Chapter 1325: Black Flames, Devil Cloud! Highest Blood Lineage

Black flames rolled forth in an all-dominating fashion.

Facing such a black devil, even the Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon had to back off.

The highest bloodline Black Nightmare slowly lifted a claw, and had a taste of the dragon blood.

Next time, the Black Nightmare would take the Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon’s soul without hesitation, and let it know what the consequence of damaging the Black Nightmare’s most important person was!

Black Nightmare’s claw darted with black flames. These flames were like seeds that scattered around Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon.

“Pu!!! Pu!!!! Pu!!!!!!!”

Flames fell in the skies and became strange flame lotus!

Suddenly, the Black Nightmare’s body disappeared in place, its body seemingly burnt by his devil flames.

Huo Lei wasn’t stupid enough to think it was hurting itself and started looking around in unease.

The lotuses nearby were flying around unpredictably. Huo Lei used his soul remembrance to lock onto every single lotus. He was sure that the Black Nightmare was going to use these black lotuses to do something.

Indeed, the black lotus devil flames expanded, bursting forth in flames.

An evil body appeared where this black lotus was, quickly creating the Black Nightmare’s tall figure!

“Attack!” Huo Lei judged the movement destination and gave a command to the Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon without hesitation.

Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon lifted its head, deep red appearing in its throat!

The blood light blasted upwards, creating an energy beam that flew towards the black fire lotus.

The figure in the black fire suddenly disappeared. The Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon’s dragon beam flew through the black flame, but seemed useless other than slightly dispersing some flames.


The other nine black lotuses burst into flames simultaneously, the massive evil aura emanating through the Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon, slamming onto Huo Lei’s face, cold yet burning.

The black fire lotus wasn’t all flames. They were also spatial whirlpools that Black Nightmare created in space. When it casted nine displacement specters, each black lotus it stepped past became a black devil man!

Nine displacement specters were casted along all the lotuses. When the black devil men appeared, they immediately became blazing devil suns that slammed into the Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon from all directions!

Black flames burned, with the massive nine devil suns taking over the blue skies. The very earth was dwarfed by this technique, as only the burning balls of flame dominated everyone’s vision.

Huo Lei stared wide-eyed. The skies were infinitely vast, yet everything he could see was now covered by the black suns. There was nowhere to dodge!

The nine devil suns slammed over. Before they even made contact, they created turbulent waves that pushed from the skies onto the ground. The Feather Demons and the Wind Eagles blew everyone away like paper.

“Beng!!!!!! Beng!!!!!!! Beng!!!!!!!!”

Black energy collided in the air. This threatening image was already like stars colliding in the galaxy!!

At the center of all this energy, the Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon was wavering like a flimsy piece of grass.

Its blood colored armor was shattered by the spatial impact, while its body and soul were burned through by the black devil flames.


The Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon let out a pained roar!

“Xu Kuan, are you not helping him yet? You think that Black Nightmare is that easy to deal with?” Kang Ruodong stared angrily at Divine Sect’s Xu Kuan.

Xu Kuan paused briefly on his Light's Fury. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to help, it was that he never expected the Black Nightmare to be this rampant, able to cause the Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon to nearly fall by the second exchange.

The Light's Fury stared flapping its wings rapidly. Suddenly, its wings left its back, and became two thin feathers that flew through the skies and through the exploded sky.   

The two wings fell onto the Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon. Most of its scales were already shattered and its muscles were nearly naked. These wings’ defense were truly a lifesaver that weakened the pain that the Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon was feeling.

Using this opportunity, it quickly flapped its wings to leave the explosion, extracting itself from the black devil flame hell.

The Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon was very pathetic this time. Fully exposed and bleeding, it was hard to imagine that the Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon, who couldn’t even be damaged with a dozen top tier dominator rank organisms usually, was this wounded.


The black flames waved around recklessly in the storm, looking like hundreds of black dragons spinning around.

The Black Nightmare didn't chase after the Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon. The Light’s Fury near it caused Black Nightmare extreme anger and disgust, but it didn’t lose its bearings.

