Chapter 1324

Under the tree, Ning Maner’s hollow eyes finally showed movement.

The silver flames were all too familiar!`

Silver flame clouds suddenly flew down, landing violently beside the Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon!

Flames rolled forth. With all his attention on the Three-Eyed Wind Eagle, Huo Lei thought that the other immortal rank experts finally arrived and panickingly told his Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon to back off.

With the back-off, he lost the best chance to kill Three-Eyed Wind Eagle.

Three-Eyed Wind Eagle used this opportunity to create an even larger shield to protect itself and get a breather.

“Huo Lei, what are you doing!” Kang Ruodong said angrily.

Kang Ruodong’s Poison Tooth Beast was already deep into the Wind Eagle’s barrier. The moment the Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon broke the wind shield with a technique, his Poison Tooth Beast could end its life.

Yet, Huo Lei’s cowardice caused him to get scared off by a top tier dominator rank White Nightmare!

Demon Beast Palace’s people only had that much courage?

If not for their temporary partnership, Kang Ruodong wanted to ridicule him.

Having lost this opportunity, the nearby Wind Eagles quickly created a layer of defense that protected the Three-Eyed Wind Eagle, forcing the Poison Tooth Beast to back off as well.

Having seen what the soul pet was, Huo Lei was also ashamed!

A single technique of the Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon could instantly kill the top tier dominator rank organism.

Seeing the White Nightmare fly into the Wind Eagle barrier, Kang Ruodong said, “Get rid of the Three-Eyed Wind Eagle first, let’s not care about the White Nightmare.”

Huo Lei nodded and pushed his anger down.

After the silver flames flew through the Wind Eagle barrier, it fell straight down to the Messiah Tree, stepping into a ground full of blood.

Its evil mouth cracked wide open. When it saw Ning Maner’s tears and her helpless gaze, the White Nightmare Emperor’s cold white eyes blazed into utmost anger!


Silver devil flames danced around rampantly!

White Nightmare wasn’t Ning Maner’s protector, but its protection for Ning Maner was beyond many other protectors. It could not accept anyone hurting its princess!!

“White Three!” Ning Maner instantly recognized it and was elated.

At the time, Zhen Wu’s Ghost Bird had killed over a dozen White Nightmares with one technique, including this White Nightmare Emperor.

Ning Maner had always felt incredible guilt these past years because of White Three dying for her. Yet, she didn’t expect it to survive and stand before her again today!

Of the ten White Nightmares, White Three was also the closest to her. Seeing that it was fine, Ning Maner finally let some of her guilt go.

However, Ning Maner quickly realized something and said to White Nightmare, “White Three, leave quickly. These people are very powerful.”


White Nightmare emperor shook its head resolutely.

No White Nightmare under Chu Mu’s hand could bear seeing Ning Maner harmed!

Anger raged within White Nightmare as he looked up at the Poison Tooth Beast and Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon.

Suddenly, White Nightmare’s body leaped into the air and flew towards the Three-Eyed Wind Eagle’s position.

Before Ning Maner could even stop White Nightmare Emperor, White Nightmare Emperor already flew up to the Three-Eyed Wind Eagle.

White Nightmare Emperor fell on the Three-Eyed Wind Eagle’s back. The eagle turned around to glance at the White Nightmare.

“Nie!!!!!!!!” White Nightmare Emperor let out an angered call and slowly, its silver flames started changing!

“Is this thing looking for death??” Huo Lei stood on the Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon’s body and saw the White Nightmare jump forth itself.

The Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon flapped its wings, its target no longer the Three-Eyed Wind Eagle, but instead the White Nightmare that unwittingly ridiculed him.   

The White Nightmare Emperor’s eyes burned, its silver slowly becoming black!

The black flames jumped around in the White Nightmare emperor’s eyes. The evil black flames in its body also slowly came out of the White Nightmare’s skin, replaced with silver flames!

“Die!” Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon used its powerful body to break through the Wind Eagles and head towards the White Nightmare!

Blood Barbarian claw ripped open the space, bringing with it terrifying tearing power!

The Three-Eyed Wind Eagle lifted its head, creating a grey feather shield to protect the White Nightmare Emperor.

White Nightmare Emperor didn’t take this favor at all. At this moment, its flames turned completely black!

The black flames exploded rampantly. The nearly twenty Feather Demons nearby were instantly vaporized from contact!

17 Feather Demons were instantly killed!

In front of the black flames, the Feather Demons were like a group of weak flies, killable with aura alone!


Evil and violent!

The Black Nightmare was filled with anger as it suddenly stared at the Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon!

Facing the immortal rank Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon, the Black Nightmare feared nothing and went head on against it!

Its hands became long devil claws that burned with black flames!


A long claw brought spatial tears as it went towards the Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon!

Black flames, spatial tears. Between the Black Nightmare and the Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon was a top tier dominator rank Feather Demon. It already realized that it was about to get caught in a fight with the immortal rank Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon and was about to leave when the evil Black Nightmare’s claw came. Merely getting grazed by it, the top tier dominator rank Feather Demon was overtaken by devil flames, becoming ashes!

Seeing this scene, Huo Lei stared with shock. He didn’t believe that a top tier dominator rank White Nightmare would suddenly explode with such strength, to the point where the Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon couldn’t even dodge!

When the black space splitting claw flew by, the Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon’s proud scales were all ripped apart!


Black claw marks appeared on the Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon’s chest and abdomen. Not only did these sink deep into the scales, it reached deep into the Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon’s muscle tissue as well!

“Puchi~~~~~~~~~ Shocking amounts of blood flew out of the Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon as it was tossed backwards!

The Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon’s blood scattered everywhere nearby. The soul pet trainers controlling the Feather Demons were all shocked!

This….. That was the blood of an immortal rank Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon!

The Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon was wounded in one exchange!

“Black Nightmare!!!” Kang Ruodong not far away was overtaken by shock!

How did the most royal bloodline of nightmares, Black Nightmare, appear here?


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