Chapter 1322: Ultimate Good, Extreme Source of Evil

A proud cry reverberated through the sky. The 4000 wind eagles formed a proud barrier. The steadfast part was not their bodies, but instead their unyielding and spirited determination to protect after making a vow! 

The Three-Eyed Wind Eagle which was ten times the size of the other Wind Eagles stood at the very top of this fortress. Using its unfurled wings, it protected Ning Maner from above. 

When it placed Ning Maner under the tree, the Three-Eyed Wind Eagle’s eyes had been soft like a loving elder. But now, its three eyes were ignited with a scorching fighting intent. 

After losing the Messiah Tree and Ning Maner, the protectors would have no more reason to exist. Protectors wouldn’t let themselves die of old age. Their most honorable death would be to fight for the person they were protecting and have their bones buried because of this! 


The 4000 Wind Eagles were all protecting Ning Maner. This was seen by the invaders from all sides. 

“Are they lining up to send themselves to death?! They’re really orderly!” Kang Ruodong who was chasing from the north ruthlessly spoke. 

“Senior, there are others there.” Lu Nan pointed to the other side of the Messiah Tree. 

Kang Ruodong looked on and discovered two soul pets approaching the Messiah Tree. One was a Light’s Fury that had light wings, and the other was a Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon with blood-colored dragon scales! 

“Xu Kuan, Huo Lei!” Kang Ruodong’s face instantly sank. 

Who else had an immortal rank Light’s Fury besides Divine Sect’s Xu Kuan? 

The Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon was the signature soul pet of Demon Beast Palace’s senior disciple Huo Lei. The moment a Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon was mentioned, everyone would think of Huo Lei’s name! 

“How did the two of them pass so quickly through the outer and middle areas of Quiet Forest?” 

Kang Ruodong had obtained information about Ning Maner a day before the others and entered then. He had spent a period of time dithering between the outer and middle areas. If he hadn’t wasted time there, he would have already taken the Messiah Tree Seed and left. 

“Everyone go over!” Kang Ruodong lifted his hand and called for the 1000 subordinates behind him to slaughter their way over to the Messiah Tree. 

Kang Ruodong and Lu Nan flew at the very front. They quickly approached the Messiah Tree Wind Eagle fortress. 

At the same time, Xu Kuan’s group of Divine Sect subordinates and Huo Lei’s Demon Beast Sect subordinates also gathered towards the Messiah Tree. 

The enemies were now near. The Wind Eagles didn’t take the initiative to attack. They were like a grey tornado storm that continuously flew in a manner that protected the area. 

Xu Kuan and Huo Lei looked at these Wind Eagles that weren’t afraid of death. A trace of vexation surged in their hearts. 

They had already killed over 6000 Wind Eagles. The mass of corpses in this area had been caused by them. They initially believed that after killing most of them, they would scatter like sparrows… 

“It’s Kang Ruodong and Lu Nan.” Huo lei creased his brows, and stared at the two people on the other side of the Wind Eagle fortress. 

Kang Ruodong was very famous in Wupan territory. A single glance and people would be able to recognize him. 

And Lu Nan, standing next to him, was also famous. His Blade Feather Demon Tribe, which he commanded, was called “Slaughterer’s Blade” and had forced many experts to retreat. 

Huo Lei and Xu Kuan had only brought 30 people in total. These 30 people were all dominator rank experts and the weakest of them was a high class dominator rank. 

Although Kang Ruodong had many people on his side, Huo Lei and Xu Kuan didn’t need to fear him. However, Kang Ruodong himself wasn’t easy to deal with and even if Xu Kuan and Huo Lei combined forces, they didn’t have absolute confidence in beating him. 

The three sides were currently stopped 500 meters away from the Wind Eagle fortress. With the Wind Eagles obstructing them, they couldn’t immediately grab the young lady. 

The three sides were at a temporary deadlock. 

“The two of you both come from famous sects. Why must you fight over this with me, a nomad? There are some matters that if leaked, will make things difficult for you in the future.” Kang Ruodong maintained his calm and spoke to the two people on the other side. 

“You don’t need to worry about that.” said Master Official Xu. 

“Our deadlock isn’t a solution either. I’m positive that Zheng Wu, that bastard, told many people. Ocean Lord Xue from the navy, Enforcer Shen from Departed Spirit Palace and Helm Lord Duo from Elemental Sect will all arrive soon. Moreover, I heard that someone else surnamed Xu is nearby. I’m not sure where he is now. Master Official Xu, you probably know about this, right?” slowly said Kang Ruodong.  

Once Kang Ruodong finished speaking, Xu Kuang and Huo Lei simultaneously creased their brows.

Xu Kuang creased his brows because he had never expected Kang Ruodong to be in possession of so much information. He even knew that Xu Lu was in Quiet Forest Stronghold. 

Xu Lu was Xu Kuan’s older brother. Both of them served Divine Sect and were Master Officials. 

Huo Lei had subconsciously put a distance between him and Xu Kuan. He didn’t even know that Divine Sect had sent the two of them. This meant that there was a high likelihood that the leader from Divine Sect who was participating in the crimes of the Messiah Tree had sent Xu Kuan as the official representative, but had Xu Kuan’s older brother, Xu Lu go and snatch the Messiah Tree Seed behind their backs! 