Light type organisms were an obvious counter to nightmares, especially pure light types. With two immortal rank enemies that could hurt Ning Maner, the Black Nightmare wouldn’t start an unreasonable fight against the light fury.

The Black Nightmare was currently standing at the top of the Three-eyed Wind Eagles. Whoever dared to come forth would burn in its anger!!

Such a powerful devil stood in front of the Wind Eagles. Even the Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon was heavily damaged. How many people still dared to come forth?

Kang Ruodong, Lu Nan, Xu Kuan, and Huo Lei all had grave expressions. Before the Black Nightmare appeared, the Wind Eagles were already in a dire situation. If they dealt with the Three-eyed Wind Eagle, the rest were basically decoration.

Yet, just as they had victory in sight, a nightmare appeared, and the highest bloodline at that! Kang Ruodong, who was the earliest to arrive, had cursed in his heart countless times!  

The battle fell into a deadlock again.

Only two techniques, yet the Black Nightmare had already showed its powerful strength beyond the immortal ranks. Maybe the four of them together could deal with this Black Nightmare.

However, it wasn’t easily killed. Once they dealt with the Black Nightmare, more people would probably have arrived. Having fought the Black Nightmare, they probably wouldn't have the power to keep contesting against the latecomers.


Under the tree, Ning Maner lifted her head to gaze at the black flamed White Nightmare Emperor.

White Nightmare Emperor’s power caused Ning Maner shock, and gave her a sliver of hope in the desolation.

Yet, having a unique sense of life, Ning Maner quickly noticed a severe issue!

White Nightmare was in an unsteady state between species. Becoming the Black Nightmare was burning the white nightmare’s own life!

The longer it was a Black Nightmare, the weaker its life was. From its life force, the White Nightmare Emperor couldn’t withstand many more high-intensity energy consumptions!


Feeling Ning Maner’s gaze on it, the Black Nightmare lowered its head, and looked gently at the girl.

It’s been many years. Ning Maner had grown up, and was no longer a little girl, becoming a beautiful angel.

Black Nightmare smiled wide, and used its flames to tell Ning Maner something.

Black Nightmare was telling her that he was stronger now and could finally protect her. No one would ever take her away; not Zhen Wu, nor these four immortal rank experts!

“White Three…..” Ning Maner muttered.

For some reason, seeing the White Nightmare’s confident and firm smile, Ning Maner felt herself slightly choking up.

When she left New Moon Ground, the White Nightmare Emperor was only emperor rank, not even touching dominator rank.

After these many years, it could already fight the immortal rank experts here. Ning Maner could imagine just how much training and pain this straightforward white nightmare had to go through to become stronger.

Lifeforce spent could be recovered, as long as one doesn’t die.

However, the burning of one’s lifespan was never recoverable.

For every second this White Nightmare Emperor retained its power, it was one step closer to death!

“Why is everyone like this…. There’s no point, no reason to….” Ning Maner was out of tears to cry, but in her soul, she was still crying.

These days she had to live were built up with the lives of countless family-like soul pets.

However, none of it is worth it!

Protector, a simple promise with no binding mental contract, why did everyone continue this meaningless act?

Using their lives to defend her truly was meaningless, meaningless….


Four immortal rank experts and their subordinates all stared at the Black Nightmare hungrily.

The unprecedented evil aura that shrouded the messiah tree caused weaker soul pet trainers to all shake in fear.

After entering a stalemate for a while, no one wanted to go first. 

“You guys aren’t polite, are you guys so against splitting some of the profits with me?” Suddenly, a raspy voice came from afar.

Upon hearing this, the hearts of Kang Ruodong, Lu Nan, Huo Lei, and Xu Kuan all sank!

This raspy sound was disgusting to many immortal rank experts and also caused fear in countless spirit dominator rank soul pet trainers!

It was the Undead palace’s Enforcer Shen Bu, whom people called Nine Ghosts!

He had a total of nine soul pets, all of which were ghost type!

Speaking of strength, there may be many experts above him. However, among ghost type organisms, there were less than five stronger than him in all of the continent!

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