Chapter 1323: Slaughtering Through the Skies, Silver Colored Nightmare

The Messiah Tree’s roots were thoroughly dyed with blood red. Strangely, however, the blood didn’t flow down the tree. Instead, like little rivulets, they gathered around Ning Maner.

A captivating red blood lotus began to form around Ning Maner as astonishing blood markings appeared on her fair white skin! 

These blood marks were like terrifying curses that gradually crawled up her blood vessels, from her thin legs to her white neck. 

Her sealed soul completely awakened in this instant. The poison that Zheng Wu had provided to He Cang could only temporarily inhibit Ning Maner’s powers. It didn’t completely cause her to lose her abilities. 

The grievance and evil inside her heart had undone the poison effect on her soul. The originally pure and kind immortal charm aura was now morphing into darkness and evil, taking the form of a terrifying dark red color that wrapped around Ning Maner’s body.    

The Wind Eagle Fortress was still stubbornly resisting and the invaders were still slaughtering. Even more blood, killing intent, grievance aura, and evil aura was being absorbed by the incomparably angry young woman. And it was all tainting her heart.  

Like the calm before a storm, her slightly curled hair began to flutter in the dark red bloody mist. Within an area of ten meters, it was completely silent; yet, a boundless and heaven devouring force was stirring within these ten meters!  

These people who were slaughtering until they went numb hadn’t realized that this was a source of evil that was capable of sweeping through the world! 

Finally, the blood markings of extreme anger crawled up to Ning Maner’s cheeks, and her porcelain pale face instantly exuded the deranged expression of a witch!  


The dark red cloud was like an enormous devil that covered the distant skies. It was unknown, mysterious and dangerous! 

Chu Mu looked up with shock at this scene. 

From their soul link, Chu Mu could feel the evil that manifested from extreme anger came from Ning Maner’s heart.

Ning Maner was so pure that she couldn’t contain the slightest bit of impurities. She was like the cleanest snow lily in the world. She was the one thing that should not be sullied and tarnished by the world. Why had she become so deranged that she would forcibly all of the evil to find strength? This was undoubtedly using her soul to make a trade with the devil because Chu Mu could feel her soul being devoured! 

Sorrow, anger, hatred, and bloodthirstiness. These shouldn’t have belonged to her. Chu Mu used his mental voice in an attempt to tell her not to be swayed by these things that could destroy her pure soul. 

However, when his mental voice got there, it dissipated. NIng Maner wasn’t able to hear what he said. 

Chu Mu’s heart kept sinking. Her actions were, without a doubt, the same as his back then. He had ignited his own soul to obtain strength. Once it was over, she would suffer from a powerful recoil and there was a high chance she would become a devil girl without any thoughts! 

Pure evil energy radiated from Ning Maner’s soul pact, making Chu Mu even more worried. 

Chu Mu’s experiences from when he was young were pure darkness. During that time, he had been possessed by cold-blooded slaughter. Even the current him still had this dark side. This dark, bloodthirsty side to him had exploded in Tianxia City, causing him to completely transform into a devil whose only thought was to kill. 

During the time he was a devil, the only thing in his heart was pain. He had to rely on endless slaughter in order to relieve the pain. This feeling was even more difficult to bear than dying. 

But as time passed, he finally gained some thoughts and began to search for his memories and soul. 

Finally, the Monument Tear’s creation had been like rebirth to Chu Mu. It gave him back his most cherished memories and soul. Chu Mu would not forget the scenes recorded in the Monument Tears as long as he lived. He would cherish his treasured soul and cherish everything he had even more.

Having experienced that period of pain, Chu Mu didn’t want Ning Maner to follow the same path. Ning Maner, moreover, had an even more pure heart and soul so if she was possessed by slaughter, grievance, and hatred, it would be even more painful for her. Indeed, in the future, she would descend into endless slaughter and due to her innate kindness and purity, she would have an even more difficult time bearing the grievance and pain from the deaths she caused that were out of her control. 

“Oh? It’s weakened?” as he was extremely anxious, Chu Mu suddenly felt the evil in Ning Maner’s heart be suppressed. 

Just now, Ning Maner had completely lost any sense of reason. Even if he was in front of her, he would have a difficult time stopping her from morphing into a devil. 

But he was now sensing the grievance in Ning Maner suddenly being weakened. More accurately speaking, it seemed like it was being suppressed. 

Her soul had practically been wrapped with blood-red flames and now these flames were slowly being shed, returning her the purest soul…  

“What happened?” Chu Mu’s heart was filled with questions. 

Chu Mu was being tied up by Zheng Wu right now, and could not go over for the time being. The numerous questions and worry made Chu Mu feel even more uneasy. 

“I need to get rid of Zheng Wu as fast as I can!” Chu Mu couldn’t delay any longer. He had to get to Ning Maner. 

Chu Mu glanced at Zhan Ye. 

The wounds on Zhan Ye’s body weren’t too heavy. But in order to end the fight as fast as possible, he had Zhan Ye use the Broken Limb Rebirth technique! 

After one Broken Limb Rebirth, Zhan Ye came in possession of the power from one Ancient Power Awakening. 

Once Zhan Ye possessed the Ancient Power Awakening strength, his own power exploded. 

A black light streaked across. Zhan Ye relied on his increased speed to agilely dodge the Eight Scythe Hidden Ghost, appearing behind it. 

