Chapter 1326

Kang Ruodong glanced at Shen Bu, who had come late. Shen Bu was wearing a black cloak. 

He looked like a standing black crow. 

On either of his shoulders actually stood two ghost-like Ghost Crows with various eyes. These Ghost Crows weren’t his soul pets, but given that his body was overflowing with a ghost aura from constantly interacting with ghost type creatures, it was easy to attract small creatures that represented death and disease. 

Demon Beast Palace and Divine Sect considered themselves righteous sects, while Departed Spirit Palace considered themselves as an evil sect. There were even many soul pet trainers from the latter who would engage in great slaughter in order to obtain more nutrients for their departed spirit creatures. Therefore, in the eyes of Divine Sect, Departed Spirit Sect’s people were closer to Darkness Sect people. 

Divine Sect’s Master Official Xu Kuan’s wide face looked unhappily at Shen Bu. Nine Ghosts Shen’s fame in Wupan territory was much more than his own Master Official name. In terms of strength, Shen Bu, with his nine powerful ghost type creatures, was probably stronger. The moment this fellow entered this affair, it was difficult to say who the seed would end up with.  

Kang Ruodong suppressed the anger in his heart. 

This item should have belonged to him. But now with this sudden appearance and so many people fighting over it, how could he not be vexed? 

Kang Ruodong was a schemer. When he saw Shen Bu walking over, he put on a fake smile and said: “Nine Ghosts Shen, you came just in time.

“Oh?” Nine Ghosts Shen raised his eyebrows. A mocking expression rose on his face as he said: “You must want me to deal with this extremely powerful Black Nightmare, right?” 

Kang Ruodong indeed had this intention. Everyone knew that Nine Ghosts Shen’s ghost type sealing formation was famous throughout Wupan territory. Although the Black Nightmare, as the highest bloodline, was indeed very strong, if it was sealed, the subsequent fight would be extremely easy. 

“He Cang is already making his way over. It won’t be long before he arrives. Everyone should know of his strength. He is the protector of this girl. Once he upsets things, nobody will be able to obtain anything. We shouldn’t just stay in a deadlock like this.” said Kang Ruodong. 

Nine Ghosts Shen raised his head. His terrifying ghostly eyes stared at the highest bloodline Black Nightmare standing atop the Messiah Tree like a black dragon.  

“Kang Ruodong, you must think too highly of me. The Black Nightmare’s strength is fully displayed before you, but you want me to be the bait? Why don’t you have that bigshot from Divine Sect deal with it? Doesn’t Divine Sect consider themselves as purgers of evil? The evil of this Black Nightmare surpasses all the creatures in this world. As a Divine Sect member, how can they tolerate the existence of this creature? Truly incompetent.” Shen Bu didn’t look hurried at all. 

Or perhaps it was more apt to say that before the situation became favorable to him, he wouldn’t take the risk to attack the Black Nightmare. 

“Fine. Xu Kuan and I will be the vanguard. We’ll exhaust its strength, and you will find time to lay down the Five Ghost Sealing Formation. As long as it’s sealed, we’ll be able to take away the girl and we can talk about it after.” said Kang Ruodong. 

“That’s about right.” Nine Ghosts Shen nodded his head with satisfaction. 

Kang Ruodong was the first to take action. He jumped onto the Poison Teeth Beast and had it step into the air. 

“Poison Transformation!” 

The pores on the Poison Teeth Beast were completely opened. Azure poison seeped out, quickly morphing into a poison armor. It wrapped its entire body, while also attaching to the Poison Teeth Beast’s sharp teeth. 

Poison Transformation’s effects could increase the Poison Teeth Beast’s attacks by 50%. The poison armor on its body was even more terrifying. As long as the enemy was near the Poison Teeth Beast, it would suffer from poison aura attacks. 

The initial infection of the poison aura wouldn’t be much. But if one stayed in the poison aura for long, its body would suffer from serious deterioration. 

Kang Ruodong’s Poison Teeth Beast had taken out its signature ability, so the others ordered their soul pets to follow. 

Of the three immortal rank soul pets, the Poison Teeth Beast was the strongest. After the Poison Transformation, it became even more fierce. 

As it flew towards the Black Nightmare, the Poison Teeth Beast opened its enormous blood basin mouth. The poison aura that covered its body congregated in front of it, transforming into an enormous poison beast esophagus! 

Its esophagus was enormous, capable of swallowing all of the Wind Eagles in one bite. Around the esophagus were azure-colored stalactite-like hunting teeth fiercely biting down! 

The poison mouth was capable of biting most of the Wind Eagles to death. The Three-Eyed Wind Eagle, despite being covered in wounds, couldn’t just watch the immortal rank creature slaughter its species members.

The Three-Eyed Wind Eagle let out a cry. It suddenly spread its wings and began to expand them until they covered the entire Wind Eagle fortress. 

The Poison Teeth Beast’s bite attack landed on the Three-Eyed Wing Eagle’s expanded wings. Instantly, horrifying holes appeared on its wings. 

The blood was dyed in an azure color from the poison, and ceaselessly dropped from the holes. 

