Chapter 1320: Foe’s Meet, Chu Mu fights Zhen Wu

Feeling Chu Mu’s cold aura, Zhen Wu slowly retracted his aura.

He could feel that the person in front of them was far stronger than the elemental sect member he had just killed!

“Border Commander Zhen, Lady Ning is riding the Three-Eyed Wind Eagle north. Kang Ruodong is chasing her.  Huo Lei and Xu Kuan have also caught up.” When the atmosphere was tense, a man darted out of the nearby brush.

This man finished speaking, and only then noticed with surprise that there still was someone standing before Zhen Wu.

Night stood in the shadow, so anyone at or below high class dominator rank might not even see Night’s figure. This subordinate called Zhen Wu clearly didn’t recognize this when he came to report.

“You…… you are….” Zhen Wu’s subordinate Zhen Kuo glanced at Chu Mu and immediately found him familiar.

Chu Mu glanced at Zhen Kuo and said calmly, “So it’s you.”

Chu Mu recognized Zhen Wu’s subordinates. It was him and Lan Rao who went to New Moon Ground and stayed with the name of protecting them.

Later, Zhen Kuo saw Chu Mu’s strength and decided to leave to return to Wupan Continent. Only Lan Rao remained.

"You know him?” Zhen Wu asked.

Zhen Kuo nodded and said, “He’s New Moon Ground’s King Chu Mu and Lady Ning’s protector.”

After Zhen Kuo said that, Zhen Wu immediately remembered as well and smiled, “Oh, so it’s the man who told me to greet him with my head in my hands. I can’t believe we meet here, truly the world always ends up putting foes together!”  

Chu Mu didn’t respond but already collected his killing intent on his eyes.

“There are plenty of people who want to take my head away, but without fail, they always give me their heads instead. Let’s see what type of powers you have, coming from such a shoddy place.” Zhen Wu smiled and looked ready for a fight!

Chu Mu jumped off of Night. Night quickly understood Chu Mu’s meaning and slowly disappeared in the shadows of the forest.

Night came and went without any trace. After Zhen Kuo saw Chu Mu’s soul pet disappear strangely, he showed surprise. He could tell that this king was much stronger than before!

Zhen Wu glanced around, and let his Ghost Bird out to look for Night.

Since it was a demon, its sudden attacks were definitely powerful. Zhen Wu knew Chu Mu’s Dream Beast was powerful, and he didn’t dare to underestimate it.

“Strange, why can’t I find it?” Zhen Wu furrowed his brows and continued to search the area.

Not only could Zhen Wu’s soul remembrance not detect it, not even his Ghost Bird’s powerful senses could find it.

This has never happened before. Zhen Wu’s heart sank slightly as his expression grew grave.

Seeing Zhen Wu become so serious, Chu Mu instead laughed belittlingly and said, “You don’t have to continue looking, my Dream Beast left already.”

“Left?” Zhen Wu paused.

He quickly sent his soul remembrance further out. Indeed, he sensed a dark demon going swiftly towards the north, extremely far away already!

Zhen Wu’s mouth twitched. Chu Mu told his Dream Beast to head north first. Clearly, he heard what Zhen Kuo said and sent his Dream Beast to help on the north side of Quiet Forest first. What angered Zhen Wu was the enemy’s Dream Beast left in front of them, yet he still thought it was laying in ambush…...

“Letting go of a top tier dominator rank soul pet first, you truly overestimate yourself!” Zhen Wu said angrily.

Chu Mu no longer bothered with the trash in front of him and leaped onto little Mo Xie’s shoulder.

Little Mo Xie’s silver fur floated around, spinning up a large amount of demon aura and purple flames along with her!

Purple flames lifted up as nine silver tails unfurled in the flames, becoming nine rolling mountains that covered one end of the forest. Countless hundred meter tall trees were crushed by her nine dragon-like tails.

“Wuwuwu….” Mo Xie let out a roar and stepped forward.

Immediately, the purple flames around became a massive fiery tsunami that came forth and spread through the forest, instantly making it into a fiery ocean!

Hades Fox Supreme Purple Emperor!

Mo Xie’s dominating aura caused Zhen Kuo, a lower rank soul pet trainer, to fall back numerous steps as his face was covered in shock.

Zhen Wu’s Ghost Bird also had to retreat to avoid Mo Xie’s unleash!

Seeing Chu Mu summon this supreme fox, Zhen Wu’s expression immediately changed. He started chanting an incantation as if he was now going against his greatest foe.

Zhen Wu quickly finished and summoned a Thunder Beast!

The Thunder Beast’s fur was bright purple. Its limbs, back, head, and others all saw thunder snakes swirling around!

One could tell that the Thunder Beast’s aura was much stronger than the Ghost Bird. Zhen Wu summoning another soul pet so quickly was because he clearly acknowledged that his Ghost Bird wasn’t the fox supreme’s match.

