, wanting to fly up to the Blade Feather Demons and stop their slaughter. 

However, the moment it beat its wings, a huge amount of azure blood spurted out from its own wings. 

As it teetered and tottered, the Three-Eyed Wind Eagle’s wounds were clearly too heavy. It didn’t even have the strength to fly anymore. It could only watch as its species members died one after the other. “Don’t waste time on those Wind Eagles. Capture her!” Kang Ruodong ordered Lu Nan. 

Currently, Lu Nan’s Blade Feather Demon which was near the immortal rank was unstoppable in the Wind Eagle fortress. He brought the remaining four or five hundred feathered demons and swooped down at the Messiah Tree! 

Like a hot knife piercing through butter, wherever Lu Nan’s Blade Feather Demon flew, all of the Wind Eagles would be chopped into two. 

Without the Three-Eyed Wind eagle, the near immortal rank Blade Feather Demon was too strong. Even if there were more Wind Eagles, they wouldn’t be able to escape their fate of death. 

However, despite the savagery of the Blade Feather Demons, the Wind Eagles all still circled above Ning Maner, using their weak bodies to form a final grey feathered fortress. “Hahaha, how can you stop me?!” Lu Nan wantonly laughed. 

The iron blade wings of the Blade Feather Demons were many times superior in attack power to the Wind Eagles. All the Wind Eagles were doing by forming the last fortress was delaying them. 


A nightmarish cry reverberated through the sky. The Black Nightmare trapped in the light prison was incomparably angry. How could it let these people harm Ning Maner?! 

The Black Nightmare extended its hands and grabbed onto the interweaving beams of light! 

Each beam of light would cause extremely burn wounds to darkness creatures. However, the Black Nightmare couldn’t care less. It forcibly used strength to pry the Light Prison apart! 

“Ah nie!!!!!!!!!”

The pain from the burns pierced the Black Nightmare’s soul as its two hands seemed like they were going to be destroyed by the milky white holy light flames!

However, it still relied on its devil claw strength to pull away on either side. Eventually, the Black Nightmare with its abnormal strength was able to bend the beams of light!

 “My Light Prison is going to be destroyed!” Xu Kuan warned the others. 

The Black Nightmare had to be suppressed, otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to obtain the Messiah Tree Seed without worries. Instantly, the Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon, Poison Teeth Beast and Blade Feather Demon Empress surrounded the Black Nightmare in the sky. 

The three immortal rank creatures simultaneously attacked. The Black Nightmare had just managed to escape the Light Prison when it was met with a wave of techniques that three immortal rank creatures had spent a long time preparing. Its black evil body was knocked flying by the energy. 

The Black Nightmare flew far away and with the remnants of its black ball of flame, fell heavily onto the barren soil, creating a huge hole on impact.

“An opportunity has arrived!” Nine Ghosts Shen’s vacuous eyes immediately blossomed with a light. 

Five ghost figures suddenly appeared around his black cloak. A horrifying bloody path was opened on the cracked ground, heading straight for the Black Nightmare. 

The five ghosts quickly moved on the blood path and in an instant, appeared where the Black Nightmare had fallen. 

“Nine Ghosts Shen is going to seal it. Nobody let it flee!” Kang Ruodong shouted to call everyone’s attention. 

The Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon, Light’s Fury, Poison Teeth Beast, and Blade Feather Demon Empress flew above the Black Nightmare. 

A red bloody dragon’s light, milky white holy sword, azure evil poison onslaught, and cold light blade storm once more descended upon the Black Nightmare.

The Black Nightmare’s eyes were filled with terrifying anger. It let out a mad cry and used its body to stop the four immortal rank creatures’ techniques! 

"Hong hong hong hong!!!!!!!!!”

The four destructive techniques caused the sun and moon to dim. The enormous energy wave struck the ground with the Black Nightmare at the center of it all, before spreading around and devouring everything in its path! 

Right where the destructive power was the strongest, the Black Nightmare’s evil body proudly stood in a smashed and reverberating space. Next to it slowly danced four balls of flame. These four balls of flame were silent and strange, and no matter how intense the four immortal rank creatures’ techniques were, they were unable to affect them in the slightest. 