The powerful poison entered the Three-Eyed Wing Eagle’s body, causing its wounds to also turn azure. 

The Three-Eyed Wind eagle slowly retracted its wings and its body weakly fell to the withered tree trunk of the Messiah Tree. It looked like it was on the verge of collapse. 

This attack had heavily wounded the Three-Eyed Wind Eagle which looked up somewhat powerlessly at the Black Nightmare. 


The Black Nightmare nodded its head and stared at the Light’s Fury flying at it. 

The Light’s Fury whose body was a milky white, made the Black Nightmare’s emotions extremely volatile. It wanted nothing more than to slowly rip this fellow wrapped in light into pieces. 

The Light’s Fury had flown into the sky behind the Poison Teeth Beast. It intentionally maintained distance with the Black Nightmare. 

However, the Black Nightmare hadn’t even looked at the Poison Beast. Its body easily passed through space, and could easily appear without warning wherever it wanted to. 

A sliver of black energy appeared behind the Light’s Fury. 

The Light’s Fury didn’t expect the Black Nightmare to suddenly make its way over and hastily dodged. 

The Black Nightmare’s strength was indeed tyrannical. Its black devil flaming claws abruptly grabbed the Light’s Fury’s wings!

“Chi chi chi chi~~~~~~”

When a dark type creature touched a soul pet whose body was covered in holy light, it would inevitably suffer serious burns. Thus, when the Black Nightmare’s hands touched the Light’s Fury’s wings, it was instantly rotted by the burning of the light. 

However, the Black Nightmare had no conception of pain, and allowed the skin of its palm to fester as it swung its devil claws on either side! 

“Si la!!!!!!!” the strength from the powerful arms instantly smashed the Light’s Fury’s wings as the light-like feathers dropped to the ground. 

A hole appeared on the Light’s Fury’s back from being ripped open and black devil flame energy was pouring into the Light’s Fury’s body from this wound. 

The insides of the Light’s Fury’s body was protected by holy light. The black devil flames could have immense soul burning effects on most creatures, but it wasn’t as effective on the Light’s Fury. 

The Light’s Fury’s close combat abilities were very weak and it flusteredly hid by the Poison Teeth Beast. 

Chanting an incantation, a beam of holy light dropped from the sky, striking the Black Nightmare’s body. 

A white eyeball appeared above the Black Nightmare’s head. It was unknown what the eyeball was, but it kept hovering above the Black Nightmare’s head. 

The Black Nightmare swept out a claw in annoyance, trying to sweep away the eyeball formed from condensed light. 

The ball of light was dispersed by the claw, but a moment later, it recondensed again above the Black Nightmare’s head. Then, it shed white beams of light around the Black Nightmare. 

After marking it with a Light Eye, the Light’s Fury could know where the Black Nightmare was at any time. It wouldn’t be able to sneak attack it from behind again. 

The Black Nightmare knew that the Light Eye could not be dispelled, so it focused its attention on the aggressive and truculent Poison Teeth Beast. 

A black devil flame was pinched in its hands as the enormous black dragons from before once more began to coil around its body. 

100 black dragons mightily took to the air. As the Black Nightmare gave an angry cry, the mighty dragons that filled the sky began to stir. Each time they raged forth, they would sweep up an incomparably evil black devil flame. The devil flames filled the area, precluding the Knife Feather Demons from even thinking about approaching. 

The Poison Teeth Beast’s armor grew thicker as the 100 black dragons all rushed to attack it.

“Xu Kuan, is your Light’s Fury incapable of using a defensive technique?!” angrily said Kang Ruodong. 

Why were Divine Sect’s people so stupid? Either they didn’t know how to team fight at all, or Xu Kuan intentionally wanted his Poison Teeth Beast to suffer injuries. 

But the 100 mighty black dragons weren’t that easy to defend against. Even the Poison Teeth Beast with mid-upper level defense among Immortal Ranks didn’t have complete confidence in escaping unscathed from this attack. 

Xu Kuan’s Lighty’s Fury chanted another incantation. The milky white light on its body condensed to form a holy shield in front of the Poison Teeth Beast. 

The black dragons arrived and fiercely slammed into the Poison Teeth Beast. 

The holy shield couldn’t stop everything. It managed to only stop the power of 40 black dragons. 

The remaining 60 enormous black dragons slammed into the Poison Teeth Beast. The poison armor of the Poison Teeth Beast was dispelled by the devil flame burning and its thick azure skin was quickly festered open! 

“Hou!!!!!!!” the Poison Teeth Beast which body and soul had suffered black flame burning let out a painful howl. It struggled in the raging flames and took a while before it was able to free itself. 

When the Poison Teeth Beast retreated to a safe spot, its azure body had clear burn marks. After the wave of black dragons, it lost its original arrogance and truculence. Instead, it cowered against the black dragons and, for a moment, didn’t dare to launch another attack. 

Kang Ruodong’s expression was black by now. 

When the Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon had been easily injured earlier, Kang Ruodong realized that the highest bloodline Nightmare would be difficult to deal with. This time, he had used his Poison Teeth Beast to verify the Black Nightmare’s terrifying strength! 

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