Chapter 1321: Wind Eagle’s Oath, Protect to the Death! Part 1

Quiet Forest North Side

In the empty skies, a hurried gust flitted past, creating spatial ripples.

Three-Eyed Wind Eagle used its wind control to constantly get faster, bringing Ning Maner deeper into the soul pet dynasty.

Yet, Kang Ruodong seemed to predict this fact, and set down ambushes in this direction.

In the air, there were constantly daggers that caused obstacles for the Three-Eyed Wind Eagle. Though it was fast, continuously getting stopped like this meant it had to change its direction of escape. After all, a slight pause meant Kang Ruodong would catch up.


Three-Eyed Wind Eagle let out an angry call!

Another group of Feather Demons appeared in front of them. Looking through the skies, a large amount of Feather Demons had appeared where they were about to go!

“I am fully prepared this time, I won’t let you escape again!” Kang Ruodong got to the Three-Eyed Wind Eagle and laughed.

Kang Ruodong had brought nearly a thousand people this time, all with powerful strength. After all, the matter concerns the Messiah Tree’s seed. Though Kang Ruodong’s master couldn’t come himself, he could easily send a large amount of elite subordinates!

“We have nowhere left to go.” Ning Maner said in a low voice

There really were too many enemies. With their gathering speed, they would create an impenetrable net in no time. No matter how fast or agile the Three-Eyed Wind Eagle was, it won’t have a chance of escaping anymore.


The Three-Eyed Wind Eagle didn’t give up. It turned around to glance at Kang Ruodong who was getting ever closer.

Suddenly, Three-Eyed Wind Eagle tilted its wings to draw an arc in the sky, causing it to turn around and head straight for Kang Ruodong!

Kang Ruodong was riding a near immortal rank Feather Demon, slightly weaker than the pseudo immortal rank Three-Eyed Wind Eagle.

Noticing that the doomed Wind Eagle wanted to fight him head on now, he quickly told his Feather Demon to enter battle state, and also told his immortal rank Poison Tooth Beast to go head on against the Three-Eyed Wind Eagle!

Kang Ruodong’s other subordinates all didn’t think that the Three-Eyed Wind Eagle would suddenly go towards them.

The immortal rank organism was still strong in the end. Especially when the Three-Eyed Wind Eagle pushed forth an all-devouring hurricane, the Feather Demon soul pet trainers all panicked.

“Keep formation!” Kang Ruodong told everyone to enter battle state.

The Feather Demons quickly put together their defensive formation. At this time, the Three-Eyed Wind Eagle was already heading over at extreme speeds!


The storm whistled in its ears. The vast skies were taken over by turbulent and turbid winds. The entire sky sank into chaos!

The Three-Eyed Wind Eagle was the commander of the chaotic storm. Its body flew through the crevices between gusts of wind. All the Feather Demons were hit by countless storms. They could hardly deal any substantial damage to the Three-Eyed Wind Eagle.

Three-Eyed Wind Eagle definitely didn’t want to go directly against Kang Ruodong and his subordinates. When it noticed all the Feather Demons were intimidated by its winds, the Three-Eyed Wind Eagle immediately chose to ride the gusts deftly around their formation back towards where they came from!

Kang Ruodong immediately realized the Three-Eyed Wind Eagle was flying in the opposite direction on purpose, commanding the Feather Demon and Poison Tooth Beast towards the Three-Eyed Wind Eagle at the same time…….


Three-Eyed Wind Eagle’s risky maneuver temporarily threw off Kang Ruodong and the others.

The reason it didn’t select the previous path was because it was worried Kang Ruodong had even more ambushes set up. Meanwhile, if Kang Ruodong himself were guarding this direction, Kang Ruodong definitely wouldn't put together many ambushes.

“Uncle Wind Eagle, will you be fine?” Ning Maner opened her eyes and looked around worriedly at the shocking wound on Three-Eyed Wind Eagle’s back.

The Three-Eyed Wind Eagle started flying the opposite direction to dodge the following ambushes. However, Kang Ruodong definitely wasn’t just a decoration. This forced entry caused Three-Eyed Wind Eagle to take two techniques from his Feather Demon and Poison Tooth Beast without any defenses.

The Feather Demon’s attack created a gouge down its back that covered nearly a third of its body length, deep to the bones.

The Poison Tooth Beast’s terrifying teeth pierced the Wind Eagle’s stomach, letting out blood like a spring into the forest.

“Yi~~~~~~” Three-Eyed Wind Eagle let out a call.

These wounds were still withstandable.

This dangerous maneuver turned out to be the correct move. Kang Ruodong set down many ambushes north of Kang Ruodong. The further north, the deeper they would be in trouble. This way back clearly had much less people.


“This Three-Eyed Wind Eagle, don’t let me catch it. If I get my hands on it, I’ll rip it apart!” Kang Ruodong’s cheek twitched with anger.

“Boss, the eagle is already wounded. It’ll only get slower and slower. These are just its last struggles.” The leader of the Feather Demons, Lu Nan, said.

“Heng, what do you know. This Three-Eyed Wind Eagle definitely won't be able to escape, but flying back means it goes right into divine sect’s arms.

“They….. They shouldn’t be able to come here so quickly, right?” Feather Demon leader Luo Nan said.

“No matter when they get there, tell your people to surround quiet forest now!” Kang Ruodong roared!

Kang Ruodong was already anxious now.

Starting from when he chased her in the quiet forest, he had lost countless strong subordinates yet still let the girl away.

This time, she wasn’t getting away, she was just going straight into the hands of others!


The Three-Eyed Wind Eagle flew forward and felt less and less resistance.

Slowly, Three-Eyed Wind Eagle brought Ning Maner back to the barren land by the Messiah Tree.

This time, flying back, Ning Maner saw a scene that caused her heart to shatter!

The originally empty land was now scattered with countless corpses!

There were intruder corpses, but more so there were corpses of the protectors, Wind Eagles!

Blood stained feathers, broken wings, crushed skulls, and flowing blood….. It was everywhere!

This ground occasionally lifted up scents of blood, sending grey feathers flying through the air.

“Why is it like this….. Why…..” Ning Maner stared blankly at the ground.

Kang Ruodong’s subordinates were already going towards her direction before. The Wind Eagle species shouldn’t have been their main target anymore.

Yet, why were they still dead? How did this many Wind Eagles die in such a short time, laying dead on the once sacred land?


Three-Eyed Wind Eagle lifted its head into the air in a shriek!

This call echoed sadly through the forest, causing Ning Maner to tear up uncontrollably!

At this moment, Ning Maner wanted to jump right off its back and throw herself onto the ground. That way, no more protectors would have to ever die for her again.




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