Chapter 1317: Intruder! Ning Maner’s Anger

In the room, High Official He gritted his teeth. He gulped down the tea a female servant brought, and threw the cup down onto the ground, shattering it.

The female servant was shocked and quickly tried to gather the shards together.

“Get lost, don’t hang around here.” High Official He roared in anger.

The female servant’s face turned pale and she quickly ran outside.

"High Official He, why the terrible temper?” Demon Beast Palace Hua Zheng said casually.

“Heng.” High Official He humphed.

How could he not be angry? His top tier dominator rank Light’s Fury died by their hands. This time, he ran into them at the fort city, and originally he thought he could get Boss Xu to punish them, yet he didn’t expect that woman called Xiao Xiao to be Demon Beast Palace Mister Xiao’s daughter.

Mister Xiao was someone even Master Official Xu didn’t dare trouble, so how would he punish Xiao Xiao and her friends? Yet, his soul pet’s death was still something that he couldn’t swallow.

“Hehe, High Official He, those four people aren’t members of Demon Beast Palace. They probably are friends that Lady Xiao met not long ago. We won’t let you touch her, but her friends are people we have no duty to protect.” Hua Zheng said.

These words caused High Official He’s eyes to light up!

Indeed, they didn’t dare touch Lady Xiao, but the other four were mysterious but didn’t seem to have much of a background.

“High Official He, that man called Chu Mu likely has immortal rank soul pets…..” Wan Jun said in a low voice.    

The mental image of the black nightmare was something Wan Jun still couldn’t get over.

“His soul remembrance was sealed, you think our Divine Sect’s seals are that easily dealt with?” High Official He said.

“Hehe, this has nothing to do with us. Of course, don’t go overboard or else we’ll have a hard time explaining.” Hua Zheng said.

“Of course!” High Official He laughed slyly.

With the four of their soul remembrances being sealed, High Official He couldn't kill any of their soul pets. However, he could easily use poisons to make them suffer physical pain!

Thinking about it, High Official He had already walked outside.

After not too long, High Official He came back. He brought Cai Yun and Wan Jun and went towards the courtyard with a barrier set up around it.

There were two other Demon Beast Palace members guarding it. When High Official He walked in, he saw the five of them all sitting in the living room.

High Official He glanced at Ye Wansheng, Chao Lengchuan, and Chu Mu and smiled coldly.

“Get out, I don’t want to see you.” Xiao Xiao said, irritated, to High Official He.

“Lady Xiao, we just want to talk to the other few.” High Official He said.

High Official He walked up to Chu Mu, Ye Wansheng, and Chao Lengchuan while holding a green vial and said slowly, “Do you know what this is?”

Chu Mu, Ye Wansheng, and Chao Lengchuan all decided to ignore him.

High Official He continued, “This is a poison that I just bought from the fort’s Xuan Teacher. He told me that if you put it on the face, the face will start to rot first and slowly, it’ll seep to your bones and corrode them too……”

“Wow, so powerful! It’s much more powerful than my poisonous ticks. Can it be that it also needs young male urine to fix it? Putting urine on your face sounds disgusting….” Ye Wansheng said in a very “cooperating” fashion.

High Official He’s face instantly started twitching. At the time, the poisonous ticks got onto his whole body including his face. To cure the itch on his face, he had to submerge his entire body. Now, every time he ate or drank water, High Official He would feel an urge to regurgitate!

Ye Wansheng’s words indubitably angered High Official He. He suddenly extended an arm to choke Ye Wansehng and said, “I’ll drop it on your face first!”

As he spoke, High Official He already opened the bottle and shoved it into Ye Wansheng’s face.

“Ah!!!!!!!!” A scream sounded, its pain echoing through the room.

However, this scream wasn’t Ye Wansheng’s. It was High Official He’s.

Just as the poison was about to be thrown on Ye Wansheng, Chu Mu sitting beside them casually swiped upwards and instead flipped the flask all over High Official He’s face.

His face swiftly started rotting, and he fell onto the ground in pain, howling as he held his face.

Cai Yun and Wan Jun were both shocked, not knowing what happened, but they subconsciously summoned their soul pets anyways.

Devil flames instantly appeared on Chu Mu’s body that filled the entire room, burning everything into ashes.

Cai Yun and Wan Jun were both pushed back by the heatwave, forced out of the room by the power.

Divine Sect’s seals were indeed powerful against soul pet trainers. However, as a half human, he himself had great strength, so this soul remembrance seal being broken was only a matter of time!

Using the power of half devil to break through, Chu Mu immediately summoned Mo Xie and Night.

“Mo Xie, get rid of everyone’s seals.” Chu Mu said.