Most of the black flames on the Black Nightmare’s body had been extinguished. Its tall body showed clear signs of horrific damage from being smashed by the energy. The clearest signs were on its arms, which had been completely ruined by the LIght’s Fury’s power! 

But losing its arms didn’t matter. Its heart was completely crazy! 


The cry ripped through the sky. It was like a crazy devil that was about to descend into this world. 

The instant all of the energy was dispersed, the four insignificant-looking flames shot up around its body! 

These four devil flames created four bright paths that passed through the completely destroyed space and smashed towards the Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon, Light’s Fury, Poison Teeth Beast, and Blade Feather Demon Empress! 

“Hong!!!!!!! Hong!!!!!!!! Hong!!!!!!!! Hong!!!!!!!!!”

The instant these four silent devil flames touched the four immortal rank creatures, they exploded! 

Black dazzling lights from the eruption of the black balls of flame immediately transformed the world into a blackness from Judgement Day. 

The devil flames kept wildly spreading. Everywhere one could see was now burning with extremely evil and powerful flames! 

The four immortal rank creatures were simultaneously blown away. Whether it was their skin, armor or flesh, they were all festering from the explosion. The weakest of them, the Blade Feather Demon Empress, had been blown up into pieces!! 

The Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon, Light’s Fury, and Poison Teeth Beast were genuine immortal ranks. Only the Blade Feather Demon Empress was still a step away; however, the distance of a single step was completely manifested. While the Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon, Light’s Fury, and Poison Teeth Beast had only suffered explosion wounds, the Blade Feather Demon Empress had been reduced to a burning and charred corpse that fell onto the scorched soil! 

Huo Lei, Xu Kuan, and Nine Ghosts Shen couldn’t help but suck in a breath of air. 

The Blade Feather Demon Empress had been instakilled! 

If one of those four silent balls of flame had been thrown at any of them, none of them would have probably been able to survive! 

Kang Ruodong’s expression was pale. The pain from his soul being fractured spread throughout his entire body as veins began to appear on his skin. 

“Nine Ghosts Shen, seal it. If you want to watch us die, the first one we kill will be you!” Kang Ruodong angrily shouted out through gritted teeth. 

Although the Poison Teeth Beast, Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon and Light’s Fury had been injured, if they were going to fight to the death, Nine Ghost’s Shen would have a difficult time escaping death. 

Nine Ghosts Shen glanced at the Black Nightmare which didn’t have arms left, and his heart palpitated. 

If he didn’t seal it, this Black Nightmare alone would be able to kill them all. Nine Ghosts Shen obviously knew how difficult it was to deal with. 

“Five Ghosts Seal!” Nine Ghosts Shen gave an order to his ghost type soul pets. 

While Kang Ruodong and the others had resisted the Black Nightmare, Nine Ghosts Shen’s five ghost type creatures had finished preparing this technique. 

Another bloody path was laid out. This time, however, the blood path not only reached the feet of the Black Nightmare but even made its way up into the sky! 

The Black Nightmare was still in its deranged state. Its eyes stared somewhat irascibly at the Messiah Tree. 

Lu Nan was extremely close to Ning Maner. If it didn’t go over now to save her, Ning Maner would be in danger. 

It stepped forth, trying to fly to the Messiah Tree. 

However, five ghosts appeared in five locations above the Black Nightmare. The blood path laid out on the ground and in the sky had at some unknown point formed a great ghost blood formation! 

“Chi ~~~~~~~ Chi~~~~~~~ Chi~~~ Chi Chi~~~~~~”

The five blood ghosts simultaneously opened their large evil mouths and spat horrifying blood pillars at the great ghost blood formation. 

The Black Nightmare was about to move when suddenly, a thick bloody energy traveled over, preventing it from taking a step outside the great ghost blood formation! 

The Black Nightmare angrily raised its head and finally discovered the great ghost blood formation coming down from above in an attempt to crush it!! 


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