Demon Beast Palace’s Huo Lei was also the official representative. In name, he was supposed to come and punish and pursue the people that had committed the crime. But in reality, the leader from Demon Beast Palace who had sent Huo Lei was one of the people who had participated in the evil in Quiet Forest. 

Huo Lei was certain Divine Sect was also in the same circumstances. Only, he never expected Divine Sect would have one chess piece in the light and one chess piece in the dark. They had one person play the role of the mantis and another be the bird! 

“Don’t fret you guys. Elemental Sect’s Helm Lord Guo is probably still blindly wandering around the middle area of Quiet Forest. That simple minded man won’t arrive for a while. As for Divine Sect’s Xu Lu, he probably won’t easily show himself. But since Ning Family Dynasty’s He Cang has already entered Quiet Forest, the two of them will inevitably clash. That will waste a bit of time. The current headache is that I don’t know where Departed Spirit Palace’s Enforcer Shen is, and the group of navy members Zheng Wu brought have gone missing… but of course, I am certain neither of them are in Quiet Forest’s inner area.” methodically said Kang Ruodong. 

“What on earth do you want to say.” coldly said Huo Lei. 

“Right now, the Messiah Tree Seed is in that girl’s hands. The strength of those Wind Eagles is nothing, but they have the ability to delay for a long period of time until everyone arrives. When that time comes, how much of a chance do you guys think the three of us will have to obtain what we want?” said Kang Ruodong. 

“Your intentions are that…” 

“Before the others get here, let’s combine forces to get rid of those Wind Eagles. Let’s grab the girl first and if the other factions come, it’s best if we stick together. This way, none of the factions alone will be able to stop us. Then, as for how we deal with the Messiah Tree Seed, that can be decided by the people backing us. In any case, we’ll have completed the mission.” said Kang Ruodong. 

Divine Sect Xu Kuan glanced at Demon Beast Palace Huo Lei. 

Huo Lei had a sliver of distrust in Xu Kuan. They could all act separately, but Kang Ruodong was right. If they continued like this, none of them would obtain any benefits. 

Xu Kuan and Huo Lei nodded their heads, agreeing to Kang Ruodong’s suggestion. 

“Slaughter those Wind Eagles!” Xu Kuan and Huo Lei ordered their subordinates. 

Kang Ruodong swept his eyes over the Wind Eagle fortress, and the Three-Eyed Wind Eagle at the very top. He coldly harrumphed: “Hindering things. If it weren’t for you, I would have already taken the seed and left. Go and die!” 

Kang Ruodong and Lu Nan had the most subordinates at around 1000. Their average strength was about the high to peak class emperor rank. Among them, there were middle, high and peak dominator ranks. This group of people would inevitably deal a fatal blow to the Wind Eagle species. 

Xu Kuan and Hoo Lei had a total of 30 subordinates, but these 30 were all experts of the two factions. The weakest was a high class dominator rank. For them to kill 4000 Wind Eagles, it would be like a massacre. Indeed, it was them that had created so many corpses earlier! 


Against the onslaught of enemies, the Three-Eyed Wind Eagle at the top of the Wind Eagle fortress spread its wings and let out a sharp and spirited cry.

Immediately, all of the Wind Eagles let out a cry. Their voices were like exploding thunder.



The first ones to reach the Wind Eagle fortress were the Feathered Demon army with blade feathers. The Blade Feather Demons orderly formed a single slaughtering blade that fiercely pierced the center of the Wind Eagle fortress. 

Feathers and blood spilled out. Countless Wind Eagles had perished in the first wave of attacks on the Wind Eagle fortress.

On the other side, Xu Kuan and Huo Lei’s subordinates had penetrated the fortress from the top. With their high class dominator rank strength, any one of their techniques could deal a destructive blow to the Wind Eagles which had an average of emperor rank strength. 

Miserable cries and angry shouts intermingled. All of the cries would transform into sharp needles that pierced the heart of Ning Maner, who was under the tree. 

The blood from the Wind Eagle corpses were like a rainstorm that fell upon the Messiah Tree. As they struck the ground, they would leave splashes of horrifying blood flowers… 

“Pai!! Pai!! Pai!! Pai!! Pai!!” 

The noise of blood smacking the tree roots grew increasingly frequent and in number. Ning Maner didn’t even have the courage to open her eyes. 

However, she suddenly opened her eyes and stared with bloodshot eyes ahead. She was staring at the tragic and bloody scene of falling Wind Eagles on the tree roots. 

Once sorrow reached its limit, it became complete helplessness. 

If it weren’t for her own weakness, always needing others to protect her, they wouldn’t have died for her. 

Strength. She thirsted for strength. She thirsted for it to the point of near madness! 

Bloody veins covered her eyes, and a thick fog of blood covered her body. In her anger, blood vessels seemed like they were going to burst from her pale white skin! 

With each smear of blood splashed in front of her, it would transform into an evil aura. 

With every life that was lost, their departed spirits would transform into grievance aura. 

Nobody discovered that the evil aura and grievance aura was currently pouring into the young girl’s body who was kneeling under the tree and had nearly gone mad! 

As a person with an incomparably pure heart, when she had been influenced and carried away by grievance and evil, this would mean that her evil intentions had reached the limit. 

Evil intentions were capable of sweeping away everything!! 


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