“Wuwuwu~~~~~~” Mo Xie’s forehead glowed with a silver crescent, and a brilliant moonlight fell on Ye Wansheng, shattering the shackles on his soul.

Soon after, Prince Chao, Pang Yue, and Xiao Xiao’s seals were all broken as well. They swiftly casted an incantation to summon their soul pets.

“Chu Mu, leave first and give it to us.” Ye Wansheng and Prince Chao said.

Chu Mu glanced at the Demon Beast Palace people who came in, and the three Divine Sect members that were now better adjusted.

Demon Beast Palace and the three of them only had Hua Zheng, who was slightly stronger. The Divine Sect people already lost two top tier dominator rank soul pets, so the four of them could deal with the three of them now.

There wasn’t much time. Many factions headed towards the Quiet Forest. Chu Mu indeed didn’t have time to waste with these people.

“You guys be careful.” Chu Mu nodded.

“Relax, we’ll catch up soon. You deal with the experts and we’ll handle the rest!” Prince Chao smiled wide.

Chu Mu didn’t say much after. A single Displacement Specter brought him and Mo Xie out of the barrier.

Mo Xie clawed open the Divine Sect barrier in one claw and exited the courtyard, heading straight outside the city.

Demon Beast Palace’s three people were just about to chase after Chu Mu when Ye Wansheng, Chao Lengchuan, Pang Yue, and Xiao Xiao all summoned their main soul pets. They were all high class dominator rank soul pets, and Demon Beast Palace no longer dared to chase.

“Lady Xiao, why make it hard for us?” Hua Zheng glanced at the four of them full of hostility and laughed bitterly.

“Heng, go to the side then and don’t block us.” Xiao Xiao said.

Hua Zheng naturally couldn’t let Xiao Xiao leave. Otherwise, when Huo Lei came back, Hua Zheng would also get punished.

“Then sorry.” Huo Lei glanced at Divine Sect and the other three, swiftly joining together with them to keep the four around.

“I….. I’ll kill you guys!!” High Official He’s appearance was utterly destroyed. He roared and chanted an incantation to summon another top tier dominator rank soul pet!

“Let them come!” Prince Chao said without fear to his Thousand Wave Beast.

The battle was about to start. Everyone’s soul pets started battling over the devil flames that haven’t extinguished yet.


Quiet Forest Barren Land

The bleak old tree was already gangly. Within a few years, this tree that had stood for endless years may also disappear into the dirt.

Under the tree, the quiet and lonely girl remained sleeping.

She didn’t want to wake up because the moment she woke up and saw the old tree’s weakened appearance, she couldn’t stop her tears from flowing. She stayed on the tree’s body.


The skies suddenly let out a bold roar.

The three-eyed wind eagle came down from the skies and fell beside Ning Maner’s small wooden bed.

His wings lightly patted Ning Maner to wake her up.

Slowly opening her eyes, she saw her uncle Wind Eagle and immediately smiled wide.

“Yi~~~~~~~~” Three-Eyed Wind Eagle swept off the leaves on Ning Maner’s body to signal her to get on.

“Is someone intruding?” Ning Maner looked distracted.

Three-eyed wind eagle nodded.

Quiet Forest was already broken. Why did they not leave the Quiet Forest alone and wanted to intrude?

“Could it be….. He’s coming to find me. It’s the people that killed big lion!” Ning Maner immediately realized something.

Ning Maner didn't think that after this long, someone still didn’t want to let her go!

Ning Clan and Ning Dynasty all didn’t know about the Messiah Tree seed. Sadly, only the people that kept chasing her were sure that the seed was still on her.

“Yi~~~~~~~~” Three-Eyed Wind Eagle signaled again for Ning Maner to climb onto its body and was ready to leave.

Ning Maner didn’t dare hesitate and immediately climbed on.

Three-Eyed Wind Eagle flew high and quickly went into the skies.

Ning Maner glanced far away and noticed the wind eagle’s species gathering in a large sky to clearly see them battling some soul pets.

Three-Eyed Wind Eagle let out a call, and told Ning Maner his species were stopping the intruders.

After finishing speaking, the eagle flapped and brought Ning Maner in the opposite direction from battle to help her escape.

Ning Maner turned around to see the sky occasionally splatter in blood and felt sad.

Wind Eagle species protector was already heavily wounded from the last Quiet Forest battle and had little members left.

Because she accidentally let herself get found, Wind Eagle would have to lose even more people for her.

"I really am useless…..”

“Why do they have to be like this!”

“Why do they not leave me alone even now!!”

Ning Maner bit her lips. Anger, grief, and sadness caused blood to slowly flow down her lips.

These emotions don’t belong in her pure heart, but she really was absolutely livid about these greedy people! She hated them to their guts!!

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