Mo Xie’s claws were bloodthirsty. An enemy at the Thunder Beast’s level was perfect for the battle hungry Mo Xie.

Mo Xie ignored the Ghost Bird’s presence as her silver body became a gleam that darted straight towards the Thunder Beast.

When Mo Xie’s body neared the Thunder Beast, she suddenly split out eight other figures, each becoming a clone of Mo Xie!

Splitting into phantoms was Mo Xie’s signature move. Mo Xie casted this powerful technique at the start of the battle to quickly end the battle!

Nine angry claws came in from different directions. Zhen Wu’s Thunder Beast wasn’t expecting this insane speed and explosiveness, so it was too late for it to dodge.

The Thunder Beast roared, its body filling with thunder snakes that created a protection around it.

However, Mo Xie wasn’t only powerful in speed. Its single target attacks were also the strongest of all of Chu Mu’s soul pets!

Nine angry claws easily ripped open the defense of the thunder snake’s shield as the purple burning claws ripped into the Thunder Beast’s body from all directions!

“Sila…… Nine ripping sounds came at once, creating nine deep gouge marks on Zhen Wu’s Thunder Beast body.

The Thunder Beast let out an angry roar, and forcefully moved its body to maintain its distance with Mo Xie.

The first attack, and Thunder Beast was already wounded and had to back off. The fox supreme’s power put Zhen Kuo in disbelief.

Zhen Wu’s face was even more grave. He glanced at his Ghost Bird and gave it a command.

The Ghost Bird’s body disappeared without a trace into the burning forest.

Ghost type organisms were unpredictable in movement. If they had high explosiveness as well, they were even scarier in ambushes than demons.

Chu Mu had to quickly finish the battle. He didn’t reserve much of his strength anymore. When Zhen Wu’s Ghost Bird disappeared, Chu Mu casted an incantation to summon the similarly ghost type Little Hidden Dragon!

Little Hidden Dragon has reached top tier dominator rank for a while now. However, the past time has mostly been used on travelling so Chu Mu hadn’t had a chance to show Little Hidden Dragon’s strength after it reached top tier dominator rank.

It was erfect, Zhen Wu’s Ghost Bird could be Little Hidden Dragon’s first fight into top tier dominator rank!

The ghostly blue Little Hidden Dragon floated above Chu Mu’s head, its deep ghost eyes looking around for the Ghost Bird.

Suddenly, Little Hidden Dragon smiled, revealing its rows of dragon fangs.

“Finish the fight quickly.” Chu Mu reminded the mischievous Little Hidden Dragon.

Little Hidden Dragon nodded and locked onto the Ghost Bird’s position. With a deep breath, it spewed a dragon beam straight at where it was hiding!

“Damn it!” Zhen Wu noticed Little Hidden Dragon’s attack and immediately cursed.

A ghost type organism’s advantage was always in its unpredictable movement. Originally, Zhen Wu thought he could utilize his control of Ghost Bird to keep Chu Mu constantly on the defense.

Yet, he didn’t expect Chu Mu to also have a ghost type organism, and a very rare Ghost Dragon at that!

Ghost Bird was a mix of wing and ghost type. Though Ghost Bird’s rank was a bit higher, dragon species were always duo main type. The moment Little Hidden Dragon sent the hiding Ghost Bird flying with its Ghost Dragon beam, Zhen Wu realized he would have a tough fight.

Since Chu Mu already told Little Hidden Dragon to end it as quickly as possible, Little Hidden Dragon no longer attempted to use its advantage as a ghost. Instead, it caught the Ghost Bird in its mouth and simply never let go, devolving the battle into a simple brawl.

Little Hidden Dragon’s defense, life force, and regeneration were all much stronger than the Ghost Bird. In a brawl, Little Hidden Dragon had nothing to fear!

“I want to see just how many top tier dominator ranks you have!” Zhen Wu got angered. After all, a person that walked out of New Moon Ground was matching both his main soul pets. That in itself was a shame to him.

As he spoke, Zhen Wu casted an incantation again!

This time, Zhen Wu summoned an Eight Scythe Hidden Ghost!

Eight Scythe Hidden Ghost was a combination of bug and ghost type with a species rank of pseudo dominator. It was the soul pet that Zhen Wu loved using whenever he felt violent. Anything that had ghost type blood was usually incredibly bloodthirsty and can use that to raise its strength.

The same moment the Eight Scythe Hidden Ghost, Zhen Wu noticed that Chu Mu also chanted an incantation to summon a Mo Ye covered in ink armor!

High class dominator rank Mo Ye?

He’s out of top tier dominator rank soul pets!

Zhen Wu smiled and said, “You can call your dream beast back now. Maybe it’ll come in time to get your corpse!”

Chu Mu didn’t respond. Zhen Wu wasn’t the first to underestimate Zhan Ye.

Very quickly, he would become just the same as everyone Zhan Ye has killed- destroyed while they still were stuck in disbelief!


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