The Eight Scythe Hidden Ghost’s eight weapons were indeed powerful, but its back became its blindspot. 

In the previous few attacks, Zhan Ye had overlooked the armor defense on its back. But in this moment, relying on its Ancient Power Awakening and explosive speed, it delivered a fatal attack. 


Zhan Ye roared, and the claw blade transformed into a glimmer of light that flickered at the edge of a dark sky! 

Carrying an aura of death, the sharp blade flashed by and severed the Eight Scythe Hidden Ghost’s waist. 


Green insect fluids and a stream of blood burst out. The Eight Scythe Hidden Ghost had been instantly chopped into two pieces that heavily fell onto the ground. 

Both pieces of the body violently struggled. The tenacious life force of bug type creatures was extremely high. Despite being chopped in half, it still hadn’t died. Thus, Zhan Ye’s body transformed into a black battle-ax that fiercely chopped down! 

When the battle-ax made contact, the Eight Scythe Hidden Ghost’s body was completely smashed into the ground. Fresh blood and fluids from the dismembered corpse remained everywhere. Some of it even leaked to where Zheng Wu and Zheng Tuo were standing. 

Zheng Wu face instantly went pale, and his cheeks began to tremble. 

A mere high class dominator rank Warbeast Mo Ye had killed his peak dominator rank Eight Scythe Hidden Ghost! 

Next to him, Zheng Tuo was also looking on in shock. He refused to believe that the man in front of him was the King of New Moon Land whose worldview had been so narrow back then. 

When Zheng Tuo had entered New Moon Land back then, he had indeed looked down on Chu Mu. Even when Chu Mu had killed Cloud Realm’s Li Kuangdeng, not for a single moment did he think Chu Mu could be compared to Border Commander Zheng Wu. 

It was only then that Zheng Tuo realized that the man was not being arrogant when he had told him he was going to get Zheng Wu to bring his head to see him! 

“Scram. I, Chu Mu, can find you at any time to take your head!” contemptuously said Chu Mu. 

After speaking, Chu Mu jumped onto Mo Xie’s back and rode straight into the inner part of Quiet Forest. 

Zheng Wu humiliatedly and angrily watched Chu Mu leave. 

The opponent could have easily killed him, but couldn’t be bothered to do so. This shame was even harder to bear than death!


Under the Messiah Tree, blood was no longer flowing backward and was no longer gathering at Ning Maner’s feet. 

The dark red mist around her body was also slowly dissipating. The angry blood marks on her forehead had also quietly faded, revealing Ning Maner’s pale white and poignant face. 

Ning Maner stood there, dumbfounded, and stared with amazement at the tree trunk of the Messiah Tree. 

Just now Ning Maner had clearly felt the Messiah Tree’s soul! 

“Grandfather Tree…” Ning Maner had run out of tears. 

She didn’t understand! 

She didn’t understand why the Messiah Tree would stop her. 

Shouldn’t these greedy, cruel, and savage invaders suffer punishment? 

The Messiah Tree didn’t respond. The remnants of its destroyed soul was unable to respond. 

The tree branches, roots and trunk suddenly shriveled, and the Messiah Tree which originally still maintained its body suddenly deteriorated, fully transforming into a dead tree. A casual blow from the wind and parts of its body would transform into fine powder. 

“Grandfather, why…. Why can’t I punish them…” Ning Maner who had lost her power fell back onto the ground. 

She was desperate. 

Did she really have to watch all the Wind Eagles die? Did she have to watch these humans slaughter the protectors? 

The final remnant power from the Messiah Tree had suppressed Ning Maner from absorbing the evil energy. Thus, Ning Maner was powerless. 

She looked up and stared blankly at the sky. 

As she looked around her, there was still blood from the Wind Eagles flowing. Without any more tears left, she could only watch the Three-Eyed Wind Eagle with vacuous eyes. 

The Wind Eagle fortress had been greatly reduced. At the very top, the Three-Eyed Wind Eagle was facing the attacks from two immortal rank creatures. 

Under the pincer attack from the Poison Teeth Beast and the Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon, its body was quickly riddled with wounds. Its body was growing increasingly sluggish. 

The Three-Eyed Wind Eagle had tried its best. It had summoned all of the Wind Eagles and the moment it swore to fight to the death, it never thought it would be able to survive. 

The grey feathers began to swirl around the Three-Eyed Wind Eagle, mixing in with the tornado that passed through the skies. 

This was the Three-Eyed Wind Eagle’s final defensive technique. Once this technique was broken, any one of the Poison Teeth Beast’s or Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon’s techniques could kill it. 

The Three-Eyed Wind Eagle stared at the Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon. Suddenly, a huge ball of silver devil flames strangely appeared behind the Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon! 

The silver devil flames condensed into a flame cloud that covered the top of the Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon. Yet, the Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon wasn’t able to detect it! 

The Three-Eyed Wind eagle didn’t know what the devil flame cloud was, but from the attack target of the devil flames, the creature that had used the silver devil flames was clearly helping its side! 


A devilish cry that ripped through the sky rang out from the silver flame cloud. In an instant, a silver devil flame wave swept through the area.

Atop the scorching devil flame wave, an evil silver figure stood alone. Its evil and angry eyes were staring at all of the invaders! 


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